10 Animal Shelters In Singapore To Give Time To Kittens & Mutts

oscas featured image animal shelter singapore
(Credit: Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter – OSCAS / Facebook)

Many animal shelters in Singapore struggle with funding and resources to care for and rehome animals. However, this doesn’t stop them from doing all they can for their furry pals. Looking to do your part? Sign up for the numerous volunteering opportunities available in animal shelters, make new friends and take back the skills learnt to your professional and personal lives!

For the love of dogs…

1. OSCAS (Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter)

oscas animal shelter singapore
(Credit: Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter – OSCAS / Facebook)

OSCAS’ motto, ‘Adopt. Don’t Shop.’ sticks out in stark contrast to the area it’s situated in where animal shelters and breeders operate side by side. Founders, Anita and Mary established this animal shelter in 2006 and now have over 100 dogs under their care.

How can you lend your support at this animal shelter in Singapore? Volunteers from as young as 15 years can apply for roles such as Animal Welfare and Education & Outreach to PR & Media. An Animal Welfare volunteer would be responsible for ensuring the overall well-being of the dogs while Education & Outreach volunteers will collaborate with external stakeholders to build a kinder and more dog-friendly Singapore.

Anita also shared that dog adoption is never a straightforward process and that there some who adopt rescue dogs only to later force them into becoming guard dogs. Hence, if you’re looking to adopt a dog, expect stringent screening tests. Otherwise, we were captivated by Anita’s tenacity, spirit and love in wanting to help these dogs. If you see yourself with this team, simply apply for the role and they’ll be in touch with you!

Address: The Animal Lodge, 59 Sungei Tengah Road, Block R
Opening Hours: By appointment only

2. SOSD (Save Our Street Dogs)

sosd animal shelter singapore
(Credit: SOSD Singapore / Facebook)

SOSD is a volunteer-run organisation that rescues, rehomes and advocates against the culling of stray dogs. From Team Kennel to Team Video and Team Adoption Drive, volunteer roles are diverse, each with varying commitment levels. Be sure to check out the volunteer stories online to find more.

Want to volunteer with your dog? This animal shelter in Singapore runs an Animal Assisted Therapy programme called Healing Paws. Through this, volunteers and their pet dogs visit SOSD’s various beneficiaries to provide companionship and motivation to the residents. To become eligible for this programme, your dog will have to undergo an assessment with the in-house Animal Assisted Therapist. Once passed, we think Healing Paws would serve as a great platform to bond with your dog while giving back to society!

Address: The Animal Lodge, 59 Sungei Tengah Road, S(669014) (By appointment only)
Shelter Tour: Every second and last Sunday of the month: 12.30pm – 1.30pm

3. Gentle Paws

gentle paws animal shelter singapore
(Credit: Gentle Paws / Facebook)

Gentle Paws is a privately run animal shelter for strays, abandoned and former breeding dogs. Volunteers need to be 21 years and above and will help in washing the compound, feeding, showering and walking the dogs. Volunteers will also be roped in to organise adoption drives, flea markets and furry days.

Don’t think you might be able to commit to volunteering? Get on board with their Sponsor-A-Dog project and donate any amount you feel comfortable with on a monthly basis. This will go a long way in covering the medical costs and maintenance of the dogs.

Email: farmwaylove@gmail.com (address will be given upon confirmation of volunteer slot)

For the love of cats…

4. CWS (Cat Welfare Society)

cat welfare society singapore
(Credit: Cat Welfare Society / Facebook)

CWS is not your typical animal shelter in Singapore. Although it does rescue work and rehomes feline pals, they also work close