Sneakers To Boots: 9 Casual Shoes For Men So You Can Walk The Talk

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Far from just a means to cover your feet, shoes in today’s fashion world can make or break an outfit! If you’re looking to give yourself that necessary edge, why not give casual shoes a shot? Excelling in both style and functionality, shopping for casual shoes for men can be rather confusing given the sheer variety of brands and types of footwear available! To get you started, here are a couple of our favourites!

Casual Shoes For Men – Brands You Have To Know

1. Adidas NMD

adidas nmd casual shoes for men
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With a staggering number of colourways and nods to previous Adidas sneaker models, Adidas NMDs are legendary in today’s pool of casual shoes for men. It’s also consistently in high demand among sneakerheads. The German designers refrained from making a carbon copy of past models. Instead, they incorporated elements from their Micro Pacer, Ultraboost and Primeknit models! Striking a perfect balance of quality materials with premium workmanship, NMDs feel as good as they look and are continually pushing creative boundaries by collaborating with fashion giants Chanel and Bape.

2. Vans Old Skool

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It’s impossible to talk about casual shoes for men without mentioning Vans Old Skool sneakers! Adored by fans for its affordability and sheer range of designs, this classic piece of skate wear debuted the famous Jazz Stripe. It’s perfect for guys who’re hunting for casual shoes for men while on a budget. Given their wide range of stylish colours and limited edition patterns, you’ll definitely find a pair that fits your dress style!

3. New Balance 754

new balance 754 casual shoes for men
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From minimalist designs to bold patterns, New Balance takes great pride in showcasing their best-selling pair of casual shoes for men! Investing in a pair of 574s will grant you a good balance of comfort and looking good as New Balance incorporates its proprietary ENCAP sole technology for increased support and stability along with a mix of suede leather and mesh to provide breathability and style. It’s no wonder fans have been rocking these shoes since its introduction in the 1980s!

4. Nike Flyknit Racer

casual shoes for men nike flyknit racers
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Renowned for their eye-catching design, Nike Flyknit Racers remain a popular choice when it comes to casual shoes for men among streetwear enthusiasts and runners! Featuring feet-hugging Flyknit material and a bold style that pairs well with joggers and denim, the Flyknit Racers will grant you an unmatched level of air flow and weightlessness. Regardless if you’re doing some light running or heading out to town, you’ll enjoy the comfort and versatility provided by one of Nike’s flagship shoe models!

5. Onitsuka Tigers Mexico 66

onitsuka tigers mexico 66 casual shoes for men bruce lee

First made popular by Bruce Lee in the hit film Game Of Death, Onitsuka Tigers’ Mexico 66s are a reissue of the company’s most popular shoe. Despite ever-changing shoe trends, the Onitsuka Tigers Mexico 66 remains a valid option when it comes to casual shoes for men because it retains its head-turning tiger stripes and timeless 1960s silhouette. From chinos and dress shirts to t-shirt and jeans, its minimalist build appeals to all ages and complements whatever look you’re going for.

6. Dr. Martens Boots

dr. martens boots casual shoes for men
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Sporting welted construction, smooth leather design and characteristic yellow stitching along the edges, Dr. Martens boots are a common sight among today’s streetwear enthusiasts! Given the brand’s rich history, the boots have garnered a large following over the years for their classy yet rugged aesthetic. Additionally, they’ve been praised for their unique air-cushioned ‘Bouncing Soles’ that guarantee comfort and give your feet the necessary support.

7. Adidas Stan Smith

adidas stan smith casual shoes for men
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Hailed as one of the most influential sneakers of all time, Adidas Stan Smiths have exploded in popularity recently and remains a respectable option in the world of casual shoes for men! Winning over the masses with its elegant lines and low profile design, the sneakers have even been endorsed by stars like Ellen Degeneres and Pharrell Williams. Since its reintroduction in 2014, numerous variations have popped up on the market, from suede and knit versions to navy and red colourways!

8. Timberland Boots

timberland wheat boots casual shoes for men
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From its humble construction boots beginnings, Timberland boots gained much of its mainstream popularity from hip hop legends like the Wu Tang Clan and Jay Z, who were big fans of the classic wheat boots. Every aspect screams high quality: from its use of heavy duty leather on the outside and soft glove leather on the inside to its complete waterproofing to shield your feet from the elements. Also, Timberland boots come with anti-fatigue insoles that are lined with leather so you’re guaranteed maximum comfort and protection when you choose to pay top dollar in the market of casual shoes for men!

9. FILA Disruptor II

fila disruptors 2 casual shoes for men

Contrary to today’s sneaker culture of slim silhouettes, the FILA Disruptor 2 stays true to its name by opposing such a trend with its retro inspired design! While such a chunky and outrageous appearance might polarise sneakerheads, it’s undeniable that the Disruptor 2 is built with quality in mind. The ultra thick rubber outsole grants wearers better grip and stability compared to normal sneakers while the midsole is designed to be both durable and lightweight. Overall, this would make a nice addition to any outdoor shoe collection given its reasonable price and unique aesthetic!


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