11 Best Smart Watches In Singapore To Keep Up With The Times

best smart watches singapore

Looking for a new timepiece to flaunt on your wrist? Move on from the standard watches and upgrade to a snazzy smart watch! Whether you’re looking for one that tracks your fitness stats or one that executes payments seamlessly, we’ve got you covered with the best smart watches in Singapore that’ll fit your budget!

Below $100

1. V8 Bluetooth Touch Screen Smart Watch ($12.50)

best smart watch singapore V8 bluetooth touch screen budget
(Credit: DRC-Smart Watch-Headset)

If a square watch face is not for you, consider the V8 Bluetooth Touch Screen Smart Watch (available on DRC-Smart Watch-Headset) instead! This is one of the best smart watch options in Singapore for those not willing to shell out hundreds of dollars for a digital watch

In fact, we think the V8 Bluetooth Touch Screen Smart Watch is an incredible steal as you get more than 20 functions on this handy device. On top of typical smart watch functions such as notification beams and sleep monitor, this device also features a 1.3MP built-in camera and web browsing capabilities so you can stay connected without your phone. 

2. SKMEI B36 Smart Watch ($43.20)

skmei b36 female purple device
(Credit: Skmei Watches Official Store)

Ladies, end your search for the best smart watch with the SKMEI B36 Smart Watch (available on Skmei Watches Official Store). It’s affordable, jam-packed with nifty functions and pretty to look at!

The smart watch comes in four stylish colours and boasts an adorable interface that’s bound to brighten up your day. You can also track sleep, steps, distance and most importantly — calories burnt! But what’s truly special about the SKMEI B36 Smart Watch is its comprehensive period tracking capabilities which monitor your cycle and notifies you whenever the time of the month is nearing. You can also record symptoms and stay updated on your ovulation period. Remember to connect the device to its dedicated smartphone app for better visualisation of your daily activity stats. 

3. Xiaomi Amazfit Bip ($75.00 – $89.00)

best smart watch singapore xiaomi amazfit bip black unisex
(Credit: CameraSG)

The Xiaomi Amazfit Bip (available on CameraSG) is hands-down one of the most value-for-money smart watches on the market in terms of style and reliability. The watch face can even be easily customised and you can purchase various Amazfit Bip frames (available on moyte.sg) or Amazfit Bip stainless steel straps (available on dinghanda) to switch up its look. 

But the highlight of the Xiaomi Amazfit Bip lies in its battery life. A full charge can last up to 45 days — we dare say this is the best smart watch in Singapore for those too lazy to charge their device. Users can also look forward to firmware updates from Xiaomi which will keep their smart watch in its best performance for years on end. 

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Smart Watch model Screen size Battery Waterproof grade Memory
V8 Bluetooth Touch Screen Smart Watch 1.54 inch 450mAh IP67 128MB
SKMEI B36 Smart Watch 1.04 inch 100mAh IP68 64MB
Xiaomi Amazfit Bip 1.28 inch 190mAh IP68 128MB

Below $500

4. Fossil Sport Smart Watch ($217.86)

Best smartwatches Fossil Sport
(Credit: Fossil Youtube)

An ultra-lightweight Sport watch, the Fossil Sport Smart Watch (available on Fossil Singapore Official Store) is a great choice if you’re a fitness lover! Able to survive and track your swims with a waterproof rating of 5ATM, it also comes in an aluminium body that is durable with silicone straps that are sweat-resistant. What’s great about the Sport is the wide range of colours available, with silicone straps that are easily interchangeable to suit every different occasion! You are also able to customise the watch faces with different styles, or even set your favourite pictures as your watch wallpaper.

The watch comes pre-installed with Google Fit, that gives you the option to track different types of exercise, from Rock Climbing to Mediating, and even stair climbing! The app also allows you to track your sleep and body measurements such as your weight – particularly useful if you’re on a mission to lose or gain weight!

5. Huawei GT 2 Smart Watch ($159.00 – $229.00)

best smart watch singapore huawei gt active elegant edition
(Credit: Huawei)

We can’t help but agree that the Huawei GT 2 Smart Watch (available on newbox.sg) has got to be one of the most stylish smart watches we’ve seen on the market! To cater to different users, Huawei has introduced two versions of the GT 2 smart watch — the active and classic edition. The active edition is designed for sports enthusiasts with silicone straps. Meanwhile, the classic edition is kept light and sleek with elegant straps. Both have a wide variety of in-built health apps to complement your fitness routine.

This is the best smart watch in Singapore for those who care about their device’s display. Featuring a double crown AMOLED screen paired with ceramic bezel and stainless steel shell, everything just looks incredibly sharp and beautiful on the Huawei GT 2 smart watch. Lasting one to two weeks with typical use, the battery on this device is commendable too. To top it off, the smart watch is also water-resistant and has an altitude barometer for mountaineering. However, those hoping to download third-party apps on the device will be disappointed as the Huawei GT smart watch runs on its own LightOS software and doesn’t support third-party features. 

6. Fitbit Versa ($316.00)

best smart watch singapore fitbit versa unisex
(Credit: Bizgramsg Official Store -“Your Trust It Partner”)

When it comes to searching for the best smart watch in Singapore, we must not skip the legendary Fitbit Versa (available on Bizgramsg Official Store -“Your Trust It Partner”). Marrying a fitness tracker and a watch into one, the Fitbit Versa is probably the best smart watch for active individuals. 

The Fitbit Versa focused all its resources in perfecting the fundamental basics. It’s amazingly compact and lightweight on the wrist. The device excels as a fitness tracker substitute with its countless sensors and monitors to record daily activity stats — think steps, calories burned, sleep, heart rate and more. But the Fitbit Versa doesn’t stop here, it takes things one step further by organising your daily activity stats to advice on what you can do to improve your lifestyle. 

7. Fossil Hybrid HR Smart Watch ($349 – $389)

Best smartwatches singapore Fossil Singapore Hybrid HR
(Credit: Fossil Singapore Official Store)

If you’re into the whole concept of smart watches but can’t give up your love for the analogue format, why not get a hybrid analogue smart watch? The Fossil Hybrid HR Smart Watch series comes in different designs, with the Collider Hybrid HR (available on Fossil Singapore Official Store) series catering to the men, and the Charter Hybrid HR (available on Fossil Singapore Official Store) series perfect for the ladies.

With a minimalistic design, the Fossil Hybrid HR Smart Watches provides you with your essential notifications, and the ability to track your steps, heart rate and even your sleep patterns too! Unlike other smart watches with a touch screen, the Hybrid has three pusher buttons at the side for you to navigate the watch with which you can set shortcuts to access your favourite apps or control your music.

8. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 ($258.00- $308.00)

best smart watch singapore samsung galaxy watch active 2 silver
(Credit: Samsung Official Store)

Samsung is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to electronic devices and its smart watches are no exception. If you’re torn between a smart watch that focuses too much on the health aspect and one that tries too hard to replace your smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 (available on hitecmobile) strikes the best balance. 

Aside from the usual sports modes and fitness tracking apps, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 also contains a built-in Spotify and YouTube app so you can access your favourite entertainment on your wrist anytime, anywhere. Additionally, it can also track your stress level and provide suitable breathing exercises to help calm your nerves and improve mental well-being.

This is also the best smart watch in Singapore for those who enjoy maximum customisation on their device. By connecting to the Samsung app on your smartphone, you can upload a picture from your gallery and the smart watch will create a watch face out of it! 

Smart watch Model Screen size Battery Waterproof grade Memory
Fossil Sport Smart Watch 41mm or 43mm 350mAh 5 ATM 4GB
Huawei GT Smart Watch 1.39 inch (Active edition) / 1.2 inch (Elegant edition) 420mAh (Active edition) / 215mAh (Elegant edition) 5 ATM 32MB (Active edition) / 16MB (Elegant edition)
Fitbit Versa 1.34 inch 145mAh 5 ATM 4GB
Fossil Hybrid HR 1.06-inch always-on “read-out” e-ink display CR2430 Coin Cell Battery (4-6 months) 3 ATM 16MB
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 1.4 inch 340mAh 5 ATM 4GB

Above $500

9. Fossil Gen 5 Julianna Smart Watch ($509.00)

fossil gen 5 julianna diamond
(Credit: Fossil Singapore Official Store)

Looking for the best smart watch in Singapore for your girlfriend, sister or mum? It’s hard to go wrong with the classy Fossil Gen 5 Julianna Smart Watch (available on Fossil Singapore Official Store)! And we’re not saying this just because the watch face is lined with sparkling diamonds, but also because this smart watch has many useful functions that your loved one will appreciate. 

It has built-in speakers and microphone, allowing you to take advantage of Google Assistant for your daily tasks — setting reminders, checking traffic conditions and most importantly, creating voice-to-text messages. You can even type on the smart watch and pick up calls directly on the device! What we like the most is the ability to download third-party apps, making this an almost complete substitute to your smartphone if you’re able to look past the small screen. 

10. Skagen Falster 3 Smart Watch ($509.00)

(Credit: skagen_singapore)

While the Fossil Gen 5 Julianna Smart Watch will melt any lady’s heart, the Skagen Falster 3 Smart Watch (available on Skagen Singapore Official Store) is a no-brainer for gentlemen looking for a new wrist accessory. The minimalistic and subtle design makes this piece absolutely versatile for office or activewear. 

More impressively, there’s a built-in NFC function with Google Pay on the watch. All you need to do is connect the device up with a credit card and you’re good for contactless payments! Additionally, you can also reply to messages and browse your social media profiles easily on the Falster 3.

This smart watch may not look like it’s built for exercising, the device actually includes several health apps and even a built-in GPS so you no longer need to hold onto your phone while running. Not to mention it also has an interactive, swim-proof touchscreen and a range of Wear OS by Google™ smart features like heart-rate tracking.  However, battery life isn’t the best on the Falster 3 smartwatch so daily charging is necessary to keep it going.

11. Garmin Fenix 6X ($1,399.00)

 garmin fenix 6x black outdoor
(Credit: pearlblue tech Pte Ltd)

If you’re an outdoor junkie, the Garmin Fenix 6X (available on pearlblue tech Pte Ltd) is the best smart watch in Singapore to bring along on your expeditions. Built for adventures, the Fenix 6X has a larger watch face than the Garmin Fenix 6S (available on garmin.sg) and even comes with a built-in music storage, maps and Wi-Fi support. 

Speaking of maps, Garmin Fenix 6X doesn’t just feature the standard GPS function you can easily access on your phone or other smart watches. The device packs topographic maps that include over 20,000 ski maps and 41,000 golf course maps so you can optimise your routes wherever you may be. Worried about battery life? The Garmin Fenix 6X is designed with a Power Glass that spreads on top of the 1.4 inch display and acts like a solar panel. Thus, while the built-in battery can last about 21 days, the solar charging can add three more days to your battery life as long as it’s exposed to the sun for at least three hours a day. 

Smart Watch model Screen size Battery Waterproof grade Memory
Fossil Gen 5 Julianna Smart Watch 1.28 inch 310mAh 3 ATM 8GB + 1GB
Skagen Falster 2 Smart Watch  1.19 inch 300mAh 5 ATM 4GB
Garmin Fenix 6X 1.4 inch Approx. 400mAh and Power Glass solar charge 10 ATM 32GB


Now that you’ve got the best smart watch in Singapore on your wrist, you may want to hook it up with these useful fitness apps and get ready to work those muscles at one of your favourite 24-hour gyms! More of an outdoorsy person? Check out our guide on some of the best running shoes for men that is great for running under the sun!

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great shopee sale gss 2022 6.6 7.7
great shopee sale gss 2022 6.6 7.7
great shopee sale gss 2022 6.6 7.7
great shopee sale gss 2022 6.6 7.7