9 Best Batam Resorts And Villas For A Relaxing Island Getaway [2022]

best batam resorts

Tired of staying in Singapore and need a quick getaway to recharge? Hop onto a ferry and find yourself in a different country in under an hour! With the Batam Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) set up, you can finally visit some of the best Batam resorts to chill and unwind. Hit rock Batam (wink) on your finances? Not to worry! Most of the best Batam resorts come with budget-friendly price tags. Sit back and relax as we share some of the best places to go this weekend for your Batam staycation!

Can Singaporeans go to Batam?

The short answer is yes, of course! The VTL allows for quarantine-free travel between Batam and Singapore, so you’ll no longer need to factor in extra days for isolation before you can travel around. All you have to take note of is where to board the ferry towards Batam. As of the current arrangements, you can only head to Batam if you arrive at the Nongsapura International Ferry Terminal (NIFT). There are also designated ferry services for travel under the VTL, so make sure you’ve got your ferry tickets booked from Batam Fast and Bintan Resort Ferries! 

You’ll have to take an on-arrival PCR test when you reach NIFT. Do take note that you can only venture within the Nongsa region of Batam and before that, you’ll have to wait for your Covid-19 test results to be out. This will only take about 50 minutes, so head towards your place of accommodation after the test and you’ll be able to explore Batam once you’re done checking out the amenities!

Is Batam worth visiting?

batam resorts
(Credit: Weekend Go Where Singapore / Facebook)

Looking for bargain shopping, cheap and fresh seafood, and affordable massages? If these are your thing then Batam is the perfect place to go this weekend for a quick staycation. You can find great deals on local delicacies like kueh lapis and sports equipment at Batam’s largest shopping centre Nagoya Hill Mall. The best thing about this is how some shops accept Singapore dollars too, so you don’t have to worry about running out of rupiah. 

Batam is also well-known for affordable massages. You’ll be able to find full-body massage services that start from about SGD30. If you want to have a taste of  island paradise then Batam is definitely the place to go this weekend. But do be warned that beaches could be slightly crowded since it’s only a 45-minute ferry ride from Singapore. Thrill-seekers can also take part in water sports like parasailing, windsurfing, kayaking and jet skis.

What is the difference between Bintan and Batam?

batam vs bintan
(Credit: Bintan Holiday / Facebook, Weekend Go Where Singapore / Facebook)

While Bintan and Batam are both Indonesian islands, if a budget-friendly staycation is your priority, then you should go for the latter. There are also tons of factory outlets in Batam where you can unleash your shopaholic self without breaking the bank. Family-friendly activities like guided tours and water sports are also affordable. 

Alternatively, Bintan is the place to go if you need to have a more quiet and private staycation experience. Many Bintan resorts have their own private beach and this also brings up the price tag if you’re looking to head there for a staycation.  

Best Batam resorts and villas for families

1. Turi Beach Resort

turi beach resort
(Credit: Turi Beach Resort / Facebook)

Treat yourself and your family to the perfect staycation at one of the best Batam resorts. The Turi Beach Resort offers four different types of spacious rooms that are located along Batam’s coast. You’ll get to enjoy a lovely breeze in the evening as you relax on your balcony and wake up to beautiful views of the sea. This best Batam resort for families also has a private beachfront area so you’ll definitely be able to bring your kids along for water activities. You can book a shuttle bus to bring your family to the city, where discount shopping awaits at Grand Mall, Nagoya Mall and Mega Mall. 

Best Batam resort promo: Book your stay at Turi Beach Resort (available on weekendgowhere) to enjoy daily breakfast at $96 per adult. You’ll also get two-way ferry rides to and from Batam, and free transport to and from the resort.

Price: From $94/night for 2 adults
Getting There: Free shuttle service to and from Nongsapura Ferry Terminal
Address: Jalan Hang Lekiu, 29465 Nongsa, Indonesia

2. Batam View Beach Resort

batam view beach resort
(Credit: Batam View Beach Resort / Facebook)

Batam View Beach Resort is the best for families who are travelling with kids thanks to their Pets Corner. Here, you can add an educational element to this Batam staycation by introducing your children to household pets and exotic animals. Alternatively, this best Batam resort for families also has a Spice & Herbs Garden where you and your young ones can find out more about different varieties of herbs. Perhaps you can gain some inspiration and start your own spice and herb garden at home too! 

This is also one of the best Batam resorts thanks to the theme park where you can ride mini motorbikes around a large field with your children, or bring them to the playground and games room for more entertainment. Batam View Beach Resort also offers water activities like canoeing and snorkelling, but we recommend kayaking as you’ll be able to paddle through mangrove areas to experience the natural beauty of Batam. 

Batam View Beach Resort price: From $78/night for 2 adults
Getting There: Free shuttle service to and from Nongsapura Ferry Terminal
Address: Jalan Hang Lekir, 23234 Nongsa, Indonesia

3. Holiday Inn Resort Batam

holiday inn resort batam
(Credit: Holiday Inn Resort Batam / Facebook)

Holiday Inn Resort Batam is the best Batam resort for families offering a Panda Kids Club programme where your children can pick up skills through activities like gardening and painting. While your kids are entertained, you can enjoy a relaxing massage at the Tea Tree Spa. Most hotel spa services can be rather costly, but you’ll be able to get a full-body massage at the Tea Tree Spa for about $45 – what a steal! There are also four restaurant options that you can dine in, so whether you’re in the mood for teppanyaki or dim sum, you’ll be spoilt for choice! 

You can choose from five suite types at the Holiday Inn Resort Batam. Each suite comes with a private balcony where you can chill in the evening and enjoy a light breeze. We recommend going for the Two Bedroom Kid Suite that comes with a master bedroom and a cute kid’s room. You’ll also get a great view of the backyard where you can see the fish pond and kid’s pool. It’ll be easy to see when’s a good time to bring your kids out for some fun by the water slides. Talk about a sweet deal! 

Price: From $87/night for 2 adults
Getting There: Complimentary transfer service to and from Nongsapura Ferry Terminal
Address: Waterfront City, Batam, 29422, Indonesia

4. KTM Resort Batam

ktm batam resort
(Credit: Allen Villaverde / Facebook)

Looking for a different Batam staycation experience? Book a stay at one of these  attap houses at the KTM Resort Batam! The small huts here areS modelled after traditional Malay attap houses that are found in rural kampungs. Each room comes with air-conditioning, so you won’t have to worry about breaking out in sweat. 

This best resort in Batam is also located by the sea, so you’ll not only get a private beachfront with water activities but also indulge in some Batam seafood while enjoying breathtaking views. The best thing about this resort is also the spa where you can unwind with a full-body massage in a room overlooking the sea. 

KTM Resort Batam price: From $51/night for 2 adults
Getting There: Complimentary transfer service to and from Nongsapura Ferry Terminal, inform hotel of your arrival schedule beforehand
Address: Jalan Kolonel Soegiono, Tanjung Pinggir, Kecamatan Sekupang, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29432, Indonesia

5. Harris Resort Barelang Batam

best batam resorts harris
(Credit: HARRIS Resort Barelang Batam / Facebook)

You won’t be able to get better sea views from your room than the ones at Harris Resort Barelang Batam. With five different rooms to choose from, you’ll be able to wake up to wonderful views of the sea from your terrace. Located just five minutes away from one of Batam’s landmarks, the HARRIS Room Seaview offers a great view of Barelang Bay where you may even be able to spot Barelang Bridge. 

You should go for the HARRIS Villa if you want more privacy. With a living room, kitchen, private room and balcony, this best Batam resort villa is where you’ll get more than enough space to sit down and spend time with your family. You’ll also have a private pool where you can go for late swims under the starlit sky after tucking your kids in for the night. 

Best Batam resort promo: Enjoy your stay at HARRIS Resort Barelang Batam (available on travelsg) from $21/night with breakfast included. You’ll also get two-way ferry tickets to and from Batam, and two-way transfers to and from the resort. 

Harris Resort Barelang Batam price: From $66/night for 2 adults
Getting There: Free shuttle service to and from to and from Nongsapura Ferry Terminal
Address: Trans Barelang Street,Tembesi, Barelang, Batam Island, Indonesia, 29439

6. Nongsa Village

nongsa village
(Credit: Nongsa Village / Facebook)

Looking for one of the best Batam resorts to bring your family on a staycation? Nongsa Village is the best Batam resort that features a private beach area where you can lounge and chill by the sea as your kids swim. The best part about this Batam resort is how it’s so closely located to attractions and dining options. You can easily hike to Nongsa Point Rocks, which is about 15 minutes away, or head to historic landmark Nong Isa Cemetery Complex that commemorates the king who once ruled Nongsa.  

Nongsa Village is like a rustic seaside chalet where you’ll get to enjoy breathtaking views of the sea from your room. It’s the perfect Batam staycation for true respite away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

Batam Nongsa Village price: From $106/night for 2 adults
Getting There: Hop onto a complimentary shuttle service from Nongsapura Ferry Terminal and alight at Turi Beach Resort or Nongsa Point Marina Resort. Transfer to a shuttle service from either of these resorts to get to Nongsa Village.
Address: Jalan Hang Lekiu, Nongsa, Riau Islands, 29465, Indonesia

Best Batam resorts and villas for couples

7. Nongsa Point Marina & Resort

best batam resorts marina
(Credit: Nongsa Point Marina & Resort / Facebook)

Want to experience living in luxury? Nongsa Point Marina & Resort is just like Sentosa Cove but at a fraction of the price! Built around a natural cove in Nongsa, this best Batam resort makes for the perfect staycation for newlyweds. With beautiful views of the waterfront and the tranquillity afforded by the peaceful surroundings, you’ll get to relish in a private resort that gives you an escape from your hectic life. 

You can choose from five types of accommodation at this best Batam resort for couples. Whether it’s just a room, a chalet or even an apartment, there’s bound to be the perfect one for you. Each room opens up to fascinating views of the resort’s gardens or the sea, and they all come with a private balcony and veranda where you can sit back and gaze at the breathtaking scenery. This best Batam resort also has tons of recreational activities like boating and snorkelling as well as wellness treatments at the spa. You’ll definitely be spoilt for choice at this resort! 

Batam Nongsa Point Marina & Resort price: From $63/night for 2 adults
Getting There: Free shuttle service to and from to and from Nongsapura Ferry Terminal
Address: Jalan Hang Lekiu Nongsa, Batam, 29466, Indonesia

8. Montigo Resorts Nongsa

best batam resorts montigo
(Credit: Montigo Resorts Nongsa / Facebook)

You can truly escape from the hustle and bustle of life by treating yourself to a staycation at Montigo Resorts Nongsa, which is one of the few private resorts on the island. Even though this best resort in Batam is slightly pricier as compared to others, the experience is worth every penny, Whether you need one bedroom or five, Montigo Resorts Nongsa can accomodate to your needs. All the villas are located at the hillside, hilltop or seafront with their own private infinity pools. So it’s best to sharpen your photography skills for those Instagram-worthy pool shots while showing off your favourite swimsuits and bikini

We especially love this resort for the activities they offer. From heritage tours around the city to treasure hunts around the resort, you’ll be fully occupied during your Batam staycation. Adrenaline junkies can also go for ATV rides around a dirt track or take part in an Airsoft War Game around the resort.  

Best Batam resort promo: Book your stay at Montigo Resorts Nongsa (available on weekendgowhere) at just $120/night with two-way ferry tickets included. You’ll also get breakfast daily at the resort, along with two-way transport to and from the ferry terminal.

Price: From $221/night for 2 adults
Getting There: Free shuttle service to and from to and from Nongsapura Ferry Terminal
Address: Jalan Hang Lekiu, Sambau, Kecamatan Nongsa, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29465, Indonesia

9. Woda Villa & Spa

best batam resorts woda
(Credit: Woda Villa & Spa / Facebook)

Overwater villas with private pools? Sign me up! Woda Villa & Spa is the first over-the-water villa concept accommodation in Batam. Combined with a luxury spa experience, you’ll be in for a treat with your other half at this best resort in Batam that promises a relaxing getaway. Think Royal Chocolate spa with a cocoa scrub used to exfoliate your skin and a chocolate body mask filled with antioxidants that are great for anti-aging. Newlyweds can also pamper yourselves with the Wine Indulgence spa treatment where you both will get a wine body scrub and a red wine bath. 

Best Batam resort promo: Book a Woda Villa & Spa One-Day Spa Package (available on travelsg) from just $90. Along with two-way ferry tickets and transfer to and from the resort, you’ll also get a 120-minute Aromatic Express spa treatment and an Indonesian lunch at a restaurant. If you want to have a longer massage, go for the 150-minute Chocolate or Green Tea Spa.

Woda Villa & Spa Batam resort price: From $48/night for 2 adults
Getting There: Contact the resort in advance to arrange for shuttle service
Address: Jalan Bengkong Laut, Batam, Tanjung Buntung, Bengkong, Batam, Riau Islands Province, Indonesia 29429

Unwind in style at the best budget-friendly Batam resorts

We hope you’ve found the best Batam resort to chill at for your upcoming staycation! To cut down on your travel expenses, don’t forget to check out our ongoing partnership with Agoda Hotels, where you can snag the best prices guaranteed for over 1 million top-rated hotels worldwide! Best part? You can use your Shopee vouchers and coins to stretch your savings! Don’t forget to get one of the best Bluetooth speakers so you can relax with some music during your staycation. Before you go, check out some of the best international SIM cards so you can Instagram your trip. Keep all your travel essentials organised and well-kept in these best backpacks for men

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