13 Colgate Hacks You Need In Your Life Right Now

Colgate has become such a staple in Singaporean homes that we refer to the item by the brand name. This toothpaste is widely used across the island to straighten up our smiles, but it can also be used for waaaaaaay more than that! Have you heard of the following Colgate hacks?

1. Colgate can get rid of pimples and dark spots

Don't Pop Pimples Girl!

This method of zapping zits is tried and tested! Dabbing a little bit of classic Colgate on the pimple and leaving it to dry overnight will help to dry it up and reduce the swelling around it. Remember to moisturise your skin in the morning though!

Colgate can also help to clear any dark spots you might have. By doing the same thing, the Colgate will help to whiten those pesky marks. 


2. Colgate can smooth out scratches on your phone

(GQ Australia)

You may not think of Colgate first when you scratch your precious phone, but with this hack, you probably should! If you notice small scratches on your watch, phone, or any other glass surface, buff them out with some Colgate. But make sure you don’t use too much and you don’t spread it everywhere, as it could end up damaging your device. 


3. Colgate can eliminate nail polish stains


With people’s love for gel and glitter manicures recently, there are some of us who struggle with removing the little traces left on our nails from the nail polish. If you’ve been finding ways to get rid of them, then you’re in luck!

To get rid of stains on your nails, just apply Colgate, preferably the whitening kind, to the stained areas. After you brush the paste off, you’ll be #blessed with natural, clean nails.


4. Colgate can make your jewellery shine


Did you know that you can use Colgate as an inexpensive form of cleaning your gold and silver items? 

Put a tiny bit of Colgate on a brush (that you don’t use!) to gently clean your jewellery, buffing out any imperfections along the way. Just remember to rinse them thoroughly and wipe them dry.


5. Colgate can clean up crayon marks from walls


If you have kids and they’re driving you up the wall (you’ll get in a second) with their cute but messy drawings all over your walls, you will appreciate this miracle solution.

Colgate comes close, as you can use the non-gel iteration to remove the “art” from your home. Squeeze a little paste onto the artwork and use a rag or brush to scrub it out. After that, wet a cloth and wipe away the paste – all clean! This works with both crayons and permanent markers. You’re welcome, parents!


6. Colgate can clean up your keyboard


If you didn’t already know, a lot of germs end up on your computer keyboard, especially with how much we use our devices. You may not notice unless it’s a white keyboard, but you need to start cleaning it up or you’re going to be susceptible to illnesses you didn’t even know about. If you do have a white keyboard, you have to clean it up and let it shine in all its glory! 

Put some Colgate on a cloth and gently clean around and on top of each key. This helps to get rid of even the most stubborn stains. Psst, you can also use this method to brighten up your piano keys!


7. Colgate can get rid of hair dye from skin

(The Beauty Bargainista)

If you’re addicted to dyeing your hair at home, this method of protection will definitely come in handy! You can keep the dye from staining your skin using a little bit of Colgate. 

It’s normal for some of the hair dye you’re applying to get on the skin around your hairline, so when it does happen, apply some whitening Colgate on the stains and scrub them away. Just in case you’re wondering, this also works if you accidentally stained your hands with the dye. 


8. Colgate can lift ink spots from cloth


Speaking of accidental stains, if you somehow get a pen mark or any other ink on your clothes, it may seem like the end of that clothing’s life cycle. Fortunately, Colgate can help you revive it! 

Apply some Colgate on to the ink spot and let it sit. After waiting for a couple of minutes, run the spot under cool water while slowly massaging the toothpaste into the stain. Voila, your ink stain is gone!


9. Colgate can revive your sneakers


With the hype of sneakers still in full force, you should really be taking care of your precious (and probably expensive) shoes. Whether there is an unsightly scuff or you just want to whiten it overall, Colgate can come in handy.

Push out a little toothpaste on to the scuff and rub it in with a cloth, after which you should wipe it clean with a damp cloth. This works even on leather shoes! If you are looking to whiten the discoloured trims of your shoes, you could use regular Colgate on them and clean it up with a cloth. Remember to rinse the dirt away.


10. Colgate can freshen your hands


If you handle a lot of smelly food while cooking, you’d know that the smell tends to linger on your hands, even after rounds of washing them. To get rid of the nasty odours, just scrub your hands with Colgate. It helps to remove any trace of gross smells through a deep clean and leaves your hands smelling minty fresh. Who knew Colgate would come in HANDY?


11. Colgate can soothe insect bites and blisters 


If it hasn’t done enough, Colgate is also essential for anyone suffering from itchy and uncomfortable bug bites and blisters. It will also work on minor burns caused when you nicked yourself on the hair straightener or the edge of a hot pan.

By using a cooling variation of Colgate, you can decrease the swelling and itchiness caused by an insect bite or a sore.


12. Colgate can remove stains from surfaces


Those stubborn coffee stains in your cup, or makeup smudges on your dressing table can all be removed using Colgate! Simply squeeze some onto a cloth, and rub gently over the stained areas before washing it off. It will be as good as new! This works similarly if you wish to unfog your mirror.


13. Colgate can brighten your headlights


Surprise surprise! What can Colgate not do seriously? The next time you are giving your car a wash, grab a tube of Colgate with a cloth and use it to buff the headlights in a circular motion. The toothpaste will remove the grime that has collected overtime and your car will be looking as good as new in no time at all~

These are just a handful of ways Colgate can be used, apart from giving you a healthy set of teeth. Have you heard of any other hacks? Share them with us in the comments below.

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