11 Mooncake Brands With Home Delivery This Mid-Autumn Festival 2021

mooncake delivery singapore starbucks baker's oven next day delivery
(Credit: Starbucks Official Store, Peach Garden Official Store)

Queueing for mooncakes are a thing of the past. Avoid the crowd and have your mooncakes delivered straight to your doorstep with convenient mooncake delivery services! From top hotels Mid-Autumn gift sets to mooncakes from popular bakeries, check out our list of places for mooncake delivery in Singapore. Psst, some even offer next day delivery — perfect for impatient mooncake lovers!

Next day mooncake delivery in Singapore

1. Golden Moments

golden moments hazelnut mao shan wang mooncake delivery singapore
(Credit: Golden Moments Singapore)

What comes to your mind when you hear of Golden Moments? Durians, of course! While Golden Moments offer durian delivery services, they’ve also joined in the Mid-Autumn festive fun with mooncake delivery in Singapore! Packing their star products into chewy snowskin, you’ll find it hard to resist the Golden Moments MSW Mooncake Bundle (available on Golden Moments Singapore). The bundle contains their signature Mao Shan Wang durian snowskin mooncake, Docello hazelnut mao shan wang snowskin mooncake and golden QQ. Not a durian fan? Check out their Golden Moments Classic Pandan Snowskin Mooncake (available on Golden Moments Singapore) with fragrant pandan lotus paste and white chocolate truffles that melts right in your mouth!

Next day mooncake delivery is available with Golden Moments. All you have to do is to indicate your preferred date and time in the message column when placing your order from this best mooncake brand!

Mooncake delivery in Singapore:
30 August – 21 September 2021
11am – 4pm, 2pm – 8pm

2. Bee Cheng Hiang 

bee cheng hiang chess mini mooncakes
(Credit: Bee Cheng Hiang Official Store)

Our favourite bak kwa brand has jumped on the bandwagon and launched the Bee Cheng Hiang Chess Mooncake Plain Lotus (available on Bee Cheng Hiang Official Store) that’s both aesthetic and yummy! Held in a luxurious gold gift box are nine mini traditional baked skin mooncakes of plain lotus flavour. Each mooncake is shaped like a chess piece and makes for a great gift for Chinese chess lovers. Get them delivered with next day mooncake delivery for your relatives and colleagues today!

Mooncake delivery in Singapore:
6 August – 17 September 2021
8am – 10pm

3. Mdm Ling Bakery

mdm ling bakery lavalicious mooncake delivery singapore
(Credit: Mdm Ling Bakery)

Another best mooncake brand that offers next day delivery is Mdm Ling Bakery. You can always count on Mdm Ling Bakery to produce some of the freshest bakes at affordable prices. This Mid-Autumn Festival 2021, something special is baking in the bakery. What is it? It’s the Mdm Ling Bakery x Shopee Brand Box – Limited Edition Exquisite Beaute Mid-Autumn Mooncakes Suitcase Gift Set (available on Mdm Ling Bakery)! Housed in a retro gold suitcase, you’ll be impressed to find a bunch of Mid-Autumn goodies from white lotus mooncake to pineapple balls and butter cookies. Did we mention that there’s also a Kinohimitsu bird nest set included in this awesome deal? At less than $150, this is unmistakably one of the best last-minute Mid-Autumn festival gifts for your loved ones!

great shopee sale gss 2022 6.6 7.7
great shopee sale gss 2022 6.6 7.7
great shopee sale gss 2022 6.6 7.7
great shopee sale gss 2022 6.6 7.7

Mooncake delivery in Singapore:
25 August – 21 September 2021

4. SunnyHills 

sunnyhills pineapple cake salted egg custard mooncake traditional
(Credit: SunnyHills Official Store)

SunnyHills may be famous for their pineapple tarts, but they are also one of the best mooncake brands to keep a lookout for this year. Some noteworthy SunnyHills mooncakes include the SunnyHills Salted-Egg Custard Pineapple Mooncake (available on SunnyHills Official Store) which contain the same pure pineapple goodness found in their pineapple tarts. If you’re looking for something different, we suggest treating your taste buds to a gastronomical experience with the Coconut Snowskin D24 Durian Mooncake by FORBIDDEN (available on SunnyHills Official Store). They are sure to please any durian and coconut shake fans!

Mooncake delivery in Singapore:
25 August – 17 September 2021

2-5 days mooncake delivery in Singapore 

5. Chng Kae

chng kae mao shan wang mooncake mahjong delivery porcelain blue
(Credit: ChngKae.sg)

Chng Kae is providing fast mooncake delivery in Singapore within a matter of days — just in time for your next mahjong match with your kakis! Amp up your winning luck with the Chng Kae Mao Shan Wang Snowskin Durian Mooncake (available on ChngKae.sg) encased in the four wind tiles. Prefer a more alcoholic indulgence? Try the Chng Kae Mini Champagne Truffle (available on ChngKae.sg) instead!

Mooncake delivery in Singapore:
27 August – 20 September 2021
10am – 2pm, 3pm – 7pm

6. Gin Thye

gin thye 97.2fm mediacorp yu jian huang chong lava baked mooncake
(Credit: Gin Thye)

No list of the best mooncake brands for delivery in Singapore is complete without mentioning Gin Thye, a renowned traditional bakery recognised by the National Heritage Board of Singapore. When ordering from Gin Thye, be sure to add their Gin Thye Teo Chew Flaky Yam Mooncake (available on Gin Thye) to cart — afterall, traditional Asian pastries are what they do best! If you’re an avid listener of LOVE 97.2FM, you’ll be excited to know that Gin Thye is collaborating with the radio channel to launch the Gin Thye x 972 FM x Mediacorp Yu Jian Huang Chong Lava Baked Mooncakes (available on Gin Thye) with a delectable gooey centre!

Mooncake delivery in Singapore:
Delivers in five days

7. Tong Heng

tong heng specialty shopee set traditional mooncake delivery singapore
(Credit: Tong Heng)

From the creators of the famous diamond-shaped egg tarts come the Tong Heng Specialty Shopee Set (available on Tong Heng). Offering mooncake delivery in Singapore, Tong Heng makes festive gifting even easier this year with this all-in-one gift set. You’ll find an assortment of mooncake flavours in this set, including mixed nuts, chestnut with sour plum and matte black sesame mooncakes. While next day delivery is available, it is subjected to availability. The average delivery time is one to three days, so we suggest planning ahead if you’re preparing these mooncakes as a gift.

Mooncake delivery in Singapore:
Delivers in three days
10am – 2pm, 3pm – 7pm

8. Starbucks

starbucks snowskin mooncake gift box coffee
(Credit: Starbucks Official Store)

What’s a Starbucks mooncake without some caffeine in it? The Starbucks Snowskin Mooncake Gift Box (available on Starbucks Official Store) is highlighted by the Starbucks Coffee with Caramel & Hazelnut mooncake, specially designed for coffee lovers. There are also other unique variations to go along, including ondeh ondeh, mango yuzu and salted caramel dark chocolate mooncakes. 

Mooncake delivery in Singapore:
Delivers in 5 working days

Beyond 5 days mooncake delivery in Singapore

9. Peach Garden

peach garden mala paste assorted nuts baked mooncake red
(Credit: Peach Garden Official Store)

Fancy a tongue-numbing, sweat-inducing Mid-Autumn delight? Peach Garden has got you covered with their legendary Premium Mala Paste Mooncake with Assorted Nuts (available on Peach Garden Official Store). Whoo, spicy! The mooncake skin is uniquely created with beetroot which earthy taste complements all the spices within. Not into mala creations? Try the Peach Garden Snowskin Mooncake Deluxe Combination (available on Peach Garden Official Store) with fun flavours like milk tea paste with peanut butter truffle and rose paste with champagne truffle. 

Mooncake delivery in Singapore:
1 August – 21 September 2021
10am – 2pm, 3pm – 7pm

10. Baker’s Oven

baker's oven emperor assortment baked skin mooncakes delivery singapore
(Credit: Baker’s Oven)

Think low sugar mooncakes are not as tasty? Think again! Baker’s Oven is one of the best mooncake brands for delicious low sugar mooncake delivery in Singapore. Whether it’s the double yolk, white lotus paste or red bean paste with melon seeds, Baker’s Oven Emperor Assortment Mooncakes (available on Baker’s Oven) are freshly baked to perfection with subtly sweet flavours for a guilt-free indulgence. 

Mooncake delivery in Singapore:
From 16 August
2pm – 6pm

11. The Connoisseur Concerto (TCC)

tcc d'vine collection mini snowskin mooncakes alcoholic best mooncake brand
(Credit: tcc – The Connoisseur Concerto)

Not going to lie, but alcoholic mooncakes can be quite pricey. Thankfully, we can always turn to The Connoisseur Concerto for reasonably prices boozy mooncakes! The TCC D’VINE Collection Mini Snowskin Mooncakes (available on tcc – The Connoisseur Concerto) come with eight dainty mooncakes — half of them are alcoholic and half of them are not. This versatile combination works perfectly well when shared among your family and friends with different tastes. Some notable flavours include the aromatic coffee baileys, smoky matcha whiskey, zesty honey lemon and invigorating truffle yam. 

Mooncake delivery in Singapore:
30 August – 21 September 2021
10am – 2pm, 3pm – 7pm

Secure your treats from these mooncake delivery places in Singapore

Want to see an unboxing of these sweet treats? Check out our video review of these unique mooncakes!

With so many convenient mooncake delivery places in Singapore, you may be spoilt for choice. As this is a once-in-a-year affair, we suggest going all out and splurging on the best snowskin mooncakes and traditional mooncakes to satisfy your Mid-Autumn cravings. Aside from mooncakes, this festive season is also about lanterns. Make some DIY lanterns with the kids to get them hyped up for the special occasion!

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great shopee sale gss 2022 6.6 7.7
great shopee sale gss 2022 6.6 7.7
great shopee sale gss 2022 6.6 7.7
great shopee sale gss 2022 6.6 7.7