KPop Essentials: Which KPop Group Has The Best Lightstick?


While these lightsticks might seem like overpriced, gimmicky electronic devices that KPop fans unnecessarily splurge their money on, it’s a device that symbolises their support and love for their favourite idols. From classics like BLACKPINK’s hammer lightstick to rookies like NewJeans’ Binky Bong, here’s our take on the best KPop lightstick to get if you’re in Singapore this 2023!

The evolution of KPop lightsticks over the years

kpop lightsticks
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Did you know? Prior to the early 2000s, balloons were actually used in place of lightsticks? Fans would typically bring balloons in their favourite KPop idol or group’s signature colour. But it was later replaced by lightsticks due to the latter’s greater durability and convenience. Now, releasing a unique KPop lightstick has become a rite of passage for any rising KPop group, in the same way it is for their fans to purchase lightsticks to support their favourite idols!

Best KPop lightsticks with creative designs

1. BLACKPINK Lightstick

best kpop lightstick blackpink lightstick
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If you’re on this page, you’re probably no stranger to this pink, hammer-like object. The BLACKPINK Official Lightstick (available on Kpopmerch Official is still one of the best and most recognisable KPop lightsticks of 2023, due to its unique shape and the adorable sound it makes when hit. Affectionately called Hammer Bong by Blinks, the BLACKPINK lightstick is definitely one of the best KPop items to get for your next BLACKPINK concert – a lightstick is a fan must-have! 

2. iKON Lightstick

best kpop lightstick ikon lightstick
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After iKON left YG Entertainment on New Year’s Eve 2022, they soon joined 143 Entertainment. Following the move, the boy group released the IKON Official Light stick Ver. 2023 (available on Kpopmerch Official in April 2023. As the original version was one of the best and the only KPop lightstick to be shaped like a baseball bat, the revamped design of iKON’s lightstick in 2023 definitely took that into account. What’s more, prior to its release, iKON’s company decided to collect design input from fans, so that they would feel more involved in the final design of this lightstick!  

3. THE BOYZ Lightstick

the boyz lightstick
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When it comes to picking the best KPop lightstick of 2023, the THE BOYZ Official Light Stick (available on Kpopmerch Official makes for a strong competitor. Just take a look at how it’s shaped like a megaphone! On top of its one-of-a-kind appearance, THE BOYZ’s lightstick has a total of six light settings, from full white and red lights, to blinking patterns, to rainbow lights. While this THE BOYZ lightstick can’t project your voice like a megaphone can, it certainly can take your lighting and concert experience to the next level.

4. BTS Lightstick

bts lightstick
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If we’re talking about the best KPop lightsticks of 2023, we can’t leave out BTS’ lightstick – the Army Bomb. Brought to fans by one of the biggest boy bands in the world, the Army Bomb has gone through several versions over the years, most recently the BTS Official Light Stick Map Of The Soul Special Edition (available on Kpopmerch Official Like all BTS Army Bombs, this lightstick looks just like it sounds, a round spherical bulb that resembles a mortar bomb. Every purchase of this Army Bomb also comes with perks like a random photocard of a BTS member, as well as a warranty!

5. NewJeans Lightstick

newjeans lightstick
(Credit: SixKShop Official Store)

Dubbed the fourth-generation KPop girl group that “releases nothing but bangers”, NewJeans doesn’t play when it comes to their merchandise and fan accessories. In fact, the NewJeans Official Lightstick (available on SixKShop Official Store), also called the Binky Bong, sports a unique silhouette that pays homage to their fandom – Bunnies! Not only is the NewJeans lightstick as adorable as a bunny, it can also be customised with Light Stick Parts like the name of your favourite member, or heart and star shapes.

6. B.I Lightstick

best kpop lightstick b.i lightstick
(Credit: Kpopmerch Official

Only released recently in 2022, the B.I Official Lightstick (available on Kpopmerch Official still remains one of the best KPop lightsticks of 2023. Unlike most lightsticks out there, the B.I lightstick, or BinBong doesn’t have a torch-like design. Instead, it appears to be a wand lined with coloured beads. Some fans speculate that B.I’s lightstick was inspired by Disney Pixar’s Inside Out and its character, Bing Bong, given the similarity between their names.

Best KPop lightsticks with whimsical concepts

7. Seventeen Lightstick

best kpop lightstick svt lightstick
(Credit: Kpopmerch Official

Other than being well-known for their discography, Korean boy group Seventeen is also known for having one of the best KPop lightsticks of 2023 – the Caratbong. The latest version, Seventeen Official Lightstick Ver.3 (available on Kpopmerch Official boasts an ethereal holographic handle, while retaining the majestic diamond at the top. Over the years, Seventeen’s lightsticks have often gone viral for fan customisations. Fans would actually remove the lid of the lightstick to fill it with anything from flowers, gems, to even cereal!

8. (G)I-DLE Lightstick

best kpop lightstick gidle lightstick
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The (G)I-DLE Official Lightstick (available on Kpopmerch Official features the girl group’s official fandom logo, inspired by Disney’s iconic castles. Like its fandom’s name, Neverland, the lightstick symbolises the sense of belonging that (G)I-DLE and their fans feel towards each other, as well as living in the moment together. Especially with the sprinkle of holo glitter on its light bulb, the ethereal (G)-IDLE lightstick easily defends its spot as one of the best KPop lightsticks of 2023. It can also light up with up to six colours: electric blue, orange, purple, red, turquoise, and neon yellow.

9. Dreamcatcher Lightstick

dreamcatcher lightstick

What if I told you that there was a KPop lightstick that could transform into a sceptre? If you think it’s far-fetched, the Dreamcatcher Lightstick (available on is proof that you can think outside the box when it comes to fan merchandise — the full-sized Dreamcatcher Lightstick definitely won’t be fitting in its original box. Not only is Dreamcatcher one of the best KPop groups when it comes to concepts and discography, it also boasts a lightstick that’s one-of-a-kind even in 2023. 

Just by fitting on the extensions that come along with the lightstick, their fans would easily be able to wield a 78.5cm-tall sceptre that looks like it came out of a Marvel or mediaeval movie. In the event the fixture inside the bulb ends up broken, you can also replace it with the DREAMCATCHER – Mood Light Cradle (available on SixKShop Official Store)!

Best classic KPop lightsticks 

10. Girls’ Generation Lightstick

best kpop lightstick girls' generation lightstick

While second-generation Korean girl group Girls’ Generation might be late to the lightstick game, SM Entertainment finally unveiled the design of the group’s official lightstick in late 2018. Representing one of the best and oldest KPop groups that are still active today, the Girls’ Generation Lightstick (available on sports a heart-shaped bulb, as well the updated version of the girl group’s ‘GG’ logo. Like most KPop lightsticks found in Singapore today, this Girls’ Generation lightstick also has a built-in Bluetooth concert syncing feature, and its battery life can last up to a whopping five hours!

11. BIGBANG Lightstick

best kpop lightstick bigbang lightstick
(Credit: hotwind)

If you’re a fan of all things KPop , there’s a high chance you’ve laid eyes on this yellow, lotus-shaped lightstick. The BIGBANG Lightstick (available on hotwind) is one of the best KPop lightsticks to get in Singapore, especially if you’re still an ardent fan of BIGBANG in 2023. With all four remaining members now released from their military service, you’ll now be able to take this BIGBANG lightstick with you to the next concert or event, to support your favourite members!

Be prepared for your next KPop concert with the best lightsticks in Singapore

Get your hallyu game on with the best KPop lightsticks in Singapore! Whether you’re going to see major acts like BTS or rising stars like THE BOYZ, meet your favourite KPop idols with their lightsticks. You’ll not only be able to sing along to the lyrics of their songs, but also sync your lightsticks with the rest of the audience to create a one-of-a-kind lightshow! For more KPop and concert recommendations, check out trendy korean bangs and hairstyles and the upcoming concerts in Singapore!