7 Best Men’s Shavers For A Super Sharp Look

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Looking to make shaving convenient for your old man? Gone are the days of accidental nicks and cuts as today’s top men’s shavers and razors ensure a clean and comfortable shave. With popular names like Braun and Gillette leading the charge, modern shavers and razors offer perks like increased precision and self-cleaning capabilities. Interested in gifting your dad this luxury of convenience? From keeping his beard neat to trimming unkempt facial hair, these are our picks for best men’s shavers and razors, just in time for Father’s Day!

Shavers vs razors: What’s the difference

Unsure of what the differences are between the best men’s shavers and razors? Simply put, it’s an overall comparison between a razor’s closer shave and an electric shaver’s convenience! While you might have to wet and lather your face to prevent razor burns, nothing comes close to the good old method of shaving with a razor. This is because you have full control over where the blades go and they run much closer to your skin, granting you a shave that’s cleaner and neater. 

On the other hand, if you’re a busy working professional, you’ll prioritise speed over all else. Electric razors achieve this by making shaving quick and easy as the many blades run across your face. Although the shave isn’t as thorough, electric shavers are definitely easier to handle as you won’t accidentally cut or nick yourself while shaving!

How to pick the best shavers for men: Rotary vs foil

Rotary shavers lift hair away from the face before trimming, allowing users to groom their longer beard hair whereas foil shavers offer a closer shave and excel at trimming thinner facial hair. 

  • Skin sensitivity

For men with sensitive skin and thinner beards, go for foil shavers as the metal foil smooths the skin and trims beard hair without pulling or tugging. 

  • Cleanness of your shave

Due to their flexible heads, rotary shavers are better for helping you navigate across the contours of your face. This allows users to groom hard-to-reach areas.

How to pick the best razors for men: Safety vs cartridge

Safety razors are more affordable in the long run and offer smoother shaves while cartridge razors are more convenient and allow for quicker shaves. As for cartridge razors, they’re your Gillettes and Schicks of the razor world and ones users will be familiar with.

  • Affordability

As cartridge razors require constant blade replacements in the long run, users who shave regularly will benefit from the heavy-duty materials used in safety razors!

  • Skin sensitivity

As the double-edged blade of safety razors are smartly designed to avoid clogging and dulling, they provide less chance for irritation. Overall, this minimises the odds of your skin getting irritated!

  • Ease of use

Safety razors definitely require a bit of finesse to get used to and can cut you if you’re unfamiliar with the action of the blade. For users who want an easier solution, they’ll want to try cartridge razors instead. Simply attach the cartridge and shave away without fear of accidentally nicking yourself.

Now that you’re aware of what to look out for when buying the best men’s shavers and razors, here are our picks for the models to look out for!

Best men’s shavers for a quick and convenient shave

1. Braun Series 3 310s

braun series 3 310s best men's shavers
(Credit: Braun Official Store)

Ask anyone what they think is the best men’s shaver for beginners and they’ll likely point you to Braun’s Series 3 310s (available on Braun Official Store)! If you lack the finesse of an experienced shaver user, you’ll feel right at home with the accessibility of the 310s. By including three pressure sensitive shaving blades, the 310s adapts to your facial contour for maximum contact. To further help you along, take advantage of the built-in microcomb. By helping to separate individual strands and guide them towards the blades, you’ll be able to effortlessly secure a clean shave!

2. Philips Series 9000

philips series 9000 best men's shavers
(Credit: Philips Certified Store)

You’re certainly getting your money’s worth when you choose to splash the cash with the Philips Series 9000 (available on Philips Certified Store)! As a premium rotary shaver, Philips has spared no expense in ensuring a comfortable shaving experience. From having multiple beard styling settings to toggling between the three shaving modes, the Series 9000 lets you customise every aspect so each shaving session is personalised for you. The end result is a fuss-free electric shaver that’s definitely earned its reputation of being the world’s most prestigious shaver!

3. Braun MobileShave M30 Pocket Shaver

braun m30 best men's shavers
(Credit: Braun Official Store)

You don’t have to forego your shaving routine just because you’re holidaying when you have Braun’s MobileShave M30 Pocket Shaver (available on Braun Official Store)! At just 120 grams, the M30 is one of the best men’s shavers for travelling thanks to its featherweight and compact design. While some of the best electric shavers require a charging cord, you can effortlessly power this pocket Braun companion with just 2 AA batteries. These factors combine to keep the M30 by your side to ensure a convenient shaving experience!

4. Xiaomi Enchen BlackStone 3D

xiaomi enchen blackstone 3d best men's shavers
(Credit: To Mi Store.sg)

On the lookout for the best men’s shavers while on a shoestring budget? At less than $15, the Xiaomi Enchen BlackStone 3D (available on To Mi Store.sg) is a fantastic deal considering what it provides. From having three rotary blades to packing a robust motor, Xiaomi checks all the boxes for what you’ve come to expect for a clean shave. Add to this package IPX7 water-resistance and full charging in an hour via USB and you have one of the best men’s shavers thanks to the sheer value it offers.

Best men’s razors for a thorough and clean shave

5. Gillette Fusion ProGlide Flexball

gillette fusion proglide flexball power best men's razors
(Credit: P&G Official Store)

No list of the best men’s razors would be complete without mentioning Gillette’s Fusion ProGlide Flexball Power Razor (available on P&G Official Store)! By featuring Gillette’s thinnest blades yet, the Fusion ProGlide easily trims your facial hair with minimal tugging and pulling. This combined with the rotational prowess of FlexBall technology ensures even hard-to-reach areas are covered! For increased shaving efficiency, activate the power mode. This adds micro pulses that reduce friction and boost razor glide, helping you get a cleaner and smoother shave!

6. Schick Hydro 5

schick hydro 5 best men's razors
(Credit: Schick Official Store)

The best men’s razors always guarantee a nice, clean shave but they often cause post-shaving irritation. This isn’t the case with Schick’s Hydro 5 (available on Schick Official Store)! By utilising a unique gel that lubricates and moisturizes during the shaving process, Schick solves the age-old problem of razor burns. Instead of waiting it out and being inconvenienced by the skin’s tenderness, the razor’s five blades glide across your facial contours while providing hydration that’ll last once you’re done! It’s no wonder men with sensitive skin trust Schick’s Hydro 5 for its friction-reducing shaving goodness.

7. Edwin Jagger Safety Razor

edwin jagger safety razor best men's razors
(Credit: WhatHeWants SG Official Store)

Few of the best men’s razors come close to the style and substance of the Edwin Jagger Safety Razor (available on WhatHeWants SG Official Store)! From looks alone, the safety razor immediately stands out thanks to its chrome finish that gives it that luxury razor aesthetic. When measured up against competing cartridge razors, the double edged razor comes out on top because of its superior wet shave performance! This is achieved through its top-heavy build that achieves a clean shave with minimal applied pressure and an aggressive blade gap that makes quick work of stray facial hair.

Barbershop shaves with these best men’s shavers and razors

From Braun to Gillette, the perfect Father’s Day gift awaits with our guide to these best men’s shavers and razors! Didn’t find your favourite model here? Check out our collection of listings related to shaving. If you want to give your dad a present with a personal touch, try these handmade Father’s Day card ideas! Still stumped when it comes to gift ideas? Make sure you read our Father’s Day gift guide.