Tumble Wumble: 11 Best Dryers For Quick Laundry

best dryer machine singapore

It’s laundry day! Most Singaporeans do their laundry when the sun is at its peak to ensure quick drying of their clothes. However, the monsoon season poses a challenge as frequent and heavy rainfall makes hanging laundry out to dry almost impossible. During these times, using a laundry dryer machine becomes the best option to dry your clothes, regardless of the rain! Say goodbye to running out in the rain to keep your laundry poles and read on our roundup of the best dryer machines in Singapore for 2024!

Guide to the best dryer machines in Singapore (2024)

Type Dryer Machine Capacity (kg) Dimensions (mm) Energy Ratings Price
Vented Elba Vented Dryer Ebd750v 7 597 x 856 x 568 2 ticks $689
EuropAce 8KG Vented Dryer 8 600 x 640 x 850 mm 2 ticks $709.90
Washer Dryer Whirlpool SaniCare Washer Dryer 11 (washer), 7 (dryer) 600 x 850 x 635 $1,500
Samsung EcoBubble Washer Dryer 8 (washer), 6 (dryer) 600 x 850 x 600 4 ticks $1,029.00
Midea Combo Washer Dryer 10 (washer), 7 (dryer) 595 x 850 x 535 4 ticks $969.00
LG Front Load Combo Washer Dryer 8 (washer), 6 (dryer) 597 x 856 x 568 4 ticks $1,799.00
Heat Pump Dryer Midea Silver Heat Pump Dryer 10 595 x 856 x 640 5 ticks $1,199.00
Miele Heat Pump Dryer 8 596 x 643 x 850 5 ticks $2,629.00
Toshiba T15 Heat Pump Dryer 10 650 x 595 x 845 5 ticks $1,549.00
Travel-friendly Portable Heat Pump Dryer 5 1260 x 360 x 520 N/A $136.22
Beko 8KG Heat Pump Dryer – B3T4824DW 8 846 x 598 x 605 5 ticks $1,197.00

Best vented dryer machines in Singapore (2024)

What is a vented dryer? Vented dryer machines use warm air from the surrounding room to evaporate moisture from clothes and other fabrics. This can speed up the drying process without damaging your laundry!

1. Elba Vented Dryer Ebd750v

best dryer machines singapore Elba Vented Dryer Ebd750v
(Credit: Gain City Official Store)

The Elba Ebd750v (available on Gain City Official Store) is one of the best vented dryer machines in Singapore this 2023. It’s a no-frills vented option that those on a budget can consider. Coming in at less than $700, this is one of the best affordable vented dryer machines you can find in Singapore! It offers a 7kg capacity that’s suitable for the average Singaporean household.

The Elba dryer also boasts anti-crease features, which saves you time from ironing your clothes after a spin in the dryer. The machine is equipped with 15 dryer programs – from Xpress Super Short to Jeans and even one for Outdoor/Sport. These features make the Elba Vented Dryer one of the best dryer machines in Singapore within its price range.

Drying capacity: 7kg
Dimensions: 597 x 856 x 568 mm
Energy rating: 2 ticks
Price: $689

2. EuropAce 8KG Vented Dryer

best dryer machines singapore europace vented dryer
(Credit: Gain City Official Store)

The EuropAce 8KG Vented Dryer (available on EuropAce Official Store) is your laundry’s new best feature! With a roomy 8KG capacity, it takes on big loads with ease. The vented drying system guarantees top-notch performance and its user-friendly features, like customisable drying settings, make laundry a breeze. No wonder it’s known as one of the best dryer machines in Singapore, bringing a perfect mix of tech and user-friendliness to your laundry routine!

Drying capacity: 8kg
Dimensions: 600 x 640 x 850 mm
Energy rating: 2 ticks
Price: $709.90

Best 2 in 1 washer dryer combos in Singapore (2024)

If you’ve yet to get a washing machine or you’re looking to replace an existing one, we highly recommend opting for a washer dryer combo that saves both space and time. It does both washing and drying in one shot, so you won’t have to do the extra step of transferring washed laundry into a dryer.

3. Whirlpool SaniCare Washer Dryer

best dryer machines singapore Whirlpool SaniCare Washer Dryer

Need to wash and dry tomorrow’s uniform in a snap? Get your laundry done in under an hour  with the Whirlpool SaniCare Washer Dryer (available on WHIRLPOOL OFFICIAL STORE)! Whirlpool has long been known as the go-to brand for the best washer-dryers in Singapore. Their 2-in-1 model was made to streamline your laundry with 6TH SENSE technology that auto-programs the machine based on your laundry load.

This Whirlpool washer dryer is also the best 2 in 1 washer dryer combo in Singapore for those who live fast-paced. Remember those times you forgot to toss that t-shirt in? This Whirlpool washer dryer has an Add Clothes function that allows you to pause the cycle at any time to throw in more clothing items. And this feature doesn’t compromise on washing performance at all, so there’s no need to worry about unwashed laundry!

Capacity: 11kg (washer), 7kg (dryer)
Dimensions: 600 x 850 x 635 mm
Price: $1,563

4. Samsung EcoBubble Washer Dryer

Samsung EcoBubble Washer Dryer WD80TA046BE
(Credit: Samsung Certified Store)

Samsung is renowned for the quality of its products – especially with their home appliances! The Samsung EcoBubble (available on Samsung Certified Store) is one of the best washer-dryers in Singapore with its intensive cleaning capabilities. Not only does it reduce the wash time with EcoBubble technology, but it also releases hot air to sanitise and deodorise your clothes.

The most standout feature of this Samsung washer-dryer is its EcoBubble Technology, where each piece of clothing is covered in cleaning bubbles. The bubbles help loosen dirt particles from your clothes to remove stains easily. You’ll never have to worry about stains, bacteria or odours again with this washer-dryer! This Samsung washer-dryer uses spinning and soaking movements to remove up to 99.99% of odour-causing bacteria. Laundry can’t get any better with this best 2 in 1 washer dryer combo in Singapore!

Drying capacity: 8kg (washer), 6kg (dryer)
Dimensions: 600 x 850 x 600 mm
Energy rating: 4 ticks
Price: $1,029.00

5. Midea Combo Washer Dryer

Midea Combo Washer Dryer
(Credit: Midea Official)

The Midea Combo Washer Dryer (available on Midea Official) is one of the best dryer machines in Singapore with a focus on health and hygiene. Its SteamCare feature heats the drum to sterilise your laundry, eliminating germs and bacteria from your fabrics. It’s the best washer-dryer to sanitise clothes and bedding, leading to a healthier lifestyle! Plus, the Midea Washer Dryer also has an AutoClean cycle that deep cleans the inner and outer drums, so you won’t have to worry about deep cleaning your washing machine!

Another standout feature is its lunar knob, which sports the appearance of a traditional dial for that retro vibe in your crib! But aesthetics is not the only thing the lunar knob is good for. It also has a screen that displays the washer-dryer selected program, along with the duration. This makes everything easier, allowing you the freedom to plan your chores out accordingly!

Capacity: 10kg (washer), 7kg (dryer)
Dimensions: 595 x 850 x 535 mm
Energy rating: 4 ticks
Price: $969.00

6. LG Front Load Combo Washer + Dryer

LG Front Load Combo Washer + Dryer
(Credit: LG Singapore Official Store)

The LG Front Load Combo Washer Dryer (available on LG Singapore Official Store) caught our eyes with its sleek, metallic exterior that fits in any modern home. On top of that, the LG washer dryer is equally as impressive in terms of features. The AI DD technology allows it to detect the weight and softness of fabric and automatically optimise its washing and drying cycle to minimise damage. Known as one of the best washer-dryers in Singapore, it uses steam technology to eliminate allergens – perfect for those with sensitive skin!

Techy homeowners would love this LG washer-dryer combo for its smart features. You’ll get to control the wash and drying program from the LG app, but on top of that, this home appliance is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Just imagine being able to get your laundry started while you’re lying in bed!

Drying capacity: 10kg (washer), 6kg (dryer)
Dimensions: 597 x 856 x 568 mm
Energy rating: 4 ticks
Price: $1,799.00

Best heat pump dryers in Singapore (2024)

7. Midea Silver Heat Pump Dryer

Midea Silver Heat Pump best Dryer machine singapore
(Credit: Midea Official)

Another frontrunner for the best heat pump dryer machines in Singapore this 2023 is the Midea Silver Heat Pump Dryer (available on Midea Official). With a 10kg capacity, it is one of the best dryer machines in Singapore for large families. Its hygiene function helps to keep laundry free of germs and bacterial growth, which protects your family’s health and prevents damage to fabrics The Midea heat pump dryer sterilises all your clothes for well over 30 minutes, ensuring no harmful germs or bacteria will get in the way of your daily lives!

Families with little kids around would definitely appreciate the child lock on this Midea dryer. Children can be curious and unpredictable and you’d want to protect them from hurting themselves as they explore around the house. The child lock prevents your kids from making any adjustments to the wash cycle. Plus, the kids won’t be able to open the dryer’s door with the child lock activated. No wonder many parents are calling this the best dryer machine in Singapore!

Drying capacity: 10kg
Dimensions: 595 x 856 x 640 mm
Energy rating: 5 ticks
Price: $1,199.00

8. Miele Heat Pump Dryer

best dryer machine singapore Miele Heat Pump Dryer
(Credit: Gain City Official Store)

Love experimenting with different fragrances when you do your laundry? You’ll now get to do that with ease with the Miele Heat Pump Dryer (available on Gain City Official Store)! Miele dryers have a unique feature in them: the Miele FragranceDos! This disc attachment locks right into your dryer machine, engulfing your fabrics with a range of lovely scents. If you’ve decided on a different scent halfway through the drying process, switch it out!

But what really stands out for this Miele dryer is the EcoSpeedy technology that dries your clothes quickly without consuming too much energy. And despite all that speed, the washer dryer has a silent drum that doesn’t emit much noise – perfect for families with a snoozing newborn at home! It’s the best dryer machine in Singapore for families that need a little extra care with their laundry.

Drying capacity: 8kg
Dimensions: 596 x 643 x 850 mm
Energy rating: 5 ticks
Price: $2,629.00

9. Toshiba T15 Heat Pump Dryer

Toshiba T15 Heat Pump Dryer
(Credit: Toshiba Home Appliances Official)

To create an all-rounded smart home, we highly recommend the Toshiba T15 Heat Pump Dryer (available on Toshiba Home Appliances Official) which comes with WiFi control, child lock and built-in sensors that will optimise the drying temperature to prevent heat damage. It is one of the best dryer machines in Singapore that allows you to handle your laundry from anywhere you are – whether it’s from the couch or your office. Simply connect it with the TSmartLife App and you’ll be able to monitor it from there.

Drying capacity: 10kg
Dimensions: 650 x 595 x 845 mm
Energy rating: 5 ticks
Price: $1,549.00

10.  Portable Heat Pump Dryer

best dryer machines singapore portable travel dryer
(Credit: LG Singapore Official Store)

With everyone up and travelling again, portable home appliances have become increasingly popular. This Portable Heat Pump Dryer (available in Consider Official Store) is foldable and small enough to move from room to room. Being foldable, it can easily be stored in your luggage to quickly dry your clothes while on the go! But don’t be fooled by its size – this dryer is the best heat pump dryer in Singapore for small spaces as it dries quickly without taking up much space. Get your clothes dried in under an hour!

Drying capacity: 5kg
Dimensions: 1260 x 360 x 520 mm
Energy rating: N/A
Price: $136.22

11. Beko 8KG Heat Pump Dryer – B3T4824DW

best dryer machines singapore beko heat pump dryer
(Credit: Casa Official Store)

For a dryer machine that’s gentle on fabrics but tough on stains, the Beko Heat Pump Dryer (available on Casa Official Store) is your best bet! With its EcoGentle Technology™ and OptiSense® Technology, this dryer machine can remove dirt, stains and bacteria from your clothes without damaging the fabrics. It’s gentle enough to use on natural fabrics such as cotton or wool, as well as synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester. It’s also the best dryer machine in Singapore with satisfactory customer care and after sales service, making it a favoured brand for many homeowners.

Drying capacity: 8kg
Dimensions: 846 x 598 x 605 mm
Energy rating: 5 ticks
Price: $1,197.00

Do you need a dryer machine?

woman carrying a basket of laundry
(Credit: Karolina Grabowska / Pexels)

Wondering whether a dryer machine is worth the investment? A dryer machine can be a helpful home appliance for homes that need them, but consider a couple of factors before buying a dryer so you can find the best dryer machine in Singapore that suits your home. Here are the pros and cons of getting one:

Pros Cons
  • Saves time on drying clothes, uniforms and work attire.
  • Dries clothes regardless of the weather.
  • Removes creases and wrinkles on clothes, saving on time and the cost of ironing them.
  • Energy-consuming; uses up additional energy as compared to air-drying clothes.
  • Takes up space in your home.
  • Dryers can be costly investments.
  • Pros: Time-saving

Dryer machines usually take about an hour or two to dry clothes, which is a fraction of the time needed for air-drying. If you’re often in need of clothes that need to be washed and dried within a day, such as school uniforms or work attires, a dryer machine will come in handy.

  • Pros: Dries clothes despite the rain

During monsoon season (usually around December to March and June to September), it can be hard to get laundry done when you have to wait for the storm to pass. Having a dryer machine allows you to have crisp, fresh laundry regardless of weather conditions.

  • Pros: Eases wrinkles on clothes

The best dryer machines in Singapore often come with anti-crease features which make them much easier and faster to iron! You can save time and effort ironing clothes, especially for fabrics that tend to crease less.

  • Cons: Energy-consuming

Dryers are known to rack up energy bills, which is why we recommend using them sparingly, i.e. only when you need to fast-dry clothes when it rains. To mitigate this, you can choose energy-saving dryer options such as heat pump dryers.

  • Cons: Takes up space

Dryer machines are usually about the size of your washing machine – which is hardly space-saving. Therefore, you’ll definitely need to consider whether you have space at home to place it. 

  • Cons: Costly

As with any large home appliance, buying a dryer machine can be a costly investment. Before you buy just any machine, you’ll want to read up on their specs and product details so you can buy the best dryer in Singapore that suits your budget, space and needs. 

Pro Tip: Stack your dryer machine on top of your washing machine to utilise vertical space. You can also get a washing machine rack to maximise storage! 

What type of dryer machine is best?

best dryer machine singapore
(Credit: LHSG.SG)

The best dryer machine in Singapore would be one that meets your needs. It is important to assess your space, budget and laundry capacity first before you look for a dryer. It also pays to understand the different types available. Here’s how they work and the low down on the pros and cons of each type of dryer.

  • Vented dryer

Vented dryers extract damp air from the clothes and expel it through a hose. As such, vented dryers have to be placed near a window to remove the moisture from your home.

Consider the space you have at home when deciding to buy a vented dryer. You’ll need to have a drainage system nearby to prevent flooding your home.

  • Washer-dryer combo

Washer-dryers are combination washing machines and dryers. These are meant to be space-saving home appliances that fit into condominium and apartment units. They take up less space and do more than one function. However, they can be expensive to install and operate as you need to line a hose to drain the water.

  • Heat pump dryer

Heat pump dryers also use hot air to extract moisture from clothes. On top of that, they use a coolant on the vapour to remove condensation and preserve hot air. As a result, the air is reheated and recycled, which makes it more energy-saving. However, even the best dryers in Singapore can break down over time and with heat pump dryers, expect more costly maintenance and repairs.

Type of dryer machine Pros  Cons
Vented dryer
  • Budget-friendly
  • Dries large amounts of clothes fast
  • Noisy
  • Energy-consuming
  • Needs to operate in a room with window
  • Multi-functional
  • Space-saving
  • Suitable for small homes
  • Costly installation and maintenance
Heat pump dryer
  • Energy saving
  • Preserves clothes quality
  • More expensive compared to other types of dryers
  • Slower at drying

How to choose a dryer machine?

dryer machine stacked on top of washing machine
(Credit: MNS Official Distributor)

With so many dryer machine models available, it can be hard to narrow down to one. To help you choose, here are some important factors to note when looking for the best dryer machines in Singapore. 

  • Energy rating

Dryer machines are rated under NEA’s 5-band tick rating system. The more energy-saving they are, the more ticks they have. Opt for the best dryers in Singapore with ticks of 3 or higher for a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective option!

  • Capacity

In terms of capacity, the general rule of thumb is to get one that is twice the size of your washing machine. The rationale behind this is to give your wet laundry sufficient room to tumble and dry. For a general guideline, smaller families with about 3-4 people can go for dryer machines with 7-8kg capacity. For larger households, opt for dryer machines with 10-15kg capacity.

Slice laundry time with the best dryer machines in Singapore (2023)

From vented dryers, heat pump dryers, to 2 in 1 washer dryer combos, lighten your load with the best dryer machines in Singapore! To maximise your savings, snag home appliances during our 12.12 Birthday Sale where amazing deals await! For more recommendations for laundry essentials, check out our list of the best laundry detergents and the best steam irons in Singapore!

This article was updated on 25 January 2024. Additional research done by Janica Ng.

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