13 Things You Need For Your Workspace To Keep To Your “Stay Healthy” Resolution

13 Things You Need For Your Workspace To Keep To Your “Stay Healthy” Resolution

Let’s face it – “Staying Healthy” was one of your key new year’s resolution. But, with the insane number of hours we spend at work (According to MOM Stats, it’s 48.8 hours to be exact and nearly 40% of our working week spent just sitting at our work desk), it is difficult to allocate time and really “stay healthy”. Fortunately for you, we have scoured the Internet and here are 13 things that you can get for your “second home” that will help make it a healthier place.

  1. Fun fact! We all need 2 litres of water EVERY DAY. But more often than not, we fall short of this because we’re just too caught up with work to even walk to the pantry *no surprises here*. Get a 2.1l Aqua Optima Water Filter Jug today and help yourself stay hydrated and healthy!

    Aqua Optima Water Filter Jug
  2. We all know how the air in our offices and workspaces are dry (and also, filled with germs). Clean the air around you with this Essential Oil LED Humidifier. It even charges via USB, so plug it into your laptop and you’re good to go!

    USB Humidifier
  3. It is no secret that you have to keep moving to stay fit and healthy. And if you can’t exercise after work, why not exercise during work? Get this 4-in-1 Exercise Machine and start cycling while building your decks or writing your proposals!

    4-in-1 Exercise Machine
  4. If a 4-in-1 machine isn’t enough, how about a 6-in-1 Exercise Machine? Build your abs, tone your arms and work off those flabby thighs while you’re at it!

    6-in-1 Machine
  5. Maintaining a good posture is also key to staying healthy. And you’ll be surprised that we’re all ruining our postures with our low monitors and laptops. One of the easiest ways to ensure an appropriate posture is to look at your screen and look at how high or low it stands at your desk. (*Ppst! TIP: Your eyes should naturally level at the top of your screen!) And how to do this? Well, get an adjustable stand to help adjust the height of your screen.

    Adjustable Laptop Stand
  6. And if your back is still aching, you can get a Memory Foam Backrest for that extra support! Ppst, it also helps to encourage proper sitting posture!

    Memory Foam Backrest
  7. You should also get an Ergonomic Mouse and Keyboard Set to curb some of the most common Repetitive Strain Injuries (which is by the way, caused by poor keyboard and mouse setup when you have to constantly reach for things).

    Ergonomic Mouse
  8. And of course, no workspace is complete without food. Simply mix these Organic Chia Seeds (which are packed with a massive amount of nutrients by the way) into any drink and it will be your perfect mid-day snack or if you’re on a diet, a meal!

    Chia Seeds
  9. We understand how difficult it is to function without a daily dose of caffeine. Which is why we found this healthy alternative – Buckwheat Black Coffee. This improved formula even comes with papaya and green tea extract for added benefits!

    Buckwheat Coffee
  10. Chuck those chips and chocolates away and get these Healthy Nuts for your healthy midday snack!

    Healthy Nuts
  11. Research has shown that plants can improve productivity, increase your concentration and make you happier. Get yourself these adorable Indoor Office Plants to not only decorate your space but also help purify the (sometimes, germ-infested) air around you.

    Indoor Plants
  12. Contrary to popular belief, sleep is definitely not for the weak. Many studies have shown that taking a 20-minute power nap will increase productivity levels. Huge firms like Google and Facebook are also allowing their employees to take naps. Join them and start being more productive with this Hand Pillow. It functions as the perfect pillow while you nap at your desk!

    Hand Pillow
  13. And of course, get this Wooden Digital Alarm Clock to wake you up from your 20-minute power naps! It is also aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, so we’re definitely not complaining.

    Wooden Clock

Trying to stay healthy? Let us know what other alternatives you have in the comments below!

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