15 World Records You Didn’t Know Were Set By Singaporeans

15 World Records You Didn’t Know Were Set By Singaporeans

Happy Guinness World Record Day! We’re all pretty familiar with the Guinness Book of Records. But, do you know that some of these records are set by our own Singaporeans? Here’s a list of 15 insanely weird records that will make you super-amused and super-proud.

  1. Largest Curry

    Largest Curry
    (Steward’s Solution)

    Yep, Singapore – well-known for our food – is also the holder of the largest curry recorded. It weighed 15.34 tonnes and was achieved by the Indian Chefs and Culinary Association (Singapore). This must have been the most calorie-inducing and delicious record made ever. And we are actually wondering, what did they do with the leftover curry?

    Who: Indian Chefs and Culinary Association

    When: 1 August 2015

  2. Longest Satay

    Longest Satay
    (Singapore Book of Records)

    Of course, in order to live up to our title as the food paradise, we have to be the record holder of the Longest Satay too. The record was set in 2007 and it measured 140.02m. And by the way, to give you some context, that’s actually 16 times the height of our very own Merlion. This (literally) tower of meat was made with 150kg of chicken and 150 staff grilled it over a charcoal (camp)fire.

    Who: Kopitiam Group of Companies

    When: 21 July 2007

  3. Most people applying false eyelashes

    False Eyelash

    A really weird, but quite an eye-opening experience was set right here on our sunny island too. 324 people gathered together at The Ground Theatre @ SCAPE and started applying false eyelashes together. Well, we are one united people after all!

    Who: Mandom Corp. Pte. Ltd

    When: 20 September 2014

  4. Largest collection of tortoise and turtle items


    Don’t we all love these cute shelled animals? Well, a particular Singaporean is showing his love by having the largest collection of them. He has a total of 3456 (how auspicious as well) tortoises and turtles in this collection, including 1000 live specimens. Want to see them? They are all housed in The Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum, which has already been in operation since 2002.

    Who: Danny Tan

    When: 16 June 2005

  5. Most people participating in a Lo Hei prosperity toss simultaneously at a single venue

    Lo Hei
    (Singapore Book of Records)

    Singapore also had to have a say in setting the most number of people participating in the traditional Lo Hei salad toss. 430 people gathered at The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore, to set this record. We actually do wonder what was the aftermath of this toss, given that a simple 4 person toss can already result in carrots shreds in our hair.

    Who: Dimension Data

    When: 19 February 2016

  6. Largest reunion of people born at the same hospital

    Largest Reunion Of People
    (Guinness World Records)

    So apparently, our very own KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) broke this record with 2241 people aged from 7 to 85 years old at Bishan Stadium. If you were born at KKH too, were you there at this record-breaking event?

    Who: KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital

    When: 16 October 2016

  7. Largest game of musical chairs

    Largest Game of Musical Chairs
    (Singapore Book of Records)

    The old-school primary school game of musical chairs was upscaled to a jaw-dropping 8238 participants at Anglo-Chinese School. With 8237 chairs to remove, the game lasted for a total of three and a half hours!

    Who: Anglo-Chinese School

    When: 5 August 1989

  8. Most number of simultaneous Scrabble games


    Singapore also holds the record for the most number of simultaneous Scrabble games. 1042 participants were involved in this effort and 521 games were played at the same time. We also tried to find some data about how long the games lasted, but nothing popped up. If anybody was a participant, do leave a comment down below and we will edit this post accordingly!

    Who: Northland Secondary School

    When: 14 March 2006

  9. Largest gathering of people dressed as storybook characters

    Largest Gathering
    (Guinness World Records)

    Singapore holds the record of the largest gathering of people, 1560 to be exact, dressed as our favourite characters like Harry Potter, Snow White and even Roald Dahl’s Mr and Mrs Twits. Could this be Singapore’s very own version of Storybrooke?

    Who: Tanglin Trust School

    When: 7 March 2014

  10. Largest sculpture of plastic bags

    Largest Sculpture
    (Singapore Book of Records)

    Our sunny island has also made it into the books with the largest sculpture of plastic bags. 68000 plastic bags were used to form the sculpture, which was formed in the shape of an octopus by over 200 student volunteers.

    Who: Ci Yuan Community Centre

    When: 21 April 2012

  11. Largest sculpture made from recycled materials

    Largest Sculpture Built From Recycled Materials
    (Singapore Book of Records)

    Besides holding the record for the largest sculpture of plastic bags, Singapore is also the record holder of the largest sculpture made from recycled materials! It measured 40.51m in length, 29.14m in width and 8.80m in height. To give you some context, that’s almost as tall as a three-storey flat, and nearly the length of an Olympic-sized swimming pool!

    Who: Tetra Pak South East Asia Pte Ltd

    When: 14 April 2014

  12. Largest game of pass the parcel

    Well, Singapore also holds the title for the largest game of pass the parcel. A grand total of 3918 students were involved in this traditional game and they removed 2200 wrappers in two hours and thirty minutes! Just wow.

    Who: Nanyang Technological University

    When: 28 February 1998

  13. Longest chain of paper hearts

    Longest Heart
    (Guinness World Records)

    This brings back good Secondary School memories! Writing notes on origami paper (or a scrap paper from your school notebook), and then folding it into a paper heart and passing it (or not so secretly) to your (not so secret) crush. You will be happy to know that Singapore has also made it into the books for holding the record of the longest chain of paper hearts. It was made up of 8525 paper hearts and measured 951.18m in length!

    Who: Jamiyah Singapore

    When: 14 May 2017

  14. Largest ant farm

    Largest Ant Farm
    (Singapore Book of Records)

    This gives us the creeps but we are on the books for the largest ant farm! It is 1.2m in height, 0.9m in width and 0.08m in depth. Fun fact! This creepy crawly structure was actually used as a promotion for Colgate Anti Cavity Toothpaste. Approximately 200 to 300 ants were released into the habitat to dig for 24 hours, giving the impression that the “tooth” has cavities.

    Who: Colgate Palmolive Ltd

    When: 28 February 1998

  15. Most millionaires per capita

    Family Guy

    You will be happy (or maybe, sad or dejected) to know that Singapore is home to more millionaires than any other country. 17.1% of households are actually worth $1 million and this equates to a total of 188000 households! This certainly explains the rising costs in Singapore and the dwindling number of chicken rice that still costs $2.

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