11 Popular China Variety Shows In 2022 To Keep You Entertained

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Not in the mood for long-winded dramas but want to watch something entertaining? Instead of surfing mindlessly through YouTube, why not get hooked on one of these best 2022 Chinese variety shows from China? From nonsensical experiments to hilarious mini games, these popular China variety shows will surely fill the room with laughter! Psst, we advise you to avoid eating or drinking while watching these shows – they can be a choking hazard! 

Where can I watch Chinese variety shows?

have fun 2 lee rong hao best chinese variety shows 2022
(Credit: 浙江卫视)

You don’t need cable TV to watch the best variety shows from China. There are other sources to tap from for a vast number of popular shows. Check out the list below for our favourite platforms to watch from!

  • YouTube
  • iQIYI
  • Viki
  • WeTV
  • Mango TV
  • Youku
  • Bilibili

Best Chinese reality shows 2022

1. Have Fun 2 嗨放派2 (Ongoing)

Can you pat a lobster to sleep? Do nostrils have shift work? If you’re someone who thinks of random questions like this, Have Fun 2 will be right up your alley. In every episode, the team is given a few experiments to test out. Some experiments are useful, while most of the others are fun to know but add no value to our lives. This is the exact concept that Have Fun 2 wants to achieve – a sense of freedom to try new (and impractical) things and escape the constraints and pressure of real life! The strange and hilarious experiments are carried out by a group of funloving yet rowdy gentlemen – Ren Jia Lun, Li Rong Hao, Wei Da Xun, Li Dan, Fan Cheng Cheng – who are guaranteed to keep you entertained from start to finish!

Regular cast: Ren Jia Lun, Li Rong Hao, Wei Da Xun, Li Dan, Fan Cheng Cheng
Episodes: 10
Available on: YouTube

2 First In Last Out 一往无前的蓝

We all have a fair understanding of what a day entails for firefighters. But do you know how these community heroes train and live when they are not at the fire scene? Take a peek into the lives of these brave men as you join six handsome celebrities on their journey to becoming courageous firefighters. From learning how to descend from the fireman pole to rushing up a 17-storey building in five minutes with 20kg worth of gear, the making of a firefighter is not as simple as it seems! As they brave through thick and thin, the six men develop a strong brotherhood that is filled with warmth and laughter. Despite the rather serious setting, the hilarious interactions between the guys will give you endless laughter!

Regular cast: Zhang Han, Wei Da Xun, Zhang Bin Bin, Qin Kai Xuan, Zhang Yan Qi, Zhang Jia Yuan
Episodes: 10
Available on: YouTube, WeTV

3. Mr Housework 4 做家务的男人4 (Ongoing)

As the name suggests, Mr Housework 4 is one of the best Chinese variety shows where male celebrities enrol into the Academy of Housework to learn nothing but house chores! Psst, wives, this is the perfect show to watch with your husband so you can hint him to help out with the housework. You can thank us later! The cast is a mixed bag of personalities – including two-time Olympic short-track speed skater gold medalist Wu Da Jing, fresh-face idol trainee Tang Jiu Zhou, variety talent Wei Da Xun and his father, Wei Shao Lin. Watch as new and old cast members bicker it out to emerge as the best student from the Academy of Housework! 

Regular cast: Wei Da Xun, Wei Shao Lin, Wu Da Jing, Tang Jiu Zhou, Du Chun, Li Wen Han
Episodes: 12
Available on: YouTube, iQiyi

4. The New Journey 新游记

the new journey 新游记 best chinese china variety shows 2022
(Credit: MyDramaList)

If you’re a fan of Korean variety shows, you may find The New Journey familiar. However, this best Chinese variety show of 2022 is completely different from Korea’s New Journey To The West! Instead, the Chinese version focuses more on showing the different sides of various trades, including Chinese opera actors, real estate agents and delivery drivers. The cast of six has an ultimate mission – to earn enough money to purchase privileges prepared by the director. From a mouthwatering seafood feast to a staycation at a luxurious holiday resort, the temptations to enjoy these privileges keep the cast motivated in their ‘jobs’. And with iconic personalities like Yue Yun Peng, Zhang Ruo Yun and Huang Zi Tao, it’s almost impossible to take this Chinese reality show seriously!

Regular cast: Yue Yun Peng, Huang Zi Tao, Lin Geng Xin, Zhang Ruo Yun, Chen Fei Yu, Wang Yan Lin
Episodes: 10
Available on: YouTube, WeTV

Best Chinese travel variety shows 2022

5. Back To Field Season 6 向往的生活 第六季

Craving for a vacation after being stuck in Singapore for the past few years? Back To Field Season 6 is the best Chinese travel variety show this 2022 that will take you virtually on a much-needed carefree adventure! The return of the same cast from the past few seasons also feels very much like a warm hug from the Mushroom family. Huang Lei continues to take on his role as the head cheff while He Jiong cares for the younger members. Lay is still the dependable big brother we are familiar with and Peng Yu Chang is the adventurous and sometimes mischievous second brother that always looks out for Zhang Zi Feng. For this season, the Mushroom family settles into a beachside ‘villa’ at Shayutang Village, Hainan, where they get to experience surfing, fishing and hosting guests from all walks of life! Here’s to the laidback village life we wished we could experience! 

Regular cast: Huang Lei, He Jiong, Lay Zhang, Peng Yu Chang, Zhang Zi Feng
Episodes: 14
Available on: YouTube, MangoTV

Best Chinese game shows 2022

6. Keep Running Season 10 奔跑吧10

keep running season 10 奔跑吧 angelababy best chinese variety show 2022 china
(Credit: MyDramaList)

Running Man fans will find this variety show from China especially familiar. And that’s because Keep Running is modelled after the ever-so-famous Korean variety show, Running Man! Similar to its Korean counterpart, Keep Running features seven regular members with occasional guest participation. Every episode comes with fresh missions and games – and of course, the iconic name tag ripping segment! 

Regular cast: Angelababy, Li Chen, Sha Yi, KUN, Bai Lu, Zheng Kai, Charlie Zhou
Episodes: 12
Available on: YouTube

7. Ace vs Ace Season 7 王牌对王牌第七季

ace vs ace season 7 王牌对王牌 chinese variety game show 2022
(Credit: MyDramaList)

Ace vs Ace Season 7 is one of the best Chinese variety shows of 2022 to watch on a lazy Sunday. Each episode follows a different theme and pits two teams against one another in various fun challenges. If you’re a fan of flying chairs, charades and trivia quizzes, this entertaining game show will be just for you! Plus, you get to watch your favourite actors and singers on the show, including guest appearances by Bai Jing Ting, Mark Chao, Zhou Ye and Jia Nai Liang! 

Regular cast: Shen Tao, Song Ya Xuan, Shen Teng, Hua Chen Yu, Guan Xiao Tong, Jia Ling
Episodes: 12
Available on: YouTube

Best Chinese mystery variety shows 2022

8. Who’s The Murderer Season 7 大侦探7

who's the murderer season 7 大侦探 chinese mystery variety show
(Credit: MyDramaList)

Here’s another long-running best Chinese variety show for all you mystery buffs! Who’s The Murderer is like Cluedo, but better. The cast members each take on a role in the case and are supposed to be in character until the mystery is solved. There is a detective who will lead the investigations, and one true criminal among the group of suspects. Only the criminal can lie, and it is up to the other members to find out who is responsible for the crime through interrogations and searching for clues! With the growing success of the Who’s The Murderer seasons, huge investments have been placed into the production. This means that viewers are in for a visual feast with impressive setups and effects to bring every case to life! 

Regular cast: He Jiong, Zhang Ruo Yun, Da Zhang Wei
Episodes: 11
Available on: YouTube, MangoTV

9. Great Escape Season 4 密室大逃脱 第四季

You don’t need to wait till the next friends gathering for a bone-chilling escape room experience when you’ve got the Great Escape Season 4! Starring familiar faces like Yang Mi, Justin Huang, Da Zhang Wei and Zhang Guo Wei, the program focuses on solving mysteries and finding an escape route out of the area. Unlike the escape rooms in Singapore where space is limited, the sets for this best Chinese variety show of 2022 are built extensively with intricate mazes, secret rooms and challenging hidden mechanisms to unlock. To top it off, guests are invited to join the regular cast on their escape mission – think Peng Yu Chang, Willian Chan, Zhang Ruo Yun and more! Heed our advice: don’t watch this China variety show in the dark if you’re on the timid side! 

Regular cast: Yang Mi, Justin Huang, Da Zhang Wei, Zhang Guo Wei
Episodes: 14
Available on: YouTube, MangoTV

10. The Truth 开始推理吧

Can’t get enough of mystery deduction variety shows? Here’s one more to add to your must-watch list! The Truth kicks off with a unique setting where seven regular cast members are invited to live in an apartment for 10 days. During their stay, their patience, intelligence and courage are put to the test as they unravel the underlying mystery of the building. Every character has a secret to hide, but one of them especially so – the mole. Will the members be able to escape the creepy apartment before it is too late? Find out yourself when you watch this best China variety show of 2022!

Regular cast: Bai Yu, Liu Yu Ning, Song Zu Er, Charlie Zhou, Daniel Zhou, Guo Qi Lin, He Yun Chen
Episodes: 30
Available on: YouTube, WeTV

Best Chinese survival shows 2022

11. Call Me By Fire Season 2 披荆斩棘 第二季

call me by fire season 2 披荆斩棘 best china variety show 2022
(Credit: 湖南卫视 芒果TV)

Continuing the success of Sisters Who Make Waves, the all-male version of the best Chinese variety show is back this 2022 with a second season! Call Me By Fire Season 2 is a Chinese survival show that focuses on giving seasoned celebrities a second shot at fame. 32 male celebrities from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and USA have to commit to a three-months live-in training period and go through numerous assessments to emerge victorious. The final winners will form a boy band and debut as a group! Some notable stars in this competition include Mike Angelo, Wilber Pan, Shin, Huang Yi Da, Vaness Wu, Kenji Wu and Wang Da Lu!

Regular cast: 32 male celebrities
Episodes: 18
Available on: YouTube, MangoTV

Take a break and enjoy these best China variety shows of 2022!

Whether you’re low-spirited or exhausted, laughter is always the best medicine! Grab your family and friends and laugh along to these best 2022 Chinese variety shows to let loose and relax! Ready to immerse yourself back into dramas? Check out these highly raved Chinese dramas and popular Korean dramas filled with plot twists and heartwarming storylines!