15 Best Car Accessories That Are Wheely Useful

best car accessories in singapore

If you’ve just passed your driving test or bought a new car, chances are, you’ll want to take your loved ones out for a ride! But before doing that, you might want to ensure that your car is in tip-top condition. And no, we don’t mean the regular servicing or carwash. We’re talking about decorating your car with must-have car accessories that will make the ride extra comfy and enjoyable for both you and your passengers. Read on for our recommendations on the best car accessories in Singapore!

What are the most popular car accessories in Singapore?

best car accessories singapore
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When it comes to must-have car accessories, most would think of popular items like floor mats and car cameras. However, there’s definitely other useful items you can get which suits your personality! For instance, if you’re all for practicality, power banks and vehicle speakers might be up your shopping list. And if you’re the kind who needs a spick and span car, then car care accessories are of utmost importance. Alternatively, those who are big on aesthetics will enjoy decorated seat covers and car decals

What should new drivers have in their car?

What should new drivers keep in their car?
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Here are some must-have car accessories that new drivers should keep in their car: 

  • 1. Probation Plate

According to the road laws in Singapore, new drivers need to put up probation plates (P-plates) throughout the first year of getting their driver’s licence. The plates have to be placed on the top right portion of their front and rear windscreens. This applies to both owned and rental vehicles. 

  • 2. Car Manual 

As a new driver, you might be unfamiliar with certain parts of the car. As such, it is important to have a car manual within reach so you won’t get confused when refuelling petrol or fixing a tyre. You can contact your local dealership who will most probably have some owner’s manuals in stock. 

  • 3. Vehicle Emergency Sign 

In the unlikely event of a car breakdown, it is crucial to have a vehicle emergency sign with you. These warning signs have to be orange and triangular in shape. According to the Land Transport Authority (LTA), the signs have to be placed at least 20 metres behind the broken down vehicle.

Best car accessories in Singapore for the practical driver 

1. Car Phone Holder

Baseus Car Phone Holder
(Credit: Baseus Official flagship Store)

Under the Singapore law, it is an offence to use a mobile device while driving a vehicle. So when you’re navigating unfamiliar roads on Google Maps, be sure to get a car phone holder! This allows you to clamp your mobile phone on the front air vents of the car so you don’t have to hold it. We recommend the Baseus Car Phone Holder (available on Baseus Official flagship Store) which has an adjustable height so you can get a wider field of view. As one of the best car accessories in Singapore for Grab drivers, it can fit all kinds of phones as long as they are shorter than 6.7 inches! 

2. Steering Wheel Cover

steering wheel cover - best car accessories singapore
(Credit: SEAMETAL)

Owning a car in Singapore is no easy feat so we don’t blame you if you want to do all you can to protect your steering wheel from quick wear and tear. That’s why we suggest getting must-have car accessories like this Steering Wheel Cover (available on SEAMETAL) that helps maintain the finish of the leather on your wheel. This removable steering wheel cover also improves your grip when driving, and is available in four different colours. No wonder it is one of the best car accessories in Singapore! 

3. Car Armrest 

car armrest - car accessories singapore
(Credit: SEAMETAL)

Planning a Malaysia road trip from Singapore soon? Then this Universal Car Armrest (available on SEAMETAL) will probably be up your alley given that you’ll be at the wheel for hours. Great for relieving arm fatigue while driving, this car armrest makes for one of the best must-have car accessories in Singapore given its premium leather material. Even better, it doubles up as a seat organiser where you can store all your travel knick-knacks such as snacks, keys and passport!

4. FM Transmitter

car accessories singapore - FM Transmitter
(Credit: Baseus Official flagship Store)

It may be small but the Baseus FM Transmitter (available on Baseus Official flagship Store) sure is mighty! As one of the best car accessories in Singapore, FM transmitters help to broadcast a signal from a portable audio device such as USB disks and wireless players to a standard FM radio. This means you’ll get to listen to all your favourite tunes at the touch of your fingertips! Psst, did we mention that this device has a solar energy charging feature in the day? How environmentally friendly!

5. Smart Car Charger 

Joyroom 5-in-1 Smart Car Charger
(Credit: Joyroom Official Shop)

It’s hard to live without our mobile devices these days so this Joyroom 5-in-1 Smart Car Charger (available on Joyroom Official Shop) is definitely a must-have car accessory when on the road. Able to charge up to five devices simultaneously with a 5m extension cord, everyone in the car will have their fair share of battery with this car charger. What’s more, as one of the best car accessories in Singapore, it has an optimised voltage output so you don’t have to worry about slow charging! 

Best car accessories in Singapore for the neat and clean driver

6. Foldable Rear Tray 

Foldable Rear Tray - car accessories singapore
(Credit: CENZIMO Factory Direct Store)

Eating in the car can attract ants due to the higher possibility of unseen crumbs. Thankfully, with this Foldable Rear Tray (available on CENZIMO Factory Direct Store) you no longer have to scold your kids should they need a quick bite in the car! As one of the best car accessories in Singapore, this car foldable tray works like those on an aeroplane where there you can place lunch boxes on the tabletop. And if you’re constantly having a cup of coffee at hand before driving to work, we suggest buying this Ekleva Cup Holder (available on Ekleva Official Store) so as to minimise spillage. 

7. Car Trash Bin

car trash bin
(Credit: Baseus Official flagship Store

When it comes to the best car accessories in Singapore, you might not necessarily think of a car trash bin. However, they have proven to be one of the must-have car accessories, especially for those who are often snacking away on road trips. In particular, we love the Baseus Car Trash Bin (available on Baseus Official flagship Store) which has a 800ml capacity to store trash. Furthermore, the whole body of the bin can be washed, making cleaning a more efficient process. Hopefully there will be no more litter in the car after getting this! 

8. Car Organiser 

Universal Car Organiser - best car accessories singapore
(Credit: SEAMETAL)

Hung on the back of the front seats, the Universal Car Organiser (available on SEAMETAL) is another frontrunner on this list of best car accessories in Singapore. As its name suggests, car organisers allow you to pack your belongings into different compartments. There are even dedicated slots for storing water bottles and mobile devices! For something even more handy, consider these Car Hooks (available on Super Halo.sg) which can be used to hang face masks and grocery bags. With such practical functions to keep your vehicle neat and tidy, it’s no wonder that car hooks have become must-have car accessories for all drivers! 

Best car accessories in Singapore for the driver that loves clean air

9. Car Fan 

best car accessories - can fan
(Credit: CENZIMO Factory Direct Store)

With Singapore’s weather sweltering up to 36°C these days, sometimes even the air con in the car is not enough to beat the heat. That’s when car fans come in handy! Offering strong and cool wind, this CENZIMO Car Fan (available on CENZIMO Factory Direct Store) has a free adjustment of 360 degrees both horizontally and vertically. More importantly, it has a low-noise feature so your passengers can sleep comfortably on the ride too. Definitely a mark of one of the best car accessories in Singapore! 

10. Car Spray 

OXTRA Antibac Car Spray
(Credit: Trapo Singapore Official Store)

Eliminating up to 99.99% of bacteria in your car, the Oxtra Antibac Car Spray (available on Trapo Singapore Official Store) is another top choice on our list of best car accessories in Singapore. To be used daily, this car spray helps to remove odours and prevents the growth of fungi and germs. This is useful especially after all that snacking from your kids at the backseat. With premium scents such as pyrite, rose quartz and amazonite, you’ll always have a fresh car wherever you go!

11. Car Air Freshener  

Oxtra Premium Motion-Sensor Car Air Purifier
(Credit: Trapo Singapore Official Store)

Car fresheners are no strangers to car owners so we’ve got to add them to this list of best car accessories in Singapore. Specifically, we are in love with the Oxtra Premium Motion-Sensor Car Air Purifier (available on Trapo Singapore Official Store) that is effective at removing air pollutants in the car. In fact, it uses a HEPA 13 filter which is made of thin fibres of glass and activated carbon-based materials that suck away bacteria and germs. But of course, you should be enjoying clean air not just in your car but at home too. Check out these best air purifiers in Singapore for more suggestions! 

12. Car Perfume   

Initial Peach Nectar Car Perfume

To one up car air fresheners, you can get car perfumes which have a longer lasting fragrance. We highly recommend the Initial Peach Nectar Car Perfume (available on ADAMIKA DOT COM) which has been making waves on the Internet for its sweet-smelling fragrance. Other than the popular peach nectar flavour, the honey dew one will also make you feel like you’re in paradise. Coming in a compact bottle, it hangs perfectly on your car front mirror, making it one of the best car accessories in Singapore for drivers who enjoy clean air. 

Best car accessories in Singapore for the aesthetic driver

13. Car Stickers

car stickers
(Credit: qingtang.sg)

This list of best car accessories in Singapore would be incomplete without mentioning car stickers. After all, they come in different shapes and sizes so we’re sure you’ll find one that tickles your fancy. Just take a look at these Warning Car Stickers (available on qingtang.sg) which contain many cute and interesting designs that are suitable for everyone regardless of age or gender! 

14. Car Door Guard

KOPO Car Door Guard
(Credit: KOPOmall – Educational Toys & HOME)

While many get car door guards to prevent unnecessary nicks and scratches, we think that these tiny strips can work some magic in giving your car an extra aesthetic edge. Available in six colours like red and blue, the KOPO Car Door Guard (available on KOPOmall – Educational Toys & HOME) contrasts well on white or black cars. As one of the best car accessories in Singapore, you can rest assured that it is easy to use. Simply peel the sticky adhesive tape off (the sticky part inwards) and paste it around the door edges – it shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes!

15. Car LED Light Strips

Kejie Car LED Light Strips
(Credit: kejie.sg)

The best must-have car accessories in Singapore are those that instantly attract attention and make for a good conversation starter. Case in point: these Kejie Car LED Light Strips (available on kejie.sg) which wows with its stunning neon colours. This includes fancy hues of purple, ice blue and fluorescent green. With a fully sealed design that’s dustproof and waterproof, you can stick these 5m car LED light strips all over the interior of your car however you like! However, if you intend to stick them on your car exterior such as your headlights, take note that you check with the LTA before installing. 

Must-have car accessories for your next ride

Amp up your car interior with the best car accessories in Singapore that will surely make the ride more comfortable. If you’ve a newborn baby, you might want to consider browsing through some of the best baby car seats in Singapore that can secure your infant to the seat safely. Otherwise, don’t forget to install the best car dash cameras which are able to record unforeseen incidents while you’re driving.

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