7 Pillowy Soft Snowskin Mooncakes With Unique Flavours

best snowskin mooncake singapore rive gauche dark chocolate the forage cafe honey infused
(Credit: tcc - The Connoisseur Concerto, Rive Gauche Singapore)

When it comes to mooncakes, being able to enjoy the golden baked crust of traditional mooncakes as well as the mochi-like texture of snowskin mooncakes is really the best of both worlds! Be it in appearance or flavours, the snowskin mooncake opens up a world of possibilities for Mid-Autumn Festival. Think lychee martini, champagne truffle and even milk tea flavoured snowskin mooncakes! With so many options to choose from, you may be spoilt for choice. Let our list of the best snowskin mooncakes in Singapore help you decide!

Traditional baked mooncakes vs snowskin mooncakes

traditional baked skin mooncakes snowskin mooncakes
(Credit: Huong Ho / Unsplash, Jackie Hu / Unsplash)

Curious to know what’s the difference between traditional baked mooncakes and snowskin mooncakes? Read on down below to learn more.

Traditional baked mooncakes Snowskin mooncakes
  • Baked with plain flour covering
  • Flaky, chewy texture
  • Usually only come in traditional flavours such as lotus paste with salted yolks
  • Steamed with glutinous rice flour covering
  • Sticky, mochi-like chewy texture
  • Wide range of flavours
  • Stored in fridge or freezer

Best snowskin mooncakes in Singapore from restaurants and cafes

1. Peach Garden Snowskin Mooncake Deluxe Combination

best snowskin mooncake singapore peach garden low sugar
(Credit: Peach Garden Official Store)

It comes without saying, Peach Garden will always be at the top of our list when it comes to buying the best snowskin mooncake in Singapore. Known for using premium ingredients without artificial flavouring, the Peach Garden Snowskin Mooncake Deluxe Combination (available on Peach Garden Official Store) contains delectable bite-sized treats with interesting flavours. The white lotus paste with macadamia nuts is a low-sugar option for a subtly sweet yet nutty delight. If yolk is a must for your mooncakes, the golden pandan paste with one yolk snowskin mooncake will not disappoint. Other contemporary creations in this set include the romantic rose paste with champagne truffle that’s sure to be a hit among the ladies. There’s also the milk tea paste with peanut butter truffle snowskin mooncake if you’re into more funky creations. 

Snowskin mooncake delivery: Starting from 1 August to 21 September 2021
*Self-collection available

2. TCC D’VINE Collection Mini Snowskin Mooncakes

best snowskin mooncake singapore tcc d'vine mini snowskin alcoholic
(Credit: tcc – The Connoisseur Concerto)

You may know TCC for their artisanal coffee, but their limited edition mooncake range is also not to be missed. The TCC D’VINE Collection Mini Snowskin Mooncakes (available on tcc – The Connoisseur Concerto) is a delightful medley of alcoholic-infused flavours such as the aromatic Coffee Baileys and bittersweet Matcha Whisky. You’ll also find four non-alcoholic flavours such as Truffle Yam with invigorating rose-scented notes and Gula Melaka Pandan with a nutty taste. Sure to please a wide range of palates, order these dainty snowskin mooncakes for Mid Autumn Festival 2021!

Snowskin mooncake delivery: Starting from 18 August to 21 September 2021, delivers in 2 – 3 working days

3. The Forage Cafe Honey Infused Snowskin Mooncake

the forage cafe honey infused snowskin mooncake best singapore black sesame lotus matcha strawberry
(Credit: The Forage Cafe SG Official Store [Cropped])

The Forage Cafe is one of our favourite brunch spots, which explains why we are so excited for their The Forage Cafe Honey Infused Snowskin Mooncake (available on The Forage Cafe SG Official Store). Decorated in striking watercolour brush strokes are four honey infused snowskin mooncakes of delectable flavours including Black Sesame Lotus and Matcha Strawberry. The Black Sesame Lotus mooncake boasts a strong earthy flavour — but the highlight lies in the creamy 13Honey’s Royal Honey filling encased in chocolate truffle. Likewise, the Matcha Strawberry mooncake also has a surprise hidden away in the form of 13Honey’s Royal Honey and strawberry puree for a burst of fruity sweetness this Mid-Autumn Festival 2021. 

Snowskin mooncake delivery: Starting from 25 August 2021

Best snowskin mooncakes in Singapore from bakeries and more

4. Golden Moments Premium Lychee Martini Snowskin Mooncake

golden moments best snowskin mooncake singapore lychee martini alcoholic
(Credit: Golden Moments Singapore)

The Golden Moments mooncake creations are ones we look forward to every year. The main highlight from their snowskin range is Golden Moments Premium Lychee Martini Snowskin Mooncake (available on Golden Moments Singapore). Created from a medley of white chocolate, lotus paste and the star of the show — lychee martini, this treat tastes almost like a delightful tipple encased in pillowy soft snowskin. 

Snowskin mooncake delivery: Starting from 10 to 21 September 2021

5. Rive Gauche Signature Snow Skin Guanaja Mooncake

rive gauche signature snowskin guanaja mooncake chocolate dark
(Credit: Rive Gauche Singapore)

Famous for their handcrafted cakes, Rive Gauche has put their baking expertise to good use this Mid-Autumn Festival by launching unique treats such as the RiveGauche Signature Snowskin Guanaja Mooncake (available on Rive Gauche Singapore). While many other brands launched sweet-flavoured mooncakes, the Guanaja mooncakes are a breath of fresh air this festive season with its deep bitter flavour. Made from Guanaja dark chocolate 70% cocoa,  these mooncakes have a pronounced roasted chocolatey taste that’s balanced out with the smooth white lotus paste. The high cocoa content also makes for a healthier option with high antioxidants and mineral content.

Snowskin mooncake delivery: Delivers in 1 – 3 days

6. Tong Heng Mini Seasonal Snowskin Mooncake

tong heng mini seasonal snowskin mooncake cranberry lychee rose sea salt caramel
(Credit: Tong Heng)

Support local with the Tong Heng Mini Seasonal Snowskin Mooncake (available on Tong Heng). As a homegrown brand renowned for its diamond-shaped egg tarts, Tong Heng is one of the oldest traditional Chinese pastry shops on our shores. But that doesn’t stop the brand from being innovative with its creations. The Tong Heng mini seasonal snowskin mooncake speaks volumes about this. The set consists of seven creative flavours, ranging from sea salt caramel to cranberry and lychee rose. You name it, they’ve got it! We are also fans of the pale pastel palette used in this set of snowskin mooncakes that exudes a sophisticated air of elegance. Definitely one of the best snowskin mooncakes in Singapore suitable for gifting!

Snowskin mooncake delivery: Pre-order, delivers in 5 working days

7. Wangpai Champagne Truffle Snowskin Mooncakes

wang poi champagne truffle best snowskin mooncake singapore
(Credit: WangPai Singapore)

Not going to lie, these Wangpai Champagne Truffle Snowskin Mooncakes (available on WangPai Singapore) are probably some of the most attractive mooncakes we’ve seen for Mid Autumn 2021. And we wouldn’t expect any less from the brains behind other successful brands like Roast Paradise and Golden Moments which we love! The dazzling edible gold glitters light up against the white snowskin base, transforming these mini delights into a delicate work of art. Aside from its luxurious appearance, each piece of mooncake is crafted with champagne and white chocolate ganache — delivering a light yet citrusy and sugary aftertaste that is bound to set you in a good mood!

Snowskin mooncake delivery: Delivers in 2 – 4 days

Sink your teeth into these best snowskin mooncakes in Singapore

Psst, learn more about the making of snowskin mooncakes and find out how we fare under Fairmont Singapore’s Chef Wong’s guidance!

With so many creative new flavours to choose from, we’re sure you’d be spoilt for choice when picking the best snowskin mooncakes in Singapore! Aside from snowskin mooncakes, durian lovers have got to check out our list of the best durian mooncakes to curb with your post-season cravings. And if you belong to the traditional camp, perhaps these traditional mooncakes will be a better choice. 

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