Top 11 Sofa Beds To Coze And Doze

best sofa bed singapore pillows comfortable living room

With their superb practicality and aesthetic appeal, sofa beds are a common sight in many homes. Just by pushing down the backrest or by extending the sofa, your ordinary couch transforms into an inviting sofa bed. Given the limited floor area within Singapore flats, these comfortable sofa beds help to conserve space while offering added features such as an extendable armrest and storage sections. Looking to get one for your home? Check out this extensive list of the best sofa beds in Singapore!

What is a sofa bed?

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(Credit: Ron Lach / Pexels)

Sofa beds, as their name suggests, integrate the functions of both a living room sofa and a comfortable bed. This is done so via the hidden layer of mattresses beneath its seating cushions and sofa frame. When extended, the sofa transforms into a full-length bed for sleepyheads to crash for the night.

Guide to choosing the best sofa beds in Singapore

best sofa bed singapore pillows comfortable
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So what should you consider when finding the perfect fluffy sofa bed? Here are some points to help in your evaluation.

  • Material

Sofa beds’ upholstery comes in a variety of materials and should be determined based on your priorities. Those seeking a softer and plush sofa bed can opt for the foam or sponge material — best for lying down and snoozing. Alternatively, those who desire a more classy look can choose latex or faux leather upholstery instead.

  • Capacity

The length of the sofa bed is crucial in determining both the seating and bed capacity. When in its couch state, the sofa bed can accommodate more persons versus when laid upon. Therefore, to fit taller persons, the sofa bed must be sufficiently long for users to lie down without needing to slouch.

  • Features

To maximise the utility of sofa beds, some designs have included many features to increase user convenience. As sofa beds are often used in households, some of them feature easily removable upholstery which can be detached and washed in washing machines. Other features commonly found include space-saving pockets for easy item retrieval.

Best foldable sofa beds in Singapore

1. mooZzz Kaira Foldable Sofa Bed

best sofa bed singapore mooZzz Kaira
(Credit: mooZzz Official Store)

The mooZzz Foldable Sofa Bed (available on mooZzz Official Store) may look bulky, but that’s because it is padded with cushy foam mattresses! Consisting of three foldable sections, this mooZzz sofa bed can be customised to fit any occasion. Whether you’re using it as a kids’ playmat or laying it out for an afternoon nap, this is the best family-friendly sofa bed in Singapore that will win you over with its unparalleled comfort and minimal maintenance requirements. 

2. CONSIDER Retractable Sofa Bed

best comfortable sofa bed singapore CONSIDER
(Credit: Consider)

In its original sofa form, the CONSIDER Retractable Sofa Bed (available on Consider)’s mattress folds up to become a soft backrest to lean on while watching your favourite television shows. When you’re ready to hit the sack, the sofa extends into a snuggly 1.92-metre bed. There’s also a hidden storage space beneath this CONSIDER sofa bed, where you can retrieve your pillows and get ready for a good night’s rest. Its space-saving features truly make it one of the best sofa beds to get in Singapore!

3. Kinbolee Foldable Sofa Bed

best sofa bed singapore Kinbolee
(Credit: Kinbolee.SG)

Worried that typical sofa beds are too short for you? Then the Kinbolee Foldable Sofa Bed (available on Kinbolee.SG) is the best sofa bed in Singapore just for you! This comfortable Kinbolee sofa bed is available in three options: 150cm, 180cm and 200cm; all of them are guaranteed to provide ample space for kids to frolic around. During the day, the bed can also be adjusted at an incline to provide lumbar support. 

4. MEGAFURNITURE Fontine Foldable Sofa Bed

best comfortable sofa bed singapore MEGAFURNITURE Fontine
(Credit: Megafurniture Official Store)

For those looking to amp up your home aesthetics, the lavish MEGAFURNITURE Fontine Foldable Sofa Bed (available on Megafurniture Official Store) is definitely the best sofa bed to get in Singapore! With green velvet upholstery and gold-plated metal legs, the MEGAFURNITURE sofa bed makes a perfect combination when paired with neutral-coloured walls. Having friends over for a slumber party? Push down the backrest to unveil a sofa bed wide enough to fit two people. What’s left now is for some party foods to have a good time!

5. Japanese Foldable Sofa Bed

best sofa bed singapore japanese
(Credit: Settle

The Japanese Foldable Sofa Bed (available on Settle is the best foldable sofa bed in Singapore that embodies the Japandi style — a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian styles that places emphasis on simplicity and cosiness. Sporting wooden finishings and pastel-coloured fabric, the sofa bed has a hidden tray table that can be folded down to place your favourite snacks and drinks while watching shows. What’s more, the sofa bed also comes with a detachable footrest that doubles up as an extension to the main bed. Truly a marvel to behold!  

6. TANLI Foldable Sofa Bed

best comfortable sofa bed singapore TANLI

The comfortable TANLI Foldable Sofa Bed (available on is the best sofa bed in Singapore that can give you a good run for your money! This sofa bed boasts various handy features: a USB charging port within hand’s reach, various storage spaces to store your favourite magazines and books, as well as a large storage drawer. What’s fascinating, however, is the backrest’s hidden foldable worktable. Bring the worktable forward and you will get a makeshift workspace large enough to fit your laptop and other work essentials. It’s certainly worth every buck paid!

7. MEGAFURNITURE Chimme Velvet 3 Seater Sofa Bed

best sofa bed singapore chimme velvet MEGAFURNITURE
(Credit: Megafurniture Official Store)

Searching for a sofa bed that is elegant and multi-functional? Get the best of both worlds with the MEGAFURNITURE Chimme Velvet 3 Seater Sofa Bed (available on Megafurniture Official Store). Decked out in chic black velvet upholstery, this sofa bed can fit up to three persons with plenty of space to spare. A centre console with cup holders is also hidden within the backrest — perfect for holding your drink cups while you binge-watch your favourite programmes. No doubt, this is one of the best multi-functional foldable sofa beds you can find in Singapore!

Best pull-out sofa beds in Singapore

8. LaFloria Extendable Sofa Bed

best pull out bed singapore LaFloria
(Credit: LaFloria Home Décor)

Feel on cloud nine with the LaFloria Extendable Sofa Bed (available on LaFloria Home Décor)! Made from American ash wood, this LaFloria Sofa Bed has two extendable bed frames beneath the mainframe that can be pulled out. Thereafter, lay the seat cushions onto the bed frame and the bed is extended into a cosy double bed. Moreover, the extension doubles up as a leg rest for you to lie down while watching your favourite movies. With such user-friendly features, it’s certainly the best minimalistic yet comfortable pull-out sofa bed you can find in Singapore!

9. CONSIDER Pull-out Sofa Bed

best pull out bed singapore CONSIDER
(Credit: Consider)

Talk about having the luxury of space! The CONSIDER Pull-out Sofa Bed (available on Consider) is the best pull-out sofa bed in Singapore to consider for its sizeable mattress! In its retracted state, the sofa bed has a decent width of 180 centimetres and a length of 82 centimetres. When the bed is pulled, however, the inner cushion unfolds to reveal two additional sections. This brings the sofa bed to an impressive length of 190 centimetres and is big enough to comfortably fit three to four people; it’s one product definitely worthwhile keeping a lookout for!

10. MEGAFURNITURE Misha Extendable Storage Sofa Bed 

best pull out bed singapore MEGAFURNITURE Misha Extendable Storage
(Credit: Megafurniture Official Store)

This comfortable L-shaped sofa is the best pull-out sofa bed in Singapore for those facing a space crisis at home! The MEGAFURNITURE Misha Extendable Storage Sofa Bed (available on Megafurniture Official Store) is made up of the main sofa and the chaise seat; each of them with a distinct feature of its own. The former features an extendable section that can be lifted to form a fully flat surface, providing enough space for two to rest. On the other hand, the chaise seat features a storage compartment to organise your household items and keep them out of sight. 

11. mooZzz Samaris Sofa Bed

best pull out bed singapore mooZzz Samaris
(Credit: mooZzz Official Store)

Redefine your nights with the amazing mooZzz Samaris Sofa Bed (available on mooZzz Official Store)! With enough room to fit four people, this is the best pull-out sofa bed in Singapore for those looking to invite their friends and family over for weekly game nights! Whether you’re engrossed in some board games or shouting over others while playing co-op Nintendo Switch games, seat yourself comfortably and have a blast! Feeling sleepy already? Pull out the extendable mattresses from beneath the sofa and snooze away.

Is a sofa bed better than a bed? 

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(Credit: Pixabay / Pexels)

When compared to beds, the main draw of sofa beds would be their compact designs. Instead of bulky mattresses and a headboard, the sofa beds use detachable paddings and comfortable backrests to enhance comfort while sleeping. On the flip side, conventional beds are able to accommodate thicker mattresses that provide better cushioning for your hips and shoulders. Therefore, it’s important to evaluate your priorities first before deciding whether to get a sofa bed, a bed, or simply a sofa.

Get a well-deserved rest with the best sofa beds in Singapore

You don’t have to look high and low anymore because we’re sure that you’ll fall in love with these comfortable sofa beds (after all, they are the best ones you can find in Singapore!). Planning to host movie marathons? These best smart TVs are bound to captivate you with their high-resolution and handy features! For those looking for alternative options, check out the best sofas to enjoy some rejuvenating afternoon naps. With irresistible promos and deals available during our Shopee 12.12 Birthday Sale, hesitate no more and add your desired sofa beds to your cart now!