This Is What Your Pimples And Breakouts Are Trying To Tell You

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Pimples are the worst. Period. However, they’re more than just painful, irritating zits that you want to cover up using many layers of concealer. The position of the pimples on your face can tell you many things about your body. Here’s a simple breakdown of what is going on in your body when your pimples pop out at various places on your face:

1. Forehead

Forehead Pimple

If you find pimples popping out all over your forehead, you might want to look into your diet and sleep schedule. To prevent them, start drinking more water and regulating your diet. Remember, having a balanced diet is better than anything! Going to bed earlier and having a consistent sleep schedule can also help.


2. Chin

Chin Pimple

The main culprit of pimples in this area is hormonal imbalance and stress. If you’re not feeling too stressed out lately, but are still experiencing this breakout, you should take some precaution and check with your doctor about your body’s hormone levels. Hormones like testosterone, released throughout a woman’s menstrual cycle, will also make your glands produce more oil, ultimately clogging your pores. For the ladies, you can prevent the onset of these nasty pimples by revving up your facial treatment a week before your period. Start using cleansers with acne-fighting ingredients like La Roche-Posay Effaclar Foaming Purifying Gel to treat your skin. Alternatively, you can also visit your doctor for prescription pills to regulate your hormone levels.


3. Cheeks

Cheek Pimple
(Beauty & Health Tips)

We’re sorry to break it to you but if you’re getting pimples on your cheeks, it is simply because of your dirty hands and phones. When you use your phone for long periods of time or touch your face regularly, the bacteria and dirt from your hands and phones can be transferred to your skin, clogging your pores. Well, the good thing is that this is the easiest to treat. Prevent outbreaks on your cheeks by firstly, cleaning your phone with anti-bacterial wipes daily and making sure your hands are clean before touching your face. Having a handy bottle of sanitiser is also useful.


4. T-Zone

T-Zone Pimple

According to research, pimples around the T-Zone area is primarily caused by the imbalance in the kidney, stomach or spleen. You might find yourself breaking out in this area if you’ve had one too many drinks over the weekend, or if you’re consuming too much dairy or greasy food. If you want this area to clear up, consider regulating your diet and cutting down on alcohol!


5. Nose

Nose Pimple
(Cantik Tempo)

Did you know that the nose is linked to the heart and circulatory system? If you find yourself breaking out in this particular area, it is time to start exercising and dieting. Take time off every day to do simple exercises and cut down on unhealthy food to regulate your blood pressure. Research has also shown that pimples in this area might be due to high meat consumption. Try replacing them with healthier alternatives like nuts, salmon and avocados. The pores on the nose are also more dilated, so do clean your makeup tools using appropriate products before using them!


6. Jawline

Jawline Pimple

Pimples appearing along your jawline is largely due to hormone imbalance or an unhealthy diet. Like your chin area, ladies might find pimples popping out more frequently when it is nearing that time of the month. Simply ramp up on your treatment approximately a week before your period and start eating more fruits and veggies to help curb this issue.


7. Ears

Ear Pimple
(Medical News Today)

This might be an uncommon problem, but if you’ve ever experienced having pimples in your ears, you will know how painful and uncomfortable it is. Pimples appearing in your ears are primarily caused by dehydration. Start drinking more water and keep yourself hydrated throughout the day to make this problem go away.

Now that you know the causes behind these nasty pimples, you can start shopping at the L’Oréal Super Brand Day for the right products for your face!

What are some other areas that are giving you issues? Or do you have other remedies for breakouts? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll try our best to solve it for you!

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