Upcoming Concerts: How To Score Popular Concert Tickets In Singapore?

concerts in singapore
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Still upset you failed to get tickets to your favourite artiste or band’s concert the previous time? Annoyed that these tickets sell out even before your page has loaded? Here are some tips and tricks to secure concert tickets for upcoming concerts in Singapore so you’ll never miss a potentially sold-out concert again!

1. Don’t be blur

Ticketing dates, times and mediums — you should know these like the back of your hand! The worst thing you can do is attempt to buy the ticket one day late, or better still, several minutes late because you remembered the wrong date and time. Tickets to popular concerts often sell out within  minutes and every minute counts, so be sure you know all the dates and times correctly! Another crucial factor is the ticketing medium. Most concerts in Singapore these days sell tickets online, Singpost or Sistic outlets and at the venue itself. It’s important you know where to buy the tickets so you can plan when and where to go if you’re not going to buy your tickets online. Some organisers also have pre-sales or priority sales, where customers of certain products and  services have access to purchase the tickets a day or two before the rest of the tickets go on sale. If you’re really desperate to get tickets, you could either purchase these products or  services or plead your friends. These priority sales almost always guarantees tickets, since not everyone will have the products or services required to take part in the priority sales. [caption id="attachment_15718" align="aligncenter" width="955"]concert date (Credit: rawpixel / Unsplash)[/caption]

2. Getting help from the experienced

One sure fire way of securing tickets to sold out concerts in Singapore is getting an experienced friend to help you. We’re sure you have that one friend who seems to always be getting front row seats or standing at concerts in Singapore. They would probably also have loads of fanservice from artiste(s). Watching their instagram stories might make you green with envy, but why not use this to your benefit? If you’re close to these experienced (or maybe pure lucky) ticket buyers, maybe you could (kindly) ask them if they’re willing to help you buy the tickets for your next concert in Singapore. You could even offer a meal in exchange! If it means being able to secure front row tickets, it’ll definitely be worth it! Should this particular friend be going for the same concert too, all the better for you! However, you’ll need to check how many tickets are allowed per transaction, as these may differ depending on the show. [caption id="attachment_15719" align="aligncenter" width="640"]concert confetti encore (Credit: ktphotography / Pixabay)[/caption] Pro Tip: We’d advice not buying tickets in too big a group if you’re opting for seats. Buying tickets for four would mean that the system has to find four seats that are side by side. However, you would risk losing seats closer to the front. So let’s say you buy in a group of four and get the fourth row. But if you had bought the tickets in two pairs, you might have gotten two separate pairs of seats in the second row. However, this would mean that you wouldn’t be able to sit with all your friends. Pro Tip: If you’re desperate for tickets and everything seems to be sold out, consider getting individual seats! The chances of getting tickets will be higher, if you’re willing to sit apart from your friend.

3. Good WiFi is key

Good WiFi is the most important factor in securing tickets online! EXO’s concert in Korea sells out within seconds thanks to the brilliant WiFi there. Singapore is no different and we’re sure you’ve seen tickets for artistes like SHINee, Ed Sheeran, Wanna One, Taylor Swift, Sam Smith and Twice’s concerts in Singapore selling out at the speed of light. It’s best you get a spot with decent, if not excellent internet connection so you can get into the page the second the tickets go on sale. This also means you shouldn’t be at a random Starbucks or public library while trying to get your tickets, as their WiFi sources could fail you. Koreans are known for going to cyber cafes for ticketing, although this is considered to be pretty extreme for concerts in Singapore. [caption id="attachment_15720" align="aligncenter" width="1050"]free wifi (Credit: Bernard Hermant / Unsplash)[/caption]

4. Get multiple devices ready

Especially if you’re buying the tickets online, it’s safer to have multiple devices ready and all logged into the ticketing page. Even if one of your devices fail you, at least you’ll have backup! We’d recommend using both your phone and computer, especially if you’re buying tickets for a popular group. Should you be buying tickets with a group of friends, everyone should use at least one device each to increase the chances of getting the tickets. You can then proceed to key in the credit card details into that account. This ensures the entire group isn’t just depending on one device to purchase the tickets. However, this method could backfire if too many people are logged into the system, as it’ll result in the system crashing. So proceed with caution! [caption id="attachment_15721" align="aligncenter" width="5472"]laptop phone macbook (Credit: Lilly Rum / Unsplash)[/caption]

5. Ample Preparation

We’d suggest logging into the ticketing site at least 30 minutes before the tickets go on sale, especially if you’re buying the tickets yourself. This is to ensure you won’t encounter last minute server errors or connection issues right before the ticketing begins. The fastest fingers win, so prepare to start clicking on the ‘buy ticket’ button. You should aim to press the button the second the clock changes from 9:59am to 10:00 am, if the tickets go on sale at 10am. Thereafter, just pray really hard that the ticketing site doesn’t crash on you. Get your credit card details ready (have your card on standby) so that you can quickly key in all your card information the second you get into the page. You should also keep in mind the exact area and type of tickets you want so that you can immediately click on them the minute the page loads. Keep in mind that there are several types of seats – VIP, standing (more fondly known as the mosh pit), regular seats and those with restricted views. Tickets sell out really fast so get ready for some furious clicking! [caption id="attachment_15731" align="aligncenter" width="5616"]concert standing pen (Credit: Anthony DELANOIX / Unsplash)[/caption]

6. The lesser known the better

If you’re heading down to the physical singpost / sistic outlets for tickets, aim for those that are lesser known. As you’ll have to queue at the outlet itself, you’re better off at a Singpost in a lesser known neighbourhood, as you’re likely to experience a shorter waiting time. When you buy tickets at these places, you’re still fighting with the general crowd who’ll be buying tickets online and at the other outlets. Everything will be left in the hands of the person at the counter. However, if you’re intending to buy tickets from Singapore Sports Hub itself, be prepared for insanely long queues. Be there early if you don’t want to queue. Keep in mind that the longer the queues, the lesser the chances of you getting the tickets! [caption id="attachment_15732" align="aligncenter" width="640"]singapore sports hub (Credit: cegoh / Pixabay)[/caption]

7. Resellers of tickets for concerts in Singapore

If all else fails and you still didn’t manage to get your hands on a single ticket, fret not, there’s still hope! Constantly prowl sites like Carousell and Twitter! You might chance upon tickets for concerts in Singapore going at retail price. No matter how desperate you may be, never buy from those that mark up the prices! You’ll only be encouraging their behaviour. Instead, report them so that the official vendors can take the necessary action. Whenever you buy tickets from resellers online, it is important to check for the seller’s credibility and authenticity of the tickets. Take extra precaution if you’re buying printed e-tickets, as these can be photocopied or reprinted and you don’t want to fall victim to fake tickets! Especially with the extremely high ticket prices these days. Pro Tip: Wait for tickets to be sold nearer to the concert date! Some people may sell their tickets as they’re unable to go to the event due to unforeseen circumstances. You might even get tickets at a discount! Most people also tend to resell standing tickets with poor queue numbers (if it’s not free standing) at lower prices. If you don’t mind these, you’ll be able to save some money!    [caption id="attachment_15733" align="aligncenter" width="5472"]concert ticket resellers (Credit: Negative Space / Pexels)[/caption] Armed with these tips and tricks, we see no reason why you wouldn’t be grooving to the next concert in Singapore! However, if concerts in Singapore are not your idea of a fun day out, then why not plan a trip to Universal Studios Singapore? Or venture around these quiet places, if you prefer peace and serenity. ]]>

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