This Is How You Should Fengshui Your Desk To Huat This Year

Leave all your stress and angst at the front door. Consider these 9 tips to make your workspace a happier place!

A bagua map is recommended to get you started. Basically, a bagua map is an ancient instrument used in Feng Shui to help bring good Chi energy. When applied to an area, each section aligns with a different aspiration such as your career, wisdom, family, etc. Some also have colours and elements associated with them.

We’ve created a chart below to help you get an idea of how to break up your desk using a bagua map. If there is any specific section you want to focus on in your life, try putting items that promote that related section of the bagua map on your work desk!

Bagua Map

1. Abundance and Prosperity

Place anything that reminds you of wealth and riches in this area.

Colour: Purple

Examples: A healthy plant

2. Fame and Reputation

Place things that remind you of your reputation or gives off light.

Element: Fire

Colour: Red

Examples: Business Cards, nameplate, a lamp or candle

3. Love and Relationships

Decorate your workspace with photos of a loved one.

Colour: Pink

Examples: Photographs or Polaroid pictures

4. Family and Community

Display your love for your family here.

Element: Wood

Colour: Green

Examples: Wooden photo frames of your family

5. Health

Keep this area of your desk as clear as possible.

Element: Earth

Colour: Yellow

6. Creativity

Place things that inspire creativity here.

Colour: Yellow

Examples: Stationery

7. Wisdom

Anything that you are trying to learn or memorize, goes in this area.

Colour: Blue

Examples: Books and learning materials

8. Career and Life Purpose

Remember, you want to support healthy, positive energy. So, include some of your favourite sayings or mottos.

Element: Water

Colour: Black

Examples: Inspiring quotes or pictures

9. Helpful people and travel

Stay in contact with helpful people in your life by placing a phone or address book here.

Colour: White

Examples: Telephone or address book.


One of the key principles of Feng Shui is achieving happiness, and one of the easiest steps towards achieving it is through organising and de-cluttering. Getting rid of clutter helps bring in vital energy which promotes clarity and focus.

Tag and inspire your colleagues to get involved because you’ll want to spread the positive energy all around!

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