Gift Guide For Primary School Kids in Singapore

2017 Gift Guide For Primary School Kids in Singapore

Say goodbye to endless google searches for the perfect gift for your kid (or your friend’s kid) with Shopee’s guide to getting the best and trendiest gifts for kids this 2017! Whether your kid is a die-hard Disney or Star Wars fan or is absolutely nuts about the latest robots and gadgets, Shopee has something cool in store for him/her!

  1. The Disney Fan

    (a) We all know how important it is to stay hydrated all the time, especially with Singapore’s climate. Gift your kid this cool Disney Water Bottle ($17.00) and we assure you, they’ll be the envy of all their school mates! We heard that this bottle is even made of plastic that is highly resistant to fall – Perfect for all the kids who constantly drop their bottles in school!

    disney bottle

    (b) All your little girls will definitely appreciate this Ufufy Disney Hair Tie ($3.00) too! There’s the classic Mickey and Minnie, and even the cute duo Chip and Dale.

    disney hairtie

    (c) The Classic Monopoly will never go wrong, especially if it’s a Disney Animation Edition ($44.90). It’s also the perfect medium for you to teach your children how to count money and the secret to strategising and becoming a millionaire or tycoon. *wriggle eyebrows*

    disney monopoly
  2. The Star Wars Fan

    (a)If your kid is a Star Wars Fan, he/she will definitely appreciate this cool Star Wars Lego Set ($8.50-$15.00) too! It comes in so many variations, from the Star Wars U-Wing Microfighter version to the Star Wars Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle Microfighter, we are certain you’d find the perfect set for your child!


    (b) Your kid might still be afraid of the dark. So why not gift your little one this ultra cool Night Lamp ($9.83)? There’s even an automatic colour changing mode that changes from red to green to blue to yellow to cyan to pink and lastly, white! Impress your kid’s friends with this cool addition to the house!

    starwars light

    (c) A Pencil Case ($6.90) is always a great idea. Especially with the new school year coming right up! Get your child this adorable Cartoon Star Wars pencil case and we assure you, they’ll be the coolest kid in class!

    Star Wars Pencil Case

    (d) If your child has been on his/her best behaviour, he/she definitely deserves a Spiro Star Wars Toy ($280.00). This is the toy every cool kid will want to get. The droid has five different modes – drive mode, auto reconnaissance mode, path specify mode, augmented reality mode and even a movie view mode. It seems so high-tech that we reckon you wouldn’t mind getting one for yourself too!

    Star Wars Robot
  3. The Minions Fan

    (a) The minion craze will never end – That we can assure you. Gift your child an adorable WowWee – Mini Turbo Dave ($59.90) remote control minion Christmas this year. The perfect gift if your child is into cars, remote controls and gadgets!


    (b) Every kid will also need a Tupperware Set ($14.90), so why not get the trending Despicable Me 3 edition of it? Now your kid has extra reasons to love the lunchboxes you lovingly pack for him/her!

    Minion Tupperware

    (c) A cute pair of Minion Earphones ($6.00) will work well too! The cute details are enough to make anyone jealous – What’s more, it even comes in a minion-themed carrier!

    Minion Earphones

    (d) Your kid will be the coolest kid in class with this Remote Control Aircraft ($8.00) in-hand during the next class excursion to the park! Watch as five different types of Minions take flight at Botanical Gardens!
    minion aircraft

    (e) A crowd favourite, this Fluffy Unicorn ($3.70) will be the perfect gift for your child this Christmas simply because it is so fluffy, we’re gonna die! *screams*

    Fluffy Unicorn

    (f) A Minion Cap ($9.50) will definitely work well with all the cool kids. The best accessory your primary school kid can flaunt during his/her next class excursion!

    Minion Cap
  4. The Paw Patrol Fan

    (a) We have already emphasised the importance of having a water bottle in Singapore. So if your child isn’t a Disney fan, fret not because we have a Paw Patrol Themed Water Bottles ($12.00) too!

    Paw Patrol Water Bottle

    (b) A 
    Paw Patrol Pencil Case ($2.66-$2.84) will also be the best gift for your child. This comes in 2 variations – Blue and Pink!

    Paw Patrol Pencil Case
  5. The Robot Fans

    (a)If your child is a fan of robots, then you’ll definitely need to get this award-winning Wonder Dash Robot ($195.00) for him/her this Christmas! Other than presenting kids with challenges and puzzles, it also helps develop your child’s patience and build problem solving skills.


    (b) Alternatively, let your child explore and build his/her very own Lego Robot ($87.21) with this 3-in-1 set, which includes a Robo Explorer, a Robo Dog and a Robo Bird! This variation is perfect for primary school children and even includes an instruction manual for easy construction.

    lego 3 in 1

    (c) All the coolest kids in Primary School owns a Mini Drone ($279.00) nowadays, so why not get one for your child this Christmas? This variant has features that are simple enough for your primary school child. It is also a perfect way for you to bond with him/her!

  6. The Kid Who Is Too Cool For Cartoons

    (a) The good kid this year will definitely deserve this pair of Jbl JR300 Kids On-Ear Headphones ($39.90). It is essentially the kid-version of JBL iconic earphones. It is even designed to consistently limit the volume below 85 dB, making it super safe for even the youngest music fans. On top of that, it comes in various variants (Red, Blue, Pink etc.) and the entire package includes a sticker set (for the extra personalisation of course!)

    JBL Earphones for kids

    (b) For a little fun and action, you can get your child a Hasbro Nerf Zombie Strike Outbreaker Bow ($27.90) for Christmas this year. You could even gift yourself one as well as you and your child battle it out and see who is the better marksman! Ppst, beware of the zombies though!

    Nerf Gun

    (c) Alternatively, you can also get a Hasbro Nerf N-Strike Elite Sharpfire Blaster ($29.90) or the super upgraded Hasbro Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike Series AlphaHawk ($69.90).

    Nerf Gun

    (d) With the MRT service being not as reliable as before, it might be a good idea to get Bicycles ($109.00-$129.00) for your kid. This comes with training wheels, perfect if your little one is still in the beginner’s stage. There are even two variations – Paris Pink or Police Blue

    kids bicycle in pink

    (e) Alternatively, you can also get Kid Scooters ($36.90). Perfect for your next family day out! It is a great way to teach your kids all about balancing, and also, to keep them active!

    Kids Scooter

    (f) And if all else fails, you can always get an iPad 9.7 ($760.00). We assure you. This is definitely THE gift for all the cool (and super-privileged) kids!



Let us know what you’d be getting your kids this Christmas!

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