Come On Barbie! 29 Best Barbie Movies To Watch This 2023

best barbie movies singapore 2023

The Barbie live action may be a hit and all, but have you ever watched these Barbie animated movies growing up? It’s as if the Barbie doll has actually come to life, living out her dreams as a fashion designer, a popstar and more. There’s even the classics like Swan Lake, A Christmas Carol and many others that’ll have you feeling all nostalgic. Having watched almost all her animated films and being a self-proclaimed fangirl, here are the best Barbie movies in Singapore to watch this 2023 – in no particular order of favourites!

Best Barbie movies in Singapore (2023): Classics

1. Barbie In The Nutcracker (2001)

Hopping onto the train of a new hobby or favourite would most definitely require you to start from where it all began. One of the best Barbie movies in Singapore to watch in 2023 has to be her very first feature length film, Barbie In The Nutcracker. She plays a girl called Clara, who receives an intricately designed nutcracker as a Christmas gift. Clara adores the details of the nutcracker and as the day winds down, she falls asleep with her nutcracker in hand. But who would’ve known that this particular nutcracker holds some magic? He comes alive at night to protect Clara from soldiers that were dispatched by the evil Mouse King. And as Clara gets woken up, she also shrinks down – yikes. 

Now, the pair have to go find the Sugarplum Princess in order to bring her back to normal. Through adventure, challenges and a lovely story of friendship, this is one of the best Barbie movies in Singapore to start out with in 2023! 

2. Barbie As Rapunzel (2002)

We all know and love Rapunzel as the girl with the longest and strongest tresses. But just as with the classic tale, Barbie plays Rapunzel trapped in a castle where she’s never been exposed to the outside world. Even if she tries to, the witch – Mother Gothel – has a magical barrier put up to prevent Rapunzel from ever escaping. To deal with this, Rapunzel spends all her time painting all she can dream of. She then stumbles upon a magical paint brush as she explores the hidden recesses of the castle. The paintbrush grants her access to places outside the barrier, as long as she’s able to paint these places from memory. 

Accompanied by her dragon friend Penelope and her bunny companion Hobie, they take the chance to explore these places and meet interesting people. But could any of these people be her ticket to happily ever after? 

3. Barbie Of Swan Lake (2003)

Being a jack of all trades means Barbie’s definitely got ballet in her genes. Barbie Of Swan Lake is another amazing movie that’s based on the classics – Swan Lake ballet. And you’ve guessed it, Barbie is Odette in this movie. She’s always helping her dad out in his bakery, but one day a unicorn stumbles into town and Odette gets curious. She follows the unicorn, named Lila, into an enchanted forest and they become fast friends. Odette meets the entire Brady bunch, and as night falls, all the critters turn human. But they’re suddenly visited by the evil sorcerer Rothbart. 

Odette then gets turned into a swan and now she needs to find a way to go back to normal. In the meantime, she’s able to be human when the sun sets. And that’s all thanks to a Magic Crystal Crown (available on 文体旗舰店). But one day, a prince crosses her path as he goes hunting in the forest. What’s going to happen? And will Odette be able to find out how to be fully human again?

4. Barbie As The Princess And The Pauper (2004)

I may have said “no favourites”, but if I had to choose, Barbie As The Princess And The Pauper would most likely be the one. It’s her first musical film and I’m a sucker for catchy tunes. Having watched this film at least 15 times, I’d have to say that this Mark Twain classic has been redone perfectly. Barbie plays both princess Anneliese and pauper Erika. They look alike, yes. The only way you can tell them apart is by their hair. The princess is blonde while the pauper is a brunette. 

Here, the kingdom is struck with a financial crisis. Princess Anneliese has to find a royal suitor to save her people. But before that happens, she steps outside the castle walls only to chance upon a melodic voice that belongs to a pauper that’s none other than Erika. They break out into the iconic song I Am A Girl Like You as they sing how contrasting their lives are. The beautiful melodies coupled with heartfelt lyrics is what makes this one of the best Barbie movies in Singapore this 2023. The only thing is, Princess Anneliese gets kidnapped before she can save her kingdom. Through trickery, deviousness, adventure and friendship, watch how the story unfolds as Erika tries to help her friend.

5. Barbie: Fairytopia (2005)

Barbie: Fairytopia is the very first Barbie film that revolves around an original story. Here, Barbie plays a fairy called Elina. But the catch is – she doesn’t have wings. What happened to her wasn’t really explained. Nevertheless, what she lacks actually becomes her strength. She wakes up one day to find out all her fairy friends are unwell. They’ve somehow weakened and they’re unable to fly at all. Elina finds out that it’s due to some green potion that has spread throughout the area. And since Elina doesn’t have wings, she’s actually unaffected by this mysterious potion. 

She sets off with her adorable puffball friend called Bibble (available on And don’t ask me what Bibble is saying, because I can’t figure it out either. At least Elina understands him! They need to find one of the Guardian Fairies, Azura. Hopefully, they find the antidote to put their other friends out of their misery!

6. Barbie And The Magic Of Pegasus (2005)

Barbie is now Princess Annika. And she’s always getting in trouble with her parents for sneaking out of the castle alone. All for what? Just to ice skate in secluded areas. But props to her, because she’s really good at ice skating! Then again, her parents lectured her and tried to lock her in, but she managed to slip out anyway. Princess Annika heads to the village and ice skates with her people. They’re having fun, soaking in all the snowy vibes when they’re suddenly attacked by an evil warlock, Wenlock. Fortunately, a talking pegasus swoops in and saves Annika from the warlock. 

They make their way to Cloud Kingdom where it’s discovered that the pegasus, called Brietta, actually knows Annika. While we won’t reveal how Brietta is familiar with Annika, we’ll just say that this is a journey filled with twists and turns, ogres and more. 

7. Barbie Fairytopia: Mermaidia (2006)

After beating the villain from Barbie: Fairytopia, Elina is once again struck with issues. This time, the villain is no different. The only difference is how it’s being done through her minions now. The minion, Fungus Maximus, has been given a poison that can potentially destroy all marine life. To stop this, all Fungus Maximus needs is an Immunity Berry from Mermaidia prince Nalu. But of course, this magical berry can’t fall into the wrong hands, so Elina is here to prevent that from happening.

Joined by another mermaid called Nori and her same puffball bestie Bibble, Elina once again has to try and save the day. But how is she going to do all that underwater? All we know is Elina isn’t going to have it easy, making this one of the best Barbie movies in Singapore that’s going to be a thrill to watch this 2023!

8. The Barbie Diaries (2006)

The best Barbie movies in Singapore this 2023 aren’t always about fairytale princesses. Look at The Barbie Diaries for instance. Barbie and her besties Tia, Courtney and Kevin are about to start high school and they’re soaking up their last day of vacation. Looking over a glorious sunset, the four make resolutions about how the year is going to be special for them.

Barbie aims to become the news anchor for her school’s TV station, but is faced with a strong opponent – the popular Raquelle. On top of that, she’s also crushing on Todd, the school jock. But that’s not all. Barbie has to struggle with her commitment to her other gal pals, especially since they’re trying to make new music for their band, Charmz. While that sounds like any other regular school story, Barbie may have something magical to help her out. Coupled with the interesting animation style, it’s time to find out whether Barbie and her friends will get through the school year. 

9. Barbie In The 12 Dancing Princesses (2006)

While Grimm’s Fairy Tale Classics only involved three princesses, Barbie’s version features 12, four times more than its inspiration. No wonder it’s one of the best Barbie movies in Singapore this 2023. This is another Barbie movie that features ballet heavily. As Genevieve, Barbie has 11 sisters that all love music and dancing – and props to you if you can remember all their names. While they’re all beautiful and graceful, the only downside is that they’re actually quite a handful to manage. And that’s especially since the King is left to care for them on his own. 

The King then decides to enlist the help of his cousin to teach them the ways of etiquette. Cue Duchess Rowena, her servant Desmond and her pet monkey Brutus. She removes all colour from the girls’ lives and instils rigorous schedules to keep them on their feet – albeit not literally. They no longer have music nor dance to remind them of their beloved late mother. Until they chance upon a secret passage that’s been right in front of them all along. 

10. Barbie Fairytopia: Magic Of The Rainbow (2007)

You’re probably wondering why there’s another Barbie Fairytopia movie. Apart from it being one of the best Barbie movie series in Singapore this 2023, it’s also the first trilogy series. There’s no way you should miss out on this! This time, Elina becomes a student. She joins fairy school to learn the art of fairy magic, fairy dancing and more. And that’s all in preparation for her to join the others in performing the highly important rainbow dance. 

But guess what? The same villain strikes again. And this time, she’s trying to sabotage Elina and her classmates so they won’t be able to perform the dance. If she succeeds in her evil schemes, the entire Fairytopia would fall into darkness and winter. So Elina has to try and unite everyone against the evil forces to save everyone from potential chaos – talk about a heavy burden. 

11. Barbie As The Island Princess (2007)

Rainy storms and tumultuous waves, a ship meets misfortune while sailing the seas. Rosella, played by Barbie, is a baby that gets washed ashore on an unknown island. She’s saved by the island inhabitants who take care of her as she grows into a young lady. And that includes a rather sensible red panda Sagi, a majestic peacock Azul and an adorable baby elephant Tika.

Rosella has a great time navigating all nature has to offer, not knowing what’s out there in the world. Until one day, Prince Antonio lands on this mysterious island. The two meet and Prince Antonio even offers to introduce her back to human civilisation – all in hopes to help her figure out who she really is. Will she be able to conquer what human society has to offer her? And will she ever discover her roots? You’ll have to watch this best Barbie movie in Singapore this 2023 to find out more!

12. Barbie: Mariposa (2008)

Hear us out, this isn’t Barbie: Fairytopia. But it is one of the best Barbie movies in Singapore this 2023 that’s a spin-off. It’s also because this is one of the first movies where Barbie is voiced by someone other than Kelly Sheridan. Chiara Zanni now voices Barbie, who’s a butterfly fairy called Mariposa. Along with her friends Rayna and Rayla, they live in Flutterfield, one of the kingdoms in Fairytopia. The land is elevated above darkness, protected by magical lights that’s sustained by Queen Marabella. If the lights go out, the butterfly fairies will be at risk of getting eaten. 

One day, the lights start flickering. Everyone starts getting worried about their Queen. In an effort to deal with the crisis, Mariposa and her friends set out to find a way to save their queen. With internal struggles, royal politics and potentially some romance involved, follow Mariposa as she puts everything at stake to become the heroine of Flutterfield.

13. Barbie And The Diamond Castle (2008)

This is another one of the best Barbie movies in Singapore this 2023 that features catchy music. Liana (Barbie) and Alexa (Teresa) are the main characters in Barbie And The Diamond Castle. And while a Diamond Castle may be involved, the two besties did not start out as royalty. They come from humble beginnings – living together in a small cottage and earning a living through their flower field. Day by day, Liana and Alexa either have bread and jam, or jam and bread. 

Struck by large winds, the pair lose their source of income. But thankfully, they had those heart-shaped crystal necklaces to remind them they still have each other. Then, they chance upon something that turns their lives upside down – a magic mirror that has held a muse called Melody captive. The three become friends and set out to find a Diamond Castle where music is king. With adorable puppies and a brotherly duo joining their team, Liana and Alexa have more than enough support to deal with whatever comes their way.

14. Barbie In A Christmas Carol (2008)

Ghosts of Christmas past, Christmas present and Christmas future. Three different entities that we’re all so familiar with. And something that’s new to us is a mean and cruel Barbie. Her character, Eden Starling, is a theatrical diva actress in Victorian London. While she may display stellar talents, Eden isn’t really performing in the department of niceties. She orders everyone to stay behind to rehearse on the actual day of Christmas. And no one can convince her otherwise. Undeterred by groans of complaints, Eden moves on to have a restful night’s sleep – or so she thought. 

She tucks into bed and gets ushered into an adventure thanks to each Christmas spirit – something she doesn’t seem to have. Looking at the past, the present and the future, will Eden change her mind and reward everyone on Christmas Day instead?

15. Barbie Presents: Thumbelina (2009) 

The beloved tale of Thumbelina is not lost as Barbie stars as the teeny character in another one of the best Barbie movies in Singapore this 2023! Residing in the world of the Twillerbees, Thumbelina is one with nature as they use their powers for the good of the environment. They help all sorts of plants grow and flourish, but that all comes crashing down when their flower patch gets relocated to an urban city apartment. 

Thumbelina then uncovers the impending disaster that’s threatening her home – that’s where all her other friends are at! She needs to venture through the urban landscape, filled with all sorts of dangers just to put a stop to it all. Will she succeed?

16. Barbie And The Three Musketeers (2009)

One for all, all for one! Barbie is now Corinne, a country girl who’s all along dreamed of becoming a brave musketeer. She sets out from her home in the countryside and reaches Paris with a letter of recommendation in hand. Filled with hope and anticipation, Corinne is greeted with utter disappointment when she finds out girls aren’t allowed to be musketeers. 

But not all hope is lost for Corinne then meets a bunch of like-minded girls who all have similar aspirations. The four work together in the royal palace as scullery maids until one day, they meet a swordmaster. Their skills and talents are put to the test as they go through training sessions everyday. The question is whether they’ll ever be able to display whatever they’ve learned, and will they finally receive the recognition they oh-so-deserve?

Best Barbie movies in Singapore (2023): Modern

17. Barbie In A Mermaid Tale

The teenage years roll around and a boatload of changes hit you. But that’s not all. You find out one day that you’re not just an ordinary human with dreams. That’s what Barbie has to deal with as Merliah Summers! She’s known in Malibu for her surfing skills. In fact, she’s even been crowned the surfing champion. But she discovers one day that she’s actually a mermaid – by birth! And not just any ordinary mermaid. Merliah’s actually the daughter of the Queen of Oceana. So yes, that makes her mermaid royalty. 

Why now? An adorable dolphin has enlisted Merliah’s help to save their beloved queen. The queen has been held captive by Eris, who is actually Merliah’s aunt – a.k.a the queen’s sister. But due to the circumstances, the queen can no longer create the very life essence that allows all marine life to thrive. As a human, Merliah needs to think about how she can navigate rough waters to save someone she barely knows. But if not for her, who else could save the entirety of marine life?

18. Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale (2010)

There’s no doubt in Barbie’s success as an actress especially since she has done some of the best Barbie movies in Singapore this 2023. Aside from breaking the fourth wall, Barbie finally has a role cut out for her when she questions a director’s decision while on set. She ends up getting canned and has to rethink her decisions. As if that wasn’t enough, her boyfriend Ken also breaks up with her over the phone – no questions asked. Barbie then decides to take a break by visiting her Aunt Millicent, a fashion designer in Paris. 

After a long and trying journey to the city of love, Barbie is met with more daunting news. She finds out that Aunt Millicent’s fashion house is about to be shut down. And now, Barbie has to find a way to help the business pick up its pace. She joins hands with Aunt Millicent’s assistant, Alice, and a trio of magical “flairies” in hopes to improve the situation. Venturing across Paris, finding inspiration while fending off a rival fashion house, follow Barbie and her friends on their fashionista journey!

19. Barbie: A Fairy Secret (2011)

Once again, our favourite blonde is on the red carpet for her latest film, another one of the best Barbie movies in Singapore this 2023. And of course, she has her two stylist friends in tow – Carrie and Taylor. Barbie appears in a stunningly gorgeous evening dress which ends up with a rip thanks to Raquel. Carrie and Taylor rush to Barbie’s aid, and they fix her dress with some fairy magic – wait, what? While the act doesn’t go entirely unnoticed, Barbie moves on to enjoy her night. 

But all joy has to come to an end as Ken suddenly gets kidnapped by some fairies, including their kingdom’s Princess Graciella. Carrie and Taylor suddenly reveal their wings and try to save Ken, but to no avail. And now they have to find a way to get into the kingdom to bring Ken back. Otherwise, he could be stuck there for all time, never to return. 

20. Barbie: Princess Charm School (2011)

Princess Charm School is another one of the best Barbie movies in Singapore this 2023 that deserves mention. Playing Blair Willows, Barbie is a waitress that has a lot on her plate. She has to earn a living for her ailing mother and younger sister, all while thinking about how to better their lives. And if you’re wondering why they don’t resemble each other, Blair was actually adopted. Nevertheless, the family loves one another very much so, proving that family is the people you choose. So her younger sister Emily actually secretly enrolled Blair into a lottery. And Blair won, thus granting her entry into a prestigious Princess Charm School where one learns how to be a proper princess or lady royal. 

There are subtle hints throughout the movie, which you’ll pick up and form a conclusion if you catch on fast. Otherwise, just watch it again and you’ll see why! But this is no doubt one of the best Barbie movies in Singapore this 2023 as its plot is filled with trickery, deceit, friendship and magic. You’ll definitely be surprised by its ending!

21. Barbie: A Perfect Christmas (2011)

Christmas won’t be complete without a wholesome movie. And what better way to do so than with one of the best Barbie movies in Singapore this 2023? Barbie: A Perfect Christmas is a holiday film that’s all about the beauty of the season. Barbie and her three sisters are about to embark on the trip of their lifetime as they make their way to visit their Aunt Millicent in New York. Filled with anticipation, the sisters board their plane and everything seems fine and dandy – until it isn’t. 

The sisters find themselves in Rochester, Minnesota after a snowstorm forces the plane to land there. Nevertheless, the family of four are hopeful that they’ll get to New York just in time. But as they drive towards the Big Apple, they find themselves lost. Thankfully, the Tannenbaum Inn is nearby and they get to stay in the best room there. But more news about flight cancellations dampens their spirits. All the girls want is to get to New York and be reunited with their Aunt Millicent, if it’s still on the table.

22. Barbie In A Mermaid Tale 2 (2012)

Remember our surfer turned mermaid? She’s back in another one of the best Barbie movies in Singapore this 2023! Merliah Summers is still as amazing as she was at surfing, which brings her to a bigger competition in Australia. But at the same time, Oceana needs her to return for an important ceremony. In the end, Merliah chose surfing but who knew that she would have to deal with her evil Aunt Eris again. And you can bet that she’s back with a vengeance. 

Without her mermaid tale and her mother in danger, Merliah has to find a way to prevent her Aunt Eris from dominating the entire ocean. And she may have to sacrifice what gave her life, in order to secure the lives of others.

23. Barbie: The Princess And The Popstar (2012)

Remember Barbie As The Princess And The Pauper (#4)? Well, here’s a modern remake of another one of the best Barbie movies in Singapore this 2023. Barbie plays Princess Tori of the Kingdom of Meribella. And it just so happens to be the kingdom’s 500th anniversary. With her love for singing, dancing and her fan status of internationally-acclaimed popstar, Keira, a concert is put up to commemorate the occasion. 

Later on, Princess Tori and Keira meet in the castle where they instantly hit it off. The two trade secrets, sharing the magic between themselves as they get to know each other better. Keira and the princess realised that they resemble each other a lot. They tried out each other’s style, and it was fun and all, until they began discussing switching places. So the two girls are about to give each other’s life a try and it’s time to find out whether it all goes well or not.

24. Barbie In The Pink Shoes (2013)

It’s all about remakes these days, and Barbie In The Pink Shoes is another one of the same. It brings remembrance to Barbie Of Swan Lake (#3) as this is a dance film that heavily features ballet. Moreover, they’re the ballets of Swan Lake and Giselle. It’s therefore no surprise that Kristin (played by Barbie) is a ballet dancer who’s preparing for an upcoming show with her friend, Hayley. But during the process, Kristin accidentally breaks her ballet shoes, having to replace them with a sparkly pair of pink pointe shoes. 

As she slips on the new shoes, Kristin and Hayley get transported into another world where the former is now Giselle. But somehow, she is also Odette. And an evil Ice Queen is involved, wanting to find out what has happened to the entire storyline. Not only do they have to avoid the tragic ending of Giselle, but they need to evade the evil queen – sounds like a lot.

25. Barbie: Mariposa And The Fairy Princess (2013)

After coming out as the heroine of Flutterfield in Barbie: Mariposa (#12), our favourite butterfly fairy returns in another one of the best Barbie movies in Singapore to be a royal ambassador. Mariposa has to represent Flutterfield in order to make peace with the inhabitants of Shimmervale. But it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. The two kingdoms haven’t been on the best terms due to certain potential misconceptions and misunderstandings of each other. Simply put, they’re enemies who think the other party is full of evil and chaos. 

Mariposa tries her best to navigate the relationships with the Crystal Fairies in Shimmervale. She meets with the King and even becomes friends with his daughter, Princess Catania. But of course, the King and his subjects are still cautious of the butterfly fairies. And it doesn’t help that the royal ambassador of Flutterfield has somehow gotten involved in an incident. But an evil plot gets uncovered and threatens the well-being of all Shimmervale, and potentially the rest of the land.

26. Barbie: The Pearl Princess (2014)

It’s mermaids again in one of the best Barbie movies in Singapore this 2023. Barbie: The Pearl Princess sees Lumina, who wields the powers of pearl magic. She lives in the outskirts of the ocean with her Aunt Scylla and is accompanied by her best friend, a seahorse called Kuda. They play dress up, and using her pearl magic, Lumina beautifies Kuda with pearl accessories and more. And when Aunt Scylla walks in, Lumina has to put it all away as she’s not allowed to use her magic, lest some “bad people” find out about it. But Lumina’s tired of it, and even argues about who would even find her, what with them being so far from civilisation. 

It’s therefore no surprise that Lumina has always dreamed of going into the Kingdom. So when the opportunity comes up for Aunt Scylla to visit, Lumina jumps at it, hoping she can tag along. Her request gets turned down, but nothing’s going to stop Lumina. She and Kuda follow Aunt Scylla secretly. Along the way, they make friends with other sea creatures and even run into some trouble. But there’s more to be uncovered – a deep, dark secret that even I find troubling.

27. Barbie And The Secret Door (2014)

Here’s another one of the best Barbie movies in Singapore this 2023 that’ll give you all the good vibes. Barbie And The Secret Door sees Princess Alexa, a shy girl who doesn’t really enjoy her royal duties. She’d much rather curl up and enjoy a good read. To encourage her, her grandmother gives her a book that’s also the key to a secret door. Princess Alexa discovers a whole new world filled with tons of magic, from fairies to mermaids and even unicorns. But here’s the kicker – the fairies don’t have wings and the mermaids don’t have tails. Their magic has been taken from them by the evil Princess Malucia who wants all the land’s magic to herself. Thankfully, the most powerful being there still possesses their own power. 

However, Princess Malucia will stop at nothing to find this powerful being, the Queen Unicorn. And the task is proving to be much too tough for Princess Alexa. She has to protect the other unicorns, the Queen Unicorn, her powerless friends, all while making sure she is fine as well. But wait, how is she going to get back home? 

28. Barbie: Star Light Adventure (2016)

The best Barbie movies in Singapore tend to revolve around fairies, mermaids, magic and more. But what about sci-fi and space adventures? That’s still a road less travelled for Barbie. But Star Light Adventure proves that she really can do it all. Barbie lives on Para-Den, a planet filled with lush greenery, giving tropical vibes. She’s a pro at the hoverboard and navigates the dense jungle with no sweat. Helping her dad, Barbie takes care of the jungle’s animals all day until she gets summoned by the King for a mission.

It has been prophesied that the stars will one day lose their light and only one person can save the universe. Barbie’s mission is to join four others and save the stars. But she’s not doing so well in the training department with the others. She’s always late, whether it’s for the gala dinner, the training and even for bed. And the King somehow seems to be losing his patience with her, questioning whether she’s cut out for the task at hand.

29. Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams (2021)

Barbie’s finally leaving the coop and heading to New York City. She’s got the most amazing opportunity to be a part of a top-notch performing arts programme. Filled with anticipation, Barbie heads on to find the room assigned to her and can’t wait to find out what the school has to offer. When she arrives, she’s met with a roommate that’s also called Barbie Roberts. The only difference is, this Barbie Roberts is from Brooklyn. So they end up calling each other Malibu and Brooklyn!

They get along in no time and the only thing that’s pushing them forward is the competition for that solo performance in Times Square. But regardless of that, Malibu and Brooklyn help each other to get better. Especially when Malibu seems to be struggling with homesickness as well. But things get a bit complicated sometimes, especially when competition is involved. I mean, either of them could be the chosen one for that performance, so the heat is on!

Lay back into cosy vibes with the best Barbie movies in Singapore (2023)

Whether it’s the classics like Swan Lake or something modern, the best Barbie movies in Singapore this 2023 will definitely have you hooked. It’s been more than two decades and I’m still humming the same tunes, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself doing the same! But if you want to switch up the entertainment, why not try out these best Nintendo Switch games or the best PS5 games in Singapore?