9 Best Air Fryers In Singapore For Delicious, Guilt-Free, Oil-Less Cooking

best air fryers singapore
(Credit: Valeria Boltneva / Pexels)

There’s no doubt about it — we love fried food. However, it’s hard to fully enjoy a plate of fried chicken when you’re too busy worrying about all the extra inches it’ll add to your waistline! Here’s when an air fryer comes in handy. Touted as a healthier alternative to traditional methods of frying, air fryers can reduce the oil in your food by up to a whopping 80% so it definitely deserves a spot in your kitchen! Here are nine of the best air fryers in Singapore for delicious, guilt-free fried food, according to your budget.

The best air fryers under $100

1. PowerPac PPAF636 Air Fryer (1.6L) 


best air fryers in singapore powerpac ppaf636
(Credit: jenco33)

Powerpac’s PPAF636 (available on jenco33) is small, functional and one of the most affordable air fryers in Singapore. It’s so compact, it’s positively cute! Don’t be fooled by its small size though, it’s powerful enough to fry a serving of chicken nuggets at one go! Its removable, dishwasher-safe tray also makes cleaning up easier. The PPAF636 is a great budget option if all you need is a simple, compact and reliable air fryer. 

2.  EuropAce EAF5321S Air Fryer (3.2L)

best air fryer in singapore europace ef5321s
(Credit: Audio House Official Store)

As another popular kitchen appliance brand, EuropAce’s line of air fryers in Singapore is certainly reliable. If you’re looking for one with a sizeable capacity that won’t break the bank, definitely consider the EuropAce EAF5321S (available on Audio House Official Store) that’s on sale now! At 3.2L, you can definitely cook enough for a party of three to four people. Other notable features of this model include a non-stick basket for easy clean up, a 30-minute timer and a temperature range of 80 – 200 degrees Celsius.

3. Mayer MMAF201 Air Fryer (1.7L)

best air fryers in singapore mayer mmaf201
(Credit: Mayer_Marketing)

As the 3.5L MMAF88’s smaller, lighter brother, the 1.7L MMAF201 (available on Mayer_Marketing) is no less functional. It utilises the same rapid air circulation technology and similar settings as the MMAF88 to provide your family with healthier, guilt-free fried food.

Consider this option if you don’t have as many mouths to feed or if you want a pop of colour. It comes in five different colours, including pastel pink and red, to spice up your kitchen decor

4. Mayer MMAFF8 Air Fryer (3.5L)

best air fryers in singapore mayer mmaff8
(Credit: Mayer_Marketing)

Mayer’s MMAF88 (available on Mayer_Marketing) is definitely one of the best value-for-money air fryers in Singapore, particularly at its current discounted rate! It boasts a rapid air circulation technology which allows food to be cooked with up to 80% less oil than traditional frying methods while retaining the same great taste of your favourite french fries

With a capacity of 3.5L, you can practically cook a feast for five people at one go! Best of all, thanks to the air fryer’s non-stick inner pot, you can even get away with light clean up!

The best air fryers under $200

5. Xiaomi Mijia Onemoon Air Fryer (2L)

best air fryers in singapore xiaomi mijia onemoon
(Credit: mijia.sg)

Xiaomi might be renowned for their smartphones, but they make some pretty durable air fryers too! We think the sleek and futuristic Xiaomi Mijia Onemoon Air Fryer (available on mijia.sg) bears a passing resemblance to Star Wars’ R2D2. Operating it is simple with clear labels and suggested frying times on its lid. Measuring just under 30cm wide and 20cm tall, the Onemoon Air Fryer is a stylish, no-frills appliance that will add some chic to your kitchen counter.

6. Russell Taylors AF-36 XL Digital Air Fryer (4.8L)

best air fryers in singapore russell taylors af36
(Credit: MY Selection)

With a whopping 4.8L cooking pan, you can practically roast, fry or grill up a storm with Russell Taylors’ AF-36 (XL) (available on MY Selection). It’s even large enough to bake a small cake — just make sure you have a non-stick baking pan first! With the sleek digital interface, you can easily toggle the settings according to your needs or  follow the smart preset buttons for popular dishes. 

Worried about cleaning up after frying up a hearty meal? Don’t worry — all you need to do is detach the frying basket for convenient washing! 

7. Mayer MMAO55 Air Oven (12L)

best air fryers singapore mayer air oven mmao55
(Credit: Mayer_Marketing)

We know how small some apartments can get in Singapore, so this air fryer-cum-convection oven will help you save on kitchen space! 

Mayer’s MMAO55 Air Oven (available on Mayer_Marketing) is an air oven that utilises similar technology to its air fryer counterparts. The difference? Its staggering 12L cooking capacity and its ability to cook your food faster (thanks to its convection oven capabilities) with less oil. It even comes with safety features, such as a double glass door and childproof lock! It’s definitely one of the best air fryers that will help you to save on both space and money!  

The best air fryers under $400

8. Philips HD9240 Air Fryer (1.2L)

best air fryers singapore philips hd9240
(Credit: Home & Life Essentials)

As one of the most renowned brands for household appliances, you can expect Philips’ air fryers to be one of the best in Singapore. Their HD9240 Air Fryer (available on Home & Life Essentials) surely doesn’t disappoint! Although it’s one of the pricier offerings on the list, its price tag is well worth it. 

Featuring the brand’s speciality Rapid Air technology, this air fryer fries, grills, roasts and even bakes your food to perfection in one simple appliance. Its digital user interface is easy to navigate and allows you to control the time and temperature for your food — you can even preset settings for your favourite dishes! Furthermore, every purchase of a Philips air fryer entitles you to a free recipe book — what more can you ask for in an air fryer? 

9. Tefal ActiFry FZL510 (1.2L)

best air fryers singapore tefal actifry
(Credit: Tefal Official Store)

Don’t be put off by its price point — the multitude of benefits offered by the Tefal’s ActiFry air fryer (available on Tefal Official Store) justifies it! In fact, it’s known as one of the best air fryers in Singapore. 

For one, Tefal’s patented ActiFry technology promises a faster cooking time, so you don’t have to wait as long to savour your food. It also features a rotating ceramic pan in addition to its air circulation technology, which guarantees evenly-cooked food without the need to stir or shake the air fryer basket. Want to check in on the air frying process? The ActiFry’s transparent lid allows you to peek at your food while it’s being cooked! 

Our only gripe is the fixed temperature at 150 degrees Celsius which limits the range of dishes that can be prepared with the ActiFry. Nevertheless, for those dishes that it can cook, it’ll definitely cook to perfection.

Say goodbye to greasy, cholesterol-laden fried food! 

It’s not hard to see why air fryers are gaining popularity in Singapore. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy guilt-free fried food with none of the oil and all of the deliciousness? 

Once you’ve purchased this latest addition to your kitchen, put your new air fryer to the test with these quick air fryer recipes or easy meal prep ideas! Keen on baking? Make sure your kitchen is well-stocked with these essential baking equipment and tools.

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