12 Phrases That Every Singaporean NSF Confirm (Plus Chop) Will Understand


National Service (NS) is one period of our lives that is filled with both good and bad moments. There’s a lot of things that we’ll miss – the different types of people at NS, the incredibly huge portions of food… The list is endless. But if there’s one thing we’ll really miss, is hearing these 12 phrases that were so commonly used at camp.

P.S.To all our female readers, this is a page you absolutely need to bookmark so you won’t be lost during your next meet-up with guys-who-just-finished-ns.

P.P.S. To all our male readers, sorry but you might start hearing your officer’s voice as you read through these phrases.


1. Kena Stun


Translation: Rifle or rifle parts (e.g. magazine, gas regulator) stolen away by superior because you weren’t careful

When used in a sentence: “Eh, you better keep your wife properly, later kena stun by sergeant!”


2. Bo Bo Shooter/ Bo Bo King

Cannot aim

Translation: Term used to refer to a person who can’t shoot or aim properly

When used in a sentence: “This Xiao Dong really Bo Bo Shooter leh. Target so near already also can miss.”


3. Cat 1

Bad weather

Translation: Weather status that calls for a stop in training due to bad weather (i.e. lightning and heavy rain)

When used in a sentence: “Eh weather looks bad. I think should be Cat 1, no need PT already!”


4. Chao Keng

Crying actor

Translation: Term used to refer to a person who always feign sickness to get out of any situation (mostly, physical training or duties)

When used in a sentence: “Wah, this Xiao Ming super Chao Keng. Need to clean bunk he suddenly say stomach ache.”


5. 1206

Oh no!

Translation: Term used to refer to the form NSFs need to sign and pay for when they lose an equipment

When used in a sentence: “You lost your magazine ah! Orh hor, jialat. Later you must sign 1206 liao.”


6. Stand By Universe


Translation: Command to unpack and clear every single thing out of your bunk for inspection and bring EVERYTHING to the parade square

When used in a sentence: “Wah that stupiak Ah Gao smuggle cigarette in kena caught ah, my platoon that time kena Stand By Universe sia!”


7. Stand By Bed

Stand on bed

Translation: Similar to “Stand By Universe”, it is a command to clean up your bunk and leave it spotless for inspection

When used in a sentence: “Better double check hor, later got Stand By Bed. Don’t want to kena again.”


8. Knock It Down/ Kiss The Ground

Knock it down

Translation: Command to go into push-up position (and probably do a series of intense push-ups as a form of punishment)

When used in a sentence: “Wah. So slow hor? Whole lot, knock it down!”


9. Change Parade

Change outfit

Translation: A punishment to get recruits to change between their full uniform and physical training attire

When used in a sentence: “Today Sergeant Tan not happy sia. Make us change parade the whole afternoon.”


10. Sign Extra

Crying man

Translation: Punishment to stay in camp over the weekend to do guard duty or simply, get confined

When used in a sentence: “Sian lah. Just now I kena from Sergeant. This weekend I need to sign extra again.”


11. Turn Out


Translation: Command to gather downstairs at the parade square as fast as possible

When used in a sentence: “Later at night sure get Turn Out one. Don’t play play.”


12. Never Mind


Translation: Typically used by the higher-ups and not to be taken literally because they mind, a lot

When used in a sentence: ”Never mind. Later you just knock it down can already.”


Let us know what other phrases we’ve missed out in the comments below and watch Singaporean Girls Try Guessing Army Lingo here!

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