White Sneakers: Timeless Classics For Men And Women

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A cool white sneaker is something everyone should have in their wardrobe. It’s the ultimate hack to appear polished without looking like you tried too hard. From platform shoes that elevate your height, to edgy basketball shoes that fit right into the streetwear aesthetic, here are the best white sneakers that we think you should check out in Singapore!

Best white sneakers for women in Singapore (2023)

1. Nike Air Force 1 PLT.AF.ORM Sneakers

best white sneakers singapore nike af1 platform
(Credit: ACS Sports Official Store)

We’re all familiar with the Nike Women’s Air Force 1 (available on ACS Sports Official Store) that has achieved staple status in sneaker culture. In fact, they’re practically the most popular white sneakers for both men and women! But the Nike Air Force 1 PLT.AF.ORM (available on ACS Sports Official Store) is one of the best white sneakers for women in Singapore, especially the petites! It’s easy to match with any outfit and has a silver “swoosh” for an added glow. Compared to regular AF1s, these Nike AF1 PLT.AF.ORM sneakers also give you even more of a height boost. With these AF1 PLT.AF.ORM sneakers, you’ll look extra tall in any outfit you wear!

And if you’re worried about its chunkiness, these Nike white sneakers have foamy midsoles that make walking in them comfortable. Moreover, the bulky bottom soles are lightweight and are easy to break in. But if you’re interested in other colourways, these Nike white sneakers also come in Pink, Pink/White, and Milk Tea.

2. New Balance 550 “Triple White” Sneakers

new balance 550 triple white

The New Balance 550 shoes have been all the rage the past few years, only continuing to grow in popularity over time. It’s concurrent with the retro, old-school basketball sneaker trend, which makes the New Balance 550 “Triple White” (available on LEFTFOOT SG) one of the best white sneakers for women to get in Singapore.

In fact, these New Balance white sneakers look extremely sleek and clean, with the familiar layering of quality leather and breathable mesh. That’s why these shoes are not just stylish, they’re also extremely comfortable. You can also trust in the durability of these New Balance white sneakers, as it’s designed for both leisure strolls and intensive workouts!

3. Superga 2750 Cotu Classic in White

superga 2750 cotu classic
(Credit: Superga Singapore Official Store)

The Superga 2750 Cotu Classic in White (available on Superga Singapore Official Store) is a pair of white sneakers that’s both effortless and comfortable. It’s perhaps the brand’s bestseller and one of the best white sneakers for women in Singapore. In fact, it’s even known for being many celebrities’ staple shoes! The understated elegance of these Superga white sneakers is its biggest selling point, which can help to elevate any outfit.

The Superga 2750 Cotu Classic itself is constructed with a fully-breathable pure cotton upper and canvas body. At the same time, the vulcanised rubber sole gives it a retro tennis shoe look. When it comes to styling, this pair of Superga white sneakers can be dressed up or down. Whether you’re wearing a flowy maxi dress or a T-shirt and jeans combo, you can rock these sneakers with any outfit!

4. MUJI Ladies Walk Support Water Repellent Sneakers

muji ladies water repellent sneakers
(Credit: MUJI Official Store)

Here’s a pair of shoes that’s perfect for Singapore’s tropical weather. The MUJI Ladies Walk Support Water Repellent Sneakers (available on MUJI Official Store) will make sure you’ll never get your feet wet in the rain. On top of its water-resistant properties, this pair of MUJI white sneakers have an off-white tone that are more subtle than their stark-white counterparts. This also means you’ll be less anxious about staining these sneakers than a bright white pair.

Additionally, what makes these MUJI shoes one of the best white sneakers for women in Singapore is their value for money. Coming in at just under $20, they’re comfortable and sturdy, and even have a removable insole for convenient customisation. For the ladies who struggle with wide feet, you’ll be glad to know that these MUJI shoes are roomy and provide ample comfort for your feet!

5. FILA Women’s Disruptor 2 Sneakers

best white sneakers singapore fila disruptors
(Credit: ACS Sports Official Store)

The average sneakerhead can probably recognise the FILA Women’s Disruptor 2’s (available on ACS Sports Official Store) serrated rubber outsole from a mile away. Because of that, they’re known for being a “bold”, “unique”, or even “ugly” sneaker choice. However, many people still readily embrace its aggressive-looking zig-zag sole, allowing these FILA Disruptors to remain extremely trendy. Undoubtedly, it’s the thicc platform that really sells the shoes. Did you know that these white FILA sneakers allow the gurlies to practically grow an extra 4-5 centimetres? 

Apart from concerns about the aesthetics, some might be worried that they’re going to trip in such high stack shoes. Don’t worry, because they’ve got good arch support, making them extremely comfortable for walking and running. Didn’t expect that from a big shoe, right? Despite the fact that they might not be for everyone, these white FILA Disruptors are the best chunky sneakers for women in Singapore!

6. Converse Run Star Motion Platform Sneakers

best white sneakers singapore converse run star motion
(Credit: Converse Official Store)

For the ladies who are sneaker addicts, this next pair of chunky shoes are definitely on your wishlist – that is, if you don’t already own a pair of your own. The white Converse Run Star Motion Platform Sneakers (available on Converse Official Store) are a pair of stylish shoes that are perfect for making a fashion statement. In fact, the whacky, jagged design of its chunky sole easily lends an edgy feel to whichever outfit you pair it with. 

But in comparison to the harsh and rebellious aesthetic, this white Converse sneaker is extremely soft and comfortable on the inside. Some reviews even liken the feeling of wearing them to walking on marshmallows! That’s because this white Converse sneaker uses phylon midsoles, which are good for shock absorption. Additionally, the thick soles of these white Converse shoes also provide great arch support, making them suitable for the ladies with flat feet. It’s no wonder why they’re one of the best white sneakers for women in Singapore! Finally, as one of the best platform shoes out there, these white Converse Run Star Motion sneakers do help to make one look taller, while also making the calves look more slender.

Best white sneakers for men in Singapore (2023)

7. Reebok Club C 85 Shoes

reebok club c 85 sneakers
(Credit: ACS Sports Official Store)

For guys who are looking for a comfortable, loose fitting pair of shoes, the Reebok Club C 85 (available on ACS Sports Official Store) is the perfect white sneaker for you. On top of the wide fit, the Reebok Club C 85 has an EVA midsole that absorbs impact when you walk or run. This support makes it especially suitable for guys with flat feet! Coupled with a soft padded foam sockliner for extra cushioning and support, you can easily walk around all day in them. It seems like the Reebok Club C 85 is one of the best choices of white sneakers for men in Singapore! 

Beyond just comfort, the Reebok Club C 85 is a stylish pair of shoes that can be paired with any outfit. In fact, the pristine white canvas of the sneakers makes one look more put together. It also easily pops against a coloured outfit! Many also go for the Reebok Club C 85 because of its tennis shoe silhouette, which gives off a classic, old-school feel. This can easily help you to make any outfit more fun and playful. 

8. Nike Court Vision Mid Next Nature Men’s Shoes

Nike Court Vision Mid Next Nature Men's Shoes
(Credit: ACS Sports Official Store)

These next bad boys might need a little breaking-in at first, but you’ll quickly fall in love with its mid tops look. The Nike Court Vision Mid Next Nature Men’s Shoes (available on ACS Sports Official Store) has that classic basketball shoe form, with a mid top that provides ample ankle support without restricting movement like high tops sneakers do. This means that with the Nike Court Vision Mid Next Nature, you don’t need to worry about compromising on speed and agility while you’re playing on court. 

Of course, this versatile pair of Nike white sneakers can be worn off court as well! They’re not only easy to match, but their elevated collar also makes any outfit look more sporty and edgy. Its white upper is accentuated by a bold black “swoosh” – a nod to Nike’s designs for AF1s and Air Jordans. But if you’re seeking a more affordable alternative to these popular models, the Nike Court Vision is definitely one of the best choices for men in Singapore.

9. Adidas Basketball Forum Low Sneakers

adidas forum lows
(Credit: adidas Official Store)

Find it a hassle to lace up your sneakers whenever they come loose? The Adidas Basketball Forum Low’s (available on adidas Official Store) got you covered. This pair of sneakers has a unique hook-and-loop velcro strap at the ankle, which not only fastens the shoelaces in places, but also provides support for your ankle. Unlike the original 1984 Adidas Forums that feature a high top and come with royal blue stripes, the Adidas Forum Lows are much more subtle with an all-white body. Coupled with the well-cushioned midsole and premium leather upper of the shoe, there’s no doubt that this is one of the best white sneakers to get for men in Singapore.

As one of the most iconic pairs of Adidas basketball shoes, they’ve also become footwear staples of famous figures like Kendall Jenner, BLACKPINK’s Lisa, and even Michael Jordan. Do you need more convincing that these Adidas shoes are one of the best white sneakers to get in Singapore? This is a sign to add them to your shoe rotation!

10. VANS Old Skool True White Sneakers

vans old skool true white sneakers

The VANS Old Skool True White sneakers (available on LEFTFOOT SG) are the OG footwear for skateboarders and street fashion enthusiasts alike. While the shoe debuted back in 1977, it continues to be a favourite companion among skateboarders especially. With their reinforced toe caps, padded heels, as well as their suede and canvas uppers, they’re extremely resistant to wear and tear!

For the guys who skateboard or engage in intensive sports, you can trust that these shoes won’t be scuffed or damaged easily. On top of the high quality of these shoes, these VANS Old Skool white sneakers also give off a laid-back and effortlessly cool aesthetic. Great style without compromising on functionality? That’s why these VANS shoes are one of the best white sneakers for men in Singapore.

11. Veja V-10 White Sneakers

best white sneakers singapore veja v-10 sneakers
(Credit: ACS Sports Official Store)

Last but definitely not the least, we have the Veja V-10 White Sneakers (available on ACS Sports Official Store). While the Veja V-10 White Sneakers might be on the pricier side, here’s why it’s still one of the best white sneakers for men in Singapore. Firstly, it’s made sustainably, meaning that you’ll be minimising your carbon footprint with this option. Furthermore, it means that these Veja V-10 sneakers are made with natural, non-toxic materials that makes them much safer to wear. They’re also made to accommodate people with wide feet, which makes it perfect for guys who’re looking for roomy, comfortable shoes.

The minimalist aesthetic of this Veja V-10 sneaker highlights its subtle ‘V’ logo, making it pop against the upper. In fact, it can be paired with anything from a sleek blazer set, to a casual vacation outfit. It looks effortlessly cool and goes well with just about any outfit! Getting this pair of white sneakers is definitely something you won’t regret.

What to look out for in white sneakers in Singapore

best white sneakers singapore cover
(Credit: Julia Kuzenkov / Pexels)

White sneakers are a classic, timeless footwear choice that you can’t go wrong with. However, there are hundreds of models out there to choose from – how does one sift through them to find the one? Here’s a few things you need to consider when choosing a pair of white sneakers to add to your shoe rotation: 

  • Material

Most white sneakers are either made of leather, cotton, or a combination of both. On one hand, canvas sneakers that are made of cotton are definitely more comfortable than leather ones. They’re also more breathable, which means your feet won’t easily overheat while wearing the shoes. On the other hand, leather sneakers are much more durable than cotton ones, as they are more resistant to wear and tear. They’re also waterproof and less likely to stain.

  • Size range

While you might be dying to get your hands on a particular pair of white sneakers, not all of them cater to a wide range of sizes. Some releases are more targeted at a male audience, meaning that they might have more sizes in the Men’s range. In fact, some exclusive releases like the Virgil Abloh x Nike Air Prestos sneakers only come in Men’s sizes, which might prove an inconvenience for the ladies who want to cop a pair online.

  • Style and aesthetic

White sneakers come in a variety of silhouettes, most commonly in the form of basketball and tennis shoes. While basketball shoes are more sporty and structured, tennis shoes tend to be more understated and effortless. In addition, basketball and tennis sneakers are also constructed differently. While basketball shoes typically offer more high-cut options, tennis shoes are known for having a heavier and wider sole. As such, it’s always good to know what vibe or aesthetic you’re looking for. This can help you to narrow down your search!

Moreover, there are other styles like skateboarding shoes which as their name suggests, are built to withstand intense activity and scuffing. Finally, there are also fashion sneakers that are designed for everyday wear, such as Nike’s AF1s or FILA’s Disruptors. While the ladies tend to go for platform sneakers for added height, the guys might lean towards wide fit ones for comfort.

  • Price range

Depending on your budget, you might want to consider the brand of your white sneakers. Of course, luxury white sneakers from brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci are going to cost a ton. On the other hand, mainstream sneakers brands will definitely be kinder to your wallet. While Nike and Adidas are known for their pricier kicks, you can find more affordable selections with brands like Converse and New Balance.

Best brands to buy white sneakers from in Singapore (2023)

Brand of sneakers Price range Types of styles available
Nike $80 – $320
  • Basketball shoe
  • Fashion sneaker
  • Tennis shoe
Adidas $60 – $285
  • Basketball shoe
  • Tennis shoe
  • Fashion sneaker
New Balance $80 – $240
  • Basketball shoe
Superga $60 – $120
  • Fashion sneaker
Reebok $100 – $220
  • Tennis shoe
  • Fashion sneaker
FILA $90 – $240
  • Fashion sneaker
Converse $60 – $195
  • Skateboarding shoe
  • Fashion sneaker
VANS $40 – $190
  • Skateboarding shoe
  • Fashion sneaker
MUJI $20 – $35
  • Fashion sneaker
Veja $195 – $300
  • Tennis shoe
  • Fashion sneaker

Find a sole-mate among these best white sneakers in Singapore

From household names like Nike and Adidas, to trendy picks like Superga and FILA, find a pair of the best white sneakers that fit your vibe. They’re an easy way to complete your outfit and can last you a long time. However, if you’re still not sure how to style these kicks, you can find some inspo from these best barbie outfit ideas and old money summer outfit ideas! And head over to our 12.12 Birthday Sale to cop attractive deals on all your fashion items!