21 Taiwanese Snacks You Don’t Have To Travel To Try

Waiting eagerly for Taiwan to be included in the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) list so you can head over for a feast? While we wait for good news, you can get a head start and satisfy your Taiwan snack cravings in Singapore! From the trending Formosa Chang lu rou fan (braised pork rice) to Kuai Kuai corn snacks that are highly recommended by our very own Taiwanese colleagues, discover popular Taiwan snacks in Singapore and where to buy them!

Best Taiwan sweet snacks in Singapore

1. I-Mei Dark Choc Hazelnut Crunchoco

i-mei dark choc hazelnut crunchoco where to buy taiwan snacks singapore
(Credit: Makan Pod)

Dark chocolate fans, look here! The I-Mei Dark Choc Hazelnut Crunchoco (available on Makan Pod) is a bittersweet dream come true. Embedded with hazelnut bits, the dark chocolate cookie gives a satisfying crunch with every bite. Each cookie is packed individually to ensure maximum freshness. This makes it easy to share this Taiwan snack in Singapore with your friends!

2. I-Mei Chocolate Puffs

i-mei chocolate puffs taiwan snack singapore
(Credit: Miss Foodie.TW)

Ask your fellow Taiwanese friends and they would tell you their favourite childhood snack of all time is the I-Mei Chocolate Puffs (available on Miss Foodie.TW)! These mini puffs are quite similar to our Hello Panda snack, except that the sweet chocolate cream is encased in a light and crispy pastry shell instead of a biscuit base. The bite-sized puffs can be easily enjoyed while you’re working or studying!

3. Kuai Kuai Corn Snack

kuai kuai corn snack where to buy taiwan snacks in singapore
(Credit: Miss Foodie.TW)

Here’s a popular Taiwan snack believed by locals to bring good luck! Introducing the Kuai Kuai Corn Snack (available on Miss Foodie.TW) which has earned itself a reputation of being an IT talisman. Translated into “Be Good”, Kuai Kuai Corn Snack — specifically the green packaging Creamy Coconut flavour — is believed to help ensure vital machines such as servers and ventilators operate without a hitch. The next time your computer is giving you issues, why not place a bag of Kuai Kuai corn snack on the machine to see if this yummy amulet works? Best bit — you can enjoy the snack once your computer kicks back on! 

4. Peacock Waffle Rolls

peacock waffle rolls taiwan snacks singapore
(Credit: Miss Foodie.TW)

Beat the summer heat with the Peacock Waffle Rolls (available on Miss Foodie.TW). Simply pop this Taiwan snack in Singapore into the fridge before serving for a cool treat on a warm day! The Peacock Waffle Rolls resemble an ice cream cone when chilled. The sweet and creamy custard cream melts instantly in your mouth, softening the crunchy waffle biscuit for an interesting mouthfeel. If you’re not one with a sweet tooth, try the coffee flavour instead for a mid-day snack. 

Best Taiwan savoury snacks in Singapore

5. I-Mei Egg Rolls

i-mei egg rolls savoury taiwan snack
(Credit: Wow So Cheap Snacks)

You don’t need to wait for Chinese New Year to snack on love letters. The I-Mei Egg Roll (available on Wow So Cheap Snacks) is similar to the classic love letters with its fragrant, paper-thin rolled wafer that cracks satisfyingly in your mouth. What makes this Taiwan snack in Singapore stand out is its variety of flavours. Pick from sesame or sesame butter flavour for a roasted, nutty taste or go for the original ones to savour the egg roll in its true glory. 

6. Chia Te Green Onion Nougat Cookie

chia te green onion nougat cookie taiwan snack in singapore
(Credit: Miss Foodie.TW)

Chia Te is an award-winning bakery in Taiwan most famous for its pineapple cakes and nougat cookies. If you’re wondering where to buy this Taiwan snack in Singapore, you’re in luck! The Chia Te Green Onion Nougat Cookies (available on Miss Foodie.TW) can be purchased online conveniently. This yummy Taiwan snack is made by sandwiching a piece of nougat candy in between two crispy soda onion crackers. The sweet-savoury combination is interesting (almost like a savoury dou jiang), and a good balance of crunch and chewiness!  

7. Want Want Boring Party Series Baker Crisps

want want boring party series baker crisps taiwan snack
(Credit: Taiwan Want Want Official Store)

Feeling bored, or simply craving for a quick pick-me-up while at work? The Want Want Boring Party Series Baker Crisps (available on Taiwan Want Want Official Store) is the only snack you need to keep your mouth occupied. This popular Taiwan snack in Singapore comes in a dome shape to enhance its crispiness, so every bite comes with an audible crunch! 

Pro Tip: Want to up your snack game? Put a slice of cheese on top of this dome-shaped cracker to enhance its roasted savoury flavour!

8. Buckwheat Salted Egg Yolk Cookies

buckwheat salted egg yolk cookies taiwan snack singapore
(Credit: Food People Official Store)

Trust Taiwan to come up with the trendiest snacks such as this Buckwheat Salted Egg Yolk Cookies (available on Food People Official Store). Riding on the popularity of salted egg everything, the salted egg yolk cookies have a crunchy texture with a subtle hint of umami flavour. It will sit well with foodies who don’t fancy an overwhelming salted egg flavour found in many snacks today. 

9. Koloko Pea Crackers

koloko pea crackers taiwan snack singapore
(Credit: Pepper Dreams)

Touted as one of the best Taiwan snacks in Singapore, the Koloko Pea Crackers (available on Pepper Dreams) is a snack that most Taiwanese would highly recommend. While the Kuai Kuai corn chips are loved for their light, airy texture, these pea crackers hold their shape well and are firmer to the touch. Perfect for snack-lovers who don’t fancy having crumbs all over the table! These spiral-shaped pea crackers come in a variety of flavours, such as pink salt, sour cream, seaweed and wasabi. 

10. Want Want Lonely God Vegetable Chips

want want lonely god vegetable chips healthier snack
(Credit: Jetmart Singapore)

Looking for healthier snack options? The Want Want Lonely God Vegetable Chips (available on Jetmart Singapore) is made from premium quality potato with vegetable seasoning for a less oily snack alternative. You wouldn’t mind being a ‘Lonely God’ when you have these vegetable chips — because who’d want to share such a tasty snack? 

11. Oyster Omelette Potato Chips

oyster omelette potato chips wall potato taiwan snack food
(Credit: 928 Grocery Store)

If you’re a fan of this mushroom-head singer who croons the most beautiful love ballads, you might want to try this Taiwan snack in Singapore that he endorses! The Wall Potato Chips Oyster Omelet Flavor (available on 928 Grocery Store) is flavoured like an oyster omelette, a classic Taiwanese dish. The bold flavour of soy sauce with a taste of the sea will transport you straight to the beautiful streets of Taiwan!

Best Taiwan pastries in Singapore

12. SunnyHills Pineapple Cake Tart

sunnyhills pineapple cake tart taiwan popular snack souvenir
(Credit: SunnyHills Official Store)

Ask your Taiwanese friends for snack recommendations and SunnyHills Pineapple Cake Tarts (available on SunnyHills Official Store) will surely make it to the list. The pineapple cake tarts, also known as feng li su, are famous for their organic sun-ripened golden pineapple paste that boasts a rich tangy-sweet flavour. The butter shell crumbles in the mouth, leaving the luscious pineapple jam filling which will surely awaken your senses with its full-bodied flavour. This Taiwan snack in Singapore makes for a great afternoon treat or even a gift for your in-laws!

Pro Tip: Give your pineapple cake tarts a light toast in the oven to enhance their flavour and enjoy this sweet indulgence with a cup of earthy Taiwan Oolong tea!

13. Tai Yang Tang Handmade Original Tai Yang Bing

tai yang tang handmade original tai yang bing sun cake taiwan snack singapore
(Credit: Food People Official Store)

Let’s be real, many of us look forward to the snacks that our friends or family bring back from their Taiwan trip. And among the pile of souvenirs, will surely be a few boxes of the popular tai yang bing

Tai yang bing, also known as sun cakes, are delicious pastries originating from Taichung, Taiwan. As its name suggests, sun cakes are perfectly round with a golden yellow flaky crust that resembles the look of the sun. The Tai Yang Tang Handmade Original Tai Yang Bing (available on Food People Official Store) is well known for being 100% handmade since the bakery started in 1954. The cakes have a thick buttery flaky crust that’s not overly dry. The malt filling is made from Tai Yang Tang’s special recipe and has a fragrant and subtly sweet flavour that will delight the palates of all ages. 

14. Saint Paul Q Cake

saint paul q cake pork floss mochi biscuit taiwan snack singapore
(Credit: Saint Paul Bakery)

Combining French pastry techniques with authentic Taiwanese flavours, the Saint Paul Q Cake (available on Saint Paul Bakery) is one of the most innovative Taiwan snacks in Singapore. The crusty biscuit-like case is peppered with sesame seeds which enhances the ‘cakes’ aroma. But the surprise lies beyond the case. What’s waiting inside is a four-tiered filling stuffed with dried shredded pork, salted egg, red bean paste and mochi. This interesting combination creates a unique medley of flavours and textures — from sweet to salty, tender to chewy. Trust us, one is never enough when it comes to these Saint Paul Q Cakes. 

Pro Tip: The pastry tastes even better when reheated in the oven!

15. Yi Zhi Xiang Taiwan Castella Honey Cake

yi zhi xiang taiwan castella honey cake pastries taiwan snack singapore where to buy
(Credit: Food People Official Store)

There’s no better snack for tea time than the Yi Zhi Xiang Taiwan Castella Honey Cake (available on Food People Official Store). This pillowy-soft sponge cake is moist, airy and fluffy with a light honey fragrance. It does not contain any preservatives or oil, so you won’t be left with a greasy aftertaste. Prefer a stronger flavour? Check out the oolong tea, chocolate or pineapple variations.

Best Taiwan ready-to-cook food in Singapore

16. Formosa Chang Braised Pork Lu Rou Fan 

formosa change braised pork lu rou fan paste rice taiwan snack
(Credit: Miss Foodie.TW)

Aside from finding out where to buy Taiwan snacks in Singapore, many of us would also like to enjoy an authentic Taiwanese meal in the comfort of our homes. With the Formosa Chang Braised Pork Lu Rou Fan Paste (available on Miss Foodie.TW), you can savour the flavours of Taiwan wherever you are! Lu rou fan (Taiwanese braised pork rice bowl) is an iconic Taiwanese street food often enjoyed for its simple but comforting taste — the pork belly is meltingly soft, and the rice is often drenched in a savoury braising liquid! Enjoy a taste of true Taiwan flavour with this lu rou fan paste. Simply boil the packet (unopened) for five minutes, then pour the paste over a bowl of rice for a delectable meal! 

Pro Tip: Find it weird to get lu rou fan without slices of juicy pork belly? Use the paste to cook the meat for an authentic Taiwanese meal. 

17. Formosa Chang Shredded Chicken

formosa chang shredded chicken rice side dish taiwan snack ready to cook
(Credit: Miss Foodie.TW)

Not keen on the greasiness of Lu Rou Fan? Perhaps the Formosa Chang Shredded Chicken (available on Miss Foodie.TW) will be a better choice. This ready-to-cook food pouch contains shredded chicken breast marinated in fragrant chicken essence and oil for an appetising meal that’s easy to whip up — especially during busy work from home days. It is a healthier choice as it does not contain fatty chicken skin. In addition, it makes for a great rice topper for kids as it’s completely boneless! 

18. Formosa Chang Stewed Bamboo Shoots

formosa change stewed bamboo shoots side dish taiwan snack singapore where to buy
(Credit: Miss Foodie.TW)

You don’t have to rack your brain for dinner when you’ve got the Formosa Chang Stewed Bamboo Shoots (available on Miss Foodie.TW). The tender bamboo shoots are marinated in a signature sauce to enhance their sweet and appealing taste. Serve it with rice or enjoy it as a side dish with a simple bowl of noodles — it’s hard to go wrong with this simple yet divine dish!

Best Taiwan drinks in Singapore

19. 3:15 PM Carved Straight Fire Oolong Rose Tea

3:15 Pm ccarved straight fire oolong rose tea taiwan beverage
(Credit: 3:15PM Anytime Anywhere)

Taiwan is a food paradise that’s also famous for its tea — specifically, high mountain teas. With ideal climates and soil quality for premium tea production, tea from Taiwan is known for its pleasant aromatic fragrance and clean taste. Have a sip of the 3:15 PM Carved Straight Fire Oolong Rose Tea (available on 3:15PM Anytime Anywhere) for a midday pick-me-up. The floral oolong tea smells like a delightful garden of roses with a subtly sweet taste. In addition, there are many health benefits to rose oolong teas. It helps to boost your metabolism rate, improve skin conditions and is rich in antioxidants to improve heart health. 

20. Jin Man Tang Brown Sugar Ginger Tea

jin man tang brown sugar ginger tea taiwan
(Credit: Food People Official Store)

Pigged out on too many delicious Taiwan snacks and want to get rid of the greasiness? The Jin Man Tang Brown Sugar Ginger Tea (available on Food People Official Store) is here to your rescue! A warm cup of brown sugar ginger tea can not only help to cleanse your palate, but also alleviate cold symptoms. In addition, it is beneficial for those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, digestion problems and menstrual discomfort. The Jin Man Tang Brown Sugar Ginger Tea is a must-have in any food pantry!

21. Pai Chia Chen Apple Fruit Vinegar Drink

(Credit: Food People Official Store)

Time to treat yourself to the Pai Chia Chen Apple Fruit Vinegar Drink (available on Food People Official Store) that is both delicious and packed full of goodness. This drink serves as a good sources of potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium that also offers a wide range of health benefits from lowering risk of heart diseases and diabetes to promoting good gut bacteria and lowering the risk of cancer. 

Stock up on these Taiwan snacks in Singapore without leaving your home

There’s no need to wonder where to buy Taiwan snacks in Singapore, because they are all available conveniently online! From chips to pastries and teas, we hope these yummy goodies will tide you through until the borders are open again. Can’t get enough of Taiwanese cuisines? Don’t forget to pop by these restaurants in Singapore that serve authentic Taiwanese food. Craving for more global delights? Check out these popular Japanese snacks, Korean snacks and Chinese snacks!

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