Mums At Work: 8 Struggles Only Working Mums Will Understand

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Mums At Work: 8 Struggles Only Working Mums Will Understand

There’s nothing more fulfilling than taking care of a little one and nurturing them during their growing years. However, for working mums trying to find a balance between career goals and ensuring the best for their child, hurdles are going to be an everyday situation. These struggles are manifold but to all the working mums out there, we’re here to say, we feel you and know exactly what you’re going through.

Weekends are still workdays

Most of us tend to rejoice when the weekends come around. For working mums? Not so much. Weekend or weekday, every day is still a working day. Whether it’s finishing work brought home from the office or attending to your child’s every need, let’s just say figuring out a day of rest is like searching for a needle in a haystack — impossible.

Finishing up work vs spending time with kids

It’s almost always a struggle for working mums to figure out the delicate balance between work time and bonding time with the kids. After spending an entire day in the office, most mums would simply want to spend those precious few hours with their kids but lo and behold, work duties always tend to creep up at the most inopportune hour.

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Juggling school events with work commitments

From school plays and sports events to school excursions and parent-teacher-meetings, there is always something going on in school that requires your attendance. For working mums with amazing employers, having the flexibility to leave work and attend these events is a treat. However, for those without this option, it becomes ever so difficult to show your support and not place your career in jeopardy. The struggle is definitely real.

Missing milestones in your kid’s life

When a majority of the day is spent away from home, important milestones in a child’s life are bound to be missed. Think about first words, first walk without support, counting numbers, and the list just goes on. Missing these key moments in their growing years can slowly feed into our next point — mum guilt.

Mum guilt creeps up slowly

Quite possibly the worst feeling in a mum’s life, mum guilt is when you feel you’re not around for your child most of the time or that you’re not a good mum for missing out on important moments. Unfortunately, working mums will face some form or amount of this guilt in their lives. Ultimately, it’s key to always set time aside and work around schedules so that you get in sufficient bonding time with your kids.

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Shopping becomes a chore

Whoever came up with the idea of e-commerce and online shopping deserve a medal from all working mums. Thankfully with platforms like Shopee where mums can find everything and anything, time management becomes a lot easier and countless trips to the grocery store effectively becomes a thing of the past. This essentially also helps free up more time for precious moments with the family. How could we resist?

What annual leave?

Oh you thought working mums could at least look forward to taking their annual leave and escaping from work both in the office and at home? Think again. The entirety of annual leave ends up going to looking after the little ones when they’ve fallen sick or attending abovementioned school events ever so often. The list never ends but ultimately annual leave simply becomes childcare leave for most working mums.

Breastfeeding becomes difficult

With the lack of dedicated nursing rooms or private areas for nursing mothers to pump milk, breastfeeding almost always gets replaced with formula milk. While it may be the most convenient option, a lot of mothers do want their child to receive the nutrients and benefits only found in breastmilk. Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy. 

So if you find yourself nodding yes to everything above, then give yourself a shopping treat by hopping onto Shopee. You absolutely deserve it!