7 Best Language Schools In Singapore To Enrol Yourself Or Your Kids In

las lilas language school singapore

SkillsFuture credits, learning a new language won’t burn a hole in your pocket! Check out our list of language schools in Singapore both you and your child can enrol in! Make this a family goal for the new year and you guys could just be chit-chatting in a secret language real soon!


[caption id="attachment_20004" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]inlingua language school (Credit: Inlingua / Facebook)[/caption] Established in 1972, Inlingua is one of the more well known foreign language schools in Singapore. Choose from full-time courses in English and Chinese and part-time courses in French, Korean, Spanish, Thai, German, Japanese, Italian, Malay, Indonesian, Vietnamese and more! With native speakers as your teachers, you can be guaranteed that you’ll get the most authentic learning experience. They even have Holiday Enrichment Programmes (English and Chinese) for the young ones during school holiday breaks. Sign them up for Edutours or the Young Learners Programme coming up this December and have them chit-chat away in a new language by the end of this school break!

French Studio

[caption id="attachment_20006" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]french studio language school (Credit: French Studio / Facebook)[/caption] Located in the idyllic Katong area, enrol here to learn French from native French speakers. This language school in Singapore prides itself for conducting small group classes to create a more relaxed and comfortable environment. With beginner to advanced levels in their Adult French Classes, and 20 hours of lessons needed to complete each level, you will find yourself mastering basics of the language very quickly! Enrol your kids in French For Fun, where they’ll leave knowing and understanding a whole new language through role-playing, craft activities, games and songs! Look out for: Join French Studio’s extra-curricular events — wine tasting, restaurant nights among other fun activities to perfect your French in a real life setting! Check out their sister studios for more language options — Spanish Studio and English Studio (upcoming).

British Council Singapore

[caption id="attachment_20005" align="aligncenter" width="960"]british council singapore language school (Credit: British Council Singapore / Facebook)[/caption] With more than 65 years of English teaching experience under their belt, British Council is probably one of the first language schools in Singapore that come to mind when one mentions learning the English language. They are the go-to for IELTS preparation. If you’re a working professional and want to improve your workplace communication (spoken and written), their BEST (Business English Skills Training) course promises to equip you with the necessary skills. British Council also supports Singapore’s English Language school curriculum through Primary and Secondary levels. They give their students an edge in oral, comprehension and composition exercises and most importantly instill confidence to use the language with ease.


[caption id="attachment_20010" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]edugrove language school in singapore (Credit: EduGrove Mandarin Enrichment Centre)[/caption] Have absolutely no prior exposure to Chinese but want to learn how to effectively communicate in the language? EduGrove’s ‘Language in Action’ is catered for both adults and kids to learn the basics. Put your learning to practice! Look forward to role-play, drama, language games and other fun activities to help you remember vocabulary and phrases better! Want to keep your child busy during the holidays? This language school in Singapore boasts holiday programmes for kids as young as in Nursery 1!

Alliance Francaise de Singapour

[caption id="attachment_20009" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]alliance francaise de singapour language school in singapore (Credit: Alliance Francaise de Singapour / Facebook)[/caption] Through exciting French social and cultural events like Cine Club, Cine Kids and La Galerie, dive head first into the true French experience with lessons at Alliance Francaise de Singapour and become a Francophile! Anyone at any age can learn French at this language school! Enrol your toddler from age 1 onwards or sign yourself up for the beginner class or specialised ones focusing on conversation and written classes among others. Look out for: DELF/DALF exam certification courses are diplomas that assess proficiency in the French language and are internationally recognised with a lifetime validity. Why not challenge yourself by completing a certification this new year?

Las Lilas School

[caption id="attachment_20019" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]las lilas language school singapore (Credit: Las Lilas School / Facebook)[/caption] Hola! Spanish is one of the most used languages in the world and Las Lilas teaches it with much pride and gusto! They don’t just teach you the language but aim to cultivate a love and understanding for Spanish culture and tradition as well! This language school in Singapore offers group, private and semi-private courses for adults and even fun Theme Workshops to learn about Hispanic culture and dance! Don’t let your little ones miss out on the fun! Enrol them from as young as two and watch them embrace a new language through drama, games and songs.

Linda Mandarin

[caption id="attachment_20012" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]linda mandarin language school in singapore (Credit: Linda Mandarin / Facebook)[/caption] Linda Mandarin specialises in Chinese language courses for both adults and kids. Want to learn Chinese for work? Linda Mandarin offers Business Chinese that covers speaking, reading and writing for the corporate world. If you find yourself strapped for time to attend group lessons, then choose their private Chinese lessons! This language school’s bonus selling point would have to be the holiday programmes in China for the kids. The two week programme covers conversational Mandarin lessons combined with cultural workshops, art projects, sports, trips and excursions — truly immersing them in the Chinese culture. Still undecided on the language schools but need short term ideas on family activities? Read our guide on fun things to do in Singapore with kids. Looking for other edutainment activities for your kids? Why not introduce them to these learning apps and keep them busy for the upcoming holidays!]]>