11 Cleaning Products For Every Lazy Person (Or Mum) Out There

Did you know? Happy Lazy Mum Day falls on 7 Sep every year and deep down, we know we are procrastinators when it comes to household chores (whether we’re a mum or not). But fret not, because we have pulled together a list of 9 awesome cleaning products that will definitely make cleaning less of a chore (hooray)!

1. Stick-on Stove Protectors ($3.43)

Stick On Stove Protectors

Save the trouble of scrubbing and simply peel off these Stick-on Stove Protectors when you’re done the cooking. No grime makes all households a safe place. Psst, for the environmentally friendly folks, good news! It’s fully reusable! Just remove once done, wash it in hot soapy water and keep it for your next use.

2. Laundry Basketball Hoop ($16.18)

Laundry Hamper

Keep those messy piles of clothes off your floor with this Basketball Hoop that comes attached with a laundry hamper! To up the stakes, the loser has to hang the laundry after, because we all know how tiring that is!

3. Boomjoy 2019 Upgraded P4 Spray Mop ($14.90)

Boomjoy Spray

This Mop with a Built-in Spray Function is simply godsent. Bid good riddance to lugging around a huge pail of water and achy backs. Simply spray and wipe, spray and wipe. This upgraded version of the mop also has an improved micro-molecular refined spout design so that it covers a larger area with the same amount of water.

4. Shoe Mops ($1)

Shoe Wiper

You will always need to walk to the fridge to get something. Add on these Shoe Mops, and you’ll be killing two birds with one stone!

5. Cutlery Cleaner ($3)

Cutlery Cleaner

The toughest part of cooking at home is the cleaning up after shudders. Stick this to the side of your sink and this Cutlery Cleaner will help save you some time (and effort)!

6. Rust Remover ($2.90 – $3.50)

Rust Remover

Keep your pots and pans sparkling clean with this Rust Remover. Less scrubbing also means more snoozing. 

7. Two-In-One Cleaning Brush ($5.99)

Cleaning Brush

Squeezing the detergent onto a brush/sponge is an extra (unnecessary) step. Get this Cleaning Brush and combine two steps into one!

8. Three-in-One Window Wiper ($5.26)

Window Wiper

And, while we are at it, here’s a Window Wiper that squirts, wipes, scrapes. What a handy device!

9. Baby Crawling Mop ($18.39)

Baby Mop

If you have a little one at home who is crawling all over the place now, you’d better deck him or her in this onesie asap because why not right?

10. Magiclean Wiper Mop ($21.90)

Magiclean Wiper

If you’re truly lazy (like us), you’ll love this Magiclean Wiper because you really can clean up dust and hair with just one wipe. P.S. Personally, we love this because it is excellent at picking up hair strands too!

11. Magnetic Glass Bottle Spot Scrubber ($3.52)

Glass Cleaner

Always facing issues cleaning the bottom of any glassware? Well, we feel you. Make your life much easier with this smart invention that simply uses the power of magnets to clean your glass bottle.

12. Cleaning Glue ($1.16)

Cleaning Glue

And to end it all, we’re pretty sure half of you might be snacking at your desk right now. Grab this Cleaning Glue and start picking up those itsy bits and pieces the easy way!

13. Magiclean Handy Duster ($13.95)

Magiclean Handy Duster

Reach high and hard-to-reach places the easy way with Magiclean Handy Duster, Extendable. This handle reaches up to 95cm, allowing you to dust your cupboards, cabinets, fans and more. It is also made of high absorption fibres so that you can effectively pick up, trap and hold the finest specks of dust. Say good bye to pesky fly-away dust while cleaning.

Any other useful products to recommend for all the lazy people out there? Let us know in the comments below!

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