Pedal To The Beat At Home With These 7 Best Spinning Bikes In Singapore

Pedal to the Beat with these Spinning Bikes in Singapore
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The upbeat tunes, the flashing lights, the constant encouragement — nothing quite matches the intensity and fun of a group spin cycle session! Meshing the satisfaction of a completed workout with the fun of cycling, you’ll feel your calories burning up as you pedal to the music’s beats with fellow riders. Still not comfortable with the idea of sweating it out on a bike in an enclosed space? Why not bring the experience home? From comfortable recumbent bikes to full-scale spinning bikes, here’s our guide to identifying the best spinning bikes for you, along with some of the top spinning bikes for home use in Singapore!

Type of spinning bikes Benefits
Upright bikes
  • Offers a full body workout by engaging your core and arm muscles
  • Most affordable
  • Adjustable resistance levels
Recumbent bikes
  • Comfortable seat and backrest
  • Easier on your joints
Spinning bikes
  • Allows for sitting and standing workouts
  • Mimics real-life racing bike movements

Bikes that promise a bang for your buck under $500

1. Xiaomi Yesoul M1-Pro ($449)

xiaomi yesoul smart spinning bikes singapore
(Credit: 131Express)

First on our list of affordable spinning bikes is none another than a sleek and stylish one. Yes, it’s the Xiaomi Yesoul M1-Pro (available on 131Express)! Beneath its sleek aesthetics, you’ll love how the Yesoul M1-Pro maximises your indoor cycling experience. Afraid this spin bike will cause excessive noise? Don’t fret — the spinning bike adopts a magnetic resistance system that promises noise-free operation! Compared to conventional direct contact resistance, this allows the bike to operate smoothly without worrying about underwhelming resistance or regular maintenance. This feature combined with over 3000 workouts on the bike’s app makes this bike a great value-for-money alternative to mainstream competitors.

2. OTO Row Bike ($388)

oto row bike spinning bikes singapore
(Credit: Oto SG Official Store)

If you thought indoor cycling in Singapore is all about lower body strength, then OTO’s Row Bike (available on Oto SG Official Store) will certainly change your mind! Combining the intensity of cycling with a strength-building exercise like rowing, the Row Bike does a fantastic job of activating multiple muscle groups and increasing your calorie burn. From engaging the arm muscles with an underhand grip to toning your back with a wide grip, active riders will adore how the OTO forces you out of your usual cardiovascular comfort zone. Convinced only with numbers? Just eight minutes on this dual-exercise machine can burn up to 100 calories!

3. Desk Stationary Exercise Bike ($259)

desk stationary exercise bike spinning bikes singapore

Tired of conventional spinning bike designs in Singapore? The desk stationary exercise bike (available on will be perfect for you as it ups your multitasking game! Aside from offering a silent flywheel and ergonomic seating, it also includes a desk. While high intensity spin class purists might scoff at such a feature, the desk stationary exercise bike is certainly handy for users who wish to keep their limbs active while working from home. With enough space to hold a laptop and mousepad, the sturdy desk is perfect for multitaskers looking to squeeze in a brief cycling session. 

4. Sejan Indoor Stationary Bike ($217.29)

Sejan Indoor Spinning Bike
(Credit: Easonkeji SG)

If you’re unable to attend your favourite spin class, why not recreate your own with one of the most affordable spinning bikes in Singapore like the Sejan indoor stationary spinning bike (available on Easonkeji)? This bike specialises in aerobic exercise, and has a triangular structure that ensures you’ll be the safest during your exercises! Though looking small, the Sejan indoor stationary spinning bike can hold up to 250kg, and allow up to 11kg of flywheel resistance weight! 

Spin in style with Spinning Bikes above $500

5. Adidas C-16 Bike ($938.90)

adidas c-16 spinning bikes singapore
(Credit: Sporting House)

With the recent hype around spin classes and indoor cycling in Singapore, even Adidas has hopped onto the bandwagon with their C-16 bike (available on Sporting House)! Adidas’ sleek three-stripe design helps this spinning bike stand out from its competition. With 24 different resistance levels and a hand pulse sensor, the Adidas C-16 bike is perfect for riders who demand challenging workouts while breaking a sweat. But that’s not all! Thanks to its built-in speakers and padded saddle, you can now rock out to your favourite workout music during your workouts too!

6. AIBI Upright Recumbent Bike AB-B165R ($1,155)

AIBI Recumbent Bike
(Credit: Aibi Singapore Official Store)

Whether you’ve recently recovered from an injury or want to reduce the strain on your joints and back, the AIBI’s upright recumbent bike AB-B165R (available on Aibi Singapore Official Store) will be your best bet! It’s one of the few spinning bikes in Singapore that combines elements of recumbent and upright bikes. Yes, you read that right! AIBI’s bike offers full back support for your spinning workouts! That way, you’re sure to cycle with a peace of mind and comfort!

7. Tunturi Endurance Performance Bike E60 ($1,190.40)

Tunturi e60
(Credit: Aibi Singapore Official Store)

If you don’t mind spending a little bit more to recreate your own spinning class, the Tunturi Performance E60 (available on Aibi Singapore Official Store) might be your best choice! Looking for a variety of workouts? The Tunturi E60 has 32 resistance levels and 21 programmes for you to choose from! And what’s more — its various exercising programmes have comprehensive functions and feedback for you after your workouts! You can also count on reaching your fitness goals, when customising your own workout through the bike’s wattage ergometer to train at your own pace.

Cycle indoors from the comfort of your home with these spinning bikes in Singapore

From recumbent bikes to upright bikes, we hope you’ll find the right bike variations to fit your indoor cycling needs! Need more recommendations on fitness equipment? Visit our page on stay home workout essentials to enjoy exclusive deals! Keen on supplementing your indoor cycling routine with additional strength training equipment? Read up on our guide to building your home gym to get started. Additionally, if you’re set on shedding those extra calories, check out our guide to getting six pack abs in just 4 weeks!

This article was updated on 02-09-2020. Additional research done by Lydia Ng.

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