8 Clever Ways To Earn Money From Your Pre-Loved Tech Items In Singapore


8 Clever Ways To Earn Money From Your Pre-Loved Tech Items In Singapore

Are your old electronic devices just sitting in your room collecting dust? If you’re ready to let your old tech items go – from primitive versions of the iPhone to the first ever MacBook, don’t just throw them in the trash – earn some cash or discounts while you’re at it by recycling or trading them in.

You know what they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Here are 8 places that will gladly take in your used gadgets:

  1. Apple Trade-In Programme


    Got an old iPhone sitting somewhere in your room? Well, trade in any eligible smartphone with Apple and you can get up to S$560 back in credit! Ppst, other than smartphones, you can also trade in your old iPad, Apple TV devices, iPod, iWatch or basically, any other Apple device (we’re talking about the iMacs or even the classic iTouch!). To top it off, as with all Apple systems, it is absolutely idiot-proof! Simply tell Apple which device you have and they will email you a pre-paid postage label. Thereafter, delete your data, ship your device to them and Apple will handle the rest. Check this out for more details!

  2. Nübox Trade-In Services


    Other than the Official Apple Store, you can also trade in your pre-owned MacBook, iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch at any nübox stores to offset your next purchase of a new model. Simply head over to any of their stores in Singapore and have their staff evaluate your devices. If there is no trade-in value, the team will recycle your old device for free! Note: You will have to buy a new product at nübox during the trade-in

  3. Samsung Trade-In Programme

    Yay Clap

    If Apple is offering a trade-in programme, Samsung must have one too! The only difference is that Samsung primarily focuses on smartphones. All you have to do is to download the Samsung Trade Up (SG) App on your old device, do a quick assessment to value your old device and the team will collect your old device from you right at your doorstep! You will then receive the trade-in value via Bank Transfer. Head over here for the full list of phones that qualify for this programme.

  4. Dell Recycling


    If you’re neither an Apple or Samsung user, but a classic Dell user, you’re not forgotten! You can recycle your old Dell assets, and if there is residual value left, you can even resell them. Best of all, these recycling services are completed free, and it is applicable to both Dell and Non-Dell products! SImply fill up their online form, pack your devices and wait for the team to arrive at your doorstep. Find out more about Dell’s Recycling instructions here.

  5. PC Dreams Laptop and Mobile Exchange


    Of course, there are retailers out there who are such Santas that they’re offering trading services so that you can exchange your old device for either cold hard cash or an upgraded model. Simply fill up their online appraisal form here to get a quick trade-in quote and arrange to drop off your old device at any of their showrooms. Getting rid of your old items and earning cash has never been this simple!

  6. SingTel E-Waste Recycling Programme

    Pug Recycling

    The mobile network companies must be in the game too. Just one year ago, SingTel collaborated with SingPost to launch ReCYCLE. This programme aims to allow the general public to do their part for the environment by recycling their preloved mobile and internet related electronic waste such as mobile phones, charges or laptops. Simply drop off your devices at any ReCYCLE bins at selected SingTel Shops and Post Offices. Just a point to note though, you would not earn a dime from this programme, but well, this is a much better alternative to thrashing them!

  7. StarHub’s RENEW Programme


    Also known as REcycling Nation’s Electronic Waste, this initiative is a joint effort between DHL, StarHub and TES-AMM to help Singaporeans responsibly dispose of their old devices. Simply drop your e-waste at any of these bins (full list here) and do your part for the environment. Similar to SingTel, there are no monetary benefits to this programme, but deep down, we know we need to recycle e-waste to curb the many pollution and health problems that might ensue if we do not do our part!

  8. M1 E-waste Drop-Off Point Programme


    A joint effort between M1 Limited and Virogreen, this programme was implemented to help promote the responsible disposal of e-waste. You can drop off almost any electrical and electronic items (as long as they fit through the deposit slot) at any of their M1 E-Waste Bins located here.

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