11 Best Nursing Rooms In Singapore So You Can Shop With Peace Of Mind

nursing rooms in singapore

Bringing your little tot with you for some retail therapy? Shopping with the young ones don’t have to feel like a battlefield with these vibrant and clean nursing rooms in Singapore! Many of the shopping malls in Singapore have conducive nursing rooms to accommodate nursing mothers.

Take a look below for the best nursing rooms in Singapore shopping malls grouped according to which region they’re in. Now you can take your time and shop to your heart’s contents!

Shopping Malls In Singapore’s North/North East Region

nursing rooms in singapore
(Credit: heymattallen / Pixabay)

1. Waterway point

Where: Level 2

nursing rooms in singapore
(Credit: Waterway Point / Facebook)

Catered to families with young children, Waterway Point is jam-packed with activities to engage your little tots and a wide variety of stores for some baby shopping. 

When it’s time for a diaper change, head down to level 2, where you’ll find a vibrantly decorated nursing room near the children’s indoor playground! As one of the more spacious nursing rooms in Singapore, there is more than enough space for two strollers and the colourful decorations are bound to keep your little ones amused. The nursing room is equipped with lockable private cubicles, electrical points, sink, changing table and a waiting area for your other shopping companions!

2. Ang Mo Kio Hub

Where: Level 3

nursing rooms in singapore
(Credit: AMK Hub / Facebook)

Also known as AMK Hub, this heartland mall has everything you need, including an adorable nursing room decorated in mushroom characters on level 3! Considered spacious compared to many other nursing rooms in Singapore, there is enough room to accommodate more than 2 strollers. In this space, you’ll find facilities such as a sink, hot water dispenser, private cubicles with locks and a waiting area.

However, do note there are no electrical points, which may be inconvenient for mothers who would like to express milk with an electric breast pump.

Shopping Malls In Singapore’s Central/South Region

3. Vivocity

Where: Level 2

nursing rooms in singapore
(Credit: Wojtek Gurak / Flickr)

This mega mall is a shopping heaven for many as it has all the major brands in one place! Bringing your little ones to such a big shopping mall in Singapore may be a headache if you do not know where the nursing room is.

You can find one of the biggest and most comfortable nursing rooms in Singapore on level 2 (there are other nursing rooms on level 1 and 3). Here, you can take care of your baby’s needs in comfort! Having more than enough room for two strollers, the space has private cubicles for mummies to breastfeed in private. However, do note that these cubicles are not lockable and only segregated by a curtain. The nursing room also has electrical point, hot water dispenser, sink, diaper-changing table and a waiting room!

4. United square

Where: Level 1 within Connectz

nursing rooms in singapore
(Credit: United Square Shopping Mall – The Kids Learning Mall / Facebook)

If you’re planning to shop with your little ones at United Square this weekend, you’re in luck! Diaper-changing in United Square is easy thanks to the roomy nursing room which can accommodate more than two strollers! For mummies who prefer more privacy during the breastfeeding process, you’ll be delighted to find lockable private cubicles in the nursing room. This is one of the nursing rooms in Singapore with quirky interior designs which you and your child will appreciate!

The nursing room is equipped with electrical points, hot and cold water dispenser, sink and diaper-changing table. To top it off, you’ll even find a disposable diaper dispenser and a high chair for easy feeding! Meanwhile, your shopping companions can keep themselves entertained with the magazines provided in the waiting area.

5. Takashimaya, Ngee Ann City

Where: Level 4

nursing rooms in singapore
(Credit: SpirosK photography / Flickr)

Going to town with a baby need not feel like a battlefield with Takashimaya’s cozy and spacious nursing room. Lined with pastel polka dots wallpaper, the nursing room gives off a calming and cozy vibe. When we say this is one of the most spacious nursing rooms in Singapore, we are not joking.

Accommodating up to 5 strollers, the nursing room is equipped with 5 diaper-changing tables to reduce queuing time. For breastfeeding mothers, head over to the other side of the area for some privacy in the lockable private cubicles. Each cubicle is equipped with a sofa and diaper-changing station for added convenience! Your husband and other shopping companions can entertain themselves at the waiting area, which has a big flat screen TV.

As an overview, this superb nursing room in Singapore is equipped with lockable private cubicles, diaper-changing tables, sink, hot and cold water dispenser, high chair and bottle warmer (available upon request) and a waiting area with TV.

Shopping Malls In Singapore’s East Region

nursing rooms in singapore
(Credit: jon hayes / Flickr)

6. Changi City Point

Where: Level 1, 2 and 3

nursing rooms in singapore
(Credit: Changi City Point, Singapore / Facebook)

Whether you’re popping by the mall after visiting a baby fair at Expo, or avoiding the crowds in other popular heartland malls, shopping with your little ones at Changi City Point is always a pleasant experience with their animal-themed nursing room. Teach your children about animals while you change their diaper on the padded diaper-changing table.

Also, breastfeed in privacy while using one of the private cubicles. Do note though, the cubicles have curtains instead of a lock so your privacy may be compromised. If this is a concern, you can get a breastfeeding cover to prevent any possible exposures. Like many other quality nursing rooms in Singapore, this one at Changi City Point comes equipped with a sink, electrical point, hot and cold water dispenser as well as a waiting area.

7. Century Square

Where: Level 2 and 4

nursing rooms in singapore
(Credit: Honza Soukup / Flickr)

Renovated recently, Century Square is one of the newest shopping malls in Singapore to visit with your baby! Here, you can even rent a baby stroller to ensure your young one is comfortable while you shop!

If you’re shopping in the area and have a need for a nursing room, why not head down to this new mall for its clean and spacious nursing rooms! They contain the basic amenities necessary for mothers and babies, such as diaper-changing tables, sink as well as hot and cold water.

8. Bedok Mall

Where: Basement 1

nursing rooms in singapore
(Credit: Bedok Mall / Facebook)

One of the most popular shopping malls in the east, Bedok mall has everything you need under one roof. From grocery shopping to pet care, you can settle all your shopping in one place. It is no wonder many families enjoy shopping here.

If you’re here for retail therapy with your little tot, don’t worry. Bedok mall has one of the larger nursing rooms in Singapore which accommodates more than two strollers. The simple designs keep the room looking clean and uncluttered. Mummies who want a little more privacy can breastfeed their children in the lockable private cubicles. Those who don’t really mind can opt for the private cubicles with curtains. The nursing room has a sink, electrical point and a waiting area too.

Shopping Malls In Singapore’s West Region

9. IMM

Where: Level 2 and 3

nursing rooms in singapore
(Credit: Jeremy Carver / Flickr)

Mummies who are looking for great deals can try doing their retail therapy at IMM, which is the largest outlet shopping mall in Singapore. While you’re busy checking out the great deals, don’t forget to clean up your toddler at the nursing room!

You’ll be pleased to find a spacious nursing room decked in adorable wall decals waiting for you and your little tot. There is a sink, electrical points, hot and cold water dispenser as well as baby holders (which doubles as a high chair for feeding) available. On top of that, mummies can breastfeed in the lockable private cubicles while the other shopping companions take a rest in the waiting area. Calling the telecom is necessary for access to the nursing room so as to prevent the misuse of facilities.

10. JCube

Where: Basement 1

nursing rooms in singapore
(Credit: Kiran Foster / Flickr)

If you stay near the west, you can shop at ease with your young ones at JCube! This shopping mall in Singapore has a brightly decorated nursing room that’s bound to cheer your baby up! In this yellow hued space, you can find amenities such as a sink, electrical point, hot and cold water dispenser and private cubicles for those who need to breastfeed. The private cubicles can be locked to ensure privacy.

The child-friendly toilets next door brings extra convenience to mothers who have to take care of both older and younger kids all at once. Entering the nursing room requires a call on the telecom to prevent misuse of the amenities.

11. Jurong East Mall

Where: Basement 1 and Level 5

nursing rooms in singapore
(Credit: Jem / Facebook)

Also known as JEM, this is a beautiful shopping mall in Singapore that houses popular brands such as Cotton On, MANGO and H&M. Parents with babies would be glad to know that JEM has one of the larger nursing rooms in Singapore which can accommodate more than two strollers. In addition, it’s equipped with many useful amenities such as a sink, electrical point, hot and cold water dispenser as well as a child-friendly toilet. Those who are shopping with other companions can choose to visit the nursing room at basement 1, where there is a waiting area for them to rest their legs. Also, the private cubicles can be locked for privacy.

With these fully equipped nursing rooms in Singapore, heading out on a mini shopping trip with your little ones can be fun and fuss-free! Are you a new parent? Find out what are some cult baby products other mothers are raving about and learn how to shop in style by wearing matching outfits with your little tots!