USS: How To Catch All The Rides & Shows At Universal Studios Singapore

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Planning a trip to Universal Studios Singapore but afraid you’ll be unable to catch all the rides and shows in a day? Or perhaps sick and tired of queuing and want a more efficient way of enjoying the attractions? You’ve come to the right place!

Guide to taking all the rides

We’ve divided this into three segments, specially for thrill seekers, the moderate theme-park goer and the little ones.

Thrill seekers

If you’re a thrill seeker, the first thing you should do at Universal Studios Singapore is board the roller coasters. Especially since the queue will lengthen throughout the day, you should get to ‘Battlestar Galactica (the huge red and blue roller coasters)’ upon entering Universal Studios Singapore! Maybe you’ll even be able to squeeze in 2-3 consecutive rounds before the queues start getting unbearable. Or before you start feeling queasy, whichever comes first.

Thrill seekers who are prone to motion sickness should try out the ‘Human (red)’ before challenging the ‘Cylon (blue)’ though. Just in case the corkscrews and 360 loops of the ‘Cylon’ cause a tornado in your stomach before you get to enjoy the other rides.

We’d recommend the last row for the adrenaline rush, while the first row is great for enjoying the view and beautiful castle in the distance.

Should you want to ‘prepare your heart’ before taking the huge roller coasters, the ‘Revenge of the Mummy’ roller coaster is a slightly milder ride. It’s also a great place to escape the sun as the queues are indoors.

Pro Tips:

* Try to take the rides on an empty (or minimally full) stomach so you don’t end up hurling the contents of your breakfast during the ride. We’d recommend taking the rides before going for lunch!

** Nearing the end of the day, as the crowds start to leave Universal Studios Singapore, grab the opportunity to board the roller coasters again. The queues will be significantly shorter and you might even be able to pick your desired seats, if you’re friendly to the staff! The night experience is very different from that in the day and shouldn’t be missed!

*** For all the rollercoasters, you’ll have to put your bags in the lockers located beside the rides! Make sure you have NOTHING in your pockets, not even your phones. You won’t want them falling out during the ride! Don’t think you can get past the ride attendants too. They have large metal detectors and you don’t want to do the walk of shame back to the lockers after getting busted. 

*** Skip this part if you don’t want spoilers for when the camera flashes for the on-ride photos***
  • The camera for the Cylon photo flashes during the first acceleration, while the Human’s occur during the second drop.
  • The camera for the mummy ride flashes during the final drop!

Now, you’ll be prepared for glamorous on-ride photos, if you can manage your expressions 😉 (you’re welcome!)

cylon roller coaster uss

The ‘moderate’ theme-park goer

For those who enjoy the average theme park ride, you should choose between ‘Puss in Boots’ Giant Journey’, ‘Canopy Flyer’ or ‘Transformers: The Ride*’. These rides are still slightly thrilling but not too drastic. The queues for these rides tend to increase, really, really fast, so board them nearer to the start of the day to avoid queues. You could even ride them more than once if you want!

The ‘Enchanted Airways’ and ‘Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure**’ are also great for moderate level thrill seekers as they involve small drops. If you want to experience what it’s like for a set to come alive with special effects, you could also go for ‘Lights, Camera, Action!***’, hosted by none other than Steven Spielberg himself! Get ready to be blown away (literally) as you experience a Category 5 major hurricane, created by special effects that look and feel real.

Pro Tips:

* For the best in-ride experience, you could cheer or give big reactions (“WHOAHHH”) during the ride (so that other riders will do it together with you), making the ride more immersive!

** This is a wet ride, so you might want to take it either very early on (to avoid the queues) or towards the later part of the day, so that you have time to dry off (there are also drying pods in Universal Studios Singapore for a fee). Alternatively, bring a set of spare clothes or a poncho to save yourself the trouble. ALSO: Be sure to look up after the raft reaches the top of the elevator for a cool surprise!

*** There are three lines when you queue for this ride. Go for the first row (if you can), for the most immersive experience. (Spoiler: you might get wet)

puss in boots

The little ones

Bringing your little ones to Universal Studios Singapore with you? Fret not, there are many rides made for children to enjoy too! 

You might want to head to ‘Treasure Hunters’ first, as this is the ride with the longest queue (and isn’t really worth queueing for). Get there before the queue lengthens and your little one will get a taste of driving a jeep through the desert. ‘Dino Soarin’ is also nearby and great for kids who want to soar in the skies aboard a flying dinosaur.

As these rides have queues outdoors, you might want to get a portable fan to make the heat a little more bearable.

Blast off into space with Elmo, at ‘Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase’! You’ll also have the chance to meet the various Sesame Street characters throughout the ride, and soar above a galaxy of stars. Since it’s air-conditioned, this ride is also a great opportunity to escape the heat!

Madagascar: A Crate Adventure’ has a similar concept to the popular ‘It’s A Small World’ ride, but without the music. Embark on an adventure with the cast as they bring you through Madagascar while following the storyline of the first movie!

There are also two ‘hidden’ attractions that are lesser known. The ‘Magic Potion Spin’ is hidden in the gift shop in ‘Far Far Away’ and is a mini ferris wheel for the little ones (and it’s free!). The ‘Amber Rock Climb’ on the other hand, is located within ‘The Lost World’, where your child can scale the walls and be the next Spiderman (this isn’t free).

sesame street spaghetti space chase

Guide to catching all the shows

Plan your schedule ahead of time! By collating the showtimes, you can prioritise which shows to catch so you can experience everything in a day! (It’s possible, on non-crowded days) The showtime booklet states the showtimes and venues for every show, so you might want to remember the timings so that you won’t miss them!

If you have 45 minutes to spare before a show, consider getting a quick bite or taking rides with queue timings of less than 30 minutes to ensure that you have time to spare! Take into account walking time (in case you can’t find the venue). For shows like ‘Elmo’s TV Time’ and ‘Waterworld’, you should probably arrive at least 10-15 minutes before the show begins to snag the best seats.

We’d recommend ‘Waterworld’, where you’ll experience death-defying stunts. However, there are pretty loud sound effects (such as gunshots) that may shock young children, so take this into consideration before bringing your little ones.

The pre-show could get a little long, so these water mist fans will do a great job at keeping you cool! (They sell these during the pre-show too, so buy it now instead of getting tempted by the overpriced ones!)

Pro Tips:

*For the ultimate Universal Studios Singapore experience, go for seats in the ‘splash zones’ (indicated in the arena) if you don’t mind getting wet! It’ll give you plenty of chances to interact with the cast (no spoilers) and enjoy a blast of water amid the scorching heat!

** Be enthusiastic! The hype of the crowd contributes to a better show experience and the cast will appreciate the support! You could even ‘volunteer’ your friend when they call for audience participation. Trust us, you won’t regret it, it makes for great blackmail material 😉

*** There’ll also be chances to take photos with the cast members at the end of the show! Don’t leave once the show ends if you want this photo opportunity.

waterworld uss

Shrek’s 4D adventure*’ promises quite an immersive experience and you’ll get to interact with Donkey himself during ‘Donkey Live**’. Kids will definitely love it as Donkey converses one-on-one with selected guests which could be the experience of a lifetime!

Pro Tips:

*Arrive slightly earlier before the show starts to catch a glimpse of the three little pigs snoring in the pre-show room. There are no-motion seats for parents with young children, so you might want to avoid that if you want the full experience!

**Be enthusiastic during the Donkey Live performance and who knows, you might be handpicked by Donkey himself! You’ll even be able to have a short chat with the witty character! (The experience differs for every show, as the show isn’t pre-recorded!) Try it to believe it.

If your child loves the Sesame Street characters, ‘Elmo’s TV Time’ will be a dream come true! Kids will have the chance to sing and dance along with their favourite characters as they perform on stage. Towards the end of the performance, the cast will even walk among the audience, and it’s endearing to see them hugging and interacting with the kids. Your little ones are guaranteed to have the time of their lives!

Pro Tip:

*Arrive early for the best seats! Parents with young children might want to get the front rows, or aisle seats for when the characters leave the stage to interact with the kids! If you’re lucky, your little one might be able to get a hug from their favourite character!

You could also catch the ‘Lake Hollywood Spectacular’ and ‘Hollywood Dreams Parade’, but these only occur on certain days. You can check out their calendar to plan your dates!

uss shows

And you’re all set! With this, your trip to Universal Studios Singapore will not only be efficient but well worth the cost of the tickets as well! Check out our ultimate, detailed guide to Universal Studios Singapore to make your tickets worth every cent!