33 Must-Have Cult Baby Items Singaporean Mums Swear By


If you’ve been scouring the internet and Facebook Parent Groups for advice and product recommendations, then you might have chanced upon our articles about “9 Cult Products Parents Swear By” and “10 Things That Made My First Year of Parenthood Much Easier“. We’ve up our list a notch with 33 products many Singaporean parents swear by. We’re talking about the cult favourite Swaddle Me, Desitin Diaper Rash Cream and more. Feel free to bookmark this page for future reference 😉 #yourewelcome.

  1. SwaddleMe Original
    We’re letting you on a little secret here: The key to sleeping better as a mum or dad is to make sure your baby is sleeping well. And how do we go about achieving this? Swaddling of course! There are lots of blankets on the market, but our favourite is from SwaddleMe. Made from 100% cotton, SwaddleMe is designed to create the same cosy, womb-like feeling for your little one and it even prevents startle reflex that can wake him or her. The soft fabric wings fasten and readjust securely with hook and loop attachments to create the perfect, snuggly fit. Like what they say, safer sleep, brighter days!

    Swaddle Me


    Promising Review: “Swaddleme swaddles are seriously the BEST swaddles ever! My son has used these since he was in the hospital and still uses them at 3 months (we just transitioned into the swaddle wrap). He hates being swaddled with his arms to his sides and this allows him to be “hands to heart”. I love the fact that you can still use these if you want to swaddle arms out. His moro reflex is still waking him but it’s getting close to where he will soon be able to roll over so I’m trying to transition him into arms out but having both his arms out makes it impossible for him to sleep so I started swaddling him with one arm out and it’s working really well. I just bought the swaddleme wrap but I still have these swaddles in rotation. Just make sure if you are around the four month mark that you’re not still wrapping arms in, it has a warning on the swaddle that it is a suffocation risk if your baby is around the rolling age. Just use common sense. A baby will not be able to turn head or adjust if they accidentally roll over in this. It’s not the fault of the swaddle, it’s designed to restrict movement.” – Ashley


  2. Aden + Anais Organic Swaddles
    Made from certified organic cotton thread, these muslin blankets are the SUVs of blankets. It pretty much does everything as a blanket – swaddle your little one as he or she snoozes away, acts as a burp cloth, nursing cover, stroller cover and even dry your little one after a bath. Well, you know this is THE blanket when Prince George was photographed wrapped in one of these on his way home from the hospital! So, just sayin’.

    Aden + Anais Organic Swaddle
    (Urban Baby)


    Promising Review: “These are amazing. The hype is for a good reason. Even my husband said he’d put them on a top five list of things you need for a newborn. We used them all the time and washed them regularly even though we had eight in total. We used them for burp cloths, swaddles, car seat covers (in one layer—don’t fold or your baby could overheat), and even play mats. More than anything else, we used them to clean up A LOT of spit up (we were blessed with a baby who liked to make a mess). Oh, and in a pinch, our daughter even liked to play with and suck on these blankets.” – Virginia


  3. Zipadee Zip
    If your child is slightly bigger, you might want to consider transitioning into the Zipadee Zip. It still provides the same cosy, enclosed feel of the womb or swaddle, with the only difference of allowing the little one to move, push up or roll over. It even has the additional benefits of keeping his or her hands warm all night long (so no need to worry about low air-condition temperatures) and preventing any unnecessary scratching (if your baby has eczema). Best of all? It helps to teach your baby to self-soothe themselves to sleep so you won’t have to do all the hard work.

    Zipadee Zip
    (Sleeping Baby)


    Promising Review: “Love this thing! My baby immediately started sleeping through the night after purchase! Bonus is that it can be worn while still being safe since the AAP says to swaddle arms out after 8 weeks! I had to take up some slack since my baby is the smallest it allows but I’m glad she has room to grow!” – Anonymous


  4. NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator
    Voted as the best nasal aspirator for newborns, the doctor-developed and doctor-recommended NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator is a kind of oral suction aspirator that allows the caregiver to slowly and gently control the level of suction with your mouth (yes, your mouth), while minimising the “yuck” factor with a disposable filter. Simply place the tube against the nostril (not inside!) and use your mouth to draw the mucus out. The disposable filter will prevent any form of bacteria transfer, making it hygienic for both caregiver and child.

    (Toys R Us)


    Promising Review: “Hands down this is one of the best inventions for babies ever. A friend had one on her baby registry years ago and I thought it sounded disgusting. I bought it (a Nosefrida) and she showed me how it worked. In no way does the snot get anywhere near your mouth, ever. It works so much better than those awful bulb things you can buy from the stores or what the hospital sends you home with. It is extremely gentle on the baby’s nose, in fact there is no way it even enters the baby’s nose.” – Caley


  5. Noemie Baby Nasal Aspirator
    Once your baby transitions into a toddler, you will probably have to trash NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator. Voted as the best nasal aspirator for toddlers, Noemie Baby Nasal Aspirator Is designed to allow you to one-handedly operate this device, just in case your active toddler is squirming in your arms. Even though it only comes with one default suction level, many have claimed its usefulness in removing mucus and clearing nasal passages.

    Noemie Baby Nasal Aspirator


    Promising Review: “To be honest, I was little bit reluctant when I saw the is no manual and the most of the things were in Chinese language. BUT, this is so much better than anything we had so far…even from very famous brands. The noise is acceptable, suction is great. It works really nice and it is very simple for everyday use…and for cleaning as well.” – Vlado


  6. Desitin Diaper Rash Cream
    You wouldn’t want to face an irritated baby with a bad case of diaper rash. And the best thing that will save you from this is investing in a good tube of diaper rash cream. Desitin was voted as the no. 1 choice among paediatricians and mums and it claims to help heal, soothe and prevent diaper rash quickly. The zinc oxide also helps to form a protective barrier on your baby’s delicate skin, sealing out wetness and creating the best environment for the skin to heal. Well, it is no wonder that over 88% of mums agree that nothing works faster than a tube of Desitin!



    Promising Review: “What skin balm cant help, Desitin did the trick. Great product!” – Wong


  7. Back Seat Mirror
    Avoid (illegally) pulling the car over for the 102nd time with this Back Seat Mirror in tow! Simply strap the mirror on the back seat so that you (as the driver) can constantly see how your little one is doing and make sure he or she is doing alright. With the way it is placed, your baby can also see and be comforted by you!

    Back Seat Mirror


    Promising Review: “Vry good! Mirror size is big and makes it so nice to see baby in car seat. Unlike those smaller ones selling.” – Cincin12


  8. Oball
    The Oball didn’t win an award for nothing. It has a flexible and soft design that allows babies of all ages to grip, catch and throw at ease. The 32-large finger holes also make it easy for your baby to grip and pay – which is useful for your baby’s development as he or she develops his or her senses. Its contrasting colours will fascinate your little one and even help stimulate their developing vision!



    Promising Review: “My 4 month old LOVES this ball. He grabs it and takes it with him everywhere. He likes to sit there and lick it while simultaneously groaning, it’s adorable. It’s his favorite toy. I always keep it in my diaper bag and whenever he’s getting a little fussy, I just toss it into his lap and he goes to town. I like it because it’s soft and flexible, so he won’t hurt himself and he can manipulate it however his little chubby hands want to.” – Heather


  9. My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow
    Save yourself from the unnecessary back and arm aches with the newest breastfeeding pillow in the market. Designed with extra-soft baby-plush fabric, My Brest Friend Breastfeeding Nursing Pillow promises the ultimate comfort you need when nursing your baby. It also has a double-featured strap with velcro and silent-release buckle for easy, one-hand use. What more can we say?

    My Brest Friend


    Promising Review: “It’s a handy idea if you have someone to hand you the baby. The buckle and pocket on the cover are nice touches. It takes some of the guesswork out of “Do I have Baby at the right angle, and the right height?” You may feel a little bit like you work at a circus, but… oh wait, that’s just parenthood.” – Real Simple Mama


  10. Pigeon Wipes
    Of course, the life-saving item in every parents’ bag – Baby Wipes. And the cult brand is no other than Singapore’s #1 Pigeon Baby Wipes. You will be surprised at how delicate your baby’s skin is and you’ll definitely need wipes with maximum softness for the ultimate comfort and care during your LO’s 20th poo of the day.

    Pigeon Wet Wipes


    Promising Review: “These are the best ! I use both the regular and the natural ones with extracts & whatnot. They get little botttoms clean like nobody’s business, are easy to get out of the pack and smell nice. These things matter when you are dealing with poonamis. Trust me, if your baby has a bum you totally need these wipes.” – Lucky_bamboo


  11. Real Bubee
    A real cult favourite, the Real Bubee Portable Breast Pump is one of the cheapest and best pumps in the market. It is not only small and light enough for mums to bring it out on-the-go, the device is also designed with a multiple power supply mode so that mums can easily adjust the strength of the pump.

    Real Bubee


    Promising Review: “I bought several electric breast pump, and the best use of this, sucking fast, bilateral high efficiency, no pain and very clean. Complete accessories, very intimate gift bottle, the instructions are very carefully. Tell how to use the product, breast-feeding precautions, both introduced in great detail. Before use, please read carefully.” – Anthony


  12. Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper
    Like we always say, a baby that sleeps all night long will make you a happy mummy or daddy. And this cleverly designed Rock ‘n Play sleeper with a comfy inclined seat can help you achieve that. Simply gently push the sleeper to rock your baby back and forth, and together with the calming vibrations, your little one will be asleep in no time! Its lightweight and portable design also allow you to stow the sleeper away once you’re done with it.

    Fisher-Price Rock 'n Play Sleeper


    Promising Review: “i don’t care what sleep experts say about this product, but this item saved our sanity the first month our baby was born. When our baby was born this is the only place she would sleep and take naps in so we used this 24/7. If you’re a mom and it’s 3am right now and your baby won’t let you put them down….stop reading this review and click purchase lol. I know you are out there reading this momma. It WILL get better. Thank you Fisher Price for making this product!!!” – Anthony


  13. Munchkin Deluxe Drying Rack
    Start organising all your baby’s feeding accessories with Munchkin’s Deluxe Drying Rack that is cleverly designed with two different peg heights to hold almost everything from bottles, nipples, cups and more! The built-in reservoir also helps to keep countertops dry and clean. Double yay for all mummies and daddies!

    Munchkin Deluxe Drying Rack


    Promising Review: “Good size to dry out all the baby bottle parts, and appreciate the spokes of different heights to dry both bottles and teats. Easily folds away for storage.” – Cheryl


  14. Munchkin Fresh Food Eater
    We all worry about our little ones choking on food, but yet, we want them to have all the nutrients. With Munchkin’s Fresh Food Eater, you can allow your baby to enjoy delicious finger foods without giving you any cause for concern. Simply place a piece of food into the mesh and snap it shut. The simple mesh design will then allow your baby to gnaw on food safety as only the small, digestible pieces will come through, reducing the risk of choking. The easy-grip handle also makes it easy for your little one to hold, making this his or her first real step toward feeding independence!

    Munchkin Fresh Food Eater


    Promising Review: “Love these for my teething daughter!! I would freeze breast milk into ice cube trays and then put them in here for my baby to suck on. This would keep her entertained for quite awhile! Great for frozen fruit too! A staple item! I always include these in any baby shower gift because they were nutrition, pain relief, and entertainment all in one!! And for all the bad reviewers…all you have to do is wash them out after use instead of letting the fruit crust on them in the sink and you won’t have any problem! It’s really not rocket science.” – Anonymous


  15. Dr. Brown’s Bottle
    The worst thing that can happen to new parents is having a baby with a serious case of colic. Just do a simple google search and you’ll see countless of stories of spit-up mode and sleepless nights. Avoid all the hassle by getting a set of the cult favourite, widely-acclaimed Dr. Brown’s Bottle that uses a patented 2-piece internal vent system for your little one’s comfort. Essentially, the system creates a positive pressure flow for vacuum free feeding, a mechanic that is similar to breastfeeding.

    Dr Brown's


    Promising Review: “I love Dr. Browns bottles. We have 15 bottles and would never go back. These all come with nipple caps which is nice; but I’ve never used the lid that screws on because you then expose the straw thing to whatever you’re storing it in while in transport. My child is never gassy since switching her to these bottles. Expensive, but all expensive things are the best.” – Anonymous


  16. OXO Tot Baby Spoon
    Restaurants rarely provide utensils meant for children, much less babies. If you’re always on-the-go, you might want to invest in an OXO Tot Baby Spoon that is designed to hold just enough for your little one’s mouth. It is also soft enough so that you can be the kiasu Singaporean and scrape out the last bits of the bowl or wipe any remaining residue on your baby’s face. Just a word of caution though, it is good for puree and porridge, but the size might not be optimal for soups!

    OXO Tot Baby Spoon


    Promising Review: “LO 1st spoon. Got it after a friend recommendation. As its soft, it gentle to the gum. Size just right at early stage of introducing purées.” – Kelii


  17. Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor
    Never ever let your child out of your sight again with the Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Monitor. Even though most Singaporean parents and babies practice room-sharing, it is always good to take the extra precautionary measure and make sure your little one is alright while you’re in the kitchen preparing dinner. The Infant Optics Monitor even allows you to look into your child’s room and talk to them if need be!

    Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor


    Promising Review: “We initially purchased this camera and monitor after spending way too much time pouring over all the options available to us, trying to find the BEST camera and monitor for our new baby. Our main concerns were getting a good camera with quality night imaging, good sound and an easily viewable monitor. We also felt we didn’t want a system that sent our image feed off to some remote server where it would be stored for some period of time for whatever analytics that the company performed. The Infant Optics DXR-8 fulfilled all our wishes.” – Lando


  18. K’Tan Breeze
    This is the baby wrap that parents are all swearing by and for good reason too! The K’Tan promises comfort and flexibility that all parents love in wrap carriers, minus the messy and complicated “over-wrapping”. To add on, its portability makes it convenient for you to pack it while on-the-go! The Breeze is similar to the original K’Tan with the exception of the material – it is made of half mesh and half cotton which is perfect for the unrelenting heat in Singapore!

    K'Tan Breeze


    Promising Review: “I would highly recommend the Baby K’Tan as it’s comfortable and easy to use, and I’d recommend the Breeze model in particular because it’s perfect for our Singapore weather. It’s a product I wish I had when my older kids were babies as it would have saved me a lot of back aches and shoulder pains.” – Unlikely Lady of Leisure


  19. Ergo 360 Baby Carrier
    If you’re looking for something that is more structured than a baby wrap, you might want to consider the Ergo 360 Baby Carrier. Known for its ergonomic design that allows you to carry your little one in four positions (Front Carry Inward Facing, Front Carry Forward Facing, Side Carry and Back Carry), Ergo will be your new best friend. Plus, it is super padded, evenly distributing your baby’s weight to maximise you and your baby’s comfort.

    Ergo Baby Carrier
    (It’s A Sling Thing)


    Promising Review: “I have used several different carriers including the Lille and Bjorn. For structured carriers, this is by far my favorite for several reasons. 1. For someone that’s short, this fits my body well 2. The hip wrap doesn’t dig into my hips or legs 3. Can carry in multiple position 4. Perfect amount of padding on shoulders 5. Easy to put on and take off 6. Fabric is not thick and heavy – it breathes” – Happy Arizonian


  20. Wubbanub Pacifier
    The Wubbanub Pacifier is a plush toy that is attached to a normal pacifier. A truly genius invention that helps the pacifier stay in the baby’s mouth with that added weight. The plush toy also helps to keep the baby occupied and entertained, making both the baby and obviously, you, happy!

    Wubbanub Pacifier


    Promising Review: “These are great! The stuffed animals attached to the pacie make them so functional! Not only are the cute, sweet and comforting, the animal helps them stay in place for newborns that haven’t quite figured out their hands yet. They also make them easy to find!” – Miss Tiff


  21. Baby Treetop Friends Activity Gym
    If you’re looking for something that will keep your baby entertained for as long as possible, then look no further. This Baby Treetop Friends Activity Gym is designed with everything that can provide hours of distracted platime. Yep, hours! What’s more, the arches and toys can also be removed if your baby just needs some tummy time.

    Treetop Activity Gym


    Promising Review: “I had put this on my registry because it looked so cute. Little did I know how much fun my daughter would have with it and for how long. We started laying her on the mat when she was just a couple months old. This was one of the first toys she showed any interest in. Initially she loved to bat at the owl (the bell in it kept her interested) and eventually learned to kick the side poles to make the entire gym shake. As she got bigger she grew interested in the other toys. She could stay occupied for a good 20 minutes at a time. Now that she’s up and crawling, she still enjoys the gym. She’ll crawl over and grab the toys or play with the crinkly-sounding leaves.” – Colleen


  22. Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Musical Activity Gym
    Alternatively, you can invest in the cult favourite Fisher-Price Musical Activity Gym that promises to keep your baby busy with toys, sound and music. With five linkable and removable activity toys that can be moved around the arches for variety, or taken on-the-go, your baby will surely be entertained and kept active. The overhead arches can also be easily folded, making it super convenient and portable for you to store it away.

    Fisher Price 2-in-1 Musical Activity Gym


    Promising Review: “I’m a first time mom and on a budget, due to needing SO many new items for the baby. We’re also short on space in our small home, so this play mat was the best of both worlds. It’s small enough to not take up much room and at an affordable price. The other mats are just too large and bulky for a 900 sqft home. My daughter loves this mat and spends a few hours a day on it. She especially enjoys the rattle and mirror. We’ve had it for 2 months and haven’t had any issues. The fox is still playing music off of the same batteries, too.I’d recommend this to anyone looking for a space saving play mat. It’s beautiful, well constructed, and we absolutely love it!” – C. Ram


  23. Baby High Chair Harness
    If you’re constantly on-the-go, you might want to consider investing in this Baby High Chair Harness that turns any standard chair into a cosy, clean and secure baby seat in seconds. Save the hassle of requesting for baby high chairs whenever you’re eating out with this invention. It is also small, making it easy for you to pack it in your diaper bag.

    Baby Hair Chair Harness


    Promising Review: “I don’t say this lightly – but this is definitely a must have for parents who venture out of their home with their child during potential meal times. I wish I had known about this product back when my baby starting sitting and eating real food (when baby was 6 months vs 15 months old when I bought it)! Would have saved me so much space in the car for when I packed her high chair when we went to visit friends and family. This folds up/rolls up nicely into the bag they provide, which then easily fits into the diaper bag. This product is amazing and has fit on nearly every chair we’ve tried – if I’d thought about it even a little bit I would’ve realized this can’t work on a chair that has the lower back open – baby’s butt slides back and out (but I of course, learned it the “hard” way). I saw some reviews talking about how the child can just stand up – but that’s not the case at all – as long as you put the seat on correctly and tighten the shoulder straps appropriately. My child is now 19 months and I have never had an issue with keeping baby safely in the seat.” – NDubs


  24. Denitox Teething Gel
    A baby’s teething process is really hell. Your baby will be irritated, which easily translates to you being irritated and tired as well. You will find that your baby will start putting items in their mouth in their attempt to reduce discomfort, which can be quite unsanitary. To prevent this and to eliminate any possibility of infection, we will recommend getting the teething gel, and specifically the cult favourite Dentinox Teething Gel, a pleasant-tasting, sugar-free gel numbs pain even as it eliminates infection.



    Promising Review: “Nothing else worked for my boy ― I even used a little on myself when I had a toothache and the numbness brought instant relief.” – Joy Koh


  25. BayB Bean Bag
    We can’t emphasise how important it is for your baby to have a good night’s sleep because this easily translates to you having a peaceful night of rest as well. And many parents swear by this soft and comfy baby bean bag that helps your newborn fall asleep in an instant. According to the designers of this BayB Bean Bag, these hardy bean bags are also ideal for parents who wish to avoid the flat head syndrome in children. In addition, these bags are also designed to ease your baby’s digestion and help newborns avoid acid reflux. With fewer tummy problems and less late night crying episodes, you’ll be able to get your full night’s sleep!

    BayB Bean Bag
    (The Green Head)


    Promising Review: “This has been my best baby purchase. My baby doesn’t want to sit in anything else! The inclined design gives him the best comfort.” – Camille


  26. Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball
    The bright and colourful multi textured Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball is designed to help your baby stimulate their minds. The different textures and materials helps to develop your baby’s tactile sensitivity and teach your child all about variety! If you’re looking to bring up the new Picasso, you know which toy to prepare for your baby!

    Sassy Developmental Ball


    Promising Review: “Smaller than expected, but the size is actually perfect. My four month old neice loves it. It’s fun for her to feel all of the different textures. I’d recommend! UPDATE: niece is now nine months and still loves this toy, can beat that price.” – Kate


  27. Baby Banana Toothbrush
    If your baby is in the process of transitioning to brushing their own teeth, you might want to consider investing in this premium Baby Banana Toothbrush that many parents swear by. This teether has a soft, gentle brush, making it a teether and a training toothbrush, all in one! It is also flexible and bendable so that your kid will not injure their mouths on traditional hard toothbrushes.

    Baby Banana Brush


    Promising Review: “My baby LOVES this teether!! I bought it for him when he was 3 months old (he started teething around 2.5 months) but it was hard for him to hold things since he was just starting to grab. This banana teether was very easy for him to grasp and put in his own mouth. The grip is great, it’s very ergonomic for a baby and I love the feel of the silicone. Other teethers he would only use for a minute or so and get fussy or frustrated, but this teether can keep him occupied for awhile! Also sometimes if he’s getting fussy while biting it, I’ll take it and just gently brush his gums with the end and he loves it, sometimes he laughs haha. I’ve also gotten so many comments & compliments on how cute he looks chewing on his little banana. I now recommend this to all moms that have a teething baby to at least try.” – Melissa


  28. NUK Mash and Serve Bowl
    If you’re keeping up with the trend of making DIY food for your babies and are looking for the perfect tool to help you with the mashing of ingredients, look no further! NUK Mash and Serve Bowl is the product that many parents swear by. Simply add the fruits and vegetables to the bowl and mash it up. The comfortable grip handles also make it easy for you to prepare your child’s meal.

    NUK Mash and Serve


    Promising Review: “I bought this product and love it for mashing bananas, sweet potoatos, ect. for my little one. If you want to make ahead and freeze, buy something else. But for those quick meals, this is great!” – Panheadzrock


  29. Silicone Bowl
    Designed for toddlers, these Silicone Bowls are a cult-favourite among many parents, especially if your little one is ready to eat like a big kid. This bowl is perfectly designed for kids, doesn’t slip from tables (yay to less mess!) and is BPA free.

    Silicone Plate


    Promising Review: “I highly recommend this product!!! It’s cute and sticks to most surfaces. The compartments have good sizes for small or big portions and are great for keeping foods separate. I find this placemat very useful.” – Natik


  30. Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Latch
    Baby-proof your home with these latches that are easy to install and extremely useful. Simply install them on your cabinets and drawers, so that your little one will not be able to open doors they shouldn’t be opening!

    Munchkin Xtra Dual Latch
    (Pupsik Studio)


    Promising Review: “Excellent product. Prevents my child from opening kitchen cupboards to drink chemicals, which I feel is a positive. My toddler wishes me to leave a negative review however, as it also prevents him from getting to the kitchen trash bag, and this angers him. Apparently playing with kitchen trash is his idea of a great time while mommy cooks dinner. Who knew? I’m still giving it 5 stars cause I feel a ten month old does not have reliable enough taste to be trusted. I mean, it was only last week he felt that toilet paper was gods gift to mankind. In fact, upon reflection, he may be a cat.” – Obssoyo


  31. Tiny Take Along Mobile
    This mobile can be easily folded and taken anywhere you go. It attaches to most infant carriers, making it super easy for you to install it wherever you are. A favourite among many parents, the Tiny Take Along Mobile promises to entertain and soothe your baby for you. It also contributes to language and visual development.

    Portable Mobile


    Promising Review: “I was shopping around for mobiles for the crib and doing lots of research when I ran across this one. Since I could not make up my mind I purchased this one as a “get by” until I decide on the “big one.” I was hoping it would be enough to distract my little girl for a few minutes. I was taken aback at the size, it is small, but put it together and clamped it on Cc’s changing table. With in moments of turning it on she was hooked. I was delighted to find that she was captivated by the movements and the music. She is very fussy when she has a dirty diaper, crying and such, but we put her on the table, turn on the mobile, and boom, Cc is smiling and laughing. This was just what was needed.” – Mamatick


  32. Safety 1st Bath Tub
    You can’t bathe your baby in a normal tub so why not invest in one that is designed to take your child from baby to toddler? Safety 1st Tubs are designed with SlideGuard to help keep your baby steady as you bathe him or her. There is a contoured support specially made to fit toddlers as well. Make your money’s worth and invest in a good tub that can help you in the long-run!

    Safety 1st Newborn


    Promising Review: “There are so many complicated items out there that it is nice to have a highly functional, very effective and easy to use item. It makes bath time so much more enjoyable and easier to focus on the baby. And quick easy after bath cleanup” – Heather


  33. Baby Jogger City Mini GT
    A favourite among many mothers in Singapore, the Baby Jogger City Mini GT is essentially like the Baby Jogger Mini Single Stroller, except even better and improved. This stroller offers great mobility, allowing you to use it well through the crowdiest of places. It is designed with all-terrain wheels, making it extremely useful if you’re planning to bring your little one out on a holiday. It is also built with the quick-fold technology, allowing you to fold the stroller in one easy step.

    Baby Jogger
    (Baby Bunting)


    Promising Review: “To me, this pram is a pretty safe bet. It’s a versatile pram that folds well, is easy to handle and has a great cover for all weather. It is a little sportier than classy, I have to say, but if you are not worried about the looks too much, I would gladly recommend this pram.” – BusyCityMum


What other recommendations do you have? Let us know in the comments below!

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