13 Fake Eyelashes To Take You From The Office To The Club

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Eyelash extensions or lash lifts have become go-to options for many looking for longer and fuller lashes. Not ready to commit to semi-permanent fixes for your peepers? False eyelashes might be the best alternative for you! Whether you’re looking to amp up your glam for a night out or add oomph to your everyday makeup look, here’s our guide to the best false eyelashes in Singapore for every occasion! (Who knows – you might end up giving those expensive eyelash extensions a skip.)  

What are false eyelashes?

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Working like temporary lash extensions, false eyelashes are one of the easiest ways to instantly up your makeup game. False eyelashes are stuck onto your lash line using a latex or acrylate-based adhesive known as eyelash glue. Whether you’re into dramatic, double-stacked lashes or prefer a more demure look, falsies are definitely your best bet for wider, more vibrant peepers!

Do fake lashes hurt natural lashes?

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One of the most commonly-asked questions about fake eyelashes is their impact on your real ones. When not removed properly, falsies do have the potential to damage the hair follicles on your lash line. This can lead to your natural lashes becoming sparser over time – definitely against the point here! The good news is that when used and removed correctly, false lashes are perfectly safe, even for daily wear! In most cases, eyelash loss arises as a result of improper removal. A rule of thumb? Always avoid using too much eyelash glue, and never, ever just yank off your falsies (yes, even after a long day). 

What are the different types of false eyelashes?

  • Strip eyelashes

best strip fake eyelashes
(Credit: Giorgio Trovato / Unsplash)

Strip eyelashes are the undisputed OG in the world of false eyelashes. They’re essentially premade bands of fake eyelashes that can be attached to your lash line using eyelash glue.  Materials used to make strip eyelashes range from mink, silk, synthetic materials, and faux mink. While strip eyelashes can be worn daily, they are typically not meant to be slept in and should be removed at the end of each day. Today, most of the best fake eyelashes in Singapore are made from either mink hair or synthetic materials. Mink false eyelashes are the best option for a softer, natural look, while synthetic lashes are a budget-friendly alternative favoured for their shiny, glossy finish.

Pro tip for applying the best false eyelashes in Singapore: Allergic reactions to mink hair are not uncommon. With that said, synthetic lashes may also cause irritation with prolonged wear. If it’s your first time trying out falsies, be sure to watch out for heightened discomfort or irritation! 

  • Magnetic false eyelashes

best magnetic eyelashes singapore
(Credit: vviipp.sg)

The rising star in the world of falsies are undoubtedly magnetic lashes. Magnetic eyelashes come in two main categories: magnetic lash strips that “sandwich” your natural lashes on either side, and magnetic false eyeliner lashes. As its name suggests, magnetic eyeliner lashes adhere to your eyelids using a magnetic eyeliner instead. This type of falsies is quickly gaining popularity to become the best magnetic eyelashes in Singapore! 

The fuss-free application for magnetic eyelashes makes them the go-to option for those adverse to the hassle of eyelash glue. Besides having a longer average lifespan than traditional false eyelashes, magnetic lashes are also said to be less damaging to your natural eyelashes. But before you run off to stock up on the best magnetic eyelashes in Singapore, it’s worth noting that the risk of eyelash loss remains, especially with magnetic lash strips. Moreover, the learning curve for applying magnetic eyelashes is said to be steeper than that of classic fake eyelashes – so we’d say it’s a give and take!

Pro tip for applying the best false eyelashes in Singapore: Between magnetic lash strips and magnetic eyeliner lashes, our vote definitely goes to the latter for its easier application process! 

  • Individual single eyelashes

individual single fake eyelashes singapore
(Credit: genielash1.sg)

You don’t have to be the best at fake eyelashes in Singapore for longer, fuller lashes. If you’re new to the false eyelashes game, we recommend starting yourself off with more manageable individual single eyelashes! Individual lashes are single strands of false eyelashes, and are easier for beginners to apply compared to full-sized lash sets. (Psst: they work especially well as fake lower lashes, too!) 

  • Individual flare eyelashes

best individual flare false eyelashes singapore
(Credit: twinkle1.sg)

A fan of individual eyelashes but craving a more dramatic effect? Individual flare eyelashes are exactly what you need! As the more voluminous cousin of individual single lashes, flare lashes typically come in clusters of three to four lash hairs. These lashes flare out at the ends for that extra oomph. In our books, this is the best fake eyelashes option in Singapore for not just beginners, but also those with long but sparse lashes! 

What kind of eyelashes are best?

Type of fake eyelashes Pros Cons Best for
Strip eyelashes
  • Relatively affordable 
  • Can be reused up to an average of 20 times with proper care
  • Secure fit 
  • Available in many different variants 
  • Can be difficult to apply and remove properly 
  • Can look unnatural when improperly applied
  • May cause infections or lash damage when improperly removed
The seasoned beauty guru 
Magnetic eyelashes
  • Can be reused up to an average of 50 times with proper care
  • Easy to apply and remove 
  • Costly 
  • Less secure fit than classic false eyelashes
  • Less variety than classic false eyelashes 
Those who prefer fuss-free makeup routines
Individual single eyelashes
  • Relatively easy to apply and remove
  • Blends in better with natural lashes 
  • Not as cost-effective as they are not reusable
Beginners, natural makeup fans
Individual flare eyelashes
  • Relatively easy to apply and remove
  • Blends in better with natural lashes
  • Not as cost-effective as they are not reusable
Beginners, those with sparse lashes

How to apply fake eyelashes for beginners?

Step 1: Prep your natural eyelashes 

how to prep to apply best false eyelashes
(Credit: Tima Miroshnichenko / Pexels)

Prepping your natural lashes for application might be an optional step, but it can make all the difference in your final lash look! The first step involves curling your natural lashes. For the best results, always make sure your eyelash curler is clean and free of any mascara or glue residue. If you’re reusing your false eyelashes, the best way to prevent eye infections or irritation is to clean them thoroughly using micellar water before wear. 

Pro tip for applying the best false eyelashes in Singapore: Apply a layer of mascara before fixing on your falsies! This helps them blend more seamlessly with your natural eyelashes. Before you whip out that mascara wand, be sure to avoid these mascara mistakes! 

Step 2: Trim the false eyelashes

trimming best false eyelashes singapore
(Credit: Madame Madeline / Flickr)

Contrary to popular belief, more is not more when it comes to fake eyelashes. As most of the best fake eyelashes in Singapore come in standard sizes, it is important to trim your strip falsies to fit your eyelid size. This helps to ensure a more natural look as well as a more secure fit. To trim your false eyelashes, place an eyelash strip against your eyelid to gauge how much you need. Using a pair of lash scissors, trim the excess off starting from the outer corners. To avoid trimming off more than you have to, always cut from the vein of the eyelash strip!

Pro tip for applying the best false eyelashes in Singapore: Not keen on painstakingly trimming your falsies? Consider opting for shorter lash sets (or demi lashes) that you can easily fit along your lash line instead. We can’t mention demi lashes without bringing up these best false eyelashes in Singapore – Ardell Faux Mink Demi Wispies (available on CosmeticsNow SG Official Store)! 

Step 3: Apply eyelash glue and wait 

applying eyelash glue for best false eyelashes
(Credit: Glam Fashion / Flickr)

This step has foiled many beginners to even the false eyelashes in Singapore. Without proper execution, it’s easy to end up with an excess of eyelash glue on your lash strip (and trust us – you do not want them in your eyes). Apply a thin strip of eyelash glue onto the elastic band of your lash strip. You’d want the glue to be tacky and not wet when you place the lash strip on your eyelashes, so allow it to set for around 30 seconds. 

Pro tip for applying the best false eyelashes in Singapore: For extra long-lasting falsies, try the ‘double adhesive’ technique, which involves dabbing a few dots of eyelash glue along your lash line for a sturdier fit. Not confident in your application skills? Opt for black eyelash glue so that when it dries, it’ll blend in more seamlessly with your lash line. We recommend the Duo Eyelash Adhesive (available on beautystarting), which comes in white and black variants. 

Step 4: Time to stick those falsies on!

best false eyelashes singapore
(Credit: Engin Akyurt / Pixabay)

Now for the fun part – sticking on your false eyelashes! To see exactly where you’re placing your false eyelashes, position your makeup mirror right under your face. Using a pair of eyelash tweezers, look downwards and carefully press the lash strip down onto the centre of your lash line, followed by the outer and inner edges. The trick is to get the lash strip as close to your natural lash line as possible. Give the lash strip around 10 seconds to fully adhere to your lashes. Blink a few times and if they don’t shift or slip off, congrats – you’re good to go! 

Pro tip for applying the best false eyelashes in Singapore: To give your falsies an added lift, use your fingers or the back of a spoon to gently push against the lashes! 

How to remove false eyelashes?

removing best false eyelashes singapore
(Credit: Sora Shimazaki / Pexels)

Don’t let even the best false eyelashes in Singapore ruin your real ones! To properly remove classic false eyelashes and magnetic eyeliner lashes, soak a cotton pad with an oil-based makeup remover. Press it firmly against your lashes before gently swiping it over your eye in a downward motion. The oil will break down the adhesive materials, allowing the lashes to detach easily. If you’re in a pinch, coconut oil is a great natural alternative to oil-based makeup remover! 

Best false eyelashes in Singapore: Strip eyelashes

1. Dolly Wink Easy Lash 

dolly wink false eyelashes singapore
(Credit: Mandom Official Store)

It’s official – heading back to the office is now a thing again. This means you’ve got to up your makeup game to look professional! The Dolly Wink Easy Lash in Round Curl (available on Mandom Official Store) is a great strip lash option to instantly widen your peepers, helping you look well-rested for your work-from-office days! These false eyelashes come with stick-type eyelash glue to minimise messes, and are suitable for daily wear. We love the natural-looking curl of these falsies, which are so easy to apply you’d only need 10 seconds to get them on! 

2. Lilly Lashes 

lilly lashes best false eyelashes singapore
(Credit: Maisondebeaute)

Finally hitting the clubs after an arduous two-year wait? Go big or go home with Lilly Lashes, a fake eyelash brand that counts Kylie Jenner as one of its fans. Available in various thickness levels, these dramatic, ultra-fluffy false eyelashes are guaranteed to draw all eyes to yours! If you’re gearing up for a ladies’ night, Lilly Lashes’ iconic faux mink Miami Lashes (available on Maisondebeaute) are the perfect option for partying the night away! Besides boasting incredible volume and eye-opening length, these multi-layered lashes are waterproof to boot. Between all the dancing and selfie sessions, you’d be grateful for these high-performance falsies! 

3. Ardell Elegant Eyes

ardell strip best false eyelashes singapore
(Credit: NailPolicious)

Whether you’re attending a wedding banquet or a corporate dinner event, you’d want the cult-favourite Ardell false eyelashes – widely considered to be the best classic fake eyelash brand in Singapore – to complete your look! To add a little va-va-voom to your peepers without going too OTT, opt for the Ardell Elegant Eyes in Sophisticated (available on NailPolicious). These falsies turn the glam up a notch with a subtle touch of glitter that’s sure to bring you compliments! 

4. MISSHA Secret Lash

missha secret lash false eyelashes singapore
(Credit: Simple Sample From korea)

Looking for falsies fit for everyday wear? The MISSHA Secret Lash (available on Simple Sample From korea) is a popular option that comes in various office-appropriate lengths and shades. Developed by well-known Korean beauty brand MISSHA, these babies blend right in with your natural lashes and are the best way to subtly amp up your everyday look! 

5. 3D Coloured Lashes With Sequins

best strip false eyelashes singapore
(Credit: huishu.sg)

Heading to a rave, or simply looking to change up your look? As dramatic eye makeup continues to dominate the beauty scene, bold, colour-clashing eyeshadow looks and coloured mascara take centre stage on runways and gala events alike. Channel your inner Gigi Hadid and pop on these 3D Coloured Lashes With Sequins (available on huishu.sg) for a fun, quirky look at your next beach festival. Pair these shiny falsies with a swipe of coloured mascara and some rhinestones at the outer corners of your eyes, and we guarantee you’ll be turning heads! 

Best false eyelashes in Singapore: Magnetic eyelashes

6. MLEN Magnetic Eyelashes

mlen best magnetic eyelashes singapore
(Credit: Pixiepax Official Store)

When it comes to the best false eyelashes for daily wear, nothing comes close to magnetic lashes. Once you’ve mastered application, these babies are guaranteed to elevate you to girl boss material in no time at all! One of the best magnetic eyelashes in Singapore is MLEN. The Malaysia-based beauty brand is known for its soft, lightweight magnetic eyelashes designed for Asian women. A single lash is said to be only 0.15mm thick, and weighs only 0.028 grams! New to magnetic eyelashes? You’re in luck, because the MLEN Magnetic Eyelash Set (available on Pixiepax Official Store) not only includes a pair of faux mink magnetic lashes, but also comes with an eyelash container, applicator, pouch, and instruction manual – definitely handy tools for helping you achieve the best fake eyelashes in Singapore. 

7. Manicare Glam Pro Magnetic Lashes 

manicare best magnetic eyelashes singapore
(Credit: McPherson’s Official Store)

The Manicare Glam Pro Magnetic Lashes in Luxe (available on McPherson’s Official Store) is definitely one of the best magnetic eyelashes in Singapore for those looking to glam it up. These ultra-fine magnetic lashes double down on the volume and length around the outer edges, helping you achieve an elegant, full-bodied lash look fit for any evening affair! 

Pro tip for applying the best magnetic eyelashes in Singapore: Looking to vamp it up for a girl’s night out? Pair these babies with a smokey eye makeup look! 

8. SEVICH Magnetic Eyelashes With Eyeliner And Tweezer 

sevich best magnetic eyelashes singapore
(Credit: SEVICH Official Store)

Another brand known for the best magnetic eyelashes in Singapore is SEVICH! The Magnetic Eyelashes With Eyeliner And Tweezer (available on SEVICH Official Store) is a more pocket-friendly option for those looking to give magnetic lashes a go. Ranging from lash lengths of 0.7cm to a whopping 3.5cm, there’s sure to be a variant suitable for you, whatever the occasion! Best part? This set comes with a rose gold compact case – perfect for storing your lashes for your post-VTL travels! 

9. KISS Magnetic Eyeliner & Lash Kit

kiss best magnetic eyelashes singapore
(Credit: kissnewyorkofficialstorefk.sg)

Another best-loved magnetic eyelashes brand in Singapore is KISS! The KISS Magnetic Eyeliner & Lash Kit in Lure (available on kissnewyorkofficialstorefk.sg) offers a fun, flirty option for those partial to magnetic eyeliner lashes. These lashes are lined with five double-strength magnets that help them cling to the smudge-proof, biotin-infused eyeliner provided – you’d definitely be well-prepared for that Tinder date! 

Best false eyelashes in Singapore: Individual single eyelashes

10. IMAGIC Single Cluster False Eyelashes

imagic best individual single false eyelashes
(Credit: IMAGIC Official Shop)

Always wished for fuller lower lashes? Zhng both your upper and lower eyelashes with these IMAGIC Single Cluster False Eyelashes (available on IMAGIC Official Shop)! These individual single lashes come in a set tailored for both the upper and lower lash line. These easy-to-apply falsies look and feel so natural, they blend right in with your natural ones – just don’t forget to remove them! 

11. GLAMLASH Y-Shape False Eyelashes

glamlash individual single fake eyelashes
(Credit: GLAMLASH)

Falsie noobs, this is for you. These 100% handmade GLAMLASH Y-Shape False Eyelashes (available on GLAMLASH) are one of the best fake eyelashes in Singapore for those struggling to master strip eyelashes. Its unique Y-shaped design helps you achieve a soft, dreamy effect in no time at all! Perfect for an “accidental” encounter with the cutie in your office, we’d say. 

Best false eyelashes in Singapore: Individual flare eyelashes

12. Warm Station Curled Individual Cluster Lashes 

warm station best individual flare fake eyelashes
(Credit: Warm Station)

As much as you’d feel inclined to amp up a date night look, we vote for keeping your makeup as natural as possible – especially if it’s for the first date. Instead of a full stack of falsies, try applying individual lashes at the corners of your eyes for a flirty, fluttery look! We love these Curled Individual Cluster Lashes (available on Warm Station), available up to 14mm in length! Designed to mimic the movement of natural lashes, these ultra-soft mink lashes are your best bet for instant doe eyes without looking like you’ve put in too much effort. 

13. ANNAFRIS W-Shape Cluster Eyelashes 

annafris individual flare fake eyelashes
(Credit: GLAMLASH)

Got a fancy dinner coming up? Consider the ANNAFRIS W-Shape Cluster Eyelashes (available on GLAMLASH), which come in an innovative W shape, formed by having 4 strands of eyelashes fanned out in each cluster for maximum volume. What’s more is that these babies are just as easy to apply as your regular individual lashes, so you don’t have to worry about showing up late to that reservation!

Steal the show with the best false eyelashes in Singapore 

Want long, voluminous lashes even on lazy, off-duty days? Nourishing your natural lashes is key – we’ve rounded up some of the best eyelash serums in Singapore for you to incorporate into your beauty regime! If you’re a beginner to makeup and found these tips helpful, check out our step-by-step guide to drawing the perfect brows for your face shape

This article was updated on 27 May 2022. Additional research done by Rachel Tan.

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