From Milo Dinosaur To Chilli Crab: Where To Get The Best Donuts In Singapore

best donuts in Singapore the fat kid bakery
(Credit: The Fat Kid Bakery)
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Imagine sinking your teeth into pillow-y soft dough, tender to the bite. Your tongue instinctively curls around lashings of rich chocolate and fruity jam. The most satisfying bit? Licking that scrumptious coat of sugar from your fingers. If there’s a sweet treat that falls under the radar, it has to be the classic donut (or doughnut). From old-school sugar coated donut holes to Italian-style bombolinis filled with espresso custard and jam, here’s our shortlist of where to find the best donuts in Singapore. 

Best donuts in Singapore: Places that offer delivery 

1. Burnt Ends 

Burnt Ends Milo Dinosaur Donut Delivery
(Credit: Burnt Ends Bakery)

If you haven’t managed to snag a coveted seat at one-Michelin-starred Burnt Ends, you can take comfort in a box (or two) of their recently-launched brioche donuts that are all the rage right now. Flavours come in a tangy Passionfruit Curd, luscious Tahitian Vanilla, and current crowd favourite — the Milo donut, generously dusted with the chocolate malt powder. No wonder there’s a two-week waiting list for one of the best donuts in Singapore. 

Get your fix: Order online at Burnt Ends Bakery SG  

2. Sourbombe Bakery 

Sourbombe Bakery Masterchef Singapore best donuts
(Credit: Sourbombe Bakery)

Fans of Basque burnt cheesecake will love the bombolini version of this recent food trend.  Masterchef Singapore runner-up Genevieve Lee helms the Sourbombe Bakery kitchen, where the Basque Burnt Cheesecake bombolini is piped with a cream cheese custard infused with blue cheeses like gorgonzola. Can’t take the funk? Play it safe with the Hojicha Caramel Crunch, boasting a roasted tea custard and salted caramel pearls for extra crunch. The sourdough bombolinis here are also deep-fried in coconut oil, so they are less greasy and not at all jelat

Get your fix: Order from Sourbombe Bakery a week in advance. Minimum spend of $15 required, with options for delivery or self-collection. 

3. Baker & Cook 

espresso custard baker & cook best donut
(Credit: Baker & Cook)

Need something stronger in the morning to perk you up? Go for a double with a cup of coffee and a scrumptious Espresso Custard Donut at Baker & Cook! The donut is deep-fried on both sides, filled with an espresso-infused custard, then glazed with vanilla icing and hazelnut crumble. This Kiwi-founded bakery might have made a name for itself with its sourdough loaves, but it definitely makes some of the best donuts in Singapore too! 

Get your fix: At all Baker & Cook outlets islandwide, or on Deliveroo for delivery 

4. Doughnut Shack 

doughtnut shack donut delivery
(Credit: Doughnut Shack / Facebook)

If you’re the kind who is game to try any quirky flavour combination, then head to Doughnut Shack to get your fix! The homegrown bakery in Whampoa Estate turns out a range of donuts, from classic donut holes and Italian-style bombolinis, to cake donuts and beignets. Try the Chilli Crab Bombolini if you see it on the menu, or the Glazed Matcha Donut if you’re missing a taste of Japan. 

Get your fix: Order online at Doughnut Shack SG. Minimum order of $14 required, with complimentary donut delivery for all orders above $120

5. The Fat Kid Bakery 

the fat kid bakery donuts singapore
(Credit: Ariel Tang / The Fat Kid Bakery)

It’s usually sugar and spice that makes everything nice, but in the case of The Fat Kid Bakery, a little sour(dough) never hurts too! Home-based baker Ariel Tang substitutes yeast for a sourdough starter to make her Italian-style bombolinis, and the result is fluffier donuts with a slight tang. Opt for the classic Chocolate, or the Brown Butter Apple Cinnamon for a delicate sweetness. 

Get your fix: Orders can be made through their Instagram page @thefatkidbakery, with pre-orders for donuts opening two to three days before delivery or collection.  

6. Fluff Bakery 

Fluff Bakery best donuts in Singapore
(Credit: Fluff Bakery)

Started in 2013, this homegrown bakery that is well-known for its whimsical cupcake flavours has since branched out into offering some of the best donuts in Singapore. The donuts here are baked fresh daily, with flavours rotated weekly so there’s always something new for you to try! Crowd favourites include Vanilla Salted Cream, Strawberry Cream Pie, and New York Cheesecake. 

Get your fix: Place your orders a day in advance from Fluff Bakery. Pickup or delivery options available from Monday to Saturday. 

7. Krispy Kreme 

Krispy Kreme Singapore Best Donuts In Singapore
(Credit: Krispy Kreme / Facebook)

No shortlist of the best donuts in Singapore would be complete without Krispy Kreme, arguably the OG of the donut trend here! Who can forget the crazy queues Krispy Kreme caused when it first made its debut in Singapore? The original glazed donuts remain one of our favourites, though you can’t go wrong with all-American classics like New York Cheesecake and Cookies & Cream either. 

Get your fix: Available at all Krispy Kreme outlets, with donut delivery available via GrabFood, Deliveroo and Foodpanda. 

Best donuts in Singapore: Places for dine-in / takeaway

8. Korio 

If you like your donuts light and fluffy, then the ones at Korio are perfect for you! The bakery uses a brioche recipe which calls for more eggs and butter, so their donuts are more airy and not as dense compared to some others out there. Even the different donut glazes are made in-house, with less sugar so the pastries are less cloying. We recommend trying the Caramelised Biscuits Donut, made with cookie butter and crushed Lotus biscuits for a taste of nostalgia. 

Address: Far East Square, 135 Amoy Street, #01-35, S(049964)
Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri: 9am – 2.30pm
Sat: 9am – 1.30pm

9. Haritts Donuts & Coffee 

Haritts japanese donuts best singapore
(Credit: Haritts / Facebook)

Founded by two Japanese sisters who started with a mobile van selling coffee and donuts to Tokyo’s office-goers, Haritts has since grown into a mini donut empire with outlets in Taipei, Taichung and Singapore. These are definitely one of the best donuts in Singapore, individually shaped by hand and dusted with a special donut sugar brought in from Japan. Try the local flavours such as Kaya, Orh Nee (taro paste), or Mao Shan Wang which are sure to go down a treat. 

Address: Havelock II, 2 Havelock Road, #01-08
Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri: 10.30am – 7pm
Sat – Sun: 12noon – 7pm

10. Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry 

This age-old establishment has been around since the 1970s, and is the go-to standard for Nonya kueh such as ondeh ondeh and kueh kosui. Don’t miss the classic old-school sugar donuts — thick, fluffy, and generously dusted with sugar, these are definitely value-for-money at just $1 per piece! 

Address: Blk 55, Tiong Bahru Road, #01-39, S(160055)
Opening Hours:
Tue: 10am – 7.30pm
Wed – Sun: 10am-8.30pm

11. Jia Mei Mian Bao (家美自制面包)

old school sugar donut best singapore old airport road
(Credits: Meryl Koh)

Here’s another gem if you, like us, have a soft spot for old-school sugar donuts. This unassuming stall in Old Airport Road Food Centre turns out fresh bakes every morning, from soft buns that are easy on your wallet (just 80 cents a piece) to fluffy donuts dressed in a light coat of sugar. The crumb is wonderfully tender, with crispy knots in the centre that make for an appreciated additional crunch. Perfect with a cup of kopi or teh

Address: Old Airport Road Food Centre, 51 Old Airport Road, #01-43, S(390051)
Opening Hours:
Tue – Sun: 8am – 7pm 

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