Best Shampoo For Hair Loss: 23 Products For Thicker Locks

There are many reasons for hair thinning and hair loss, including genetics, poor diet, stress and hormonal changes. In general, it’s considered normal to shed about 50 to 100 strands each day. However, if you’ve been noticing a much larger amount of hair in the drain after showering or brushing your hair, you may be experiencing hair loss. Contrary to what it may seem, hair loss may be easily remedied with just a change in shampoo. Whether for hair growth or thinning hair, employ the help of some of the best shampoos for hair loss and regain control of your mane!

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Tips for choosing the best anti hair loss shampoo in Singapore

  • Determine your hair and scalp type

best shampoo for hair loss singapore hair scalp type
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Similar to skin types, hair and scalp types can be categorised into normal, dry, oily and sensitive. Choosing the best shampoo for hair loss based on your hair and scalp type is vital. If you have a dry scalp, go for a highly moisturising shampoo. On the other hand, an oily scalp needs a shampoo that can regulate excessive sebum production, while those with sensitive scalp should pick a hypoallergenic shampoo.

  • Avoid these harmful ingredients

shampoo hair loss harmful ingredients chemicals dropper
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Harsh chemicals and preservatives may worsen your hair loss and cause scalp irritation. Avoid hair products containing:

  • Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)
  • Parabens
  • Propylene glycol
  • Diethanolamine (DEA)
  • Imidazolidinyl urea
  • Sodium chloride
  • Artificial fragrances
  • Match the pH level

best shampoo singapore salon hair wash long girl
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The best shampoo for hair loss is one that has a pH level similar to that of your scalp and hair — pH 5.5. If you use a product that has a different pH level, it may weaken the hair follicles and encourage hair fall.

  • Best of both worlds

best shampoo for hair loss
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Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to stick to one shampoo all the time. Pick up different types of shampoos that address the various hair and scalp issues you’re facing, then use them interchangeably to enjoy their benefits!

Best anti hair loss shampoos in Singapore for sensitive scalp

1. Nioxin Step 1 Anti-Hairloss Cleanser Shampoo

nioxin best anti hairloss shampoo singapore
(Credit: Nioxin Official Store)

Nioxin has earned international acclaim since 1987 for its innovative hair loss and hair thinning products. The brand believes that hair transformation begins from the scalp and places a strong emphasis on gentle and nourishing ingredients. Check out the Nioxin Step 1 Anti-Hairloss Cleanser Shampoo (available on Nioxin Official Store) — one of the best shampoos in Singapore for hair loss. It’s specially made for those who have fine natural hair. Formulated with Nioxin’s famous BioAMP Technology, this best shampoo to combat hair fall helps to strengthen each strand and reduce breakage!

Those with chemically treated hair can try the Nioxin System 4 Cleanser Shampoo (available on Nioxin Official Store). It provides colour protection, balances hair moisture levels and can give you thicker, fuller hair in just 30 days!

2. Plantur 39 Phyto-Caffeine Shampoo 

best shampoo for hair loss plantur 39 shampoo
(Credit: Dr. Wolff Official Store)


Know someone who’s suffering from menopausal hair loss? You might want to look toward women’s haircare brand Plantur 39. The Plantur 39 Phyto-Caffeine Shampoo (available on Dr. Wolff Official Store) is developed to support the hormonal changes a menopausal woman goes through — one of which can be substantial hair fall.

Thanks to its formula, this is the best shampoo in Singapore for those with hair loss issues. The Plantur 39 Shampoo contains a rich phyto-caffeine complex that’ll protect hair roots from the increasing amount of testosterone hormones during menopause. Not only is it one of the best shampoos for women aged over 40 but it’s also one of the best shampoos for hair growth. This is mainly due to the key ingredient, caffeine, which regulates blood circulation on the scalp to promote healthy hair follicles and faster hair growth! If you’re looking for something more suitable for younger scalps, try the Plantur 21 longhair Nutri-Caffeine Shampoo (available on Dr. Wolff Official Store).

3. Kundal Caffeine Anti Hair Loss Perfume Shampoo

kundal best anti hairloss shampoo singapore

Reviews of Kundal shampoo range have… well been through the roof, to say the least. This Korean personal care brand has created waves in the hair care world with its all-natural products and non-toxic ingredients list. If you’re on the search for the best shampoo for hair growth, then you’ve got to give the Kundal brand a try!

The Kundal Caffeine and Anti Hair Loss Shampoo (available on KUNDAL SG OFFICIAL) contains caffeine to reduce hair loss and thinning while promoting overall hair growth. Caffeine is also a natural blocker of the hair loss hormone on our scalp, called DHT. With affordable price points, this is one of the best shampoos for hair loss in Singapore to give a try!

4. Sebamed Anti-Hairloss Shampoo

best shampoo for hair loss singapore sebamed sensitive skin ph hypoallergenic
(Credit: Sebamed Singapore)

Developed by dermatologists and pharmacists, Sebamed is a renowned brand dedicated to producing high quality products that are safe for the skin. All Sebamed products boast a soap and alkali-free formula that maintain an almost neutral pH of 5.5 — the same level found in healthy skin!

If you’re looking for a no gimmick, pure quality hair loss shampoo in Singapore, you won’t go wrong with the Sebamed Anti-Hairloss Shampoo (available on Sebamed Singapore)! This is the best anti-hair loss shampoo for those with sensitive skin or scalp. Created with NHE formula with caffeine and gingko biloba, this product is capable of activating micro-circulation. As a result, there’s an improvement in the supply of nutrients and oxygen to hair follicles so as to optimise the growth conditions for healthier hair!

5. Wai Yuen Tong Chinese Herbal Shampoo

Wai Yuen Tong Chinese Herbal Shampoo
(Credit: Sasa Official Store)

We can’t talk about the best shampoos for hair loss without mentioning the Wai Yuen Tong Shampoo (available on Sasa Official Store). This Wai Yuen Tong shampoo is enriched with plant extracts that are perfect for encouraging hair growth and reducing hair fall. The ginger extract cleanses your scalp, leaving it clean and free of impurities. Additionally, the plant extracts heal those locks to repair any damage, creating a smooth head of hair that’s free of frizz!

If you’re worried about that strong herbal scent, you’ll be glad to know that’s not the case with the Wai Yuen Tong shampoo. If anything, the herbal scent in this shampoo is minimal and it mostly smells refreshing. You won’t have to worry about trying to mask that scent with fragrances or hair mists! 

6. Moist Diane Perfect Beauty Extra Hair Fall Control Shampoo

moist diane best shampoo for hair loss
(Credit: Watsons Singapore Official Store)

How pretty is this shampoo bottle? Moist Diane is one of the most popular ranges of shampoos on the market right now! Their Perfect Beauty range of shampoos are formulated to tackle every kind of hair issue, from repairing damaged cuticles to adding volume and restoring moisture and shine to the lacklustre mane.

The Moist Diane Perfect Beauty Extra Hair Fall Control (available on Watsons Singapore Official Store) is perfect for those seeking the best shampoo for hair growth. As one of the best shampoos in Singapore for those facing hair loss woes, it’s infused with keratin to restore hair’s vitality, reduces hair breakage and contains organic argan oil and wasabi flavone to enhance scalp cell turnover and stimulate hair growth. Tempted yet? We definitely are!

7. Solep Hair Loss Symptom Relief Functional Shampoo

best shampoo for hair loss solep shampoo

Have sensitive scalp? The Solep Hair Loss Symptom Relief Functional Shampoo (available on is a clinically approved Korean hair-loss shampoo, which is proven to nourish and soothe your scalp. Formulated with sensitive scalps in mind, this Solep Shampoo’s plant-based surfactant ensures that the resultant cleansing foam when used is thorough but gentle. Using key ingredients like mangrove callus extract and soapwort, this Solep Hair Loss Shampoo will leave your hair looking more rejuvenated and voluminous than ever!

Best anti hair loss shampoos in Singapore for oily scalp

8. Dr. Groot Anti-Hair Loss Care Line

Dr Groot Anti-Hair Loss Care Line
(Credit: cocomosg)

You’ve probably seen Super Junior’s Hee Chul endorsing Dr. Groot on your social media feed if you’re a Kpop fan. With over 50 years of research on consumers’ hair in Korea, the Dr. Groot line was developed through LG Household & Health Care’s proprietary technology and is one of the best derma hair care brands for anti hair loss shampoos in Singapore.

Whether you’re looking for a shampoo or treatment solution that targets weak or damaged hair, there’s definitely a personalised treatment option for you with Dr. Groot Anti-Hair Loss Care Line (available on cocomosg). If you’re suffering from a greasy scalp, you should get the Rosemary. If you have weak hair, you should go for Lingzhi. Finally, if you find that your hair is damaged, you should go for Iris. With each shampoo and treatment being formulated with natural ingredients only, it’s no wonder Dr. Groot has the #1 repurchase rate in Korea!

9. NaturVital Hair Loss Shampoo Greasy Hair

naturvital best shampoo for hair loss
(Credit: NaturVital Official Store)

When experiencing hair loss, the last thing you want to do is to have harsh chemicals in your shampoo. Thankfully, there’s NaturVital, an international hair care brand that prides itself for creating a holistic range of hair loss products based on natural ingredients.

The NaturVital Hair Loss Shampoo For Greasy Hair (available on NaturVital Official Store) is a godsend for those with an oily scalp. It regulates sebum production, which would otherwise result in clumpy hair and dandruff. Besides treating those with an oily scalp, this NaturVital shampoo is also infused with ginseng extract and burdock root extract to provide extra nourishment, making it the best shampoo for hair loss on a whole. Meanwhile, give your tresses a boost with the NaturVital Hair Loss Anti-Breakage Conditioner (available on NaturVital Official Store), which strengthens hair elasticity and reduces breakage!

10. Small Pukong Full Ginger & Revitalising Series

best anti hairloss shampoo small pukong
(Credit: arxbeauty)

Tired of having to see strands of hair falling off as you comb it? You can bet that Small Pukong will save the day! Their Ginger & Revitalising Series (available on arxbeauty) has a Ginger Root Shampoo and Daily Treatment mask that can help stimulate hair growth. Filled with amino acids, this is one of the best anti hair loss shampoos in Singapore that’ll help your locks retain moisture so it’ll reduce chances of breakage.

Pair the shampoo and hair treatment mask with Small Pukong’s Hair Oil and Hair Spray (available on arxbeauty) to grow out those voluminous locks! The hair oil and hair spray will not only tame those frizzy ends, they’ll also repair damaged hair. You can finally say hello to silky smooth hair that shines!

11. Phyto Phytocyane Densifying Treatment Shampoo

phyto best shampoo for hair loss singapore
(Credit: Phyto Official Store)

Bid adieu to thinning hair once and for all with Phyto’s range of the best shampoos for thinning hair. Phyto is Greek for ‘plants’ and its products contain botanical plant mixtures that target both lacklustre and chemically damaged hair, leaving it fuller and more luscious.

If you’re looking for one of the best shampoos for hair loss in Singapore, then lather on the Phyto Phytocyane Treatment Shampoo (available on Phyto Official Store). This Phyto anti hair-loss shampoo contains potent botanical extracts like ginkgo biloba and cinchona bark that are the best at combating hair fall. The Phyto shampoo is also fortified with grapeseed procyanidins which protect the hair from being weakened by free radicals and natural aggressors.

12. Ubersuave Seaweed Shampoo Anti Hairloss And Hair Thickening

best shampoo for hair loss singapore ubersuave seaweed hair thickening men
(Credit: SGPomades Mens Grooming)

Shoutout to guys who’re battling with hair thinning problems — this is likely the best shampoo for hair loss you need! Unlike most other brands that target both genders, Ubersuave is the specialist for men’s hair products! You can find a decent range of wax, pomade and shampoo from Ubersuave at reasonable prices! 

Frequent use of styling products can cause unwanted build-up on your scalp, which may lead to hair loss. Try the Ubersuave Seaweed Shampoo Anti Hairloss And Hair Thickening (available on SGPomades Mens Grooming) which contains marine herbal seaweed extracts to thoroughly cleanse your scalp, strengthen your hair and prevent breakage. Additionally, this Ubersuave shampoo is formulated with multivitamins and minerals for improving hair texture, boosting hair growth and eliminating dandruff respectively!

13. Grafen Root Booster Shampoo

grafen bes anti hair loss shampoo
(Credit: Grafen Korea Official Store)

If Grafen rings a bell, that’s because you’ve probably seen this Korean brand on your social media platforms! Grafen has taken the Internet by storm with its convincing tried and tested commercials and interesting products. Even though the brand just arrived on our shores not long ago, it has successfully established a strong following! This is attributed to its reasonable pricing and a vast amount of good reviews online.

The Grafen Root Booster Shampoo (available on Grafen Korea Official Store) is the brand’s bestseller, scoring almost 100% customer satisfaction and having sold out multiple times. It’s formulated with nine herbal extracts, making it the best shampoo for hair loss and a greasy scalp. Many customers also claim that this Grafen shampoo transformed their fine hair into thick and luscious tresses!

14. PHS Hairscience FEM Fortify Shampoo 

phs shampoo
(Credit: PHS Hairscience)

When it comes to managing hair loss, you can rely on the experts at PHS Hairscience. The brand develops innovative and effective hair products through research-based solutions that target hair loss, chemical damage and greying.

Ladies, bid goodbye to hair thinning with one of the best shampoos for hair loss dedicated to women! The PHS Hairscience FEM Fortify Shampoo (available on PHS Hairscience) is specially formulated with Korean botanical essence and botanical stem cells to remove impurities on the scalp and alleviate hair loss concerns. Meanwhile, the PHS Hairscience HOM Fortify Shampoo is specially created for men who struggle with an oily scalp. This men’s best shampoo for hair loss deeply cleanses the scalp to eliminate sebum build-up and features a hypoallergenic formula!

Best anti hair loss shampoos in Singapore for dry scalp

15. Amos Professional Perfect Renew Green Tea Active Shampoo

best anti hairloss shampoo amos
(Credit: korea salon

Promote hair growth with the Amos Professional Perfect Renew Green Tea Active Shampoo (available on korea salon The formula contains a chock full of green tea root extract that will prevent hair loss and hair thinning. What’s even better is how this is the best anti hair loss shampoo that’ll reduce hair fall while promoting growth! The Amos Professional shampoo strengthens your hair roots and encourages healthy hair growth by providing all the nutritious goodness to your scalp. 

You can also complete your hair growth treatment process with the Amos Professional Perfect Renew Green Tea Active Ampoule (available on korea salon Spray the hair ampoule directly onto your scalp, massage the product in, and leave it to work its magic. The ampoule can also help calm irritation, making it perfect for those who have a sensitive scalp.

16. Dashu Binoxidil Scalp Shampoo

best shampoo for hair loss dashu shampoo

Flaunt those luscious locks when you start using the Dashu Binoxidil Scalp Shampoo (available on! As one of the best shampoo for hair loss, this Dashu Binoxidil Shampoo features Biotin – a key component that helps your hair and scalp to create a protective protein layer. In fact, Biotin has been shown to help prevent balding and hair loss, particularly alopecia, a hair-loss condition that affects both women and men.

To pair with this Dashu Shampoo, we also recommend the Dashu Binoxidil Scalp Hair Tonic (available on – which is designed for alleviating hair loss, eliminating hair odour, and soothing irritated or dry scalp. It’s even received many rave reviews from customers, who agree that the product refreshes and nourishes their hair and scalp! What’re you waiting for? Get both the Dashu Binoxidil Scalp Shampoo and Hair Tonic Set (available on now!

17. JulyMe Anti-Hair Loss Perfume Hair Shampoo

(Credit: JULYME)

Which will it be — soft white musk scent, a rose and lily scent or sweet-smelling freesia? JulyMe Anti-Hair Loss Perfume Hair Shampoo (available on JULYME) features six irresistible shampoo scents bottled with over 90% naturally-derived ingredients that leave a lingering scent in the bathroom after you’ve shampooed.

But don’t dismiss this fragrant JulyMe shampoo line for just smelling nice. It contains ingredients that’ll tackle hair loss at its roots — literally. From niacinamide and salicylic acid to a phyto extract, this is the best shampoo for hair loss with natural infused scents that’ll envelop you for the whole day. So which fragrance will you choose?

18. Aromatica B5+Biotin Fortifying Shampoo

Aromatica B5+Biotin Fortifying Shampoo
(Credit: Aromatica Official Store)

The Aromatica B5+Biotin Fortifying Shampoo (available on Aromatica Official Store) is the best gift for all womankind who need help with hair fall problems. This Aromatica shampoo contains Vitamin B5 and Vitamin B7 (biotin) that has been proven to improve hair strength. These vitamins nourish your locks by adding moisture to every strand of hair and strengthening the roots. 

This best anti hair loss shampoo in Singapore also features a combination of black foods that are known for their anti hair-fall effects. With black beans, black rice, black sesame seeds, black pepper, mulberries and eggplant, this Aromatica shampoo is the ultimate weapon against hair loss! These black foods not only help with preventing hair loss and breakage, but they also add moisture to heal your hair internally and promote hair growth. Furthermore, these black foods are great for hair roots as they contain essential vitamins that strengthen the base, thus minimising further loss of hair! Don’t forget to use a scalp massager so that these nutrients can better penetrate your scalp. The great thing about these scalp massagers is that they’ll also remove any dry skin and leftover product, so it gives you a clean slate to grow new and stronger hair!9

19. SMiB Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

SMIB - Premium Starter Kits Set
(Credit: smibofficialstore)

Hailing from South Korea, SMiB prides itself on helping its users achieve great hair from the comfort of their homes. Besides shampoo, you can also get the best treatment solutions and even the first plasma technology scalp massager (available on smibofficialstore) that can help stimulate hair growth.

We recommend getting the SMiB Premium Starter Kit (available on smibofficialstore) which includes the Plasma Scalp Massager, the Coral Calcium Shampoo, Coral Calcium Treatment and Coral Calcium Hair Essence. The SMiB shampoo contains high-grade coral calcium that is effective in cleansing your scalp and getting hair back to its natural pH acidity. Additionally, it protects your scalp against harmful bacteria and leaves your hair moisturised with a natural shine. The treatment is made with an effective formula of marine complex and calcium that will rejuvenate your hair and restore its softness. With daily use of this best shampoo for hair growth, your hair will have added volume and also become less frizzy.

20. L’Oreal Paris Elseve Full Resist

best shampoo for hair loss loeal
(Credit: L’Oreal Paris Official Store)

Make way for the best shampoo for hair loss and hair growth! The L’Oreal Paris Elseve Full Resist (available on L’Oreal Paris Official Store) is one of the best shampoos in Singapore for those with hair loss problems, thanks to its amazing formula. Concocted with arginine, this L’Oreal shampoo smooths and strengthens hair from root to tip, thus eliminating tangles and reducing hair fall by at least 50%!

The best thing about this anti hair loss shampoo is its cleansing power. Reviews have shown that this L’Oreal shampoo cleanses your scalp effectively, leaving no impurities behind! You’ll not only feel clean and fresh but also get to experience the anti hair-loss benefits. A clean scalp means unclogged hair follicles. And this leaves room for the follicles to absorb all the nutrients to improve scalp health. This means that you’ll have an optimal environment to encourage hair growth!

21. Pantene Pro-V Hair Fall Control Bundle

best shampoo for hair loss pantene
(Credit: P&G Official Store)

Another one of the best anti hair loss shampoos in Singapore is the Pantene Pro-V Hair Fall Control (available on P&G Official Store). Formulated with their unique Pro-Vitamin formula, the Pantene shampoo works like a natural supplement that strengthens your hair from root to tip. Moreover, this best anti hair loss shampoo in Singapore also smoothens every strand to reduce tangles. And lesser tangles mean less hair fall! 

For an ultimate strategy to fight hair fall and prompt growth, pair the shampoo with the Pantene Hair Fall Control Conditioner (available on P&G Official Store). As damage causes hair to hollow gradually, the internal structure gets weakened, so the Pantene conditioner rejuvenates each strand from the inside out.

22. Herbal Essences Bio Aloe Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Herbal Essences Bio Aloe Sulfate-Free Shampoo
(Credit: P&G Official Store)

Say goodbye to dry and flaky scalp with the Herbal Essence Bio Aloe Sulfate-Free Shampoo (available on P&G Official Store). This shampoo contains a high concentration of aloe vera, which hydrates your scalp while providing a refreshing sensation. Furthermore, the aloe vera soothes your damaged hair follicles, allowing your scalp to naturally repair itself in order to be prepared for new hair growth. With this Herbal Essences shampoo, you can be confident that your dark, gleaming hair will smell great all day, giving you the extra boost of confidence in any situation!

23. SOMEBYMI Cica Peptide Anti Hair Loss Derma Scalp Shampoo

best shampoo for hair loss somebymi shampoo
(Credit: SOMEBYMI SG Official Store)

Most shampoos in the market contain only 10% moisture level and this may be insufficient for people who have extremely dry scalp. With SOMEBYMI Cica Peptide Anti Hair Loss Derma Scalp Shampoo (available on SOMEBYMI SG Official Store), which uses 11 types of peptides and Vitamin B, your scalp will be able to get much more than that! These ingredients are great for preventing breakage by increasing moisture, while making your hair thicker at the same time.

In particular, the Cica extract and menthol in this SOMEBYMI Shampoo is able to relieve any irritation that your dry scalp might have. The resultant PHA bubbles created also help to absorb sebum and remove impurities in your scalp, making sure it’s thoroughly cleansed. This SOMEBYMI Shampoo is certainly one of the best shampoos to get for those struggling with hair loss and dry scalps!

Bid adieu to fallen strands with the best shampoos in Singapore for hair loss

Besides using only the best shampoos for hair loss, it’s good to try out some of the best hair serums in Singapore for optimum results. Head over to our 12.12 Birthday Sale to snag your preferred hair care products at sale prices! Once your hair is all healed, get styling with the best curlers in Singapore! Don’t forget to also pamper your skin with the best body scrubs and best Korean face masks to enhance your natural beauty.

This article was updated on 23 June 2023. Additional research done by Foo Pei Shi.

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