9 Home Karaoke Systems For KTV Sessions With Friends

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Set up your speakers and sing your soul out with these home karaoke systems in Singapore! Among the many fun things to do at home, singing with your family and friends definitely ranks top of the list. From full suite setups to portable KTV systems, we’ve compiled a range of karaoke systems suited for singers of different budgets and needs. Read on to discover the best home karaoke system in Singapore for you! 

Average market price of home karaoke systems in Singapore

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Depending on the quality of the setup, home KTV systems come in a range of prices. Some come with a full suite of accessories including a song streaming device which may render the setup more expensive. Others may be more affordable with just a simple speaker-enabled microphone. Check out the types of home karaoke systems in Singapore below and find out which one suits your budget better!

Different Types Of Home Karaoke Systems In Singapore

Type of home karaoke system in Singapore What’s included Average price
Full suite home KTV system with song streaming touchscreen device
  • Speakers
  • Subwoofer
  • Amplifier
  • Microphones
  • Song streaming touchscreen device
Full suite home KTV system
  • Speakers
  • Subwoofer
  • Amplifier
  • Microphones
Basic home KTV system
  • Speakers
  • Microphones

Best home karaoke systems in Singapore with a song library

1. Powerhouse Slim Home Karaoke System + Powerhouse Touchscreen KTV System ($2,299)

powerhouse ktv karaoke system home singapore speaker subwoofer touchscreen song library microphones
(Credit: Powerhouse Karaoke System Singapore)

While setting up your own home karaoke system in Singapore with the necessary audio equipment isn’t a tough feat, what truly matters is your access to an endless bank of songs to sing! Luckily, you can always turn to Powerhouse KTV for all your karaoke solutions. The Powerhouse Slim Home Karaoke System + Powerhouse Touchscreen KTV System (available on Powerhouse Karaoke System Singapore) comes with everything you need, including the speakers, subwoofer, amplifier, and microphones. But what sets this home KTV system apart from others is its UBOX touchscreen system.

Think of this as a tablet specifically designed for all your karaoke needs. The UBOX system comes pre-loaded with licensed songs and will automatically update with the latest tunes. This allows you to master even the latest hits! The best part is that there are absolutely no monthly subscription fees. This can seriously save you a substantial amount of money compared to other song subscription plans or KTV bars! 

The system opens you to a world of songs ranging from Chinese hits to Korean, Japanese, or Thai tunes. There are even worship songs and children songs for your little superstar! And in the unlikely event that the song you want isn’t found in the system, Powerhouse’s got your back. Simply send in a song request via the PowerCONNECT app and the team will work to have your song submitted to the system in two weeks — sweet!

2. MB Karaoke MB KTV-888 Touchscreen + MRS350 Home Karaoke System Package ($1,998)

MB home karaoke system singapore speaker microphone touchscreen no subscription fee song library system
(Credit: MB Home Karaoke Singapore)

Another splurge-worthy full suite home karaoke system in Singapore is the MB Karaoke MB KTV-888 Touchscreen + MRS350 Home Karaoke System Package (available on MB Home Karaoke Singapore). Loved by many local artists like Mark Lee and Marcus Chin, the MB Karaoke system is a powerful setup that will satisfy even the most demanding singers at home. The bundle comes with two professional karaoke speakers, an amplifier with key control to tweak your audio, a pair of wireless microphones, and a large touchscreen song streaming device for the complete karaoke experience. The lack of a subwoofer in this kit may discount your system of its deep bass, but it’s definitely worth the sacrifice for a more affordable price tag. 

Similar to the Powerhouse KTV system, the MB Karaoke system also doesn’t require a subscription fee to access its extensive song library. The touchscreen is easy to navigate and supports voice recognition, romanised lyrics, and even YouTube viewing. You can also use the system for voice recording and pit yourself against your family with the song scoring feature!

3. Popsical Remix Karaoke Device ($469)

popsical remix karaoke home system singapore
(Credit: 12BUY.SG)

The Popsical Remix Karaoke Device (available on 12BUY.SG) is another great alternative for your home karaoke system in Singapore. As the Popsical setup comes only with a karaoke streaming device and two microphones, this kit works well with those who already own other audio devices like speakers and subwoofers at home. It’s also perfect for casual karaoke singers who simply want to enjoy their karaoke party without getting too much into the technicalities! With fewer accessories tied to the system, you can simply pick up your Popsical device and head over to a friend’s house for an impromptu karaoke date — it’s that easy! 

We also appreciate that the Popsical cloud library packs more than 230,000 original and cover music videos in 14 languages. The self-updating system also means you get to enjoy the latest hits. However, do note that Popsical requires a monthly subscription fee of $10.99, which grants you unlimited access to the song database. Only sing occasionally? You can pay for the $4.99 24-hour pass instead. 

4. JazPiper Karaoke System ($339)

jazpiper karaoke sound system microphone speaker amplifier home ktv system
(Credit: SG.TV)

The JazPiper Karaoke System (available on SG.TV) is an audio processor, amplifier, speaker and wireless microphone system all rolled into one. At less than $400, this is honestly one of the best steals we’ve seen in the market. Did we mention that it also comes with a cloud-based song library that is constantly updated with the latest hits? This all-in-one system is everything you need for a night of party and singing!

The JazPiper Karaoke system works well for smaller homes as it does not come with a touchscreen setup. Instead, simply connect the karaoke device to your TV and you’ll have access to the song library on your TV screen. Here you can eliminate the vocalisation, change pitch, echo and adjust other settings to enhance your karaoke experience. If your karaoke squad can’t wait to add their songs to the queue list, get them to scan the mobile QR code generated to access the system on mobile devices. 

Best home karaoke systems in Singapore with quality speakers

5. JBL Partybox On-the-go Karaoke ($535)

jbl partybox on the go karaoke home system singapore speaker microphone
(Credit: Gain City Official Store)

The quality of your speaker can make or break your karaoke experience. This is why it’s important to buy a speaker from a reputable audio brand for your setup. The JBL Partybox On-the-go Karaoke (available on Gain City Official Store) is one of your best bets — After all, JBL is touted as one of the old guards of speaker technology! The JBL Partybox boasts a balanced sound profile and advanced performance settings so you can tune the bass, treble, and echo to provide you with the right vocal effect. It also offers guitar inputs so you can plug your instrument into the speaker to strum along with your favourite songs!

And when the social restrictions are relaxed, this is a home KTV system that can be converted into your on-the-go busking companion instantly. It comes with a shoulder strap so you can groove the night away handsfree! Plus, the IPX4 splashproof protection means the rainy weather won’t get in your way. Did we also mention that it is bundled with a complimentary wireless JBL microphone with a range of up to 10 meters? Everything you need is in the JBL Partybox!

6. Powerhouse Slim Starter Plus Home Karaoke System ($699)

powerhouse ktv home karaoke system singapore slim starter plus speaker subwoofer amplifier microphone
(Credit: Powerhouse Karaoke System Singapore)

If you’re a serious singer, invest in a home karaoke system in Singapore that’ll truly bring out the potential in your voice. The Powerhouse Slim Starter Plus Home Karaoke System (available on Powerhouse Karaoke System Singapore) is the perfect setup for any vocalist who wants a premium system that can support their practice. 

This Powerhouse KTV home system consists of the powerful ampPro amplifier, slimDUO karaoke speakers, subDUO 6.5” subwoofer, and a pair of micDUO microphones with superb noise control. The amplifier is one of the best for its price with powerful digital sound processing, elevating your karaoke experience. With feedback exclusion, frequency adjustment, and Bluetooth streaming function, it’s easy to forget you’re at home and not at a professional karaoke bar. We also appreciate that the speakers are specially designed for smaller HDBs with a slimmer and more compact silhouette. This allows them to fit on your console table with no trouble. 

Best portable home karaoke systems in Singapore below $50

7. KAXOE 3.5mm Wired Headset Karaoke Earphones With Microphone ($5.30)

kaxoe karaoke earphones with microphone wired home ktv system pink
(Credit: KAXOESingapore.sg)

Not into the nitty-gritty of karaoke systems? Then we suggest skipping full-blown home karaoke systems in Singapore and going for these KAXOE 3.5mm Wired Headset Karaoke Earphones With Microphone (available on KAXOESingapore.sg) instead! They work great with popular online karaoke apps like Smule.

This budget-friendly mini microphone won’t take up much space on your desk (or pockets). Also, it’s unbelievably easy to use — just plug and play! It helps to enhance the quality of your phone’s microphone along with noise-canceling capabilities for better vocal clarity. 

8. Hoco Wireless Karaoke Microphone ($23.99)

hoco wireless karaoke microphone bluetooth home ktv system
(Credit: Hoco. Official Store)

Boredom is never an issue when you’re staying home with a snazzy wireless Bluetooth microphone! These have become all the rage because of how portable and powerful they are. The Hoco Wireless Karaoke Microphone (available on Hoco. Official Store) is no exception. As an all-in-one home karaoke system in Singapore, it comes with two built-in loudspeakers and audio adjustment functions. 

What sets the Hoco microphone apart from other wireless Bluetooth microphones is its voice-changing ability. Warp your voice into a man’s, woman’s, child’s, or even a monster’s roar! You’ll fill the room with laughter at the silly sound effects. Not subscribed to any home karaoke streaming systems in Singapore? Fret not, simply link the microphone up with YouTube or other third-party karaoke apps. This saves you the cost of subscribing to a home karaoke streaming system in Singapore. 

9. WS858 3-in-1 Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone ($8.99)

(Credit: essarbeauty)

Are you someone who’s particular about sound quality? Then the WS858 3-in-1 Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone (available on essarbeauty) is the best affordable home karaoke system in Singapore for you! Sometimes, you may sound bad on the microphone because of poor settings. 

The WS858 wireless microphone is a godsend for those with sensitive ears as it allows for reverb along with an amplifier speaker! Give your vocals a boost by turning up the reverb for extra oomph! You could also try covering your microphone with a microphone foam cover to significantly boost noise cancellation.

10. iDance Cube Karaoke System ($39)

idance cube karaoke system home singapore disco lights pink
(Credit: Quickkgadgets)

What do Beegees, Queen and ABBA have in common? Crazy disco lights, of course! Put together your playlist of funky beats and get ready to party with the iDance Cube Karaoke System (available on Quickkgadgets)!

It’s an all-in-one portable karaoke system that comes equipped with music-activated disco lights. The device can project strobes and even colourful spinning light patterns on your ceilings and walls — you’re guaranteed to feel like the hottest star in town! Moreover, this home karaoke system in Singapore is a great steal as it comes with a complimentary microphone. Channel your inner Freddie Mercury by using a Selens Vertical Microphone Stand (available on Selens Official Shop) to strike the legend’s iconic pose!

Complete your home karaoke system in Singapore 

Feel like something’s missing from your home karaoke system in Singapore? It’s got to be your visual projection. Enjoy a crystal clear display with some of the best smart TVs of the year so you won’t miss the lyrics ever again. Need more entertainment recommendations? Check out these PC co-op games you can play on the best gaming laptops after you’ve sung to your heart’s content!

This article was updated on 25 October 2021. Additional research done by Iris Tan.

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