25 Best Men’s Backpacks For Travel, Work And Gym

best backpacks for men

A good backpack is one that is able to store everything from your laptop to a handy water bottle. But guys often make the mistake of picking one without considering whether it compliments their dress style. For instance, you wouldn’t want to be seen carrying a slouchy backpack when you’re suited up for a work interview. If you’re looking for a stylish yet functional backpack, don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Read on to check out some of the best men’s backpacks in Singapore to shine through any look.

What to consider when choosing the best backpacks for men?

best backpacks for men
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When choosing the best men’s backpack in Singapore, there are a few things to take note of. After all, you’ll want one that can last you for a few good years and is comfortable too. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a backpack for men: 

  • Comfort

First of all, the comfort of a backpack is definitely something to look out for especially if it’s everyday use. Some brands equip their backpacks with padded shoulder straps. Meanwhile, other brands add a padded hip belt to distribute the weight to your leg muscles.

  • Durability

Nylon and polyester are the two most commonly used backpack materials since they can last for up to 15 years with proper care. Other durable backpack materials include textiles such as canvas. If you’re looking for a more premium and sturdy choice, leather is also one of the most durable backpack materials, being able to last up to 30 years with proper storage and cleaning. 

  • Design

Looks-wise, you have to decide if you prefer a backpack with a plain-coloured design or one with bold prints and patterns. Either way, it should complement your dressing and be able to fit all your necessities. If you’re particular on in-built security features, you should get backpack designs that come with locking zippers, slash-proof materials and camouflaged pockets.

  • Colour 

If you’re buying a backpack for everyday use, find a backpack with monochromatic colours that can seamlessly blend with your overall look no matter what you’re wearing. For those who are more adventurous and flamboyant in dressing, you can always choose louder colours for your backpack that will jazz up your style! 

  • Size

Your backpack should be proportional to your torso length and hip size. If you don’t get the size right, the weight won’t be distributed properly and may cause you back pains. The trick is finding a backpack that is big enough to fit your stuff but not too big or bulky that it becomes a burden. 

  • Weight 

One of the most overlooked factors when choosing a backpack is its net weight. Experts recommend that a loaded backpack (especially for use outdoors and hiking) should not weigh more than about 20 percent of your body weight. For example, if you weigh 65kg, your backpack should not be more than 13kg. Thankfully, most backpacks for everyday use weigh around 3kg only. 

Best men’s backpack brands for school in Singapore

1. Fjällräven Kanken 

best men’s backpack Fjällräven Kanken
(Credit: Fjallraven Official Store)

Fjällräven Kanken is a good backpack brand for men who are going for a youthful and edgy look. In particular, we love the Fjällräven Kanken Laptop Backpack (available on Fjallraven Official Store) because of its wide variety of versatile colours such as Sky Blue, Ochre and Foliage Green. Design-wise, its iconic box shape proves to be simple and practical, with adjustable shoulder straps. There are also two side pockets and a zipped front pocket to keep those bits and bobs you want at hand. For those who have to do school work on the go, this backpack, with its separate padded compartment, is excellent for fitting in your laptop too! 

Bag volume: 13L 

2. Herschel

Herschel best men’s backpacks singapore
(Credit: Herschel Singapore Official Store)

As a relatively new brand founded in 2009, Herschel is another popular option when it comes to choosing the best men’s backpacks in Singapore. And it’s not hard to see why! The Herschel Little America Backpack (available on Herschel Singapore Official Store) comes with a striped fabric liner and adjustable magnetic strap with metal pin clips that perfectly balance both form and function. This Herschel backpack is also padded with a 15-inch fleeced laptop sleeve on the inside – a great buy for students!

Bag volume: 25L

3. JanSport

JanSport Superbreak Backpack best men’s backpacks singapore
(Credit: The Planet Traveller Official Store)

While JanSport mainly caters their bags for students, we can safely say that backpacks like the JanSport Superbreak Backpack (available on The Planet Traveller Official Store) are one of the best men’s backpacks in Singapore of all ages. Made in part with recycled materials, this iconic JanSport backpack is truly a green option for those who are all about sustainability! It is available in over a dozen sleek colours such as Russet Red, Classic Camo and Blue Dusk. 

Bag volume: 26L

4. Bata

best men’s backpacks singapore - bata prive backpack
(Credit: Bata Singapore)

Bata may be well known for its white school shoes, but did you know that it is also one of the best men’s backpack brands in Singapore? We especially love the Bata Prive Backpack (available on Bata Singapore) which is the perfect bag for school! Made with textile material, it has ample compartments and space which makes it easier to sort your books and files. Moreover, this Bata backpack is available in a stunning shade of navy blue that is a hit among students. Priced below $50, we can totally see why this is one of the best men’s backpacks in Singapore! 

Bag volume: ~25L

5. MAH

MAH School Bag best men’s backpacks singapore
(Credit: MAH Official Store)

Looking for a trendy school bag? If so, MAH Casual Fashion Bag (available on MAH Official Store) would be perfect for you. With its velvety soft shoulder strap, the MAH backpack is designed to maximise comfort for students, especially those who have to carry their study materials and laptops to school. And this is thanks to the vacuole filling used in its straps that’s made to be less taxing on one’s shoulders. Not to mention, this MAH backpack is made with a water-resistant material that’ll ensure your study materials and precious gadgets will always be shielded from the rain!

Bag volume: ~20L

Best men’s backpack brands for work

6. Jeep Buluo

Jeep Buluo Leather Backpack
(Credit: Jeep buluo.sg)

Are you a fan of leather backpacks? We are too! That’s why we can’t keep our eyes off this beautiful Jeep Buluo Leather Backpack (available on Jeep buluo.sg) which is available in either khaki or black. As one of the best men’s backpacks in Singapore, it is made of split leather which has a good flexibility as compared to other types of leather. This Jeep Buluo backpack also makes the perfect office backpack as it is designed with an internal laptop and cell phone pocket. 

Bag volume: 20L

7. Timbuk2

best men's backpack singapore Timbuk2
(Credit: Timbuk2 Singapore Official Store)

Designed for daily use, the Timbuk2 Tuck Backpack (available on Timbuk2 Singapore Official Store) is definitely one of the best work backpacks for men around. From your lunch to a change of clothes, it can store almost anything given its spacious width of 25 cm. But if you still need more space for bigger items like a bicycle helmet or a pair of shoes, the adjustable opening can expand this backpack up to 26 litres in volume! This Timbuk2 backpack is also paired with side slip pockets to carry your umbrella in case of a change in weather. 

Bag volume: 20L – 26L

8. Fossil

(Credit: Fossil Singapore Official Store)

There’s just something about the best leather work backpack for men that has a classy touch to it! Take for instance the Fossil Weston Backpack (available on Fossil Singapore Official Store) which is made of high quality durable leather. Moreover, it is designed with a single top handle and adjustable straps so it is comfortable to carry without compromising on style! It also has a padded laptop sleeve, making it the best work companion. This Fossil backpack is truly one of the best men’s backpacks in Singapore. 

Bag volume: ~20L

9. Picard

Picard Alois Men's Leather Backpack best men’s backpacks singapore
(Credit: LAB (Picard Official Store)

Other than following the best skin care routine for men, you can look professional with the Picard Alois Men’s Leather Backpack (available on LAB (Picard Official Store)) too! As one of the best work backpacks for men, it can be doubled up as a briefcase for work. It is made of Nappa leather which is much smoother and breathable than other leather materials. This Picard backpack is available in glossy shades of black and cognac, and offers good functionality and aesthetic quality. 

Bag volume: ~24L

10. Thunlit

best backpack men brand thunlit
(Credit: Thunlit Official Store)

With a price point below $10, there’s no way we are skipping on getting this Thunlit Laptop Backpack (available on Thunlit Official Store). With side pockets that can fit mini water bottles and a laptop sleeve, this is definitely one of the best work backpacks for men! What’s more, this Thunlit backpack is made of a fabric that is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant so it’ll probably last you a few good years. All that’s missing now is to get some of the best luxury watches for men to make you the fashionista of the office! 

Bag volume: 20L – 35L

Best men’s backpack brands for travel

11. Timberland

best men's backpack singapore Timberland
(Credit: Timberland Official Store)

Timberland may be more known for its men’s boots but have some of the best men’s backpacks in Singapore. Designed with a simple, streamlined look, the Timberland Outside in the City Backpack (available on Timberland Official Store) is definitely one of the best travel backpacks for men. It is made of 100% recycled nylon and polyester so you won’t have to worry about your carbon footprint as much when using it. This Timberland backpack also includes a hidden zip entry to the main compartment for added security, which is especially useful when travelling!

Bag volume: 20L

12. Mark Ryden

Mark Ryden
(Credit: MARK RYDEN Official Store)

Need to charge your mobile phone during long travel days? Then this Mark Ryden Travel Backpack (available on MARK RYDEN Official Store) for men would be perfect for you! As one of the best men’s backpacks in Singapore, it is fitted with a USB charging port that works at the opening of a lid. There is also a compartment behind the main pocket so you can store your laptop or tablets securely while on the go. Moreover, this Mark Ryden backpack has quick access top and side pockets which are perfect for stashing small items while travelling.  With all these features, this is definitely one of the best travel backpacks for men!

Bag volume: ~30L

13. Tigernu

Tigernu Fashion RFID Anti-theft Backpack
(Credit: Tigernu Official Shop)

Not many backpack brands for men focus on in-built security features, so it’s nice to see that Tigernu backpacks come equipped with plenty of those! Case in point: this Tigernu Fashion RFID Anti-theft Backpack (available on Tigernu Official Shop) that has a smart anti-theft pocket at the front zipper and free padlock for an extra layer of security, making it the perfect travel backpack for men. This is good for storing your valuables such as your wallet and house keys! Aesthetics-wise, it is available in chivalrous shades of navy blue and army green.

Bag volume: ~21L

14. Ozuko

Ozuko Multifunction Men’s Backpack
(Credit: ozuko.sg)

As its name suggests, this Ozuko Multifunction Men’s Backpack (available on ozuko.sg) is the perfect buy if you’re all about functionality! As one of the best men’s backpacks in Singapore, it is designed with a multi-layer structure including a laptop compartment and built-in pocket. There is also a zipper pocket on the side of this Ozuko backpack to store handy items like an umbrella. But what’s best is probably the external USB charging port which will definitely be a lifesaver when you’re travelling, making it one of the best travel backpacks for men!

Bag volume: ~16L

15. American Tourister

American Tourister Riley Backpack
(Credit: American Tourister Official Store)

If you always bring along tissue packets and hand sanitisers everywhere you go, you’ll love this American Tourister Riley Backpack (available on American Tourister Official Store). This travel backpack for men comes with many small compartments in the front to store these knick knacks. Available in four colours, this American Tourister backpack is made of 100% polyester and comes with an internal antimicrobial lining​. This allows your bag to stay cleaner and fresher for longer. Alternatively, consider some of the best carry-on luggage including these American Tourister luggage!

Bag volume: 24L

16. Peak Design 

Peak Design Travel Backpack
(Credit: Peak Design Official Store)

The best travel backpacks for men are versatile and durable, which is exactly what the Peak Design Travel Backpack (available on Peak Design Official Store) is. With top, side, front and rear access via intuitively placed weather-proof zips, you’ll never have to fret over making a mess in your packing. This Peak Design backpack is also able to expand should you require more space – a must-have for international travel! Moreover, there are plenty of external and internal pockets to better organise your belongings, making it one of the best men’s backpacks in Singapore. 

Bag volume: 30L, expandable to 45L

Best men’s backpack brands for backpacking

17. Camel

best men's backpack singapore Camel
(Credit: Camel Official Shop.sg)

Another frontrunner in our list of best men’s backpacks in Singapore has got to be the CAMEL Backpack (available on Camel Official Shop.sg). This Camel backpack has a huge capacity of 36 litres and thus is perfect for longer backpacking trips. And don’t be worried that it would be too heavy. This backpack is equipped with adjustable shoulder pads, a padded back and waist straps, which will make the backpack feel much lighter on your body. 

Bag volume: 36L

18. The North Face

The North Face
(Credit: The North Face Official Store)

If you’re looking for the best men’s backpacks in Singapore, you’ll love this The North Face Surge Backpack (available on The North Face Official Store) which comes with three large zippered pockets on the front for easy organisation. This can be used to store everything from clothes to shoes. Smaller items like sunglasses, phones and keys will fit in the external fleece-lined pocket better. Additionally, this The North Face backpack comes with a removable waist belt to better support the bag’s weight accordingly. 

Bag volume: 31L

19. Crumpler

best men's backpack singapore Crumpler
(Credit: The Planet Traveller Official Store)

While it might look slightly bulky, we can assure you that this Crumpler Cirrus Backpack (available on The Planet Traveller Official Store) is the perfect companion for your travels or trekking adventures. This Crumpler backpack has a capacity of 26 litres so you won’t have to worry about fitting in everything you need for backpacking. Furthermore, it is made of an innovative laminated TPX fabric that is highly water resistant, strong and lightweight. You can be assured that it will keep your belongings intact through thick and thin! What’s more, there are several pockets and a side access laptop pocket for easy compartmentalisation – truly a mark of one of the best men’s backpacks in Singapore! 

Bag volume: 26L

20. Nixon

(Credit: Nixon Singapore Official Store)

The Nixon Gamma Backpack (available on Nixon Singapore Official Store) is every backpacker’s dream come true! It has all the necessary compartments to store different items such as a small detachable pocket on the strap for accessories and a storage area with external zipper access for laptops. Made with recycled ocean plastics, this Nixon backpack is a must-have for those who care about sustainability. With all these perks, can we just say that this is one of the best men’s backpacks in Singapore?

Bag volume: 32L

21. Deuter

best men backpack brand - deuter speed lite
(Credit: deuter Official Store)

As a renowned German outdoor brand since 1898, you can surely count on Deuter to produce some of the best travel backpacks for men in Singapore. We recommend the Deuter Speed Lite Backpack (available on deuter Official Store) which has an athletic V-cut for extensive freedom of movement. Those who enjoy hiking will also love how this Deuter backpack has a coating for rain protection thanks to its water and grease-repellent properties. Additionally, it has a goggles holder on the shoulder strap for convenience should you want to get a dip in a lake while hiking! 

Bag volume: 25L

Best men’s backpack brands for gym

22. Puma

best men's backpack singapore Puma
(Credit: SPORTPLANET.sg)

If there’s any backpack brand for men that focuses on maximising your comfort, it has got to be Puma, which is a well-loved brand since it was founded in 1948. The Puma Backpack (available on SPORTPLANET.sg) comes with adjustable shoulder straps for increased comfort which is perfect after a workout at the best gyms in Singapore! This Puma backpack also features a back panel with air mesh so that your back does not ache after bringing this bag around.

Bag volume: 24L

23. Adidas

adidas backpack for men in singapore
(Credit: Sporting House Official Store)

Planning to head to the gym after work? Then this Adidas Power IV Backpack (available on Sporting House Official Store) will come in handy! You can stash your workout clothes and trainers in the main compartment and slide your work laptop into the inner padded sleeve. As one of the best men’s backpacks in Singapore, this Adidas backpack is made of 100% weaved polyester which is durable and lightweight. 

Bag volume: 25L

24. Under Armour

Under Armour Hustle 5.0 Backpack
(Credit: Under Armour Official Store)

We can’t write a list of the best men’s backpacks in Singapore without including offerings from Under Armour, a sports apparel brand that has been around since 1996. Sports players will love the Under Armour Hustle 5.0 Backpack (available on Under Armour Official Store) which is catered for athletes. This Under Armour backpack is not only waterproof, it also has adjustable shoulder straps for extra comfort. The best part of all? A gusseted section at the bottom of the bag to store your laundry or extra pair of shoes. Time to say goodbye to shoebags

Bag volume: 29L

25. Fila

(Credit: FILA Official Store)

Still looking for the best men’s backpack for use at the gym in Singapore? Consider this Fila ORIGINALE Backpack (available on FILA Official Store). With around 19 litres of capacity, it has more than enough space to fit all your gym clothes, shoes and even protein powder in it! What’s more this Fila backpack has an adjustable strap that can be fitted according to your height. Just remember to spritz on the best mens’ perfumes before leaving the gym to smell as good as you look with your new backpack!

Bag volume: ~19L

Best men’s backpacks you should be sporting in Singapore

Armed with this list of best men’s backpacks in Singapore, all that’s needed is for you to rock some of the best jeans for men for a fashionable #OOTD. Don’t forget to elevate your charm with these best men’s perfumes. We’re sure your date will be impressed!