21 Useful Baking Equipment And Tools To Satisfy Your Baking Needs

baking equipment and tools singapore
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New to baking? Or want to stock up on your bakeware arsenal? Either way, you’ve come to the right place! When it comes to baking, always go for quality over quantity. You don’t need fancy equipment or tools to create tasty baked goods. We also recommend buying baking equipment that allow for multitasking — the more use we get out of them, the better!

21 useful baking equipment and tools to own in Singapore

From measuring and mixing to baking and decorating, read on to discover some of the useful baking equipment to own in Singapore. You never know, you might just be baking like Duff Goldman in no time!

Baking equipment for measuring

1. Measuring Cups and Spoons

baking equipment tool singapore measuring cups and spoons
(Credits: Luyuan Home Furnishing, nicee_bigshop.sg)

Precision is key when measuring ingredients. Which is why it’s important to have different sized measuring cups and spoons. We adore these rose gold measuring cups (available on Luyuan Home Furnishing) and rose gold measuring spoons (available on nicee_bigshop.sg)! Not only are they pretty but they’re also made of stainless steel — sturdy enough for gathering and levelling dry ingredients!

2. Digital Food Scale

baking equipment and tool singapore digital food scale
(Credit: Luyuan Home Furnishing)

Try as far as possible to avoid mismeasurement of ingredients as it can result in baking disasters. Certain recipes call for ingredients in grams or kilograms and your measuring cups at home may only be useful for measurements in cups! So a baking equipment like digital food scale (available on Luyuan Home Furnishing) is essential to give you the most accurate measurements. Available in bronze and rose gold, this digital food scale is one of the classier baking equipment you can own in Singapore.

Baking equipment for mixing

3. Electric Mixer or Stand Mixer

baking equipment tool in singapore electric and kitchenaid stand mixer
(Credit: imp_lifestyle, mayer)

If you’re not tight on budget, KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer (available on mayer) is a wonderful baking equipment to add to your kitchen in Singapore. It includes a large mixing bowl that’ll make mixing large quantities of ingredients a breeze! While it may be on the higher price end, KitchenAid stand mixers make for an excellent baking equipment and are worth investing in due to their durability and reliability.

For beginners, start with hand mixers — they’re less expensive than stand mixers but just as efficient! We recommend this hand mixer (available on imp_lifestyle) that comes with seven different speed settings to get the perfect blend of whatever you’re mixing.

4. Mixing Bowls

baking equipment tool in singapore mixing bowls
(Credit: luobo.sg)

If you have plastic mixing bowls at home, we recommend upgrading them to glass or stainless steel mixing bowls (available on luobo.sg). Plastic bowls can often retain residual grease and odours from the previous round of baking and may tend to melt when they come in contact with hot liquids or surfaces.

On the other hand, you can count on stainless steel bowls especially those that feature an anti-slip base. Consider buying multiple sizes of these mixing bowls, we’re sure they’ll come in handy!

5. Sifter

baking equipment tool in singapore sifter
(Credit: ladies bag)

If you don’t already have one at home yet, get this stainless steel sifter (available on ladies bag). It’s one of the most affordable baking equipment to get in Singapore and yet one of the most crucial as it’ll help separate unwanted clumps in ingredients like flour and sugar.

We know it’s tempting to just skip this step. But don’t forget, the more meticulous you are in your baking, the more delicious the end result will be!

6. Silicone Spatulas

baking equipment tool in singapore silicone spatula
(Credit: nancyelife.sg)

See that last few drops of cake batter left in the bowl? Why waste it? Scrape them out easily with these silicone spatulas (available on nancyelife.sg)! Plus, they’re also excellent for stirring and smoothening the batter mix.

Wonder why many bakers prefer silicone spatulas to regular plastic ones? Well, there’s a simple reason. Silicone spatulas are designed to be stain and heat-resistant, therefore suitable for various baking purposes!

7. Whisks

baking equipment tool in singapore whisk
(Credit: lalacal)

Obvious, we know. But don’t just rely on one whisk! We recommend getting at least two — a larger one for heavy-duty mixing and a smaller one for mixing ingredients in small portions. Or simply buy this set of 3-piece whisk set (available on lalacal) that come in 8, 10 and 12 inches — they provide the perfect grip, are durable and easy to hang anywhere in the kitchen!

Baking equipment for shaping and portioning

8.Cookie Cutters

baking equipment tool in singapore cookie cutter
(Credit: Good Stuff)

Are you sick of the usual circle-shaped cookies. Spice things up by adding these adorable Unicorn cookie cutters (available on Good Stuff) to your bakeware collection!

Baking for your kid’s party? Surprise the guests with these animal shaped cookie cutters! They’ll not just appeal to kids — adults will love them too! For more ideas on how to celebrate your kid’s big milestones, be sure to check out our list of kids’ birthday party ideas.

9. Rolling Pin

baking equipment tool in singapore wooden rolling pin
(Credit: lavi.sg)

A rolling pin is another essential baking equipment you can easily get in Singapore. Be it for rolling cookie dough, pastry dough or fondant, you’ll need it for almost any baking recipe! We especially like this wooden rolling pin (available on lavi.sg). Keep it in good shape by cleaning it with a piece of damp cloth instead of running it under water. While you’re at it, a dough scraper might also come in handy! You can use it to scrape bits of dough off or even use it to cut and shape the dough precisely.

Pro tip: Before rolling, sprinkle some flour onto the dough or onto the rolling pin to prevent any sticky situations!

10. Cupcake Scoops

baking equipment tool in singapore cupcake scoop
(Credit: Shoppingparadise)

Portioning the cupcake batter with a teaspoon can be a real pain sometimes! Instead of struggling to portion your batter equally, why not get a cupcake scoop? With a squeeze-to-empty mechanism, use this set of 3-size cupcake scoops (available on Shoppingparadise) to portion your cupcake batter more accurately. They’re made of stainless steel, which makes cleaning so much easier!

Baking equipment for the baking process

11. Oven

baking equipment tool in singapore convection oven
(Credit: KRC Singapore)

The most important baking equipment you need in Singapore is an oven! If you’re a die-hard baker, a conventional oven is recommended as the consistent heat would allow for baked goodies like souffle to turn out perfectly. It also helps to better retain the moisture of the baked goods. Go for a convection oven (available on KRC Singapore) if you want a quick and crisp product.

Both of these ovens are similar — except that convection ovens heat your food faster with the help of additional fan(s) and an exhaust system blowing hot air through the oven. To prevent your baked goodies from getting burnt, a good practice is to lower the temperature in your convection oven by approximately 15 degree Celsius than the recommended temperature of your recipe.

12. Cake Pans and Muffin Tray

baking equipment tool in singapore cake pans and muffin tray
(Credit: Besthylidge, TIme Master)

These springform cake pans and a 12-cup muffin tray (available on TIme Master) are probably among the first baking equipment you’ll need in Singapore. Choose non-stick material whenever possible. Otherwise, always grease your pans with a non-stick cooking spray or go for silicone bakeware.

If you’re always struggling to get your cake out of the pan, you’ll love these cake pans with removable base (available on Besthylidge). Your cake will slide right out! Thinking of baking a multi-tiered cake? This is where different cake pan sizes come into play. Grab a few you love and get creative with the variety of shapes and sizes you can choose from!

A 12-cup muffin tray is ideal for baking both cupcakes and muffins. Don’t forget to pop on some of these lovely cupcake liners before pouring your batter in!

13. Rimmed Baking Sheet

baking equipment tool in singapore rimmed baking sheet
(Credit: aegean.sg)

What will we do without these rimmed baking sheets (available on aegean.sg)? They do wonders — you can use them for everything! With its non-stick surface, baking cookies has never been easier. They don’t stick to the sheets and you can easily clean them up right after!

Though it might be tempting to buy parchment papers, we recommend using these rimmed baking sheets instead just because they’re reusable! 

14. Silicone Baking Mats

baking equipment tool in singapore silicone baking mat
(Credit: huixin.sg)

Silicone baking mats (available on huixin.sg) are one of the go-to baking equipment for all you OCD bakers in Singapore! Non-stick? Check. Reuseable? Check. Easy cleanup? Check. Furthermore, the templates on these silicone baking mats are handy for those who love baking macarons! Achieving that even sized macarons can seem like a lot of effort but with the help of these mats, it surely isn’t. Simply pour the macaron batter onto the round circles and get 20 evenly shaped macarons!

Baking equipment for cooling

15. Cooling Racks

baking equipment tool in singapore cooling rack
(Credit: stylish365.sg)

Prevent the bottoms of your cookies and cupcakes from turning soggy by cooling them on a cooling rack! We prefer grid-patterned cooling racks — not only do they lend your baked goods support but will also allow for better airflow, allowing them to cool at a faster and even rate. Let’s be real here — we’re already drooling at the sight of these yummy golden goodies! So, the faster they cool, the better!

Save space with this three-tiered cooling rack (available on stylish365.sg)! Anti-rust and non-toxic, you can be sure that this baking equipment in Singapore will last you many years!

16. Cake Tester

baking equipment tool in singapore cake tester
(Credit: pinkone.sg)

Double confirm if your cake is ready to be served with this cake tester (available on pinkone.sg)! Simply stick this cake tester in your baked goods and if it comes out clean, it’s good to go! While a toothpick serves the same purpose, we recommend using this cake tester instead since it’s made of stainless steel and hence, reusable! Plus, how can we resist not getting it? The cupcake design is way too adorable!

Baking equipment for decorating

17. Offset Spatula

baking equipment tool in singapore offset spatula
(Credit: ARCOS Singapore)

You’ll need an offset spatula or an angled offset spatula if you’re baking something that requires frosting or icing. With a flat metal blade and a comfortable grip, you can be in full control of spreading the icing smoothly and evenly onto the cake. Buy this ARCOS Offset Spatula (available on ARCOS Singapore) and we guarantee you’ll be an expert in frosting in no time at all!

18. Silicone Piping Bags

baking equipment tool in singapore silicone piping bags and nozzles
(Credit: wangstore)

Piping bags will come in handy for icing your cakes and cupcakes. We love this set of silicone piping bags with 18 nozzles (available on wangstore)! Not only are the piping bags reusable, they come with 18 different tips that can help you create a variety of designs and swirls!

Delicious frosts shouldn’t just be on top of a cupcake but inside too! Use a cupcake corer to fill the inside of the cupcake with your favourite filling. Your guests will be surprised by the burst of flavour with every bite!

19. Turntable

baking equipment tool in singapore turntable
(Credit: housewaresstore.sg)

With a turntable (available on housewaresstore.sg) like this, decorating cakes will be so much easier! You no longer have to waste time trying to adjust the cake to reach every part it. Simply spin the turntable and pipe away! If you’re new to baking and decorating, this is one life-saver baking equipment in Singapore, you should invest in. It’ll make cake decorating a whole lot easier and less messy too!

20. Cake Stands

baking equipment tool in singapore cake stands
(Credit: Bakessentials, dailyshore.sg, chancecatch.sg)

Display all your hard work on gorgeous cake stands. Want a classic theme? These white snowflake cake stands (available on Bakessentials) and tiered cake stand (available on chancecatch.sg) are beautiful, simple and elegant! Are you looking to host a vintage themed party? This wooden cake stand (available on dailyshore.sg) will definitely catch everybody’s attention!

Not sure how to transfer your cake onto a cake stand? Then get a cake transfer shovel to lift your cake with ease.

21. Cake Leveler

baking equipment tool singapore cake leveller
(Credit: ladies bag)

Cakes usually don’t come out of the oven looking flat and even. Many of us have probably tried to even out the cake with a regular butter knife but more often than not, we don’t do a perfect job. Which is why we should leave this to a cake leveler (available on ladies bag)! Place your cake on a flat surface and use a cake leveler to trim off the dome of the cake. The resultant even and flat surface will make it much easier to decorate your cake!


Now that you have this list of useful baking equipment and tools in Singapore, you’ll come to realise that baking can actually be a piece of cake! Make sure to browse our collection of baking tools for other baking equipment we’re sure you’d love!

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