Ain’t No Mountain High Enough For These 5 Mountain Bikes

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As the defacto choice for cruising through unpaved paths, the best mountain bikes allow you to explore the wild side of off-road cycling! Whether you’re ploughing through steep dirt paths or bracing yourself for downhill freeriding, mountain bikes differentiate themselves by having exceptional durability and ruggedness to handle any challenge. From wide tyres for added stability to flat handlebars for more precise steering, a good mountain bike lets you pilot it with ease. Want to know how a mountain bike differs from a standard city bike? Read on for the key differences and mountain bike brands to check out!

Mountain bike vs city bike differences

Mountain Bikes City Bikes
Optimal for cycling on rugged trails Optimal for cycling on pavements
Wider tyres with knobby treads for added grip Narrow tyres for minimal surface contact
Hefty, robust frames meant to absorb crashes Lightweight frames that prioritise speed
Raised seats for added pedaling power Raised handlebar for upright cycling comfort

Best mountain bikes for 2021 to go trail riding with

1. Giant MTB Bike XTC Adv 3

giant mtb bike xtc adv 3 best mountain bikes
(Credit: Tay Junction Official Store)

Ask any experienced riders about the best mountain bikes around and they’ll likely point you to Giant bikes. Specifically, they’ll recommend Giant’s MTB Bike XTC Adv 3 (available on Tay Junction Official Store)! With its lightweight composite frame that enhances lateral stiffness, you’ll be pedalling to your heart’s content as you take advantage of the improved stability resulting from this increased stiffness. This results in increased power as the bike gives you that edge needed for swift lap timings. From scooting up steep climbs to zipping through singletracks, you can rely on the superior build of Giant bikes that’ll promise smoother and faster rides.

2. Trek Marlin 5 Hardtail 29er

29er trek marlin 5 hardtail best mountain bikes
(Credit: Retail_sg)

New to the world of mountain biking and want to get your feet wet with cheap mountain bikes? In addition to equipping yourself with the right bicycle accessories, you should also give the Trek Marlin 5 Hardtail 29er (available on Retail_sg) a go! As the perfect mountain bike for beginners, the Marlin 5 Hardtail helps riders nail the foundations of pumping and jumping. These are both essential skills that’ll help riders navigate the bumpy ride of a dirt trail. In addition to being one of the best cheap mountain bikes around, did we also mention you’ll save plenty on maintenance with these trek bicycles? With minimal moving parts and bearings, you won’t have to fret about costly repairs anytime soon.

3. Begasso 24 Speeds Foldable Mountain Bike

begasso 24 speeds foldable best mountain bikes
(Credit: D-Tech)

Short on space and cash? You’ll love cheap mountain bikes like the Begasso 24 Speeds Foldable Mountain Bike (available on D-Tech)! Given the compact nature of foldable mountain bikes, Begasso bicycles are certainly worth owning in Singapore homes. Whether you’re storing it in the storeroom or bringing your bike on board public transport, this cheap mountain bike prioritises your convenience so you’re able to travel with it on-the-go. Like most best mountain bikes, you’ll be using Shimano gear shifters and derailleurs that guarantee durability and reliability in the long run!

4. Raleigh Mountain Bike GT800

raleigh mountain bike GT800 best mountain bikes
(Credit: GCycle)

Raleigh bicycles are trusted for their quality builds and reliable frames. With their wealth of experience in bicycle builds, it’s no surprise that Raleigh’s Mountain Bike GT800 (available on GCycle) has made it to our list of best mountain bikes. Checking all the boxes in terms of speed and control, the GT800 has 27 speeds to make quick work of bumpy roads and disc brakes that grant you increased stopping power. This offers terrific value for money despite its cheap mountain bike price tag! We also love how Raleigh gave the GT800 a classy edge with its sleek aluminium frame that keeps the mountain bike nimble, sturdy and yet classy.

5. KHS Tempe TNG600

khs tempe tng600 best mountain bikes
(Credit: Sports Unlimited Singapore)

The best mountain bikes are the ones that let you nail the fastest trail timings while pushing the bike’s limits! The KHS Tempe TNG600 (available on Sports Unlimited Singapore) focuses on the cross-country racing aspect of mountain biking. This means lesser vibration dampening and more emphasis on boosting pedaling power. One notable difference for cross country mountain bikes is how the saddle is raised up to be higher than the flat handlebars. The end result is KHS bikes with frames that let you effortlessly deal with steep inclines and declines as you breeze through.

Reliable mountain bikes to conquer any terrain

From racing-oriented cross-country models to ones that prioritise convenience, you’ll be spoilt for choice with our array of premium and cheap mountain bikes for sale. We hope our shortlist has helped you find the one that caters to your individual skill level of trail riding and cruising downhill. Interested in other types of bicycles? Consider buying a city bike in Singapore for daily commuting! Alternatively, you can also get your kids involved with these best bicycles for kids.