Cash In On These 9 Best Wallets For Men

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You may think a wallet to be a mere accessory – something to hold all your bills and coins, along with some cards. But in fact, they’re more than just that. There are bi-fold wallets, long wallets, key wallets and those that are specifically meant to only hold cards. That’s why we’ve done all of you a favour by putting a name on these different types of wallets. Just read on for some of the best men’s wallets in Singapore this 2023!

What are the different types of men’s wallets?

  • Bi-fold wallets

Mens Bi-Fold Wallet
(Credit: The Planet Traveller Official Store)

Bi-fold wallets are the go-tos when one is looking for the best men’s wallet. A bi-fold wallet comprises two sections that can be folded into half. They’re usually slimmer than tri-fold wallets while still boasting sufficient compartments for cards, bills and some even come with coin pockets! Being the most timeless choice, it’s easy to see how these bi-fold options are one of the best men’s wallets.

  • Long wallets

Long wallet
(Credit: Oxhide Leather Official Store)

Long wallets for men are sometimes referred to as a suit wallet, breast wallet or a coat wallet, since they fit nice and snug into one’s inner suit pockets. These wallets come with several card slots. But their main feature is a bill compartment that is long enough for cash to be kept flat. You’ll never have to worry about crumpling your cash again!

  • Money clip wallets

Men's Money Clip Wallet
(Credit: Gnome & Bow)

Money clip wallets are usually an adapted bi-fold wallet. Everything is similar and the only difference is the lack of a bill compartment since this is replaced with a money clip. All you have to do is to slot your bills behind the clip and you’re good to go! The clip holds the bills down securely. You can easily flip through them like a book to find the ones you need. You no longer have to fumble through your cash for that $2 note! These are one of the most preferred men’s wallets as they still have a slim design even with all the card slots available!

  • Credit card wallets

Men's Credit Card Wallets
(Credit: NOMAD Singapore Official Store)

The credit card wallets are one of the most minimalist wallets for men. They either have a couple of card slots or a main pocket for many cards to be stored. Some credit card wallets also have a small compartment for cash.

  • Key wallets

Men's Key Wallets
(Credit: Contact’s Leather Store)

Key wallets mainly have multiple hooks for keys to be stored easily. Some may come with a compartment for cash or a couple of card slots. These key wallets are one of the best wallets for men who like to keep things neat and organised. There is no need to worry about your keys scratching the phone in your pocket anymore!

Best men’s wallets in Singapore (2023): Bi-fold

1. Crossing Prime Bi-fold Nappa Leather Wallet

best men's wallets singapore Crossing Prime Bi-fold
(Credit: The Wallet Shop Official Store)

With tons of compartments for all your credit cards, gaming arcade cards and more, the Crossing Prime Bi-fold Wallet (available on The Wallet Shop Official Store) is positioned to be one of the best men’s wallets this 2023. There’s even a zipper section to keep all those coins safe and secure within. You won’t have to hastily dump the random change you get in your pocket when you have this bi-fold wallet in your arsenal! 

2. Timberland Matte Grain Leather Wallet

Timberland Matte Grain Leather Wallet
(Credit: Timberland Official Store)

Timberland boots, check. What about the best men’s wallet from the brand as well? The Timberland Matte Grain Leather Wallet (available on Timberland Official Store) is perfect for those who place an emphasis on style and quality. This Timberland is constructed with 100% goat leather that has a matte, textured finish. And while it may seem boring, being plain black on the outside, the wallet opens up to reveal a contrasting chocolatey brown colour that proves to impress. This fashion statement would be sure to leave a lasting impression, making a great Christmas gift this 2023!

Best men’s wallets in Singapore (2023): Long

3. POLO HILL’s Bi-Fold Long Wallet

POLO HILL’s Bi-Fold Long Wallet
(Credit: POLO HILL Official Store)

POLO HILL’s Bi-Fold Long Wallet (available on POLO HILL Official Store) is made with genuine cowhide, featuring a matte finish that is smooth to the touch. With a design philosophy driven by the continuous transformation of fashion trends, the brand is motivated to ensure everyone has the freedom of expression through quality fashion items. This leather wallet comes with 11 card slots and an inner zip compartment for you to store your loose change. Measuring 17.5cm by 8.5cm, the POLO HILL bi-fold long wallet is available in not just black, but brown as well. 

4. Tigernu Long Wallet

Tigernu Long Wallet
(Credit: Tigernu Official Shop)

Can’t decide whether to get a traditional wallet or just a money clip? How about an all-in-one? The Tigernu Long Wallet (available on Tigernu Official Shop) comes with several compartments and even a money clip. Measuring 18.5cm by 9cm, this is one of the best wallets for men who like to make sure their cash remains unfolded. It’s also long enough for you to fit your mobile phone! The Tigernu wallet is crafted with selected top cowhide material and comes with a 10-year warranty. Having specialised in manufacturing bags of the highest quality for 13 years, you don’t have to fret over whether it’s one of the best wallet brands for men. The Tigernu long wallet also comes in a gift box, making it the perfect Secret Santa gift.  

Best men’s wallets in Singapore (2023): Money clip

5. Bonia Cielo Money Clip Wallet

best men's wallets singapore Bonia Cielo Money Clip
(Credit: Bonia Singapore Official Store)

With almost half a century’s worth of bag-making experience under its belt, the Bonia Cielo Money Clip Wallet (available on Bonia Singapore Official Store) is about as fancy as you can get. With a premium and serious dedication to manufacturing excellence, the company delivers a chic and stylish accessory that’s a mark above the rest. It’s also available in three colour options: black, light grey and terracotta. You definitely won’t be at a loss as to what to get dad for Christmas this year!

6. Nixon Escape Bi-Fold Clip Wallet

Nixon Escape Bi-Fold Clip Wallet
(Credit: Nixon Singapore Official Store)

Who says you can’t switch things up without sticking to traditional wallets with folds? Some of the best men’s wallets are those that have special elements, like the Nixon Escape Bi-Fold Clip Wallet (available on Nixon Singapore Official Store)! A money clip has been integrated into this traditional bi-fold wallet to help you elegantly and effortlessly store your cash.

This Nixon wallet measures at 10.79cm by 8.25cm, and has a bill compartment as well. The Escape bi-fold clip wallet is designed with an embossed nylon interior and has a beautiful metal icon rivet at the front. Moreover, Nixon has produced premium lifestyle accessories since 1998, making it a no-brainer that they’re one of the best wallet brands for men. 

Best men’s wallets in Singapore (2023): For cards and keys

7. Herschel Oscar Large Cardholder

best men's wallets singapore Herschel Oscar Large Cardholder
(Credit: Herschel Singapore Official Store)

Other than backpacks and laptop bags, Herschel is a brand that’s known for having some of the best men’s wallet options in Singapore. Specifically, the Herschel Oscar Large Cardholder (available on Herschel Singapore Official Store) was made with security in mind. The card slots are “tight” enough so you won’t have to bother your mind with thoughts about whether any of them are falling out. Plus, this Herschel wallet has been reinforced with an RFID layer to keep all that vital information protected – no security flaw here!

8. MENSPE RFID Card Holder

best men's wallets singapore MENSPE RFID Card Holder

The MENSPE RFID Card Holder (available on is another frontrunner on this list While it also features RFID-blocking capabilities, this MENSPE wallet is more sought after because of its large capacity. There are compartments for all your cards and even a zipper section for coins. But on top of that is the large compartment that allows you to conveniently store your boarding pass, train tickets, and more. And in spite of it all, this MENSPE wallet maintains a slim profile that fits perfectly in your pocket! 

9. Valentino Rudy Saffiano Leather Key Holder

best men's wallets singapore Valentino Rudy Saffiano Leather Key Holder
(Credit: Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club Official Store)

Looking for a luxurious gift for someone special? The Valentino Rudy Key Holder  (available on Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club Official Store) is the way to go! Valentino’s priority for craftsmanship makes them one of the best men’s wallet brands. And this key holder is no different. Saffiano leather here makes the wallet one that’s water and scratch-resistant. In addition to functionality, the wallet also packs a punch in aesthetics. The Saffiano leather elevates this Valentino wallet into one that’s classy and timeless – perfect for your other half who appreciates style. 

Impress your man with the best men’s wallets in Singapore (2023)

With these best men’s wallets, we hope you find one that is perfect for your Secret Santa gift! For more wallet options, why not browse our full range of men’s wallets. If you’re looking for more gift inspiration, check out these Christmas gift ideas and our list of the best men’s perfumes

This article was updated on 29 November 2023. Additional research done by Caryn Tan.