7 Car Driving Games To Practise BTT And FTT Skills For Your Driving Test

Welcome to the modern era of video games, where there’s a simulation for everything! In recent years, developers have been refining their skills, crafting car driving games that push the boundaries of realism with lifelike models and incredible driving physics

If you’re like us, you’re probably wondering if these driving games are realistic enough for you to rehearse your driving tests so you can save money from repeated attempts. The good news is with the right accessories and equipment, you’re able to! Intrigued? Here are seven of the best car driving games to put your BTT and FTT driving skills to the test.

Best Car Driving Games To Play For Driving Test Practice

1. Forza Horizon 4

forza horizon 4 open world car driving games
(Credit: Enot91 / Flickr)

Forza Horizon 4 represents open-world driving at its finest! The game showcases constantly changing seasons, jaw-dropping graphics and a scarily accurate representation of Britain, complete with Edinburgh Castle and Chesterton Windmill. Throughout the fictional Horizon Festival, you’ll scour Britain, completing races and events to progress through the game while earning credits and filling your garage with the game’s impressive range of cars.

While the game is photo-realistic, the arcade driving mechanics are forgiving enough, with driving assists available to ensure you make progress even when you aren’t winning races. Buy this if you’re not looking for ultra realistic car driving games but you’re intrigued by the incredible graphics!

2. Gran Turismo Sport

gran turismo sport ps4 car driving games
(Credit: PlayStation Europe / Flickr)

Known as one of the best looking car driving games on the PS4, Gran Turismo Sport pushes the console to its limits, making full use of its High Dynamic Range and 4K capabilities with dynamic lighting and shadow systems. Enjoy over 200 highly detailed car models as you race across 24 different tracks and use the detailed photo mode to take stunning shots! The online mode also takes centre stage here as GT Sport simplifies the competitive aspect of driving, making it extremely accessible to newcomers and veterans alike.

Sitting closer towards the driving simulator spectrum, GT Sport’s cars provide a good sense of weight and tyre grip at higher speeds. Additionally, each car drives differently and you’ll truly feel the force feedback impact if you have a steering wheel. Yet, this is where the hardcore realism stops as braking and tyre models lack the complexities present in other car driving games.

3. Project Cars 2

project cars 2 car driving games
(Credit: Stefans02 / Flickr)

Project Cars 2 has a simulation that strives to maintain a sweet balance of graphic goodness and believable driving mechanics. From touring cars to vintage cars, Project Cars 2 lets you experience what it’s like to understeer and wear out tyre grips as it pays close attention to your car’s limitations. The game also supports virtual reality headsets, placing you firmly in the cockpit and enhancing overall immersion.

If you’re a driving simulation purist, you might want to look elsewhere. Since the game focuses on the more appealing aspect of empowering drivers, the game falters when it comes to capturing how easy it is to spin out of control when zipping down at top speeds. Ultimately, Project Cars 2 is a game and achieves what it sets out to do by portraying beautiful weather and engaging VR integration!

4. Automobilista

automobilista brazilian car driving games
(Credit: Automobilista / Steam)

We’re beginning to veer towards more realistic car driving games here with Automobilista. It’s a niche driving game that won’t appeal to mainstream audiences. While it doesn’t wow onlookers with shiny visuals, hardcore driving fans will appreciate the Brazilian racing series and shockingly realistic force feedback on driving wheels. The developers have paid close attention to how cars genuinely feel without relying on the licensing of premium race cars.

To show off how detailed the car tyres are, the game even uses advanced wheel models to show how debris sticks to the wheels and how the rubber burns into the track over time. If this sort of realism appeals to you and you’re looking to attend a South American Motorsports event, this driving game is as close as it gets.

5. Assetto Corsa

assetto corsa Italian car driving games
(Credit: Jeff / Flickr)

As a disclaimer, Assetto Corsa barely meets expectations for car driving games: with a lifeless career mode and barely any window dressing added to today’s AAA driving games. Thankfully, it compensates for this with just how raw and engaging the driving feels. With an edge towards Italian Motorsports, the game celebrates the joy that is driving fast cars on signature Italian tracks!

While other games like Forza and Gran Turismo coddle players by handicapping your driving with assists, Assetto Corsa goes full simulation by letting you experience what it’s like to have Anti-Lock Braking Systems and traction control turned off. This allows you to go through the rigour of fighting the tarmac and attempting to control your car with your fully supported  900-degree rotation driving wheel. It’s easy for Motorsport fans to simply put their favourite car on track and lose themselves, taking in the sights and pleasures of the game’s dedication to perfecting racing.

6. iRacing

iracing online competitive car driving games
(Credit: Jay Bonvouloir / Flickr)

While Gran Turismo Sports exposes you to the world of online competitive racing, iRacing throws you into the deep end. Developed from the ground up as a competitive racing service, iRacing pegs itself as the best online racing simulator on the market! With over 80 laser scanned licensed tracks and race cars, this car driving game puts you in the shoes of competitive NASCAR and Formula One drivers.

For car driving game fans oblivious to the sheer financial cost of simulations, proceed with caution: the game is known to be a money sink, with additional cars and tracks costing as much as its monthly subscription fee. Look past this and you’ll find an online racing ecosystem that gets rid of the reckless driving present in other more casual car driving games.  You’ll even get the chance to face off against real professionals as they’re also present on the platform, practising and honing their skills.

7. rFactor 2

rfactor 2 simulation car driving games
(Credit: rFactor 2 / Steam)

The grandfather of all driving games, rFactor’s legacy is legendary in the driving simulation market. First released in 2005, the game got rid of expensive licenses and solely targeted driving enthusiasts. With rFactor 2, the immersion is raised with features like realistic artificial intelligence powering your opponents on the track and realistic tyre wear and tear that truly impacts your driving until you replace them at pit stops. Additionally, you can enjoy Real Road, a real time system that allows you to feel the track you’re racing on degrade over time as you lose grip during wet weather and witness rubber build-up on the track.

As far as rFactor’s commitment goes, they too have a subscription-based version of their game! Known as rFactor pro, the driving simulation has clients ranging from Ferrari to Porsche and is often heavily customised to fit the preferences of professional drivers and teams so they can practise without actually heading out for a test drive. If you’re looking for a simulation to simulate what it’s like to undergo the 24 Hours of Le Mans, look no further!

rfactor pro subscription based car driving games
(Credit: rFpro Driving Simulation)


While we might have stretched the limits with shockingly realistic car driving games, we hope you’ve benefited from this list. All in all, we hope you get enough actual and virtual practice and wish you all the best in your future driving test attempts!

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