The Singaporean Cheatsheet To Maximising Your Annual Leave In 2019


The Ministry of Manpower has just announced that these will be the public holidays of 2019:

How then, do you maximise on these public holidays to get the best (*cough* longest) deal out of them? Well, we have three (smart) ways:

1. Use long weekends and save up on your Annual Leave

FYI, since the public holidays that land on Sundays (Vesak Day, Hari Raya Haji, Deepavali) will lead to a rest day on the following Monday, this will essentially, give you a list of 4 long weekends in 2019:

Good Friday

19 April to 21 April (Fri to Sun)

Vesak Day

18 May to 20 May (Sat to Mon)

National Day + Hari Raya Haji

9 Aug to 12 Aug (Sat to Mon)


26 Oct to 28 Oct (Sat to Mon)

You might want to start planning your 2019 and take these long weekends to get that short 3D2N overseas break, without spending any precious annual leave. Psst, check out these 11 beautiful islands near Singapore for some short getaway ideas!


2. Utilise the Public Holidays and spend your Annual Leave wisely

Honestly, that ain’t bad, but why settle for 4 long weekends when you can get 6 with this cheat sheet?


New Year’s Day

By taking one day of leave on 31 Dec (Mon), you’ll get to enjoy a four-day long holiday from 29 Dec to 1 Jan (Sat to Tue)

Lunar New Year

By taking one day of leave on 4 Feb (Mon), you’ll get to enjoy a five-day long holiday from 2 to 6 Feb (Sat to Wed)

Labour Day 

By taking two days of leave on 29 and 30 Apr (Mon and Tue) or 2 and 3 May (Thur and Fri), you’ll get to enjoy an entire week of holiday from either 27 Apr to 1 May (Sat to Wed) or 1 to 5 May (Wed to Sun)

Hari Raya Puasa 

By taking two days of leave on 1 and 2 Jun (Mon and Tue) or 6 and 7 May (Thur and Fri), you’ll get to enjoy an entire week of holiday from either 1 to 5 Jun (Sat to Wed) or 5 to 9 Jun (Wed to Sun)


3. Plan early and chope these long holiday period

And if you want a really long holiday, you’d want to note down the Christmas 2019 and New Year 2020 Holiday and hurry chope it before anyone else does!

Post-Christmas and New Year’s Eve

By taking two days of leave on 26 and 27 Dec (Thur and Fri) and 30 and 31 Dec (Mon and Tue), you’ll get to enjoy a full 8-day holiday from 25 Dec to 1 Jan!

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Share with your friends to find out how to plan for that trip, be it a long weekend excursion or that self-explorative journey. Just make sure to chope the dates before they do!

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