15 Best Hand Sanitisers To Try In Singapore

Hand Saniitisers
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Hand hygiene and the use of hand sanitisers is extremely helpful in the prevention of infections. Hand sanitisers can help with the reduction of microbes that contaminate our hands. The recent outbreak of Covid-19 has heightened hand hygiene awareness and it is highly recommended that we carry a bottle of hand sanitiser around for everyday use to keep the germs at bay. Here are some of the best hand sanitisers we recommend you to try!

Unscented Hand Santisers

1. Cloversoft Hand Sanitiser ($12.95)

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If you are looking for something affordable, the Cloversoft Hand Sanitiser (available on smartsg) is a gel-based hand sanitiser that you might want to consider. It comes at a reasonable price of $12.95 for a 500ml bottle with no paraben, sulfates or dyes. This hand sanitiser brand also has a 70% alcohol percentage that helps eliminate the germs. For those who prefer fragrance-free hand sanitisers, Cloversoft is perfect for you!

2. Dettol Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser ($3.13)

Dettol Anti-bacterial Sanitizer 50ml
(Credit: Dettol Official Store)

A non-sticky gel Hand Sanitiser, the Dettol Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser (Available on rb.dettolsg) comes in a portable size, perfect for everyday use. This popular hand sanitiser brand contains aloe vera, making your hands feel refreshed and moisturised. Dettol Hand Sanitiser is also kids-friendly and promises to kill 99.99% of germs!

3. Lifebuoy Hand Sanitiser ($6.37)

Lifebuoy Total 10 Hand Sanitiser 200ml
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Fight the germs for up to 10 hours with Lifebuoy Hand Sanitiser (available on smartsg). Having been around since 1894, the brand is known to be both reliable and safe. This 200ml hand sanitiser contains 70% alcohol and comes in a gel form. At an affordable price of $6.37, the pump dispenser makes it easy to use and definitely a value for money buy!

4. Well Daily ($17.99)

Well Daily
(Credit: Well Daily Official Instagram)

If you’re a fan of all things local, why not support local sellers such as Well Daily (available on passiongadgets)? This hand sanitiser from Well Daily is sulfate-free and contains no parabens. With 70% of alcohol, this hand sanitiser kills germs effectively while keeping your skin hydrated with added moisturisers in the formula. If you are a parent looking for suitable hand sanitsers for your kids, this Well Daily is suitable for kids 2 years old and above.

5. Buddy Hand Sanitiser ($5.50)


Buddy Hand Sanitiser
(Credit: atlantic212)

Available in different sizes, Buddy Hand Sanitiser (available on atlantic212) can also be used as a surface disinfectant. The sanitiser is formulated with 75% alcohol and contains moisturiser and aloe vera, making it feel soft and hydrating on the skin. This multi-purpose hand sanitiser also contains no fragrance or sulfates. For those searching for something more affordable and refillable, this sanitiser is also available in 1-litre bottles. Buddy Hand Sanitiser is a unique local brand that can be used for cleaning, as well as sanitising.

6. Babyganics ($30.90)


Babyganics hand sanitiser
(Credit: tednmatt)

For those who prefer something with no alcohol, Babyganics sanitiser (available on tednmatt) that is made with plant-derived ingredients, is one to try. This hand sanitiser is dermatologist tested and suitable for those with sensitive skin. The sanitiser is also sold in bundles of three bottles at $30.90.

7. jMedGuard Foami Foami Long-Lasting Hand Sanitiser ($13.80)

Foami Foami Hand Sanitiser
(Credit: jmedguard)

A unique hand sanitiser solution that foams, jMediGuard Foami Foami Hand Sanitiser (available on jmedguard) is suitable for those with sensitive skin. jMedGuard Foami Foami Hand Santiser also comes in an adorable bottle. This hand sanitiser also contains no alcohol but ensures even spreadability on the hands. For parents looking for a hand sanitiser brand suitable for kids, jMediGuards Foami Foami would definitely appeal to children with its cute packaging, as well as its foam solution.

8. Kirona Scent Odourless Sanitiser ($11.90)

Kirona Scent Odorless Sanitiser
(Credit: aromasg)

This five-in-one hand sanitiser is perfect for those who are looking for a fragrant-free and odour-removing solution. Kirona Scent Odourless Sanitiser (available on aromasg) can be used as an odour eliminator, disinfectant spray, cleaning solution and even as an aroma diffuser. Moreover, you need not need to worry about bringing the bottle around as it comes with a free spray bottle for portable usage.

Scented Hand Santisers

9. Kirona Scent Fragrance Sanitiser ($9.90)

Kirona Scent Fragrance Sanitiser
(Credit: Kirona Scent Official Website)

If you are looking for something with fragrance, Kirona Scent (available on aromasg) is the perfect sanitiser for you. This sanitiser is available in a variety of different scents and contains 70% alcohol. Kirona Scent sanitiser is a multi-functional sanitiser that contains therapeutic grade essential oils and antibacterial properties. 

10. Innisfree My Hand Aloe Sanitiser ($4.82)

Innisfree Hand Sanitiser
(Credit: myeonghwa_kr.sg)

For all k-beauty lovers, this hand sanitiser is from a popular Korean brand! Innisfree’s My Hand Aloe Sanitiser (available on myeonghwa_kr.sg) is a hand sanitiser that contains 60% alcohol and comes in a travel-friendly size. This hand sanitiser would be the perfect gift for ladies as it comes in a refreshing scent and can fit easily into a small makeup pouch or handbag. On top of the fragrance, the aloe vera also helps to keep the skin moisturised and hydrated. 

11. LUX Hand Sanitiser ($10.50)

LUX Hand Sanitiser
(Credit: twin.sisters)

If you are a flower enthusiast, this sweet-smelling hand sanitiser by the well-known shampoo company, LUX, will definitely blow you away. This hand sanitiser comes in a non-sticky solution with 70% alcohol. Lux Hand Sanitiser (available on twin.sisters) also comes in a compact bottle, making it convenient to bring around.

12. Palm Safe Hand Sanitiser ($5.00)

Palm Safe Hand Sanitiser
(Credit: roootzs)

Do not be fooled by this peppermint sweet looking box! Palm Safe (available on roootzs) is a portable hand sanitiser that has a mint scent. The compact and flat size of the box makes it the perfect size to slot into your pocket. Furthermore, this sanitiser is alcohol-free, making it suitable for those with sensitive skin. Palm Safe hand sanitiser effectively kills germs while leaving no stickiness on your skin. If you prefer a sanitiser with fragrance, this hand sanitiser contains eucalyptus, clove, rosemary and neem – a perfect combination to form a refreshing and cool scent.

13. Touch Me Hand Sanitiser Spray ($5.00)

Touch Me Hand Sanitiser
(Credit: dreambods)

For those who are in it for the aesthetics, you might want to consider purchasing the Touch Me Hand Sanitiser Spray (available on dreambods). This cute and compact hand sanitiser comes in three different scents – peach, lavender and mint. Touch Me is a fragrance disinfectant spray and sanitiser that is suitable for all skin types. Its small size also makes it portable and convenient to carry around.

14. Pearlie White Hand Sanitiser ($6.60)

Pearlie White Hand Sanitiser
(Credit: Corlison by Shopee Mall)

If you thought that Pearlie White only cares about the health of your teeth, think again! This portable 50ml tube is a non-sticky hand sanitiser (available on corlison) contains moisturiser to keep your hands hydrated and clean. This hand sanitiser also comes in an interesting bottle that looks just like your toothpaste! Pearlie White hand sanitiser is laboratory tested and proven to kill 99.99% of the germs.

15. Betadine Natural Defense Hand Sanitiser ($12.80)

Betadine Natural Defense Hand Sanitizer Moisturizing Manuka Honey
(Credit: Betadine Official Store)

Betadine Natural Defense Hand Sanitiser (available on betadine.sg) is one of the more unique hand sanitisers in the market with its Manuka Honey flavour. In addition, Betadine hand sanitiser is formulated with organic aloe vera which helps to keep the skin moisturised. A non-sticky formula that kills 99.99% of the germs, this hand sanitiser is a popular and unique brand that you must try!

Protect your health with the best hand sanitisers!

Without a doubt, washing your hands with soap and water would be the most effective way to remove germs. But if you’re in a rush, hand sanitisers would be a good alternative to practice good hand hygiene, especially during this sensitive time. It is important to ensure that you choose the right hand sanitiser that effectively kills germs and is also suitable for your skin. 

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This article was published on 13 October 2020. Written by Carrie Foong.

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