Guide To The Best Fake Eyelashes For Every Occasion

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(Credit: Selina Julie / Flickr)
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If you’re not sold on permanent eyelash extensions or lash lifts but crave luscious peepers, turn to fake eyelashes then! Though we don’t usually condone anything false, fake eyelashes are an exception.

These temporary lash extensions give so much oopmh to your overall look that it’d be a mistake not to give them a try. Check out our guide to the best fake eyelashes for every occasion — from first dates to wedding dinners to those late, late nights. Yup, these babies won’t budge.

But first, how can you apply false eyelashes like a pro?

Step 1: Trim the lash strips

trimming lashes best fake eyelash
(Credit: Madame Madeline / Flickr)

Everyone’s eyelid size varies and so you probably won’t need to use the entire length of the eyelash at any one time. Place the extension against your eyelid and gauge how much you need before trimming the excess off with a pair of cosmetic scissors.

Step 2: Carefully apply the lash glue

applying eyelash glue best fake eyelashes
(Credit: Glam Fashion / Flickr)

Squeeze a tiny bit of eyelash glue on the elastic band of the eyelash extension and allow it to set for around 30 seconds before placing it on your lashes. You’d want the lashes to be tacky and not wet when applying.

We recommend purchasing the Duo eyelash adhesive (available on beautystarting) which come in both white and black variants. If you think you might not be precise with the glue application, choose the black one so that when it dries, it’ll look just like black eyeliner. Isn’t that a neat trick?

Step 3: Time to apply those best fake eyelashes!

makeup and best fake eyelashes
(Credit: Selina Julie / Flickr)

First prep your lashes by curling them. Then, position the vanity mirror under your face to see exactly where to place the lash strip. The trick is to place it as close to the lashline as possible. Now for the fun part! Look downwards and with a tweezer in hand, press the lash strip on the centre, outer edge and finally in the inner corner of your eyes. Wait for 10 seconds to let it dry, blink your eyes a few times and if they don’t slip off, you’re good to go!

Pro Tip: Top off your falsies with a coat of mascara for some added drama! But be extra careful and be sure to avoid making these mascara mistakes while at it!

Best eyelashes to wear for every occasion

For a girls night out

huda beauty samantha lashes best fake eyelashes
(Credit: PinkmistSG)

Go big or go home with Huda Beauty’s lashes! These double-stacked feathery lashes of various lengths will add tons of drama to your peepers. If you’re gearing up for a ladies night, then Huda Beauty’s Samantha #7 (available on PinkmistSG) are one of the best fake eyelashes to party the night away in. Between all the dancing and selfie sessions, you’d be grateful for these pair of falsies that are well-known for their strong staying power.

Although they look deceptively heavy, these falsies are pretty lightweight! Made of synthetic and natural fibres, each lash strip can be used up to a whopping 12 times, depending on how well you care for them of course!

For a first date

individual lashes best fake eyelashes

Though you’d feel inclined to amp up a date night look, try to keep your makeup as natural as possible especially if it’s for the first date. Instead of the full stack of falsies, apply individual pieces of lashes at the corners of your eyes for a flirty, fluttery look.

We love these mink hair individual lashes (available on which go up to 13mm in length! These soft faux mink lashes will sit comfortably with your natural eyelashes without looking like you’ve made too much of an effort. They are the best fake eyelashes to get if you want to wear falsies without looking like you’ve got anything on!

For a dinner party

ardell best fake eyelashes
(Credit: NailPolicious)

Whether you’re attending a wedding dinner or a corporate dinner event, turn to Ardell lashes (available on NailPolicious) for a full-bodied lash look that’s hard for a mascara to achieve. Lightweight, easy-to-apply and with a comfortable lash band, trust us these alluring lashes are the only accessory you’ll be needing.

Ardell lashes also make for the best fake eyelashes for ladies with monolid shaped eyes! The Ardell Demi Black in 120 will perk up those short and stubborn lashes and open them for a brighter effect.

For a rock concert or costume party

feather and colourful fake eyelashes

If you want to glam up for a rock concert or costume party or you’re just feeling adventurous, then dive head-first into the world of coloured makeup! Coloured makeup has been on the rise lately so it’s natural the trend reach lashes as well — think Lady Gaga’s dramatic gold lashes for the 2019 Met Gala.

To achieve a similar look, hook on a pair of feather dot false eyelashes (available on Pair these polka-dot netted falsies with some rhinestones at the outer corners of your eyes and you’ll surely be turning heads. If you prefer a subtler look, go for these black and purple eyelashes (available on, that’ll add enough drama while still letting you walk down the street without attracting unappreciative stares.

For the office look

magnetic eyelashes
(Credit: Warm Station)

Who says fake eyelashes can only be worn for special occasions? With magnetic lashes, you can wear falsies on a daily basis! Yes, you heard right. Magnetic eyelashes exist and they come in pairs with tiny magnets on the elastic band. All you’ve to do is to place the upper magnetic lash across the top of your lash line and the lower magnetic lash below your natural lash line and the magnets will secure the falsies in place. Essentially, your real lashes will be sandwiched between the two magnetic ones, giving you fuller and thicker lashes!

Although a revolution in the world of falsies, many have admitted the learning curve for applying magnetic eyelashes is a steep one so do conduct a few test runs before wearing them out! Once you’ve mastered application, magnetic eyelashes will prove to be one of the best fake eyelashes for everyday office wear! These magnetic eyelashes (available on Warm Station) are fluttery, beautiful and easy-to-apply in the mornings. They’ll also immediately elevate you to girl boss material in no time at all!

Don’t let the best fake eyelashes ruin your real ones!

Though it’s tempting to peel off falsies, it can do more long-term damage to your lids and real eyelashes. We recommend soaking a cotton bud in an oil-based makeup remover or any oil for that matter and wipe it across your lashes gently. The oil will break down the adhesive, allowing you to slip off the lashes easily.

If you can’t justify the time it takes to apply falsies, then focus on other areas of your makeup or skincare routine! Read our guide to the skin vitamins you didn’t know you needed or the best drugstore makeup products in Singapore and become the best version of yourself today!