7 Home Karaoke Systems In Singapore For Every Type Of Singer

home karaoke system singapore gold microphone condenser
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Set up your speakers and sing away your circuit breaker blues with these home karaoke systems in Singapore! Among the many fun things to do at home, singing with your family definitely ranks top of the list. We’ve compiled a list of karaoke systems suited for every type of singer, from the affordable to the deluxe, we’ve got you. Read on to discover various karaoke accessories to create your ideal home karaoke system in Singapore!

Home karaoke systems in Singapore for every type of singer

1. For the casual serenader

ini portable microphone bluetooth speaker
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Not into the nitty-gritty of karaoke systems? Then we suggest skipping full-blown home karaoke systems in Singapore and going just for these Mini Portable Karaoke Microphone (available on Comeandbuy) instead! 

This budget-friendly mini microphone won’t take up much space on your desk (or pockets). Also, it’s unbelievably easy to use — just plug and play! It helps to enhance the quality of your phone’s microphone along with noise-cancelling capabilities for better vocal clarity. Gather a few friends and hook your mini microphone up with an inexpensive portable Bluetooth speaker such as the ZNT MiniDots Bluetooth Portable Metal Speakers (available on ZNT Official Shop) for a crazy night of song and dance! 

2. For the savvy singer

home karaoke system singapore rose gold wireless bluetooth microphone
(Credit: zhuangduo.sg)

Who says there aren’t any fun things to do at home again? They surely haven’t owned a snazzy wireless Bluetooth microphone! These have become all the rage because of how portable and powerful they are. The KD-08S Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone (available on zhuangduo.sg) is no exception. As an all-in-one home karaoke system in Singapore, it comes with two built-in loudspeakers and audio adjustment functions. 

What sets the KD-08S apart from other wireless Bluetooth microphones is its ability to instantly strip vocals from any song with a simple push of a button. If you’re tech-savvy, take full advantage of this function by linking the microphone up with YouTube or other third-party karaoke apps. This saves you the cost of subscribing to a home karaoke streaming system in Singapore. Alternatively, you can also store all your favourite beats in a memory card and slot it into the KD-08S to sing offline!

3. For the sensitive melodist

wireless bluetooth microphone foam cover
(Credit: KRKMart, Blingstreet)

Are you someone who’s particular about sound quality? Then the Q7 Wireless Bluetooth Microphone (available on KRKMart) is the best affordable home karaoke system in Singapore for you! Sometimes, you may sound bad on the microphone because of poor EQ settings. 

The Q7 is a godsend for those with sensitive ears as it allows for direct manipulation of treble, bass and even reverb! If your vocals sound dull and blurry, try increasing the treble to improve clarity. On the other hand, decrease the bass to reduce boominess in your voice. Give your vocals a boost by turning up the reverb for extra oomph! You could also try covering your microphone with a foam microphone cover (available on mojogy.sg) to significantly boost noise cancellation.

4. For the closet superstar

home karaoke system singapore dual microphone wall mount portable dvd player
(Credit: 3C Official Store, furong.sg)

If you’re a (secretly) seasoned karaoke singer with your own stash of karaoke DVDs, then you’d need a DVD player and a premium microphone system to exercise your vocal cords. Pair the ARCHEER Dual Karaoke Microphone System (available on 3C Official Store) with the Wall Mount Portable DVD Player (available on fositan.sg) to create a quality home karaoke system in Singapore without bursting your budget!

The ARCHEER Dual Karaoke Microphone System features a high-frequency spectrum of 20 Hz to 18 kHz. This is above the recommended range of 80 Hz to 15 kHz, so you know the system can definitely pick up all your high and low notes. Moreover, the wireless microphones can stay connected up to 30m so you can sing from anywhere in your home.

5. For the flashy diva

home karaoke system singapore idance cube disco light microphone stand
(Credit: blackmarketcamera, My accessories store)

What do Beegees, Queen and ABBA have in common? Crazy disco lights, of course! Put together your playlist of funky beats and get ready to party with the iDance Cube Karaoke System (available on blackmarketcamera)!

It’s an all-in-one Bluetooth home karaoke system in Singapore that comes equipped with music-activated disco lights. The device can project strobes and even colourful spinning light patterns on your ceilings and walls — you’re guaranteed to feel like the hottest star in town! Moreover, this system is a great steal as it comes with a complimentary microphone. Channel your inner Freddie Mercury by using an Adjustable Studio Microphone Stand (available on My accessories store) to strike the legend’s iconic pose!

6. For the serious vocalist

 pioneer jbl speaker amplifier uhf wireless microphone
(Credit: Audio House Official Store, warmair)

If you’re a serious singer, invest in a karaoke system that’ll truly bring out the potential in your voice. The Pioneer And JBL Home Karaoke System (available on Audio House Official Store) is the perfect setup for any serious vocalist who wants a premium system that can support their practice. 

This home karaoke system consists of the powerful Pioneer SAZ-500 Karaoke Amplifier and two JBL RM-8 Speakers. The amplifier is one of the best for its price with powerful digital sound processing, elevating your karaoke experience. With feedback exclusion, frequency adjustment, 40-step echo tuning functions and exclusive DJ modes, it’s easy to forget you’re at home and not at a professional karaoke bar in Singapore

Meanwhile, the JBL speakers are perfect for delivering quality sound from the amplifier. It has a high 89db sensitivity and a good frequency response of 60Hz to 20kHz. All that’s left is to connect the UHF Wireless Handheld Microphone (available on gheshuidd.5.sg) and the stage is yours! 

7. For the hardcore professional

home karaoke system singapore professional singer sunbuck karaoke amplifier mission floorstanding speakers jbl subwoofer
(Credit: Audio House Official Store, Wonderful House, hweeseng.electronics)

Besides training to become a professional singer, you may also be interested to be a karaoke jockey (KJ). A good KJ possesses in-depth knowledge of audio manipulation and how to bring out the best in different voices. To master the skill, you’ll need to invest in the Sunbuck Karaoke Amplifier (available on Wonderful House) which allows full control over audio delay, balance, bass, treble and echo. 

Even with the best karaoke amplifier, you’ll need top-notch speakers to bring out the highest quality audio. We suggest going all out with the MISSION LX-5 Floorstanding Speakers (available on hweeseng.electronics) which boasts a whopping 90dB sensitivity and 38Hz to 30kHz frequency response. 

Additionally, a home karaoke system in Singapore that’s fit for a professional karaoke singer isn’t complete without the JBL STAGE-A100PW Subwoofer (available on Audio House Official Store). You’ll feel a dramatic difference when you use a subwoofer. It amplifies the system’s dynamics and creates an exceptional amount of soundstage depth. 

Complete your home karaoke system in Singapore 

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