Stay Safe: 9 Home Security Systems In Singapore

metal house lock safe home security system singapore
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It’s no surprise that many Singaporeans scoff upon hearing the words “home security systems.” After all, we pride ourselves on being one of the safest countries in Asia, if not the world. However, we should never take safety for granted as danger can be lurking around every corner. So, protect yourself and your loved ones with some of the most popular home security systems in Singapore!

Benefits of installing home security systems in Singapore

Many people tend to associate home security systems with just closed-circuit televisions (CCTV). In fact, home security systems encompass other devices such as security alarms and digital locks too. Used in conjunction, these systems not only help to identify the perpetrator but also deter other incidents from occurring. Read on to find out more about the benefits of installing home security systems in Singapore!

1. Identify suspicious characters

burglary intruder home security systems singapore
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Home security systems such as CCTV video surveillance allow for the identification of suspicious characters loitering near your property. In case of an unforeseen incident, the CCTV footage can become crucial evidence in identifying the perpetrator.

2. Acts as an electronic scarecrow

cctvs home security system singapore
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Home security systems in Singapore play a vital role in discouraging anyone with ill-intentions. Digital locks and burglar alarms make your home less of an easy target to burglars and trespassers.

3. Require little maintenance

key lock house home security system singapore
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Once you’ve installed your home security systems in Singapore, there is almost nothing left for you to do except the occasional dusting. Maintenance is kept to the bare minimum unless the system becomes faulty. Invest in a good quality home security system to avoid dealing with such hiccups.

4. Provide peace of mind

peace of mind woman home security system singapore
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Home security systems eliminate paranoia and they give you peace of mind knowing that your property is guarded and your loved ones are protected. Certain smart home security systems can be monitored even when you’re away from your home, providing extra convenience and assurance.

Home security systems in Singapore to equip your house with

From CCTV to digital door locks, where exactly should you begin when improving your home security? Fret not, we’ve compiled some of the most popular home security systems in Singapore for you to choose from!

  • Surveillance Cameras

1. Xiaomi Xiaofang 1S Wireless IP Camera

xiaomi xiaofang wireless ip camera home security system singapore

Xiaomi is a Chinese brand popular for its budget-friendly yet innovative products, including its home security systems in Singapore. The Xiaomi Xiaofang 1S Wireless IP Camera (available on Passiongadgets) is no exception. Featuring a 1080p high resolution and full HD video quality, what sets the Xiaomi Xiaofang 1S Wireless IP Camera apart from other surveillance cameras is its built-in multi-sensors that are able to detect motion, loud noises, smoke as well as carbon monoxide!

Another highlight of the Xiaomi Xiaofang 1S Wireless IP Camera is its excellent night vision. With 18-level grayscale night vision capabilities, you can be assured of high-quality footage recordings even in low light conditions. The camera also boasts a visual distance of up to nine metres and a field of vision of 110 degrees, making this the perfect device to set up outside your house door. Download the Mi Home App to control your surveillance camera remotely and conduct two-way audio conversations with those at home via the app!

2. Light Bulb Hidden Camera

light bulb hidden camera thief theft home security system singapore
(Credit: Wonderful House)

Sometimes, the danger may reside within your house and there’s no better way to monitor the situation than using a hidden home security system in Singapore. As its name suggests, the Light Bulb Hidden Camera (available on is an obscure device that works exactly like a regular bulb if not for its recording capabilities. Screw it into the ceiling lamp for the perfect disguise!

With a built-in 360 degrees panoramic camera that boasts a 1080p resolution, this device is all you need to have a clear view of what’s happening in your home. It supports motion detection and two-way audio conversations with other feature customisations possible via its smartphone app too!

3. Wireless Pan Tilt Home CCTV

wireless pan tilt home cctv home security systems singapore
(Credit: openmall)

Cover more ground with a rotating surveillance camera! The Wireless Pan Tilt Home CCTV (available on openmall) can be controlled via its mobile app to pan 355 degrees horizontally and tilt 90 degrees vertically.

What’s more, this is one of the best home security systems in Singapore for those on a tighter budget! Despite its affordable price, the device boasts an impressive 720p resolution along with motion detection, two-way audio control and four times digital zoom. When movement is detected, the Wireless Pan Tilt Home CCTV will send an instant email alert to notify you. This will help you act as fast as possible in cases of home invasions and other incidents.

  • Security Alarms

4. BIBENE Professional Wifi Home Security Alarm System


bibene professional wifi home security alarm system singapore

Looking for a security alarm that will promptly alert you of an intrusion? End your search with the BIBENE Professional Wifi Home Security Alarm System (available on With the ability to detect motion from more than 100 meters, a single installation of this security alarm is sufficient to cover every window and entrance into your home!

As one of the most advanced home security systems in Singapore, the BIBENE Professional Wifi Home Security Alarm System comes equipped with four contact sensors which can be placed in various parts of the house. It can also be used in conjunction with Amazon Alexa voice command via the Amazon Echo smart speakers! Simply say “Alexa, tell Smart Ball to arm/disarm,” to activate or deactivate the security alarm. This multi-purpose device also doubles up as a doorbell with 50 unique chimes to choose from!

5. Wireless Door Stop Alarm

wireless door stop alarm home security system singapore

You don’t need a massive security alarm system to protect your family. There are many home security systems in Singapore that are budget-friendly, portable and simple to install! Cue the Wireless Door Stop Alarm (available on, a security alarm disguised as a door stop. This unique product is designed to fit under any hinged door and produces a 120 decibels high-pitched continuous siren when triggered.

Simply slot the Wireless Door Stop Alarm under a closed door and the device will let off a siren if someone forcefully pushes the door open. Powered by batteries, there’s no need to charge the device which further increases convenience. Furthermore, the device can be adjusted to three different sensitivity levels based on your needs!

6. Magnetic Sensor Home Security Alarm

magnetic sensor home security alarm systems singapore
(Credit: FashionHome)

Besides protecting the doors in your home, don’t forget to secure your windows with home security systems in Singapore too! Magnetic sensor home security alarms (available on FashionHome) can be attached to any entrance points in your house. The alarm is triggered when the magnetic sensors are pulled apart. This technique allows the device to be placed in various configurations that work for both sliding and casement windows.

Installing this device is quick and easy! Simply place batteries into the device and mount the two components by your door or window with the adhesive. When there’s an intrusion, the device will sound an alarm of up to 90 decibels!

  • Digital Door Locks

7. Xiaomi Aqara Smart Door Lock


xiaomi aqara smart door lock home security systems singapore
(Credit: 131Express)

Still using regular door locks? It’s time to up your home security with the Xiaomi Aqara Smart Door Lock (available on 131Express) which includes fingerprint access to further enhance your family’s protection. This is also one of the rare home security systems in Singapore that supports four unlock modes; fingerprint, password, card and key.

The device is designed to auto lock when the door shuts, creating more convenience for the elderly who may forget to do so. If you’re worried about password thefts, the Xiaomi Aqara Smart Door Lock boasts a password scramble feature which allows you to input random numbers before and after your actual password to conceal your pin. The best part about this device is its connectivity. Connect all your Xiaomi gadgets via the phone app and be greeted by a smart home the moment you unlock your door!

8. Gateman Door Lock Bee

gateman door lock bee home security systems singapore
(Credit: LCH store)

Korea produces some of the most innovative home security systems in Singapore and the Gateman Door Lock Bee (available on LCH store) is no exception. This digital lock is easy to install and looks sleek against any door. It’s mirror surface not only elevates the device’s design but also allows you to check if anyone’s peeping at your passcode.

The Gateman Door Lock Bee is a better substitute for homeowners who prefer an easy-to-operate home security device. Featuring two secure methods, the device can be unlocked with a password or safety key. Similar to the Xiaomi Aqara Smart Door Lock, the Gateman Door Lock Bee also has a password scramble feature for extra protection. Most importantly, the device is made of electric-shock and high heat resistant material. It’ll automatically unlock when it detects a temperature of more than 55 degrees Celsius.

9. Samsung SHP-DS700 Smart Door Lock

samsung smart door lock home security systems singapore
(Credit: JHGLOBAL12)

Not a fan of bulky digital door locks? We’ve got just the solution for you! The Samsung SHP-DS700 Smart Door Lock (available on JHGLOBAL12) is one of the most popular home security systems in Singapore. It’s easy to install and is aesthetically pleasing with its stylish round-shaped design.

While the Samsung SHP-DS700 Smart Door Lock can be unlocked using a password, what sets the device apart from the rest is its ability for Bluetooth connectivity. Simply download the Samsung smart home app on your smartphone and sync both devices via Bluetooth. This can be done on other smart devices such as a smart watch! Even when you’ve forgotten the password to the lock, you can still securely unlock the door via your smart devices! Furthermore, the door lock can be configured to send notices to your smart devices when someone enters your home.


Install these recommended home security systems in Singapore to ensure the safety of your loved ones! A simple security device can significantly minimise the risk of unfortunate events such as burglary and home invasions. Looking for other ways to upgrade your home? Find out how you can transform your humble abode into a smart home. Don’t forget your furry pals! Our pet-friendly home decor ideas will sort you right out!

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