Reheat Your Meals With These 13 Mighty Microwave Ovens

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Microwave ovens are your best friend — especially if you’re too busy to cook or prone to craving a little something at midnight! From reheating leftovers to defrosting frozen food pronto, this nifty tool can do it all. Beyond basic functions, microwave ovens now come with added features to grill, steam or even air-fry your food. To find the one that best suits your needs, look no further than these best microwave ovens in Singapore.

How to choose the best microwave oven in Singapore?

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  • Type

There are three main types of microwave ovens — solo, grill and convection. For those on a tighter budget and only need the reheat function, go for solo microwave ovens. To enjoy crispy food with convenience, get a grill microwave that’ll make you delicious kebabs and toasted bread. A convection microwave can double up as an oven so you can bake cakes and pastries with it too!

Microwave type Capabilities
Solo microwave
  • Reheating
  • Defrosting
Grill microwave oven
  • Reheating
  • Defrosting
  • Grilling
Convection microwave oven
  • Reheating
  • Defrosting
  • Grilling
  • Baking
  • Wattage

The higher the wattage, the more powerful and efficient the microwave oven is when reheating or cooking food. If you intend to use your microwave to cook instant meals and heat up drinks, a microwave oven with 700W will suffice. For those who prepare meals for a large family, we recommend opting for a microwave oven with at least 800W. 

  • Size & Capacity

For a family of two to four members, a microwave oven of 20 to 25L will suffice. For families with more than four members, we recommend going for a microwave with at least 30L of capacity. Also make sure to measure how much countertop space you have for your microwave, and check against the dimensions of the product.

Best solo microwaves in Singapore

1. Electrolux 20L Microwave Oven

electrolux black microwave oven
(Credit: Electrolux Official Store)

Sleek and minimalist, the matte black Electrolux 20L Microwave Oven (available on Electrolux Official Store) will fit neatly in any corner of your kitchen counter. Affordably priced below $90, this stylish appliance is one of the best reviewed microwaves in Singapore that delivers efficient cooking with five microwave powers. Within its stainless steel cavity is a glass turntable that can fit up to a small 10 inch Dominos pizza, which is ideal for smaller households.

2. Cornell 20L Microwave Oven

cornell silver microwave oven with black door and dial control
(Credit: Cornell Singapore Official Store [cropped])

Despite its budget-friendly price tag, the Cornell 20L Table Top Microwave Oven (available on Cornell Singapore Official Store) packs a punch with a power of 1050W. It may look humble and unassuming, but it’s one of the best microwave ovens in Singapore that has been highly reviewed for its ease of use and reliability. You can definitely count on it to churn out some yummy popcorn for movie nights on weekends!

3. PowerPac 20L Microwave Oven

powerpac white microwave oven with dial controls
(Credit: PowerPac Official Store)

PowerPac is known to offer budget-friendly home appliances that don’t compromise on performance, and this PowerPac 20L Microwave Oven (available on PowerPac Official Store) is no different. Well-reviewed for its compact size and ease of use, this PowerPac microwave oven is one of the best affordable microwave ovens in Singapore. With a power of 700W and 20L capacity, we recommend this for smaller families who don’t whip up big meals often. 

4. EuropAce Microwave Oven

europace white microwave oven with red dials
(Credit: EuropAce Official Store)

For a no-frills microwave oven that does its job well, go for the EuropAce Microwave Oven (available on EuropAce Official Store). It’s one of the best compact microwave ovens in Singapore that’s ideal for those with smaller countertops. Forgot to take out the frozen meat from that fridge that your mum tasked you on? Simply pop it in this EuropAce microwave oven and use the defrost mode to melt it down in a jiffy! Its straightforward dial controls makes this easy with visual numerics to refer to. 

5. Midea 23L Premium Solo Microwave Oven

midea microwave oven mirror door and black handle best singapore
(Credit: Midea SG Official Store)

The Midea Premium Solo Microwave Oven (available on Midea SG Official Store) sports a unique mirror finishing on the microwave door. This is perfect for those who’re always documenting things on your IG stories as you can sneak in some selfies while waiting for your food to be ready. Apart from basic features like five power levels and a defrost setting, the Midea microwave oven also offers eight automatic cooking menus for different dishes like pasta and porridge!

6. Toshiba Solo Microwave Oven

toshiba black solo microwave oven
(Credit: Toshiba Official Store)

Those with little ones at home will want to get your hands on the Toshiba Solo Microwave Oven (available on Toshiba Official Store) that features a child safety lock to keep them away from danger. It also boasts 11 power levels so you can enjoy more precision when it comes to reheating different types of food. This Toshiba microwave oven is also one of the best options in Singapore for bigger families as it offers a spacious 25L capacity. That’s enough to fit a 12 inch pizza!

7. LG 23L Solo NeoChef Smart Inverter Microwave Oven

lg black solo microwave oven
(Credit: LG Singapore)

Microwave ovens may bring about a heap of convenience, but sometimes require a load of guesswork for the inexperienced. Thankfully, the well-reviewed LG 23L Solo Neochef Smart Inverter Microwave Oven (available on LG Singapore) makes your life easier using its smart inverter technology that ensures even, precise heating to deliver thoroughly cooked food. That means you won’t end up prematurely cooking meat while defrosting or having a heated bowl with cold soup inside when reheating.

Best grill microwaves in Singapore

8. Samsung Grill Microwave Oven 

samsung mint microwave oven
(Credit: Samsung Brand Store)

In a sea of blacks and greys, the Samsung Grill Microwave Oven (available on Samsung Brand Store) stands out with a pop of colour that brightens up your kitchen counter. Beyond its stylish design, this Samsung microwave oven checks all our boxes in terms of functions too. Equipped with grill fry capability, you can enjoy crispy nuggets and fried chicken without having to go through the hassle of deep-frying. For a sweet treat after dinner, use the Home Dessert function to bake a brownie for the fam! 

9. Panasonic 27L Steam Double Heater Microwave Oven

panasonic black grill microwave oven with rack
(Credit: Panasonic Singapore Official Store)

Reminiscent of conventional ovens, the Panasonic Steam Double Heater Microwave Oven (available on Panasonic Singapore Official Store) features a grill and wire rack instead of the usual turntable. This ensures that your food gets evenly cooked on both sides at one go and won’t end up with soggy bottoms! This Panasonic microwave oven is truly one of the best microwave ovens in Singapore you can use to whip up a variety of different dishes and impress your loved ones with a colourful dinner spread.

10. Sharp Grill Microwave Oven

sharp grill microwave oven
(Credit: Sharp Official Store [cropped])

You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to get a decent grill microwave oven in Singapore. The Sharp Grill Microwave Oven (available on Sharp Official Store) is one of the best options under $200 that’s been highly reviewed! In addition to a turntable, this Sharp microwave oven also has a high tray rack that’s ideal for grilling food. 

Best convection microwaves in Singapore

11. Samsung Hotblast 28L Convection Microwave Oven 

black samsung convection oven best singapore
(Credit: Samsung Brand Store)

The Samsung HOTBLAST 28L Convection Microwave Oven (available on Samsung Brand Store) is another worthy contender for the best microwave ovens in Singapore. It halves your cooking time using powerful hot air that is blown through multiple air-holes onto your food, allowing it to be cooked speedily and evenly. Apart from allowing you to bake homemade cakes and pastries, this Samsung convection microwave oven also has a fermentation function. With this function, you can proof dough easily or even make your own yoghurts!

12. Toshiba Convection Oven

toshiba full black convection microwave oven
(Credit: Toshiba Official Store)

Have a slew of air fryer recipes you want to try? The Toshiba Convection Microwave Oven (available on Toshiba Official Store) is one of the best microwave ovens in Singapore that boasts air fryer capabilities. Enjoy crispy, juicy fried foods guilt-free with this all-in-one appliance! Made of scratch-resistant enamel that’s anti-microbial, the interior of the Toshiba convection microwave oven is easy to maintain and can last for years to come!

13. Panasonic 34L Convection Microwave Oven

Panasonic 34L Convection Microwave Oven
(Credit: Panasonic Singapore Official Store)

While it comes with a premium price tag, we can assure you that this Panasonic 34L Convection Microwave Oven (available on Panasonic Singapore Official Store) is worth every dollar! Intelligently designed with a Genius Sensor, this oven is able to determine the heating time based on the amount of steam generated by the food when heated. This smart cooking technology means that your food won’t be overcooked even if you get the settings wrong! As one of the best microwave ovens in Singapore, it is also fitted with an advanced inverter technology that finely controls the power for optimum heating at the press of a single button. Did we mention that there are five cooking junior menu presets? You’ll never have to fret about healthy meal prep for your kids again!

Overview of the best microwave ovens in Singapore

Microwave oven Capacity (L) Power (W) Dimensions (mm) Price 
Electrolux EMM2022MK 20 700 439 x 330 x 258 $139
Cornell CMO-S20L Microwave Oven 20 1050 440 x 259 x 336 $84.90
PowerPac PPT720 Microwave Oven 20 700 451 x 332 x 258 $75.90
EuropAce EMW 1202S Microwave Oven 20 1050 440 x 259 x 355 $74.90
Midea AM823ABV Premium Solo Microwave Oven 23 800 485 x 383 x 293 $139
Toshiba MM-EM25P Microwave Oven 25 900 510 x 400 x 310 $159
LG MS2336GIB Neochef Smart Inverter Microwave Oven 23 1200 476 x 272 x 368 $215
Samsung MG30T5018CNGrill Microwave Oven 30 1400 517 x 297 x 425 $329
Panasonic NN-DS596BYPQ Steam Double Heater Microwave Oven 27 1000 – 1200 512 x 400 x 347 $569
Sharp R-72A1 Grill Microwave Oven 25 900 513 x 307 x 430 $184
Samsung HOTBLAST Convection Microwave Oven 28 1400 – 2900 517 x 310 x 463 $459
Toshiba MV-TC26TF Convection Microwave Oven 26 1000 513 x 513 x 310 $379
Panasonic 34L Convection Microwave Oven 34 1000 560 x 450 x 343 $669

BONUS: Best ready to eat meals to try with your microwave oven

On hectic days when you’re swamped with back-to-back zoom meetings and an endless to-do-list, stock your fridge up with these ready-to-eat meals. They can be conveniently heated up in a few minutes using a microwave oven for a quick fix!

1. Basil Minced Chicken With Brown Rice & Egg

basil minced chicken with brown rice and egg
(Credit: YoloFoods)

Ready to eat meals may often be associated with inferior quality, but this Basil Minced Chicken With Brown Rice And Egg (available on YoloFoods) proves us wrong. It’s aromatic and tasty, and is made of healthy ingredients like brown rice and ramen-style eggs so you don’t compromise on nutrition. For more healthy ready meals, check out YoloFoods for their range of products like Cauliflower Rice with Herbed Chicken and Spinach Eggs and Herb Chicken with Roasted Potatoes (both available on YoloFoods)!

2. Beef Lasagne

beef lasagne on a plate
(Credit: Easygourmetsg

This Beef Lasagne (available on Easygourmetsg) makes for a convenient yet hearty meal that you can enjoy at any time of the day. We reckon it’d be perfect for movie nights! Dig your fork into the layers of tomato-ey goodness, packed with rich meat sauce and lots of cheese! 

3. Prata Wala Curry Chicken Biryani

prata wala curry chicken briyani ready to eat meal
(Credit: FG Foodmart)

Can’t do without spice? Get the Prata Wala Curry Chicken Biryani (available on FG Foodmart) to enjoy this appetizing meal! The chicken chunks have been grilled in a charcoal-fired tandoor and cooked in tomato-based curry, so you can be sure that you’re in for a treat!

Enjoy hot meals with the best microwave ovens in Singapore

From budget solo microwave ovens to multi-functional convection ones, we definitely have an extensive list of the best microwave ovens in Singapore you can choose from! If you’re looking for other kitchen appliances, be sure to check out the best BBQ grills and best air fryers in Singapore so that you can indulge in guilt-free crispy food. Alternatively, make your breakfast more colourful with the best coffee machines for some barista-level joe and the best toasters in Singapore for perfectly browned toast!

This article was updated on 21 February 2022. Additional research done by Gabriel Choo.

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