10 Lesser-Known Places To Catch Sunsets In Singapore

Sunset Singapore Johor Straits Lighthouse

You can never get tired of watching the sunset in Singapore. From the setting sun to the vibrant evening sky, there’s just something magical about the golden hour. But unfortunately, Singapore isn’t very big and it is possible to run out of places to grab a good view. That’s where we come in to show you some lesser known places in Singapore to catch sunsets!

So if you’re up for a trip, grab a good camera and set your destinations to some of these locations this weekend!

Gardens by the Bay East

Gardens By The Bay Sunset Singapore
(Credit: Robert Haandrikman / Flickr)

The Bay East Garden is located across the Marina Bay from the Gardens By The Bay. It’s a popular spot for cyclists and joggers visiting from either the Singapore Sports Hub or the Marina Barrage. The massive garden is home to several unique flora and it has one of the best views of the Singapore city skyline. It’s also an ideal place to take a stroll while appreciating the sunset in Singapore. The lack of tall buildings and its location near the sea makes any walk through the garden a breezy one.

Bay East Garden Sunset Singapore
(Credit: Romain Pontida / Flickr)

Tanjong Rhu Lookout Tower

Tanjong Rhu Lookout Tower Sunset Singapore
(Credit: Erwin Soo / Wikimedia Commons)

The Tanjong Rhu Lookout Tower is a mysterious structure that can be found right next to the sports hub. Unfortunately, it’s inaccessible as there is a fence erected before its entrance. But if you’re into photography, you can try taking several shots of the tower along with the sunset in Singapore. The best way to get to the tower’s location is via the Tanjong Rhu Suspension Bridge next to the sports hub.

Tanjong Rhu Lookout Tower in Sunset Singapore
(Credit: Erwin Soo / Wikimedia Commons)

Bedok Jetty

Another place to enjoy the sunset in Singapore is Bedok Jetty! It’s a popular fishing location along East Coast Park near the East Coast Lagoon Food Village. But aside from fishing, the jetty is a good place to find some peace from the city life. It’s spacious and pretty quiet even when there’s a crowd. You can sit there and enjoy the sound of crashing waves while appreciating the setting sun.

Bedok Jetty Sunset Singapore
(Credit: Tun Tun Win / Flickr)

We recommend getting there by bicycle as it’s a pretty long walk from the nearest bus stops. But if you’re taking a jog along East Coast Park, do consider making the jetty one of your rest stops!


If you’re tired of viewing the sunset from the ground level then it’s time for a sky-high change with Artemis Grill. It’s a rooftop bar and restaurant located high up on the 40th floor of the CapitaGreen building. Guests can enjoy the best view of the sunset in Singapore and the surrounding cityscape.

But don’t enjoy this view alone! Dine with family or friends while there. It has a wonderful range of Mediterranean dishes and drinks. It’s also a good place to unwind at the end of a hectic workday.

Punggol Waterway Park

Punggol Waterway Park Jewel Bridge Sunset Singapore
(Credit: Erwin Soo / Flickr)

Hidden around the north of Singapore is the Punggol Waterway Park. It’s Punggol’s hidden gem and a haven for people who love quiet trails for some much needed peaceful meditation. The park is also an ideal place to catch the sunset in Singapore. You can rest and enjoy the view along one of the park’s many benches or head to one of the many park bridges.

Punggol Waterway Park Sunset Singapore
(Credit: tee_eric / Flickr)

We recommend the Jewel and Lorong Halus bridges located on either end of the park. Both bridges bring out the best of the sunset over Punggol.

Pandan Reservoir

If you’re heading to the west of Singapore this weekend, do make a trip to Pandan Reservoir! The quiet reservoir is a good place to take a stroll while viewing the sunset in Singapore. You can even try fishing at permitted spots along the reservoir. But be sure to look out for the fishing signs since some locations along the park have fishing bait restrictions.

Pandan Reservoir Sunset Singapore
(Credit: digitalpimp. / Flickr)

Keppel Bay

Keppel Bay Sunset Singapore
(Credit: Joel Red / Flickr)

In love with boats? Then you have to make a trip to Keppel Bay. The marina is home to some of Singapore’s private yachts. But if you’re not there for the boats, you can appreciate the sunset in Singapore from the Keppel Bridge.

Keppel Bay Sunset Singapore Reflections By The Bay
(Credit: Robert Haandrikman / Flickr)

There are also some eateries nearby if you’re in the mood for some quality grub. Check out places like Privé Keppel or Takumi to complement your viewing experience. The island is also an ideal location for photoshoots if you’re looking for a vibrant background!

Lower Seletar Reservoir

Lower Seletar Reservoir Sunset in Singapore
(Credit: Balaji Dutt M V / Flickr)

Despite all the scary news coming out of Yishun, it has its good side too! Just look at the Lower Seletar Reservoir. It provides a grand scenery for commuters travelling on the MRT between Khatib and Yio Chu Kang.

Lower Seletar Reservoir Heritage Bridge Sunset Singapore
(Credit: j0035001-2 / Flickr)

Aside from the view, it’s a popular location for fishermen and dragon boat crews too. But if you’re just there to grab a view of the sunset in Singapore then make your way to the Heritage Bridge! It extends a long way from the nearby park and has a breezy lookout point at the end of it – perfect for photo opportunities!

Raffles Marina Lighthouse

Johor Straits Lighthouse Raffles Marina Sunset Singapore
(Credit: Erwin Soo / Flickr)

The Raffles Marina Lighthouse is a mini attraction located at the Tuas Link end of the East-West MRT line. It’s still functional and provides guidance for boats coming to port along the Raffles Marina. The lighthouse is also an attraction for photographers for its poetic quality. The loneliness of the structure coupled with the sunset in Singapore is a good set up for any mystical tale.

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

It goes without saying that sunsets are best enjoyed with a panoramic view of the evening sky. But if you’re looking for a change in setting, try the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. Photographers can appreciate having some branches along the edges of their sunset shot. You can also check out the lookout points around the reserve for photo opportunities.

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve Sunset Singapore
(Credit: Schrista / Flickr)

If not for photography, you can appreciate the therapeutic effect of the forest. The sunset in Singapore provides a certain calm in the vicinity. But don’t forget to grab a little bug spray if you’re planning a trip here! You wouldn’t want pesky mosquitoes ruining the evening for you.

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve Sunset in Singapore
(Credit: Jimmy Tan / Flickr)

Looking for more places in Singapore to enjoy the evening?

Hate walking? Then try a rooftop bar in Singapore! Having some booze with a good view of the sunset in Singapore is an experience not to be missed! But if you ARE into walking, then consider exploring some of the best hiking trails in Singapore! You can also make your trip more worthwhile by having the latest fitness tracker on the market. With so many opportunities to explore Singapore, it might not seem like we’re on a little red dot anymore!

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