Dress Up Or Dress Down With These 9 Best Sandals For Women

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When it comes to the best sandals for women in Singapore, comfort is the name of the game. You’ll also find that sandals would mean straps for days. But can it be worn for just any occasion? That depends on the material, appearance, and functionality of your sandals. If you’re scratching your head on which pair to take home, here’s a guide on how to choose the perfect one!

What sandals are suitable for the occasion?

You’ll likely get bombarded by the multitude of choices out there when you’re looking for the best sandals for women in Singapore. Between platform sandals for women, to strappy heeled sandals that’re perfect for a demure look, you might find that narrowing it down to the right sandal is harder than finding a needle in a haystack. 

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Besides the colours and design, you’ve also got to make sure they’re suitable for the occasion and terrain. You can’t possibly be wearing flip flops to a dinner date. Similarly, you won’t find yourselves going for a trek with a pair of heeled sandals. Here, we’ve pegged it down to the main features you should look out for:

Occasion Features to look out for
Beach days
  • Secure straps
  • Fun colours and patterns
  • Durable material (e.g. PVC, EVA, PU Leather)
Sports and everyday wear
  • Cushioned footbed
  • Sole with good traction
  • Secure straps
Dates and formal events
  • Simple, minimalistic design
  • Muted or neutral tones
  • Heeled sandals

Best beach sandals for women in Singapore

1. Melissa Sun Downtown Ladies Sandal

melissa sun sandals
(Credit: Melissa Official Store)

Starting off strong with the Melissa Sun Downtown Ladies Sandal (available on Melissa Official Store), it’s definitely a pair of sandals you should have in your shoe rotation for the summer. It’s part of the brand’s capsule collection, Melissa Sun, which features affordable sandals that mostly come in block colours. The versatile shades, like black, pale pink and white, are perfect for a trip to the beach. Made with Melissa’s trademark MELFLEX™ material they’re flexible, resistant, and comfortable. Functionality-wise,they also pack a punch. Don’t underestimate those thin straps, for they’ll ensure your sandals have a secure fit as you run around on the sand. It’s no doubt that they’re one of the best beach sandals for women in Singapore!

2. UTUNE Summer Ladies Sandals

utune summer ladies sandals
(Credit: UTUNE Official Store)

The UTUNE Summer Ladies Sandals (available on UTUNE Official Store) stands out from the others with its fun, doodle-stroke camo print design. The print is intriguing – while it looks like a cheetah’s spots, it also resembles crayon art! If you prefer something less adventurous, these UTUNE sandals also come in basic black, which can easily be paired with any beach fit you have on. They other three colourways include purple with a sky blue-green print, pink with a lovely red and white print, as well as cream with a red-and-blue camo.

And for our petite queens who can’t live without a little platform, you’ll be happy to know that these UTUNE sandals for women boast a 4cm thick sole, making it one of the best platform beach sandals for women in Singapore. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll be walking on a hard brick. And that’s because the sole is soft and provides ample support and traction when worn.

3. The Kelly Studio Gladiator Strap Sandal 

best sandals for women singapore the kelly studio gladiator sandals
(Credit: thekellystudio.sg)

Want to create an effortless but sophisticated look while frolicking on the beach? The Kelly Studio Gladiator Strap Sandal (available on thekellystudio.sg) is one of the best beach sandals for women in Singapore! The Kelly Studio’s simple lace-up gladiator sandal is simply perfect for the job! As compared to most other rattan or rubber flip flops, these sandals are  made of PU leather.  This material adds to the sandals’ functionality, making them much more durable in the face of sandy, gritty beaches. to. But most of all, there’s nothing like a pair of lace-up leather sandals to make you feel elegant even on the sand! Simply pair these The Kelly Studio sandals with a flowy mesh skirt or a pair of linen pants and voilà, you’re now a stylish, confident queen!

Best sporty sandals for women in Singapore

4. Timberland Women’s Lincoln Peak Sandal

best sandals for women singapore timberland women's lincoln peak sandal
(Credit: Timberland Official Store)

If you’re looking for active footwear that’s both lasting and comfortable, look no further – the Timberland Women’s Lincoln Peak Sandal (available on Timberland Official Store) is just what you need. When it comes to safety shoes and outdoor footwear, Timberland is one of the best brands to lean on And that includes their walking sandals for women in Singapore too. In fact, these Timberland sandals are designed with ample cushioning for the foot bed, while the straps can be adjusted according to the terrain you’re braving. For those worried about slippery paths and rough grounds, the rubber lug outsole of these sporty sandals for women provides added traction so that you’ll maintain a sure and steady footing. 

5. IELGY Open-Toed Casual Sandals

best sandals for women singapore ielgy open-toed casual sandals
(Credit: IELGY Women’s Shoes Official Store)

For those who have a penchant for anything adorable and cute, this is a sign to get your hands on the IELGY Open-toed Casual Sandals (available on IELGY Women’s Shoes Official Store)! They come in three colours: a sleek black, stark white, and a creamy beige that reminds you of bubble tea. What makes it even more adorable is that its sole has been indented with the shape of a teddy bear! Overall, these IELGY sandals are one of the best sporty or walking sandals for women in Singapore because they’re designed with secure straps and excellent traction, which allow you to perform well in sports, exercise, and other similar activities.

6. Cameljeans Women’s All-Match Non-Slip Flat Sandals

best sandals for women singapore cameljeans sandals
(Credit: cameljeans.sg)

Cameljeans is a Chinese brand that specialises in all things sandals. From beachy and sporty sandals for women to heeled fashion sandals – you name it, they have it! One of their best-selling footwear is the Cameljeans Women’s All-Match Non-Slip Flat Sandals (available on cameljeans.sg). It features a chevron-like stitching pattern, which evokes a tropical feel. Besides the vibrant colours in the design, the rubber sole and footbed of these Cameljeans sandals were also made to feel extremely secure and cushioned when worn. Choose from the pink, blue, or black colourways; the latter does not come with any contrast stitching, making it perfect for those who prefer a more minimalistic look. It’s no wonder this is one of the best sporty walking sandals for women in Singapore!

Best date-friendly sandals for women in Singapore

7. Melissa Babe Spring Ladies Slides 

melissa babe spring slip on sandals
(Credit: Melissa Official Store)

Sleek, black, and adorned with sweet PVC daisies, the Melissa Babe Spring Ladies Slides (available on Melissa Official Store) is one the best sandals that women in Singapore should have in their spring-summer shoe rotation. Flats and slip-on sandals are popular because of their versatility, and the fact that they go well with most things in your wardrobe. In fact, this pair of Melissa sandals can easily be paired with a maxi dress to create an elegant, but casual date night outfit. You can also dress these Melissa sandals down for other occasions with the orange and sky blue colourways, whose shades are much brighter and fun to work with! 

8. IELGY Korean Baotou Sandals

best sandals for women singapore ielgy korean baotou sandals
(Credit: IELGY Women’s Shoes Official Store)

They say that beauty is pain, but it doesn’t have to be with the IELGY Korean Baotou Sandals (available on IELGY Women’s Shoes Official Store)! This comfy pair of IELGY sandals have a classy, timeless design that’s reminiscent of Chanel’s ballet flats. It comes in a classic all-black shade, as well as an apricot one that features black toe caps. We could’ve almost mistaken these sandals for slip-on shoes, except that they’ve been designed with a kitten heel to provide a slight elevation! But don’t worry, these gorgeous sandals have received numerous rave reviews about how comfortable they are. They’re the best pair of sandals to tie together any fuss-free dinner date look for women in Singapore.

9. SAPPUN Veriel Strap Sandals Mule 

sappun veriel strap sandals

When it comes to having a variety of colours and designs for women’s footwear, SAPPUN is the brand to trust. In fact, the SAPPUN Veriel Strap Sandals Mule (available on SAPPUN OFFICIAL) is one of their bestsellers – they’re classy and elegant, and come in six neutral tones. Pair these SAPPUN sandals with a chic black jumpsuit or an A-line dress to cook up an easy date night look! But if you want something monochromatic, go for black, white, or even the sleek silver pair for some shine. For more earthy tones, you can also opt for pale yellow, mint, and beige. As usual, SAPPUN never disappoints with the best sandal options for women in Singapore! 

Look your best the next time you’re out and about in these best sandals for women 

From beach trips to romantic candlelit dinners, sandals can do it all! Strappy sandals, platform sandals, or slip-on sandals for women– the list goes on. They’re one of the most versatile and comfortable footwear, especially in a hot and humid country like Singapore. Keep your feet cool and comfortable, while looking stylish with this list of the best sandals for women to wear in Singapore. You can also check out the best ballet flats and the best women’s running shoes if you’re running out of ideas for what to wear for your next occasion! Just head on down to our 9.9 Super Shopping Day to catch promotions and deals on your favourite pair of shoes!