Pink Or Blue? 19 Unique Gender Reveal Ideas For The New Arrival

Simple Gender Reveal Ideas

Every milestone in life deserves to be celebrated, especially one that involves a new addition to the family. Looking to host a gender reveal party? Here are some simple gender reveal ideas and tips to help you better prepare for the special announcement in Singapore.

Simple gender reveal party ideas in Singapore

Event Setting Gender Reveal Idea Price
Baby Shower Party Balloon Drop $16.50 – $16.74
Jumbo Gender Reveal Balloon $9.90
Gender Reveal Party Popper $5.90
Gender Reveal Golf Ball $15.74 – $20.43
Gender Reveal Football $17.35
Piñata $45.00 – $52.00
Gender Reveal Bath Bombs $21.00
Gender Reveal Tic Tac Toe $37.61
Connect Three Balloon Darts $10.00
Furry Friends Gender Reveal $4.37 – $8.15
Gender Reveal Burn Away Cake $6.00 – $12.54
Edible Glitter Spray $8.18
Water Gun Fight $9.50 – $31.90
Large Surprise Box $58.00 – $107.00
Gender Reveal Egg $3.76 – $5.92
Private / Remote idea Hidden Message Candles $24.90 – $26.90
Dessert Delivery $45.80 – $48.80
DIY Glitter Bomb $3.00
Gender Reveal Scratch Card $3.82
Fortune Cookie $11.45 – $21.69

Simple gender reveal ideas Singapore: At baby shower 

If you love to host your family and friends, you would definitely enjoy planning for a baby shower. How lucky is the baby to have a room full of love and celebration in his/her name. To make this special day extra exciting, loop in your friends or family to help you organise the gender related items to keep the gender a surprise!

1. Balloon Drop 

Gender Reveal Balloon Drop

Starting the list with a simple gender reveal idea – the balloon drop (available on Simply fill the bag with either blue or pink balloons, and after a countdown, pull on the string at the bottom to reveal a waterfall of colour. It is easy to set up and tear down, making it a popular choice. 

2. Jumbo Gender Reveal Balloon

Jumbo Gender Reveal Balloon
(Credit: BalloonLah)

Another popular and simple gender reveal idea in Singapore is the Jumbo Gender Reveal Balloon (available on BalloonLah). Stuff it with either pink or blue confetti, pump it up and it’s ready to go! It is easy to set up and is an affordable option for those looking to make a statement without breaking the bank.

3. Gender Reveal Party Popper

Gender Reveal Party Popper
(Credit: xpresstrading)

Adding on to the list, we have the Gender Reveal Party Popper (available on xpresstrading) Celebrate this memorable day with a beautiful confetti shower and snap Instagrammable pictures while you’re at it. Who knows? You may capture some of the best moments to commemorate this special day!

4. Gender Reveal Golf Ball

Gender Reveal Golf Ball

If you have a wide outdoor space at your baby shower venue, and have a passion for golf, you will love this gender reveal idea – Gender Reveal Golf Ball (available on Be sure the one swinging the club has got a good aim for the best effect! 

5.  Gender Reveal Football

Gender Reveal Football
(Credit: KunEr Party Shop)

Another extravagant gender reveal idea for a big outdoor space is the Gender Reveal Football (available on KunEr Party Shop) Make this day extra special by unleashing the Ronaldo in you with a spectacular free kick to kickstart this new chapter in life!

6.  Gender Reveal Party Piñata

Gender Reveal Party Pinata
(Credit: KCPassion)

For a good ol’ fashion, simple gender reveal idea, hit it with the Gender Reveal Party Piñata (available on KCPassion) Fill the Piñata with pink or blue confetti, some candies and you’re good to go! A staple at many birthday parties, this will surely bring lots of joy and laughter to both kids and adults. 

7.  Gender Reveal Bath Bombs

Gender Reveal Bath Bomb
(Credit: Bath Bomb Flings)

Here’s an aesthetically pleasing and aromatic gender reveal idea – Gender Reveal Bath Bombs (available on Bath Bomb Flings) Fill a clear glass jar with water and drop the bath bomb in to reveal the surprise inside! It is a safe and fuss-free idea that’s not only Instagrammable but also adds a fresh scent to your baby shower.

8.  Gender Reveal Tic Tac Toe

Gender Reveal Tic Tac Toe

A unique gender reveal idea is the Gender Reveal Tic Tac Toe (available on Keep your family and friends in suspense as you slowly unravel the icons while trying to form a line of three. Boy or girl? Stay tuned to find out!

8.  Connect Three Balloon Darts

Connect Three Balloon Darts
(Credit: 711 Store)

An alternative for Tic Tac Toe, is the Connect Three Gender Reveal Darts (available on 711 Store) Line up three rows of three confetti filled balloons and pop them to reveal what colour connects three! A thrilling and interactive, and also simple gender reveal idea in Singapore that will add a pop of colour to the baby shower! 

9. Furry Friends Gender Reveal

Furry Friends Gender Reveal
(Credit: EasternSky Pet Shop)

Don’t forget your furchild while celebrating the new baby, make them feel included by giving them the biggest job of the day – letting the cat out of the bag. Put blue or pink coloured clothes or a bandana (available on on your pet and have it strut through the crowd. If you have a cat, be sure to check out this adorable handmade hat (available on EasternSky Pet Shop) that will surely evoke a ton of “awwws” from the hoomans. A gender reveal and a wardrobe upgrade for your furchild, what a steal!

10. Gender Reveal Burn Away Cake

Gender Reveal Burn Away Cake

A gender reveal cake with a twist, instead of customising the filling of the cake, check out this Burn Away Cake (available on that will add a spark to your baby shower. If you prefer a good ol’ fashion gender reveal cake (available on Take A Bake), you can also hit up local bakeries that make some really gorgeous ones. This simple gender reveal idea is both beautiful and delicious, letting you share the joy with every slice!

11. Edible Glitter Spray

Edible Glitter Spray
(Credit: Choice Official Shop)

Next on the list of gender reveal ideas is Edible Glitter Spray (available on Choice Official Shop). Remember to have a friend or family member wrap the bottle to keep the gender a secret. Spritz the edible glitter on a plain cake, like this DIY cake kit (available on Annabella Patisserie Official Store) for the best effect! You can also decorate the cake with the icings provided after the reveal! 

12. Water Gun

Water Gun
(Credit: DistrictFive)

Want a break from the hot and humid weather? Whip out these Water Guns (available on DistrictFive), fill them up with blue or pink coloured water and fire away! For the best effect, you and your partner can wear a white T-shirt to see the colours better. This is definitely one of the most refreshing and simple gender reveal ideas you can have at a baby shower in Singapore. 

13. Gender Reveal Large Surprise Box

Gender Reveal Large Surprise Box
(Credit: justballoonsg)

For a wow factor, go for the Large Surprise Box (available on justballoonsg) that unleashes a bouquet of helium balloons as you open the cover. This convenient gender reveal idea takes the stress out of planning. This ready-made gender reveal idea is delivered directly to your baby shower, allowing you to skip the prep and focus on celebrating!

14. Gender Reveal Egg

Gender Reveal Egg

A gender reveal idea that requires a little more hands-on action – the Gender Reveal Chocolate Egg. It’s a fun and engaging activity you can do with your family and friends. Fill a Chocolate Egg Mould (available on with chocolate, pour out the excess and place it in the freezer till it hardens. Fill the chocolate egg shell with candies and confetti, and it’s ready to go. Smash the egg with a little hammer during the baby shower to reveal what’s inside! If an egg is not your aesthetic, check out this Diamond Heart Mould (available on instead.

Simple gender reveal ideas Singapore: Private / Remote 

Not all baby showers have to be a big party, some of your loved ones may be overseas or you might prefer doing the gender reveal privately. Here are some simple gender reveal ideas in Singapore that you can have without a party.

15. Hidden Message Candles 

Hidden Message Candles
(Credit: Fleur Collections)

For a zen and aromatic gender reveal, check out the Hidden Message Candle (available on Fleur Collections). Perfect for gifting family and friends, the scented candle melts to reveal a special message. After the reveal, they can continue enjoying it as it fills the room with a soothing scent. A truly thoughtful gender reveal idea for those who prefer intimate moments. 

16. Dessert Delivery 

Dessert Delivery
(Credit: Annabella Patisserie Official Store)

Sweeten the Surprise! Celebrate the upcoming arrival with loved ones by sending a delightful treat, like a box of blue or pink macaroons (available on Annabella Patisserie Official Store), or a box of custom gender reveal cupcakes! Customised with themed colours, it’s a delicious way to share the gender reveal excitement – boy or girl, it’s a cause for joy!

17. Cocktail Glitter Bomb 

Cocktail Glitter Bomb
(Credit: Christine Trant / Unsplash)

Surprise your family and friends with this DIY cotton candy glitter bomb. Simply wrap blue or pink edible glitter in cotton candy and seal it in a small plastic wrapper. Watch as the cotton candy fizz and dissolve in any drink for a magical touch! It’s a dainty and creative gender reveal idea that your family and friends can enjoy.

18. Gender Reveal Scratch Card

Gender Reveal Scratch Card

Double the surprise! Include a Gender Reveal Scratch Card (available on alongside your treat box or glitter bomb for an added touch of interactivity. Will it be a sprinkle of pink or a burst of blue? Scratch to find out!

19. Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookie

Surprise your loved ones with a box of custom Fortune Cookies (available on that holds the secret to your baby’s gender. Will it crack to reveal a boy or a girl? Both are equally precious and the cookie sure is delicious!

Simple gender reveal ideas Singapore: Additional decorations

Baby showers are all about the fun and festive atmosphere! Here are some gender reveal deco inspo for the most instagrammable party!

  • Gender Reveal Voting Game


Gender Reveal Voting Game
(Credit: loveprisshop)

Get into a friendly competition with this Gender Reveal Voting Game (available on loveprisshop). Guests can place their guess on the board and upon the reveal, we can see how many people got it right! 

  •  Gender Reveal Bracelets

Gender Reveal Bracelets

An alternative to the voting game, have your guests pick a blue or pink Gender Reveal Bracelet (available on to place their guess! Winner gets bragging rights? It’s a nice little memento they can bring home to look back on the event too – even more so for the relatives who’ve been looking forward to this bundle of joy!

  • Baby’s Breath

Baby’s Breath
(Credit: Sgessentials)

This classic Baby’s Breath (available on Sgessentials) comes in a beautiful array of colours. Not only will it add a touch of elegance to your celebration, but its delicate blooms also symbolise the purity and innocence of a newborn baby. Truly a fitting flower for the special occasion!

  • Background decorations

Background decorations
(Credit: BalloonLah)

Don’t forget to decorate the background too! Tinsels and balloons and great choices as they are affordable and can cover large surfaces, making the area aesthetic and ensuring you get the picture perfect baby shower. For a personalised touch, check out the DIY Alphabet Transparent Box (available on Home Joy Homeliving). You can fill the boxes with balloons and fairy lights for a dreamy effect! 

  • LED light strips 

LED light strips
(Credit: Choice Official Shop)

Transform your party space with this colour changing LED light strip (available on Choice Official Shop)! Imagine the gasps of surprise as the room magically glows a bright shade of blue or pink upon the big reveal, a truly immersive experience indeed! 

It’s fun without frills with these simple gender reveal ideas in Singapore (2024) 

We hope these simple gender reveal ideas in Singaporegives you inspiration on how to celebrate the special day! Welcoming a new member to the family is both exciting and daunting, with so many things to prepare, one can’t help but feel overwhelmed by the myriad of information. As parents, we want to invest in quality products for our child, thus we recommend checking out these best baby strollers and best baby monitors to ensure your child’s safety and comfort. If your friends are also hosting baby showers, here’s a baby shower gift guide to help you decide what to give! Remember to join our Mum’s Club to shop for these baby essentials at the comfort of your home.