7 Tricks To Designing A Small And Beautiful Kitchen On A Budget

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A standard kitchen renovation — though simple — would still cost a decent sum. Instead, we say, save that money and get more bang for less buck with our handy tips and tricks when it comes to remodeling your kitchen. Trust us, you might be on a budget but you’ll still walk away with a beautiful and charming kitchen you wouldn’t want to step out of — even when you’re already done with the cooking 😉

Be prepared

Before you set out on creating your dream kitchen, be sure to research and have a detailed plan mapped out. When you’re working with a budget, following the plan becomes super important. From creating mood boards with colour references to planning your layout, have everything penned down to determine what your dream kitchen is going to look like.

Going into this project prepared will mean half the ‘challenge’ is already won!

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Light it up

Always remember to bring some warm light into the kitchen to make it look more cosy and comfortable. For a fuss-free way to introduce more lighting, opt for battery-operated LED spotlights and strips that don’t need wiring. Fix them under cabinets and inside open or closed cupboards to instantly create an expensive and yet more homely appearance.

Use white

White always tends to open up a space and make it look larger than it is. This is especially great if your kitchen area is small but you want to create the illusion of space. Whether it’s the cabinets or the countertop, experiment with white in different areas of the kitchen and you’ll see just how much the area opens up.

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Style up storage spaces

Turn little storage nooks in the kitchen into snazzy areas with patterned paper or chic dividers that keep things separated. These little changes can instantly spruce up the look of your kitchen and add a different dimension. From hanging rails to floating shelves or wire baskets, everything in kitchen will now have a cool home and it’ll all look gorgeous without spending too much!

Look to the floors

When it’s a quaint kitchen, eyes will almost immediately go downwards to look at the floor. Ideally, it’ll be great if you could spare some budget to focus on changing up the floors to a trendy look – go for diagonal tiles in black or white for instance. However, if that’s out of the question, simply throw in some statement rugs or mats that’ll jazz up the flooring.

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Add an element of surprise

When mapping out the style of your kitchen, be sure to create a focal point within the space to draw attention inwards. Whether it’s a quirky shelving system, a trendy backsplash or artwork on the walls, a centerpiece would definitely help in making the small kitchen space look interesting — and invite conversations!



Swap the doors & handles

You don’t have to give your entire kitchen a makeover to get a new look. It can all be done by simply changing up the doors and handles. With this subtle change, you can go from an old-school kitchen to a modern, contemporary look within minutes. All without spending an insane amount to overhaul. 

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