9 Sweet & Savoury Shanghai Mooncakes To Indulge In

box of six shanghai mooncakes in a red box with prints

If you’re a fan of traditional pastries like tau sar piah and wife pastry, chances are you’ll enjoy Shanghai mooncakes. What sets them apart from traditional baked and snowskin mooncakes is its signature shortcrust pastry, which gives it a crumbly and buttery texture. While you can expect usual suspects like lotus paste and red bean fillings encased within, Shanghai mooncakes are also known to come in flavours like sambal and even pork floss for that savoury kick. Need recommendations on where to get them? Read on for our lowdown on where to get the best Shanghai mooncake in Singapore!

What are Shanghai mooncakes?

shanghai mooncake with green tea paste and egg yolk center cut in half on a plate
(Credit: August Baking Studio)

Think mooncakes and you’d immediately picture golden brown traditional baked skin, lotus paste within, and embossed prints of Chinese characters on top. Either that, or colourful snowskin mooncakes. Shanghai mooncakes deviate from that with its buttery shortcrust pastry – which are similar to traditional Chinese pastries. In terms of fillings, you can find classic lotus paste, green bean paste, and red bean paste, as well as savoury options like sambal and pork floss.

Traditional mooncakes vs Shanghai mooncakes

Traditional baked mooncakes Shanghai mooncakes
  • Baked with plain flour covering
  • Chewy texture
  • Baked with flour, butter, and sugar 
  • Buttery and crumbly texture

Where to get the best sweet Shanghai mooncakes in Singapore

1. Gin Thye

gin thye shanghai mooncakes best shanghai mooncake in singapore
(Credit: Gin Thye Official)

Famous for traditional pastries like da lao bing and tau sar piah, Gin Thye is a brand you can trust to deliver some of the best Shanghai mooncakes in Singapore. The Gin Thye Shanghai Short Crust Mooncake (available on Gin Thye Official) comes in eight different flavours. This includes lotus paste, creamy Portuguese custard paste, a refreshing Yuzu paste, as well as rich red date paste. Enveloping these fillings is a crisp, buttery shortcrust pastry which complements these flavours perfectly. Each flavour comes in a pair – one with salted egg yolk and one without so you can get the best of both worlds. You can also try out the Gin Thye Double Pointed Mooncake (available on Gin Thye Official), which comes in Red Bean and White Bean Paste flavours. These Gin Thye mooncakes really cater to different tastes and preferences, which is why they’re the best Shanghai mooncakes for sharing amongst families in Singapore!

Shanghai mooncake delivery 2023:
Delivers in 2 – 3 days
$4.99 delivery, free shipping for orders above $30

2. Yong Sheng

yong sheng mooncake pie best shanghai mooncake in singapore
(Credit: Yong Sheng Singapore Official Store)

Take your mooncake tastings up a notch this Mid Autumn 2023 with the Award Winning Yong Sheng Mooncake Pie (available on Yong Sheng Singapore Official Store)! Their flaky pastry skin takes the cake for the best texture amongst other Shanghai mooncakes in Singapore, and it’s the reason why customers come back for more each year. These mooncake pies feature flavours like your classic lotus paste with egg yolk centre, as well as green tea lava that ooze out with each bite. Yam lovers can also indulge in the Chestnut Salted Egg flavour, which is sweet and savoury at the same time. Furthermore, these Yong Sheng mooncakes are halal-certified, so you can share them with your Muslim pals too. For the best enjoyment, we recommend popping them in the microwave or the oven for five minutes to savour them hot and fresh!

Shanghai mooncake delivery 2023:
Delivery available from 11 August 2023
$4.99 delivery fee

3. Kluang Yuen Fatt 

best shanghai mooncake in singapore Kluang Yuen Fatt Handmade Shanghai Mooncake
(Credit: Esmarties-Mall Spore)

The Kluang district is known to produce some of the best Shanghai mooncakes, even in Singapore, but you don’t have to drive all the way up North to get them. Available for delivery online in Singapore, the Kluang Yuen Fatt Handmade Shanghai Mooncake (available on Esmarties-Mall Spore) is sure to satisfy your mooncake cravings. Shaped like a mouse, or some say a fish, these Shanghai mooncakes are highly reviewed for their melt-in-your-mouth pastry and the not-so-sweet paste. You can get an assortment of red bean, lotus paste, and pandan paste filling – or choose to get one flavour only. You can even choose to get yours with or without egg yolk!  As they are freshly baked, it is recommended to consume them within two days for the best flavours. Thereafter, remember to keep them in the refrigerator for up to seven days!

Shanghai mooncake collection 2023:
$8 delivery, free shipping on orders above $60

4. Baker’s Oven

best shanghai mooncake in singapore Mini Walnut Crisp Mooncake
(Credit: Baker’s Oven Official Store)

Another frontrunner for the best Shanghai mooncakes you can get in Singapore – the Mini Walnut Crisp Mooncake (available on Baker’s Oven Official Store). Coupled with their fragrant, golden-brown pastry skin, the roasted Californian Walnuts and silky smooth white lotus paste of this Baker’s Oven mooncake are simply an explosion of flavour in one’s mouth. In fact, they’re also one of the best Halal options when it comes to Shanghai Mooncakes, which means that they can also be enjoyed by your Muslim friends and family! 

Shanghai mooncake collection 2023:
Delivery available from 18 August 2023
$4.99 delivery fee

5. Yan

Yan Thousand Layer Yam Mooncakes with Single Yolk
(Credit: Yan Official Store)

The Yan Thousand Layer Yam Mooncakes with Single Yolk (available on Yan Official Store) is one of the best Shanghai mooncakes to get in Singapore, if you’re looking for something that’s a blend between sweet and savoury. Get through the mildly-sweet yam paste, before getting surprised by the tantalising flavours of the golden egg yolk at the centre. Not only is this Yan mooncake a treat for your taste buds, it’s also a thing of beauty, with paper-thin pastry swirls that can be likened to a blossom. With the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, this Yan mooncake will be a good choice for a festive gift or just something tasty to share with family and friends!

Shanghai mooncake collection 2023:
Delivery available from 11 August to 29 September 2023
$25 delivery fee, free for orders above 100 boxes
*Self pick-up available

6. Hock Wong Singapore

Hock Wong HW Pandan Original Tambun Biscuit
(Credit: Hock Wong Singapore 福王)

If you’re looking for a fun-sized version of Shanghai mooncakes, look no further. On top of Bak Kwa and seafood snacks, Hock Wong is known for its chinese pastries, including this Hock Wong HW Pandan Original Tambun Biscuit (available on Hock Wong Singapore 福王). They’re lovely sweet treats that’s roughly the size of a ping pong ball, making it easy to carry on the go. These Hock Wong biscuits also come in two flavours – the original mung bean paste flavour, as well as a pandan flavour. That’s why they’re one of the best Shanghai mooncakes to get in Singapore!

Shanghai mooncake collection 2023:
Delivers in 2 – 4 days
$1.75 delivery
*Self pick-up available

Where to get the best savoury Shanghai mooncakes in Singapore

7. August Baking Studio

august baking studio mooncake giftset best shanghai mooncake in singapore
(Credit: August Baking Studio)

For mooncakes that check the box for both taste and aesthetics, you won’t go wrong with the ones from August Baking Studio. Known for offering a wide variety of mooncakes from the best yam mooncakes in Singapore to the best snowskin mooncakes in Singapore, they certainly don’t disappoint with their Shanghai mooncakes either. The Full Moon Shanghai Mooncake with Single Yolk (available on August Baking Studio) has sweet, earthy flavours like pandan, white lotus paste, and slightly more savoury ones like black sesame paste. It may sound odd, but together with the egg yolk within the mooncakes, the sweet and savoury flavours blend surprisingly well together. In addition, these mooncakes are handcrafted from scratch and baked fresh daily, so you can enjoy them at its best! 

Shanghai mooncake delivery 2023:
Delivery available from 26 August – 28 September 2023
$4.99 delivery, free shipping for orders above $120

8. Bite A Snack

Traditional Ching Han Guan Signature Biscuit
(Credit: biteasnack.sg)

Tired of Shanghai mooncakes only catering to sweet tooths? You salty tooths are in luck, as this Mid-Autumn 2023, we get to feast on the Traditional Ching Han Guan Signature Biscuit (available on biteasnack.sg)! These mooncakes are some of the best savoury alternatives for the red bean and lotus paste Shanghai mooncakes that are typically on sale in Singapore. In fact, they offer flavours like egg yolk with shredded pork and lotus, as well as bak kua. If it’s difficult for you to settle for just one, you can also choose to get a mix of all four flavours, including pandan and original pork floss

Shanghai mooncake delivery 2023:
Delivery available from 4 August 2023
$1 delivery, free for orders above $15

9. Tik’s Food

best shanghai mooncake in singapore Tik’s Food Flow Heart Crisp Pastry
(Credit: 「Tik’s Food 新食尚」🍬)

Savoury mooncakes are not the most common, least of all cheese-flavoured mooncakes. Well, we’ve sussed out this Tik’s Food Flow Heart Crisp Pastry (available on 「Tik’s Food 新食尚」🍬) for those who love everything salty and cheesy. This brand is one of the best shops to get savoury alternatives to Shanghai mooncakes in Singapore, among other less common but interesting flavours. Choose from egg yolk, durian, and cheese – there’s going to be something that’s going to take your taste buds for a ride! Simply heat it up in your microwave or oven for five minutes or so, and you’ll get a creamy, oozy pastry that just melts in your mouth.

Shanghai mooncake delivery 2023:
Delivery available from 8 August 2023
Free delivery

Savour the best Shanghai mooncake choices in Singapore this Mid-Autumn 2023

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This article was edited on 27 July 2023. Additional research done by Foo Pei Shi.